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1 Night In Paris One Night In Paris - Starring Paris Hilton and Rick Salomon. Directed by Rick Salomon. Sweet Paris Hilton sucks Ricks cock...takes it in her sweet blonde pussy. Rick eats her sweet young pussy. Never before seen footage! A collectors edition DVD set - 2 discs
1-800-934-BOOB These girls are more than all talk!
...Free! Call Now!
Feeling hot and horny? Want to make your night sizzle? Call us and we’ll turn you on! You’ll grow hard with desire as titillating Tiffany Mynx takes a hung stud deep into her throat. Then feel the steam as Ona Zee lets Marc Wallice in the back door. Join the wildest threesome ever featuring European bombshell, Katrina Valentina, and shed your inhibitions along with Chaz Vincent and Dizzy Blonde as they get it on in front of a lusty crowd. Once these girls start, there’s no end to what sexual pleasures they’ll perform!
8 To 4 Year: 1981
A spoof of 9 to 5 utilizes all the office techniques when it comes to sex. Annette Haven and super sizzling lesbian scenes make this adult film a must to see.
Hustler's Highest Rating!- HUSTLER MAGAZINE.
Luscious Loni Sanders, atop the copying machine that may never be duplicated.. ".Veronica Hart and Annette Haven are simply incapable of a boring moment on screen." -CHERI MAGAZINE.
800 Fantasy Lane Year: 1979
Directed by the multi-talented Svetlana, this playful tale involves two lowly gas pump attendants (including Jamie Gillis) who pose as oil magnates in order to gain entry into the exclusive Hollywood Star Realty ... where the real estate agents are gorgeous, sexy starlets!
Met at the airport by 4 eager agents (including the spirited Nancy Suiter), the counterfeit tycoons are whisked away to tour an upscale mansion hidden in the Hollywood hills at 800 Fantasy Lane. And what a tour it is! The opulent mansion is filled with a bevy of beauties who go out of their way to make the schemers receptive to their pitch.
Touring the expansive house, the boys observe half naked girls lounging poolside and walking the halls, while in one room they peek in on 2 lovelies (the stunning Serena and delectable Desiree Cousteau) crawling all over each other. Left alone in their room, the boys are anxious to get in on the action. A buxom, fresh-faced Lisa DeLeeuw arrives and quickly checks out our entrepreneur’s assets.
Playing hard-to-get clients, the boys feign boredom and request to see another property. A luxurious beach house is the setting for an incredible threesome between Jamie and the enthusiastic agents. The girl-girl contact between Aubrey Nichols and Nancy Suiter with crashing waves as backdrop is stimulating beyond description!
Returning to the mansion, Jamie hears a commotion in the basement and stumbles onto a kinky dungeon scene where the women take him beyond the limits of sensuality. Later, after a lively game of nude-tennis, the provocative agents pull out all the stops in a free-for-all sex rite climaxed by a fantastical ballet with an enormous erupting penis as centerpiece.
800 Fantasy Lane, true to name, is erotic and whimsical while packed with non-stop sex presented with a bit of imagination just for the fun of it. (You simply do not want to miss the Tiger Cage sequence!)
Note: Not only was this film a starting place for the sumptuous Lisa DeLeeuw but also, Hillary Summers.
9 Lives Of A Wet Pussycat Year 1975
Your Erotic Fantasies Never Went So Far!!!
Pauline is quite a free spirit, and she is perhaps everything her good friend Gypsy is not. They correspond by letter, and Gypsy visualizes every steamy encounter Pauline describes (in detail of course).
When Gypsy begins to fantasize about being with Pauline herself, she realizes that she must fulfill her own sexual desires.
A Family Affair A torrid tale of orgasmic taboos!
Part of VCX's European Diamond Collection
A Little Bit Of Hanky Panky Year: 1984
Busty, Lusty, Sexy, Zany ...Great!
The greatest sex game of them all!
Two young, married couples are on a camping holiday on the island. Only Sylvie, one of the wives, knows the island’s secret. There are lots of surprises in HANKY PANKY and there are plenty of pretty girls to get horny over. Six exciting fantasy sequences surround the central characters. Filmed entirely on location in the South Pacific. This film is a very special treat to adult movie buffs and those that appreciate the finer things in life – gorgeous, young, innocent-looking girls making love.
A Taste Of Sugar Year: 1980
Playboy, Hustler & Oui centerfold, Serena stars in this film about Sugar, a virgin bride (played by Eileen Wells), and one of the most spectacular wedding orgies ever filmed! The wedding cake is on, under, and in the most erotic places you could imagine and everyone gets A Taste of Sugar!
Adultress, The Alicia (Krista Lane) is a very bored, very rich housewife who loves seedy motels and insatiable studs who make hot, sweaty love to her for hours on end. One day she and her lover, Bart (Buck Adams), dream up a deliciously nasty scheme to force a divorce from her straight-laced husband (Herschel Savage). They decide to enlist the services of a totally depraved slut to pub hubby in a compromising position. Now the sex fun begins as they interview (and sample) a non-stop stream of harlots for the job. The pace and the passion are relentless until juicy Jamie Summers is chosen to do the deed. She’s known in the profession as The Adulteress… and you can be sure she always gets her man!
Adventures Of Jack U Later, The Vol. 2 Year: 1996
Director: Rodney Moore
Starring: Kay London, Chante, Trisha Cole, Kali, Miki, Wolf Savage & Rodney Moore RODNEY MOORE... The King Of Cream Blasts Off Again! TWO STICKY HOURSRodney and crew are at it again. With five beautiful girls and five fun filled scenes from Rodney's own personal collection. This rowdy bunch is doing it in every conceivable place and position!
And when Rodney goes, stand back because..."thar she blows"!
After School Special See what happens when the bell rings and class is dismissed!
Your senses will be blown away when you see what these hot young girls were willing to do for the Wild Party Girls camera when teacher wasn't looking.
Join us and watch as these very naughty schoolgirl's get naked and get wild in the Sexiest "After School Special" you have ever seen...
Afternoon Delight There's always time for a good time.
Afternoon Delight beautifully captures couples engaging in some seriously naughty afternoon treats, that will have you and your partner creating some daylight magic of your own.
Afternoon Tease Lord Farthingay is coming to tea. His hostess’ butler resorts to the yellow pages to hire appropriate entertainment, and wouldn’t you know it his finger inadvertently walks from Afternoon Teas to "AFTERNOON TEASE."
After the "entertainment," a stunningly nubile trio arrives, precisely on time, and things don’t go exactly as originally planned, but no one – not Lord Farthingay, not the butler, the gardener, the hostess and especially anyone lucky enough to view this film will be heard complaining.
Ah Caramba Ah Caramba! Starring Vanessa Del Rio
All About Sharon Kane All About Sharon Kane - Starring Sharon Kane & Amber Lynn
Throughout the 80's and 90's, Sharon Kane has been in hundreds of adult features, making her one of the all-time favorite blondes of the Golden Age. Her natural beauty, her tight body and her great work ethic made her an easy choice for the AVN Hall of Fame. Her "on camera" behavior was always WHITE HOT, to say the least. She was like a caged tiger in heat, always looking to fill her animalistic sexual appetites. She was a queen of kink and she liked it hard, "REAL HARD". "All About Sharon Kane" is chock full of vintage scenes from the Video-X-Pix library, which perfectly illustrate the sexual highlights of Sharon's erotic career. She loves to suck cock, but has also been known to have an appetite for the PINK CLAM, on occasion. Some of her best lesbian scenes were with another blonde bombshell of the 80's and fellow AVN Hall of Famer, Amber Lynn, as illustrated in her Black Leather Lesbian scene from the "Initiation of Cynthia". Sharon also has an undeniable craving for hot man juice, as we see in the opening scene taken from "Sex Drive", where Buck Adam's glazes the van window with his cum and Sharon gladly licks the window clean. Another great compilation from Video-X-Pix, this is a must have for any serious collector of vintage adult material.
Classic Trailers
Vintage Slideshow
Seka Interview
Box Ball Movie
All The Senator's Girls Year: 1977
Senator Frank Parsons' campaign is such a busy, time consuming endeavor, that he doesn't have time to bring his live-in girlfriend to a climax. When he gets to his office, however, his sexy secretary is quick to service his needs indeed. Senator Parsons decides to run on an anti-porn platform to spice up his campaign.
He is invited to a campaign party aboard a luxurious 65 foot yacht by a Texas oil millionaire, where the pre-campaign festivities begin! From the stem to the stern, the bunk to the deck - everyone adds to the sexual excitement and political perversity of the moment in this free-wheeling example of deep governmental intervention!
All The Way After his wife, played by the legendary Georgina Spelvin, interrupts his work at the typewriter, she and her novelist husband, Everett, discuss his story and in so doing define their current situation and the conflicts it harbors.
"Our hero’s decided to take on a mistress and he’s trying to keep his wife from finding out, but he’s so busy lying to her he gets confused and starts imagining she has a lover too."
"Does he leave her?" she asks.
"Of course not, he loves her. He just feels she’s always trying to control him and it’s his way of getting even."
And thus begins the tumultuous ride into the lives of two sex starved spouses who crave the bodies of everyone but each other until they reach the inevitable conclusion that each other is all they have.
All-American Cheerleaders Vol. 1 You have never seen cuter and sluttier girls than these All-American Cheerleaders. Find out what is really going on under their short skirts and behind their pom-poms. Prepare for some deep co-ed pussy-pounding! Give me an X! Give me an X! Give me an X! What's that spell? XXX Cheerleader Action!
Starring: Kristina Rose, Brooklyn Lee, Melanie Rios, Katie St. Ives, Lexi Diamond, Rocco Reed, Brian Street Team, Mr. Pete, Jordan Ashe, Anthony Rosano
-Pop Shot Recap
-Photo Gallery
-All Region
-Full Motion Menus
All-American Cheerleaders Vol. 2 Finally, it's not just the jocks that take home the cheerleaders. It's you!
The All-American Cheerleaders series is back with All-American Cheerleaders #2, starring the most flexible, young, & slutty girls of F.U., as they suck & fuck their way through the football team. With the tightest pussies and the loosest pom-poms, these Cheerleaders take one for the team...actually, "from" the team.
Catch all of your favorite sluts doing splits in All-American Cheerleaders #2.
Amanda By Night Year: 1981
A classic of adult cinema, this title involves an engaging mystery to compliment its sweaty sex and rapacious romping. Amanda Heather is a high-class call girl trying to go straight. A last favor for a former pimp-lover results in the death of Amanda's young prostitute friends and she is inexorably drawn into a spiral of brutality, corruption, violent sensuality and ever-building tension as the murderer stalks her. Amanda's emotions are brought to the boiling point by the persistent, tormenting questions of Detective Ambrose Harte as he struggles to solve the murders and free Amanda from the treacherous web of lust that is her working life. Lucky thing she's right in her element. This was a high point of 1980s adult fare, mixing all of the elements of classic film art style with lots of explicit sex.
Amanda By Night #2 Veronica Hart returns to the screen to reprise her role in Amanda By Night #2. A reformed prostitute, Amanda now runs a counseling service to help hookers go straight. That's where police Lt. Alex Turner comes in! He's desperate to find Melissa, an eyewitness to a streetwalker's brutal murder. With Amanda's help, Alex locates the dazzling call girl. Son the two of them are swept up into a cesspool of crime and political corruption. Kris is in the undercover sex-spot who helps them. Hunter is the upscale pimp who suspects them and evil Madame George is the sex ring operator who wants to eliminate them. Behind this dangerous deception lies the murderer, Mr. Big. Join Alex and Melissa in this hard driving sex-filled mystery. It's a hot, lusty successor to one of erotica's all time classics!
Amateur Angels Vol. 03 7 New Faces! You're about to watch the sweetest angels show you their innocent side. Then look out, because these beautiful babes will also show you their naughty side!
Amateur Angels Vol. 07 These girls just couldn't wait to introduce themselves! Another hot edition of the sexiest newcummer title out there. The most angelic angels have been hand picked and turned into little devils for your viewing pleasure. They're hot, nasty, and better yet, brand new!
Amateur Angels Vol. 10 Fresh & Naughty Angels Earn More than Just Their Wings! Get 'em while they're hot & horny. The angels are real, the sex is real, and the orgasms are real. Check out the latest installment of Amateur Angels, featuring the freshest new girls on the XXX stage.
Amateurs, The Year: 1986
Follow the action as the legendary Harry Reems and his two beautiful co-stars Gail Force and Trinity Barnes drop in on a real life swing party. Their purpose is to observe The Amateurs in hopes of learning something new to enhance their professional status. That's the "Method" system, according to Harry. They wind up taking a voyeuristic reconnaissance mission that proves to be more turn-on than fact gathering. What they see gives them the erotic challenge to prove once and for all who are the pros and who are The Amateurs.
Amber Lynn Collection, The Once again, Video-X-Pix opens it's vault to the public by releasing "The Amber Lynn Collection", which contains over 100 minutes of the hottest, most sizzling moments of Amber's porn career. She is one sexiest stars of the 1980's, which helped to thrust her into the AVN HALL OF FAME. This blonde bombshell started out dancing at clubs in LA before she got into the porn biz. Maybe it is her California Blood, but she was always hot, real hot!! Her natural ability to perform sex on camera is amazing, as we can see throughout this collection. Her collaboration with studs like Paul Thomas and John Leslie are brilliant, intense and sexy. Amber is also no stranger to lesbianism. As a matter of fact, she was well known for performing some of the hottest girl/girl scenes in the biz, especially when she is pared with Karen Summer, Gina Carrera or Sharon Kane. This collection is of excellent quality and is a must have for any serious collector of the classics.
Ron Jeremy Interview
Classic Slideshow
Vintage Movie Trailers
Amber's Desires Like the song says, “I can’t get no satisfactions,” …and neither can luscious Amber Lynn. This dazzling temptress is so frustrated about coming up with a big “o” in the “Big Oh!” Department” that she’s gone into therapy for a serious session of erotic explorations entitled AMBER’S DESIRES. What triggered this “dry spell?” Well, amber recounts a downpour of torrid tales to her sex-shrink who’s more than all ears. Was it the eager young kid who came faster than the phone bill… or the hard-up married man who worried more about making money than making Amber? Then there was the wild carnal competition with two hung honchos that left the score. Guys 2 – Amber 0. And even a hot girl-girl encounter couldn’t seem to lick the problem. So what’s a girl to do? The good doctor has a plan that soon has amber batting 1000… demonstrating some of the best medicines don’t have to come from the pharmacy!
American Desire Year: 1981
A film by LASSE BRAUNThe sensuous VERONICA HART turns in her best performance yet as the frustrated housewife in American Desire.
Long known as a sultry, smoldering, brunette bombshell, Veronica's metamorphosis from an innocent housewife to lubricious sex goddess is truly erotic magic.
America's Hot 100! Get ready! Get real ready! Choose who will be number 1!!!
Join us as our cameras bring you America's Hot 100.
NOW, you can choose your favorite Hottie.
Judge all of America's Hottest.
These are not paid models or actresses. They the girl next door.
Anal Specialist Brazillian She-Male Production Starring Bruna, Sabrina and more! Hot, Beautiful, South American She-Males With Big Tits and Big Cocks F**king and Sucking Everyone They Can Get Their Hands On!
Anal Town USA - Vol. 05 Year: 2001
Davia is a sport – she’ll let you f**k her anywhere…in the ass, on the roof of a parking garage, downtown L.A. …amazing! Jack Hammer brings cute co-ed, Tammy, back to his pad for some "tea & sodomy". She takes her lumps either way.
Anal Vision Vol. 19 Year: 19.95
The exciting new mini-feature series
1. Lil Sister w/ Tammi Ann & Max Hardcore
Sam goes to see a girlfriend about a love muscle massage but finds her unavailable. Fortunately, for Sam, Lil Sister is home & she is open to Sam’s hardcore lessons. Down her throat, up the whiffer & deep into her breezeway – she takes it all! And just to show he’s a classy guy, he leaves her a deposit all over her face as a token of his esteem.
2. Blonde & Built w/ Aurora
Pretty Aurora will not leave Tim alone! He goes along for the ride with some reservations. She begs for his prodigious ramrod up her tailpipe. Being the nice guy that he is, he complies. All he asks for in return is that she offers her face up for a juicing, which she complies with a smile.
3. 2 X 4 w/ Zumaria, Vixxen, TC & Tim Lake
The electrician tries a power trip with the lady of the house, which doesn’t shock her very much. However, before he can finish plugging her, they are joined by the MAN of the house & the electricians very own girlfriend. A high voltage 4-way scene ensues, culminating in a wet one across both women’s kissers.
Scene Selection
Interactive Menu
Playable Worldwide
Analizer, The She keeps going... and going... and going...
All take it long and deep back there...
Analyst, The Year: 1979
Preston has a hard time convincing his wife Anita about engaging in other types of lovemaking... She feels that he is insensitive about her sexual desires, liking only basic sex, but a very aggressive Preston has other ideas in mind. Anita confides in her best friend Pam for help and gets some good advice. Pam had the same problem and after some great girl-girl action with Anita, gives her the phone number of a specialist. At the clinic, Dr. Marley shows Anita several educational films about other forms of lovemaking and conducts several experiments. As part of the therapy, the doctor and his aide perform in the office while a curious and eager Anita watches them with intensity. Doc Marley calls Preston into the office and the film concludes in a wild orgy!!
This is a must-see film for fans of the young and obviously anally enthralled Candida Royalle
And Then Came Eve Beautiful nymphettes Gloria & Eve are tired of selfish men leaving them bored and unsatisfied. They make a pact, no more servicing the wants of lame dicked men, from now on they decide their lust is priority.
The first target is a hapless delivery boy who unwittingly steps into their web. Gloria pulls a gun and orders him to his knees, it's time to get smother by hot, wet pussy. When they go from there… let's just say these girls know how to feed their desires.
Starring:Ane Task, Olga Davis, Carl Ross, Tim Bale, Jim Harn
Angel Above And The Devil Below Randy, a gorgeous, but precocious teenage girl, lies in bed reading an erotic book while listening to her young mother get screwed in the room next door. Randy stimulates her fresh tight pussy and falls into a trance that invokes the devil who appears before her announcing his takeover of her lust.
Transformed into a raving nympho, she fucks everything that crosses her vision. Her mother, frightened by her change, invokes the help of a priest to exorcise the demon and even he ends up with his head between Randy’s legs. Hollywood has the Exorcist, porn has ANGEL ABOVE and the DEVIL BELOW.
Angel Face After graduating high school, Angel trades in the quiet comfort of her small town for the glamorous lights of Hollywood. Her dream of instant fame and fortune quickly surrenders to the overwhelming lust that dwells inside her unfulfilled. Free from the shackles of rigid conformity, Angel indulges her awakened promiscuity. The transformation from innocence to super slut launches her out of anonymity and into pornographic stardom. Starring: Eva Angelina - 2008 AVN Best Actress & 2008 XBIZ Female Performer of the Year, Jenny Hendrix - The next great porn legend, Marie McCray - Her hardcore debut, Dakoda Brookes - Rising Starlet, Jada Fire - Best squirting series, Evan Stone - 2008 Male Performer of the Year & 2008 XBIZ Male Performer of the Year
Angel Face was written, produced and directed by Hall of Famer Roy Karch
Angel On Fire "An erotic battle of the sexes" -- Bob Salmaggi / WINS
"I've never been so totally turned-on" -- Man's Pleasure Magazine
"The perfect couple's film" -- Peter Wolf / Gallery
The film centers on a man who does not treat women well. A woman who loves him gets pregnant & he kicks her out of his apartment - telling her that he does not want to see her anymore. He later is hit by a VW bus and goes to heaven. An angel says that he has to go back to earth as a woman to experience what a woman feels. He gets sent back as Darby Lloyd Rains, has a one-nighter with Marc Stevens, sees his old girlfriend having "lesbo love" and winds up falling for a photographer (Jamie Gillis), who winds up treating him much like he/she had handled his old girlfriend when he/she was a male.
Karma is definitely a bitch.
Angelica Exposed Year:2004
Angelica Sinn is featured in her nastiest scenes in five full hours of her doing the Nasty with friends.
Animal In Me, The "Decadent, Delicious & Different from Kirdy Stevens of "Taboo" fame" - Critics Choice
Kirdy Stevens, director of the "Taboo" series of films, the most successful XXX rated series in history, brings another powerful story of lust and sensuality to the screen.
Maggie Halliday (Colleen Breenan), romance novel writer par excellence, has a very perverse and kinky mind. She also has an all-consuming need to play sex games... to the limit! Successful, beautiful and passionate, Maggie (Karen Summer) for Pepper's young and virile boyfriends... especially when the handsome young doctor Morgan (Jerry Butler) enters Pepper's life. This is a story of raging passions and mother and daughter vie for the men in their lives. Maggie's sexpartner Travis (Greg Ruffner) is crude but he fulfills the wonton and lascivious desires of the "Animal in Her". Maggie's prim and proper secretary Glenda (Heather Wayne) is gradually seduced into interludes of depravity as are all who enter Maggie's World. Also featured in this soaring extravaganza of sensuality are, from Penthouse Gina Valentino, Tom Byron, Peter North and Eugene Scott.
New Digital Film Transfer
Production Stills
Original Taboo Trailers
Annette Haven "The Elegant Lady" The Girls of Yesteryear
Classic Porn from the 70's and 80's
35mm Classics from the Golden Age of Porn
Annette Haven "The Elegant Lady"
AKA: Nanette Heaven, Annette Funette
Born: December 1, 1954
Sign: Saggittarius
Hair: Brown
Measurements: Busty, Perky
Best Roles: Take Off, Female Athletes, Maraschino Cherry
Annie Sprinkle "The Original Squirter!" The Girls of Yesteryear
Classic Porn from the 70's and 80's
Annie Sprinkle "The Original Squirter!"
AKA: Anny Sands, Ellen Steinberg
Born: July 23, 1954 in Philly
Sign: Leo
Specialty: Squirting, Tit Fucking
Tattoos: Wrist and Buttock
Attributes: Queen of Kink
Annie Sprinkle's Private Moments Annie Sprinkle is the original "Queen of Wetness!" She certainly lives up to her name, as she showers the silver screen with love. Annie Sprinkle's Private Moments Vol.1, is a rare collection of exclusive scenes from the Video-X-Pix vault which perfectly illustrates why Annie is one of the original queens of the golden age. Her large, cream white breasts and her soaking wet pussy are her well known trademarks, as well as a few tattoos!!!! Annie is by far, one of the kinkiest-porn stars of all time. She loves to fuck, suck and squirt! As a matter of fact, Annie Sprinkle, was one of the first porn stars that really helped make "SQUIRTING" the household name that is today, hence the name SPRINKLES!!!!! Annie is also very well known for her love of exhibitionism, and it really shows! She is a real sex kitten in the bedroom and she's never afraid to experiment with toys, anal beads or even sausages!!!! What you will see in this collection are true, accurate and faithful re-enactments of the private moments that Annie Sprinkle has lived and enjoyed. This DVD is a must have for any serious Classic Collector.
Annie Sprinkle's Private Moments Volume 2 As we have already seen in Volume 1, Annie Sprinkle means business and Volume 2 is pretty much the same. Video-X-Pix has once again, opened it’s vault of vintage footage, in order to accommodate another classic compilation of the hottest and nastiest scenes from the golden age of porn. Annie Sprinkle is the original queen of kink and a self proclaimed "squirter". She certainly stood out in the golden age of as one of the most provocative starlets. Her on-screen antics were sometimes construed as ultra kinky, as nothing seemed to be out of bounds for Annie. She was truly a "no holes barred", kind of gal...ORAL, VAGINAL, ANAL, everything was fair game!!! In this exclusive look into Annie’s sex life we will explore scenes from such best selling classics as Teenage Deviate, Consenting Adults, Ecstasy in Blue, and Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle. We see Annie’s love for hot man juice....."ORGY" style, as she takes on studs like Ron Jeremy, Joey Silvera and George Payne. We also see that she loves her sex toys and love to wear lingerie and stocking. Everything that you see in this collection are true, accurate and faithful re-enactments of the private moments that Annie Sprinkle has lived and enjoyed. A must-have for any serious collector of vintage, golden age material.
Annie Sprinkle
Aphrodesias Diary Year: 1983
It was at a very early age that Adrienne first realized she could excite men. From that day forward, she kept her most intimate thoughts and salacious experiences in a locked diary. Now after many years and many lovers, she's opening that diary just for you!
April Love After screwing the wrong girl, Henry is forced to jump out of a two story window to escape a jealous husband’s vengeance. A couple of bad ankles don’t keep the then couch ridden Henry from feeding his gluttonous appetite for pussy. With a constant flow of girls both beautiful and cock craving, Henry learns to milk his injuy for every lick of cock he can lure.
APRIL LOVE is a unique film with terrific sex and gorgeous ladies with sexily rotten mouths, its superior quality has been well preserved and its progressive story makes it a stand out. Starring: Clair Dia, Jennifer Sands, Tom Lawn
Directed by Tom Rogers
Arcadia Lake "Back Door Brunette" The Girls of Yesteryear
Classic Porn from the 70's and 80's
Arcadia Lake "Back Door Brunette"
AKA: Michelle Carter, Arcadia Blue
Years Active: 1978-1984
Hair: Brown
Height: 5'3"
Measurements: 32-22-32
Turn-ons: Anal, Facials
Best Role: Debbie Does Dallas
Around The World With John Holmes Year: 1975
In one of his worldwide tours, John Holmes is followed by some of his hottest fans. It's non-stop action as Johnny Wadd goes round and round with the world's most beautiful women, doing his best to satisfy a very demanding audience. A true classic.
Featuring: Cindy Hopkins, Patti Lee and Becky Sharp
Arrangement, The Take one, Take TWO!!!
Arrange them any way you like!
The best laid plans a man could ask for!
The Arrangement is an erotic story of seduction and two beautiful blondes that look like identical twins who love to be bad. One girl's father becomes the target of their seduction plans and therein lies "The Arrangement". Was he seduced by his daughter's friend or was it really his daughter?
Ass Fucked and Facialized Dominate, Ravage & Defile
They may be hot, they may be prissy, but these high class slut whores are cock slaves in the bedroom.
Fuck their face, pound their pussy, assault their tight asses, devour their faces with your cum. They want your domination. They crave your degradation. So defile these slut whores and leave a few bucks on the way out.
Starring: Valentina Velasquez, Sindy Silver, Mya Diamond, Janet Joy, Vanessa Hill, Evelyn Foxy
DVD Includes 118 minutes of Hardcore Fucking – Encore Scenes
Aunt Peg Your aunt was NEVER like this!Peg Norton is a gorgeous, high class XXX movie producer embedded in a lascivious lifestyle of depravity, money and sex. Deliciously nasty, she craves sex always, will suck any dick that shows its head and hungers for a face covered in cum. When her naive teenage niece (played by Sharon Kane) visits, she lures her into her perverted world, releasing the young woman's lust not just for Hollywood but for herself as well.
AUNT PEG features the legendary Juliet Anderson in her premier performance as the horniest aunt in classic porn! Alongside adult superstars John Holmes, Seka, Serena and Jamie Gillis, Aunt Peg shines in the role that made her one of the most sought after actresses of her day. One of the all time greatest films, AUNT PEG is the pure definition of exceptional classic XXX film making.
Aunt Peg Ultimate MILF The gorgeously filthy Aunt Peg (Juliet Anderson) defines the ultimate MILF - mature in mind, with the lust fueled urges of a writhing nympho teen – strong intellect, soft gorgeous lips and an ass that screams "FUCK ME" – she’s the slut every MILF lover craves.
Whether it’s with strong will or submissive weakness, experience has taught her to embrace her sexuality in a way young lovers never can, she feeds all sexual desires with fierce fervor and still aches for more!
She wants it, she wants you, now come get it!
From the films: Aunt Peg, Aunt Pegs Fulfillment, Tangerine, Summer in Heat, Gypsy Ball, Vista Valley P.T.A.
Aunt Peg's Fulfillment Close on the heels of "Aunt Peg", the most overwhelmingly successful erotic film of the year, this continuation of the story of Hollywood's hottest (take it both ways) female producer scales even more dizzying heights of erotic discovery. With Juliet Anderson again in the title role, "Aunt Peg's Fulfillment" does indeed fulfill her need for power and sexual domination. Behind the scenes of major motion picture studios she conducts fantastic orgies and sexual couplings of every possible kind. Brilliant photography and stunning sexual performances combine to make this big-budget X-rated film one of the most outstanding in erotic film history!
"The enticing Juliet Anderson does for onscreen sex what the Boston Tea Party did for America: She's a one-woman revolution." – Hustler Magazine
Winner AVN 2011 Best Classic Release
Autobiography Of A Flea Year: 1976
Based on the book (how often do you read that about a porno film?). In 1810, a flea narrates the goings-on it sees from the pubic hair of a young woman whose life is controlled by a lusty priest.
Mitchell Brothers has discontinued VHS, no more to be ever produced, limited quantities left.
Babylon Blue Year: 1984
Early Morning: Martin is released from prison… He served six months for receiving money for sex… Big money… He’s a first class gigolo. When Missie picks him up and takes him home, he’s right back where he began. Missie has created New York’s newest and most sensational House of Pleasure… For women as well as men. Through a series of sexual events, we see the empire build into a fast-paced, erotic journey for both the customers and the professionals.
Bacchanale The ultimate hardcore filmFilmed in 1970 by the notorious Amero Brothers, Bacchanale is the ultimate hardcore film of it's time. Follow our gorgeous leading lady into a depraved dream world warped by subversive desire, flagrant indulgence and lascivious lust.
Bacchanale broke all the rules of traditional film making while establishing the foundation from which the porn industry would grow in the coming years. It's artistic vision combined with the unforgettable sex scenes make Bacchanale a must see for every fan of not just classic porn but film making as a whole.
Starring: Uta Erickson, Stanley Camel, Done Lee, C Darcy, LaRue
Bachelor's Party Year: 1994
Come to the party as this bachelor gets his final crack at freedom - before wedding bells ring his chime!
Watch our best man earn his title by rounding up a steaming hot harem of tantalizing young hard-bodies that keep this party sizzling all night long!
But wait!...when our bachelorette walks in unexpectedly, her brown sugar skin turns to goosebumps as these torrid party-girls go down for a taste of salt-and-pepper!
BACHELOR PARTY - Won't you come?!!!
Back In Action Wild Party Girls is at it again!
Get Ready for more of the wildest all-amateur action anywhere when Wild Party Girls hits the road for the Summer Madness Tour 2
It's all girl, all access fun as the Wild Party Girls crew gets "Back In Action"
And as always, these young co-eds are never paid models or actresses. In fact, they're the girls next door!
Backdoor Barbies Blonde Beauties!
Anal Queens!These blondes go beyond just having fun, they love it in their pussy and crave it in their ass. They want their faces fucked, pussies assaulted and their asses fed.
Sabrina Rose and Sara James lead this depraved fuck fest that is a must have for all those who love watching blondes roll back their eyes and go limp as their ass gets pillaged.
Starring: Sabrina Rose, Sara James, Lara Craft, Victoria Swinger
Backdoor Lust If explicit back door action is what turns you on most, then this sizzler is a must for your collection. Here is an X-rated epic to thrill and stimulate the most demanding connoisseur of esoteric erotica.
Anal exploration is indeed the last frontier. Millions fantasize about it all their lives and never even come close to experiencing its glove-tight delights. And yet this daring mode of excitation is actually preferred by sophisticated sensualists the world around.
Imagine meeting a beautiful lady who wants more than anything else to be taken just the way you’ve always dreamed of doing it.
Or, if you are an anal lady and know it, but no one else seems to care, think about finally meeting a man who not only understands your need, but wants nothing more than to fulfill it!
Other explorers have reached this frontier and lived to tell of the tail, and you’ll meet the hottest group ever on this all-hard, all-deep and heavily "Greek" action DVD!
Bad Company Year 1978
An explosive and searing expose focusing on the corrupt, sexual misconduct of a certain young and beautiful female police officer. You will see how she uses her magnificent body and masterful sex techniques to seduce and blackmail young men and women. A brilliantly dramatized portrayal of the lust and perversion that is rampant on the seamy underbelly of a modern 'secret society'.
With Dorothy LeMay & Juliet Anderson.
Bad Girls!!! Get Ready! The Wild Party Girls are at it again. This time, we left the good girls at home. It's all Bad Girls with Bad intentions!
Join us for this outrageously uncensored look at the naughtiest college girls the country has to offer. Watch as these out of control coeds do things they know they shouldn't... in the all new Bad Girls!
Remeber , these girls are not paid models or actresses. In fact, they're the girls next door!
Ball Busters Year 1985
When Officer Gillis and his partner, Dan T. Mann, check the cavities of big-busted suspect, Sondra Stillman, they find more than they bargained for. Sondra quickly turns the tables on these boys in blue and now she's in a lot of trouble for committing numerous perversions on a couple of cops.
Jacqueline Lorians gets it on with Gina Carrera, Kelly Nichols seduces Erica Idol, while John Leslie drills his slutty sister-in-law, Nina Hartley! And so it goes...
Bang Bang, Chuck Vincent's Year: 1975
Director: Chuck Vincent
Remember 'Laugh In' on TV? Here's an explicit sex version created by Chuck Vincent that you shouldn't miss! It begins with CJ Laing being telephone by Jeffrey Hurst, who tells her that he is horny and is playing with himself. Soon she reaches a climax and sighs, 'That was really nice, Freddie'. But that isn't his name! It's a wrong number!
A woman at her psychiatrist's office talks about how she became frigid. He begins screwing her, but she pays no attention to him.
We wrap with a show 'What the fuck do you do?' in which a panel guesses Annie Sprinkles lines!
Bang My Bride Bang My Bride
Shot in High Definition
Starring: Arianna Alyse, Cindy Crawford, Hilary Scott, Jenaveve Jolie, Lauren Phoenix
Barbara Broadcast A film in four courses
The Henry Paris Collection
Many consider Barbara Broadcast to be the most professional porn film ever shot – witty, sophisticated, and erotic. A former high-class prostitute turned acclaimed author, the stunning Barbara Broadcast (Annette Haven) transforms lunch with a journalist (C.J. Laing) into an afternoon of sexual excess. Barbara seduces her way through a corporate office and a busy night club, while Laing ventures into the kitchen for a smoldering encounter with Wade Nichols that may just be the greatest sex scene ever filmed. Metzger famously brings to life an unforgettable chic restaurant where gourmet food and gourmet sex are both on the menu. The film climaxes with the infamous bondage scene between Constance Money and Jamie Gillis.
82 Minutes
Full Length Feature
Bedroom Thighs Year: 1986
Deb (Siobahn Hunter) and Jane (Danielle) are 2 big city women who need a place to live out their fantasies, a place to suck and f**k. So Jane signs a lease on a cozy love nest downtown and the sex odyssey begins.
Deb and Jane move in together and initially make hot love with each other. Deb pays close attention to Jane's hot pussy and aggressively sucks her cherry pink clit!
Reggie arrives and joins in on the fun with Jane. While he sucks on Jane's soaking wet pussy, she asks "is it warm in there?", referring to the temperature of her hot hole.
Jane then leaves Deb to get it on and she wastes no time at all. Hot oral sex is her expertise, and she ends up with her tits being glazed with hot man juice!
The entire movie is filled with hot sex, scene after scene, as Deb and Jane fulfill there sexual needs and urges. Siobahn Hunter and Danielle are totally hot and they f**k like rabbits in this 80's classic!
Before She Says I Do The night before her wedding proves to be an amorous evening of debauchery and decadence for our once bashful bride. Join Erica Boyer in this sinful tale of vows that were made to be broken and naughty nuptials gone amiss.
Behind The Green Door, The Sequel Year: 1986
The Mitchell Brothers invite you on a voyage beyond the realm of the ordinary - into a new dream of eroticism. Once again a woman transforms her everyday existence into an irresistible private fantasy of the most bizarre, sensual and electrifying kind! Dwarfs, fat ladies, bearded ladies, muscle men - no character type too strange or too bizarre. Combine them with a tantalizing story, sizzling action, beautiful women... and you've got a winner! The Sequel brings to full force the dynamic eroticism latent in a woman's fantasy presented in a form unsurpassed by anything the screen has yet experienced!
Mitchell Brothers Film Group has addressed today's concerns for the safety of their talent and the population at large by making this production the first "safe sex" film ever in the adult industry.
From the Mainstream Erotic Press
Playboy Magazine takes note of Mitchell Brothers' efforts in this area, and while lauding these actions as showing that "there's life in the erotic film industry after all...!," also praises the overall film with the recognition that the film ultimately makes "safe sex sexy!"
Mitchell Brothers has discontinued VHS, no more to be ever produced, limited quantities left.
Behind The Scenes Of An Adult Movie A provocative look and shocking new facts of the X-rated industry. You be the judge.
Is it hard to get it up and keep it up during filming?
Does a man’s....size make a difference?
Did you ever wonder what it is like to make an adult movie?
Behind The Scenes Of An Adult Movie is an extraordinary documented experience. You’ll see the people behind and in front of the cameras while filming an X-rated motion picture, a rarely seen real life event.
This show was video taped entirely on location, recording not only while the cameras were rolling but also, and especially, in between takes. Thus captured on video were such moments as an actor's trying to get it up, preparation for ‘wet’ shots and numerous indescribable events.
This never before seen material is inter-cut with in- depth interviews with psychiatrists and the many actors and actresses participating in the filming, including such names as Samantha Fox & Veronica Hart.
Some of the topics covered on the interviews are society’s reaction to porn performers, opinions towards violence in films, bisexuality, the importance of size, orgasms off and on screen and some of the better sex scenes ever shot in adult movies.
Bel Ami Year: 1975
Harry Reems final "Blue" Movie! ... Reems is the journalist given a chance to become publisher of a French hardcore magazine. Feature chronicles his sexual (mis)adventures in pursuit of stories and photos of the famous in infamous positions, with cute babes trying to drag him into the bushes (or wherever) at every turn. Funny, hot, and very ‘70s. When Sharon Kane picks him up and takes him home, he’s right back where he began. She has created New York’s newest and most sensational House of Pleasure… For women as well as men. Through a series of sexual events, we see the empire build into a fast-paced, erotic journey for both the customers and the professionals.
Best Of Girls With Girls, The - Vol. 01 VCX is "The Home of the Classics" and this first installment of our fabulous all-girl vintage series: "Best Of Girls With Girls" shows we are also the home of the best collection of classic lesbian action anywhere!

Here, for the enjoyment of all you lovers of labia-licking are some of the best girl-girl pairings of the top stars from porn's "Golden Era", including: Desiree Cousteau, Annette Haven, Juliet Anderson, Bunny Bleu, Dorothy LeMay, Kristara Barrington and Kay Parker!

Even better, NO GUYS ALLOWED!

Best Of Girls With Girls, The - Vol. 02 VCX Classics presents:
The Best Of Girls With Girls 2
VCX, "The Home of the Classics", is also home to the greatest collection of lady-lovin' ladies anywhere! This second installment is complete with fifteen of the most erotic scenes ever filmed, all from porn's 'Golden Era'. Enjoy Kay Parker, Jesie St. James, Bunny Bleu, Ami Rogers, Kelly Nichols, Nikki Charm, Jade Nichols, Jennifer West and still... NO GUYS ALLOWED!
Best Of Girls With Girls, The - Vol. 03 Girls With Girls Vol 3
VCX, "The Home of the Classics" is the undisputed leader of golden age lesbian titles as well!
After the incredible success of our The Best of Girls With Girls 1 and 2 DVDs, we've done you one better with the final (and perhaps finest) installment in our all-girl series! After much anticipation, Girls With Girls 3 is now available!
Enjoy the sensations of such lovely film sirens as Annette Haven, Seka, Mai Lin, Sharon Kane, Abigail Clayton, Rhonda Jo Petty, Linda Wong and not to be out done, the gorgeous "teenage twins" Brooke & Taylor Young as they compete for each other's attention... And yours!
And yes... You got it -- STILL NO GUYS ALLOWED!
Best Of John Holmes Vintage Holmes!Classic XXX footage archived from the vaults of VCX
Edited from the hottest scenes that John Holmes has appeared in for VCX, this supreme classic XXX release is truly ripe for the collector. It aims to showcase Holmes' on-screen career with clips ranging from some of the earliest performances to the "Wadd" who became porn royalty.
Best Of John Holmes Vol. 02 VINTAGE HOLMES!Classic XXX footage archived from the vaults of VCX
Superior hardcore classic scenes featuring the King - John Holmes - appearing with Seka, Carol Connors, Desiree Cousteau, Jade Wong, Serena, Phaedra Grant, Desiree West, Becky Savage and more. The ultimate cocksman on his own terms.
Best Of John Holmes Vol. 03 VINTAGE HOLMES!Classic XXX footage archived from the vaults of VCX
In this third installment of the "Best of John Holmes" series - the King delights in the arrival of both Ginger Lynn and Amber Lynn as well as Summer Rose, Sheri St. Clair and many more.
The tribute to the King knows no bounds - and this triple treat confirms his legacy.
Beverly Hills Wives Take a peek on the inside of the wealthy babes of Beverly Hills, with nothing but time and too much money on their hands. What they’re looking for, money can buy, and they buy a lot of it! They’re buying some first class studs. These hot blooded housewives take it to the limit with their boy toys!
Beyond The Blue Year: 1980
A sexy tale of a crooked politician and the characters who surround his political arena of sex. Some very intense erotic scenarios highlight this hot, progressive adult presentation...
Bible Black 04 - Revelations The conclusion of one of the most graphically animated Kitty titles of all time! The black night of Walpurgis has finally arrived. Imari has been chosen to be the virgin sacrifice and Miss Kitami is the master of ceremonies. Minase manages to escape from his demonic sex orgy, and throws his tarot cards in with Miss Takashiro, the art teacher. Will Minase be able to defeat his former mistress before she claims Imari’s virginity and possesses her body?
Each Bible Black disk contains over 1 hour of Anime!
2 Episodes on one disk!
Click View Trailer to see a trailer for Bible Black New Testament - First Scripture
Big Blonde Breasts! Big Titty Collection #5
Beautiful Blonde chick with huge tits!
Watch my titties bounce!
Now fuck my tits!
Pull out and cum on them!
5 Hours!
Big Boob Adventures Big Boob Adventures
Shot in High Def!, Deep D.P.'s, 2 Hours!
Starring: , Akropolis, Brenda Black, Carla Denise, Linda Murray, Reka, Sylvia
Big Leagues, The The Big Leagues - 14 Inches
Watch John Holmes swing his big dick!
Fourteen Inches of COCK!
Big Tits in Waterland Party On!
And what a we party it is! Outdoors, in the pool, jacuzzi and the bathtub! Lots of tit fucking, anal sex, lesbian scenes the workXXX!
Starring: Alysin Embers, Alexis Amore, Corina Curve, and more...
Big Titty Collection #1 Jugs Mania
All D+ tits
I like to have my big fat juicy tits, sucked and fucked!
Cum in my mouth and then on my jugs!
All tits are supersized for your jack-off pleasure.
Bimbo 1: Hot Blood Year: 1985
Rambo Get Ready! Have we got a girl for you! In this sexy parody, Linda Chu, Oriental cheerleader, stars in this film about a woman who is determined to bring her man back home.
Bite, The Year: 1980
Set in the early 1930's, The Bite is a colorful parody of 'The Sting' combining sex, comedy and monkey business. Three cons (Sweet Kate, The Toledo Kid and Johnny Memphis) get together during a sexual frolic and plan a terrific scam aimed at local banker Francis B. Dobbs. Dobbs is to be seduced into buying a 'house of ill repute.' For this purpose, the trio recruits beautiful women and other convincing characters who pose as call girls, governors, senators and successful businessmen performing sexual acrobatics to persuade Dobbs to make the purchase. How Dobbs is left holding the bag builds to an unusual and comedic ending!
Black Cover Girl #2 Sunshine Films Black & Beautiful Series, Black Cover Girl #2. Introducing Angelica. Da Sista Next Door Blossomed Into a Fine Young Thang! Insatiable cinnamon nymphos f*cking their brains out in every conceivable sex position. Lots of cum shots, outdoor frolics and pussy licking. Dripping Wet.
Black Mystique An erotic, sensual, sexual experience you will never forget!Sherrie (Patty Petite) wants to keep her marriage thriving in a day and age when it seems impossible. She knows one out of every two marriages ends in divorce, and she’s determined to save hers... even though it’s only eight weeks old. Her husband, Rocky (Eric Stauff), is starved, but not for affection - for food. It seems that Sherrie’s obsession with her sex life has made her forget that man does not live by sex alone! An occasional hamburger would be nice.
All their problems are solved with Willow (Angel Kelly), the new cook, who not only diverts Sherrie’s attentions and cooks up some "out-of-sight" meals, but also leads the couple to new horizons by introducing them to the magical mysterious Magda (played by the exciting Kim Williams), an ethereal enigma in the form of a beautiful black trans-sexual. Magda does her magic on clients so that they have an erotic, sensual, sexual experience that they can never forget!
Black Widow The beautiful Cora Li is the "Black Widow" who collects men & women in her sexual web of wicked ways and passionate poison.
Scenes include: Boy/Girl/Girl, Boy/Boy/Girl, anal, lesbian action & double penetration - filmed by Europe's hottest director!
Part of VCX's European Diamond Collection
Blonde Ambition Year: 1980
BLONDE AMBITION is the ultimate sexual extravaganza. It is the story of two British sweeties who are known as Sugar and Candy Kane, travel around the world performing the worst vaudeville act in show business history. Their sexual misadventures include a porno version of ‘Gone With The Wind’ , a noisy tryst in the back of an airliner, and masquerading as drag queens New York’s Greenwich Village. Filmed in America and in Europe, this movie has it all, beautiful women, and of course plenty of sex!
Blonde Ambition - Platinum Elite Collection "The First Adult Extravaganza"2 Disc Collectors Edition
Digitally Remastered from the original 35mm film
An all-time classic of adult filmmaking, "the Amero Brothers’ "Blonde Ambition" is a glorious XXX tribute to the MGM musicals of Yesteryear."
Starring Suzy Mandel and Dory Devon, and featuring the finest of New York’s golden age porn actors including Jamie Gillis, Eric Edwards, George Payne and Richard Bolla, the film recounts the exploits of the beautiful Kane Sisters, one of the worst Vaudeville acts in show business, as they aim for the big time in the Big Apple.
With song and dance numbers galore, a porn version of Gone With The Wind, countless comedy routines, and a climactic scene in a New York leather bar, Blonde Ambition is unlike any any film you’ve ever seen before. In the words of its directors "If you loved ‘Deep Throat’ and ‘Singin’ in the Rain’, you’re gonna love ‘Blonde Ambition’".
Video X Pix is proud to present a re-mastered version of this film together with an extensive collection of extras – including the first commentary that legendary director John Amero has ever recorded.
Disc 1: 35mm Uncut Feature Remastered – Hardcore, Audio Commentary with director, John Amero, Audio Commentary with actor, Jamie Gillis, 35mm Original Blonde Ambition Theatrical Trailer
Disc 2: 35mm Uncut Feature Remastered – Softcore, Video Tribute to the Legendary Jamie Gillis, Never before seen slides from Blonde Ambition and Blonde Ambition emphemera from the 80’s
Rare Collectibles included: 20 Page color Booklet with liner notes by Benson Hurst, 35mm Film Strip cut from print of Blonde Ambition, 5x7 Photo insert of Suzy Mandel
Blonde Fire Year: 1980
The further Adventures of Johnny Wadd!! Porn Goddess, Seka makes her totally astonishing blue movie debut as an accomplice. Wadd inquiries to bring home a priceless diamond known as The Blonde Fire. Not knowing who to trust, the man with the 13 in. gun shows an array of women, including an uninhibited belly-dancer, that a diamond is not the hardest substance on Earth!
Blonde Goddess Year: 1982
Jonathan Ford is a comic book artist who escapes his boring life and abusive boss by retreating into a fantasy world in which he is an intrepid explorer, a World War I fighter ace or a macho space traveler. What unites all of his fantasies is a preoccupation with the Blonde Goddess, an exotic, erotic entity whose physical beauty is matched only by her potent sexuality and scathing boinking abilities. Susanna Britton is Ford's fantasy woman, and her performance is mesmerizing. Also winning top honors is Loni Sanders who is featured here as a wonderfully erotic space traveler.
Blonde Next Door, The Year: 1980
Barry Horne (Ron Jeremy) has bottled the hottest cologne ever seen! A few drops sprinkled on and women will do anything you want. Anything! You’d think that with a formula like that the money would be endless. But no... you see the only source of the Gusher Cologne is the Blonde Next Door, played by Danielle, the hottest young woman in adult films today! Her love juices are what make gusher cologne the success that it is.
Not wanting to see the source of his wealth dry up Barry signs Cindy to a slave contract and promises her endless orgasms...and five percent.
The situations that Barry sets up for Cindy become more and more erotic in order to get Cindy off. He has to get wilder and wilder as her desires get more sophisticated.
Rest assured...The Blonde Next Door is howlingly original and outrageous.
The fresh young faces & bodies of the many new starlets make this the best looking film of the year. Danielle is the new princess of adult films. She is a luscious & horny star on the rise. Catch her - if you want a rise!
Blonde Velvet Eva Kovacs (Jennifer Welles) is the beautiful and mysterious seductress who is heading in international network of gorgeous women dealing in sexual blackmail and political payoff. Her targets are the international bigwigs whose decisions always shaft the world. Eva really doesn’t like men because she feels that "they think with their cocks and fuck anything that moves"!! She wants to expose these high powered members of the United Nations Security Council and their chauvinistic shenanigans.
This Dexter Eagle production has some interesting sex sequences in some unique locations, including an indoor pool in NYC and in another scene, you almost believe that Dexter Eagle actually got inside the U.N. building and filmed a young Bolla screwing Suzanne McBain in a conference room. Also, there’s a rare and rather amusing flashback scene in black and white, with Jennifer Welles and Bobby Astyr. This is a classic all star cast in an early gem from 1976!!!!
Blonde, The Year: 1980
Valerie Vincent was Hollywood's reigning blonde sex queen until her mysterious and tragic death. Now, several years later, every aspiring actress is vying to play her in the steamy new motion picture based on Valerie's life. Along the way some strange facts are discovered about Valerie's disappearance and some rather shocking ones about her early film career. Annette Haven, the reigning queen of adult movieland, appears in the dual role of Valerie and an aspiring actress hoping to play her. Along with Annette, the Lewis Brothers of Detroit have brought together the exciting Brooke West, Bonnie Holiday and introducing oriental beauty Mai Lin. Hollywood has for years exploited and enjoyed its platinum queens, and now adult film land has its own. Annette Haven is The Blonde.
Blow Hard BLOW HARD is a truly exceptional glimpse inside the emerging sensual volcano that was about to explode across America in the early 70s… Swing parties, orgies, young couples getting it on for the first time, bored spouses seeking easy action on the side, the promiscuity of girl on girl interactions… this free spirited gem of a classic shows it all…
BLOW HARD is that rare time capsule of dirty hard sex that all porn aficionados should own!
BLOW HARD was made at a time when it was illegal to shoot pornography… many of the performers in this film remain anonymous
Blow Off Year: 1987
Politics has always been down and dirty! However, luscious Lisa Deleeuw takes Washington to delicious new depths of unfathomable depravity in Blow-Off. Hired by a conniving politico (Eric Edwards), Detective Nick King (Herschel Savage) follows Lisa down the corridors of power and gets an erotic eyeful of her sexual conquests. From a hot encounter with a satiric Senator (Ron Jeremy)... to satisfying the needs of a wanton Washington wife (Ginger Lynn) ...Lisa sure knows her business! Plus, there's lots more going on in this sensuous game of sexual skullduggery - proving where there's smoke, there's fire... especially when Lisa meets the powerful and passionate.
Blue Ecstasy "The producer has delved into a woman's psyche & has emerged with a creation that may well go down in the annals of X-rated film history" --Lisa Hoffman / Media Press International
"The sex is plentiful and satisfying. The S&M fantasy is hot enough to delight devotees, but not so heavy as to turn off the more staid. This one's for thinking & feeling adults" -- Genesis
Blue Ecstasy in New York
Blue Ecstasy is an unusual film that explores with candor the sexual conflict acted out by dual personalities inhabiting the single body of a young woman. Veronica has an unusual companion, Ronnie, who is the exact opposite of herself. Her friend Niki is a fun loving person and cannot at all understand Veronica's prudishness. At Niki's suggestion, she and Veronica go shopping for some new, sexy clothes for Veronica's changing personality, which becomes the catalyst for a film revealing many layers of sexual denial & redemption.
Blue Heat Year: 1978
The tale of women whose appetite for sheer and unbridled sex knows no limitations.
The sex is real, the hot intensity is authentic, & the orgasms are 100% authentic.
The heat may be "Blue" but the sheer sexual intensity is indeed Red!
Blue Magic Year: 1981
Candida Royalle is a woman with a past a long, long past. Rumor has it she’s lived for a few hundred years. The question is how she’s managed to remain such a luscious piece of woman flesh after three centuries. That question gets answered when she invites three couples over to her ritzy mansion for a dinner party. Things quickly slide from cordial dinner conversation to kinky wife swapping and group groping. The secret to eternal youth, it turns out, is sex, sex and more sex. With lush sets, brilliant costuming and a Gothic, sexy story line this is one adult classic not to be missed.
Bodacious Ta Tas Year: 1983
With Jim's wedding day drawing near, his friends decide to give him a bachelor's bash he'll never forget! Their formula for fun is complete when they team up with four frisky, well-endowed strippers who'll do anything for a good time.
For Jim's friends, it's a debaucherous weekend of orgiastic sex..for Jim, it's a passionate farewell to the bachelor life that makes getting married worth the trouble!
"Nothing beats a pair of Bodacious Ta Tas!
Body Love Her First Night… And what a night it was!!!
The most Unbelievable orgy ever to be filmed!!Life had been good to rich, spoiled Martine. She knew the pleasure of teasing men and then holding off their desires. But on her 21st birthday the lust that had been simmering within her finally boiled over and she surrendered mind and body to passion. Every sexual thrill, every erotic desire were to be experienced in a few hours of total pleasure.
Body Shop Year: 1984
Amber Lynn gives the ultimate Lube Job in..The Body Shop
An outcall service madam and her boyfriend - who owns an auto repair shop - decide to pool their business interests and create a new business that caters to consumer's automotive and erotic needs. 'The Body Shop' proves to be a winning combination as eager customers line up to get their thrown rods and clogged valves fixed in record time. The duo, however, are not the best bosses to work for and their employees set them up for a bust. 'Body Shop' has some of the most sizzling sex scenes ever shot on video, including an auto-erotic scorcher that moved John Holmes to comment "It's simply the hottest scene I've ever had the pleasure to watch."
Book Of Love Our lives are but a chapter in the BOOK OF LOVE...
What do you do when the passion fades?
Destined for a life of married monotony. But when she turns her attention to a paperback romance, she finds herself lost in the sensual erotic stories that unfold around her. The intense excitement of young lovers touching for the first time, a modern Adam and Eve finding their ardor-filled oasis, a mysterious maestro teaching his beautiful ingenue the art of making love.
These are just a few of the explicitly sensual tales that the Book of Love offers.
The more Angela reads, the more her pent-up passion grows. But can she resurrect the fire within her husband before it's too late?
Fortunately she has The Book of Love.
Born Erect She can handle his problem, he was...Much to the shock of his parents and clergy, little Leo gets an erection during his christening. Then even repeats itself all through his childhood until finally, at the age of twenty-eight he has a perpetual hard-on.
Leo goes to a specialist who tries to cure his problem by giving him pills to induce wild sexual dreams.
In a series of vignettes, Leo goes to bed with various women, all with the same result, it won’t go down. One girl he picks up in an amusement park and takes home. Another wants him to watch while she makes it with her grandfather.
Leo’s problem is not altogether bad, though it does come in handy while painting when he needs something to hang his pant bucket on.
Next we find Leo at an orgy doing just that. But, naturally, this doesn’t help his problem. Not even Leo’s cousin with the machine shop can help him even though he tries with a grinder, file, saw and lathe. So Leo takes advantage of the situation with a pretty blonde shop assistant.
While everything else has failed, Leo finally agrees to make some money with his problem by signing a contract to do commercials for Hard-On Vitamins. But during the shooting of the commercial, Leo takes a handful of the vitamins and guess what happens...
Brave Hearts Sarah (Faye Reagan), the most famous Romance Novelist in the world, is writing the final book in her series of best-selling love stories. Admired by women from all walks of life, you would think that she wouldn't be having any problems in the love department.
However, words on a page don't necessarily translate into real life. Spending her days writing at a local coffee shop, Sarah finds herself daydreaming about Arnie (Rocco Reed), the owner.
Arnie proves to be the inspiration Sarah needs to get her creative juices flowing. As their friendship develops into something more, Sarah's imagination runs wild. Inspired, she finishes her book about a period of time on the Scottish Highlands, when men would go off to battle leaving the women they love behind in order to defend the honor of their families. These men were known as Brave Hearts.
Bride's Initiation, The Year: 1976
In this adult erotic feature, Dracula kidnaps a pair of newlyweds and proceeds to initiate the bride to married life in his own peculiar way. What follows is a deliciously decadent adventure which marries the mysterious world of the dark underground with the insatiable delights of the sexually deviant. A very wicked world indeed.
Brief Affair DVD Features: Interactive Menu, Photo Gallery, Digitally Mastered, Non-Regional Coding, Jump to Scene, CD Quality Sound
Brown Sugar Year: 1984
Sahara shines as Sugar, an up and coming singer who, along with her background singers – take the music biz (and the producers) for a sexually explosive ride.
Terrific soundtrack highlights this nasty, all-black presentation.
Business As Usual Year: 1980
Service-oriented employees improve their company morale considerably in this ribald and raunchy look at sex in the workplace. From office sex to a lesbian tryst in a garment factory, to several couplings in some very obscure places - "Business As Usual" proves that this film is anything but...
Cagney & Stacey Year: 1985
The fun begins when a jewelry salesman reports a large number of diamonds have been stolen in spite of his alarms. Foxy Female Cops Cagney (Erica Boyer) & Stacey (Stacey Donovan) are assigned to investigate the robbery, and you can bet that they’ve got some torrid tricks up their sleeves – and down their skirts! These bawdy gals in blue use every erotic trick at their disposal to get to the bottom of the case – while letting a few swarthy studs get to their own luscious bottoms.
Finally, some policewomen who know what to do with a night stick! Will the scrumptious sirens get their man? Or will they find themselves too busy with other erotic concerns? Come down to the most passionate precinct in town and find out for yourself!
California Bikini Babes by Phillmore Butts
"The Best Anal Gapers we've seen in 2000" – Pornographixxx Review Committee’
Starring: Jeanie Rivers, Bridgette - "AVN Award – Best New Starle", Vivianne, Mariah
California Fever Year 1986
Stunning Candie Evens plays a fresh mid-western bombshell, who arrives in L.A. ripe for adventure & dripping with an urge to tease, then please the local studs. Her first stop is the beach where she meets Raymond Dandee, who gets her to feed all his physical needs, then sells her his grandmother’s heirloom watch. Next, Robin is introduced to the west coast 3-way scene by fun couple, Sheena Horne & Frank James. This merely wets our insatiable heroine’s appetite. She instantly succumbs to a dominant Marc Wallice, as he tells her first, and then shows her what hot mouths are for. Rick Savage & Bunny Bleu also sample Candie’s devastating charms. Then, in the film’s climatic, hard-action encounter, Miss Candie and Don Fernando do more than lick each other to a froth. She ends up unloading the gold watch on him and gets a pearl necklace in return!
California Gigolo Year: 1979
Palm Springs and Beverly Hills are the locations for these sensual adventures. Brilliant photography brings to life John Holmes numerous sexual escapades. His choices of beautiful women with gorgeous bodies entice the viewer into his or her fantasies of magnificent proportions.
John Holmes is at his best, offering his tool for all manners of building blocks. This is probably the best of the classics offered for your viewing pleasure. This is probably the best of the classics offered for your viewing pleasure. Beautiful women all melt into ecstasy enjoying all that can be offered by Johnny in this very bitchin’ adventure.
California Hotties Get ready! Get real ready! See California's hottest, craziest and most uninhibited co-eds bare it all.
These are not paid models or actresses in fact they're the girl next door!
Watch out for our future releases with America's Hotties!
They're beaugiful and ready to party. And they're here, just for you!
Caligula Year: 1979
Caligula - The Uncut Edition
Before Rome. Before Gladiator. The most controversial film of all time as you’ve never experienced it before! Combining lavish spectacle and top award winning stars, this landmark production is now presented in a beautiful new high-definition transfer from recently uncovered negative elements.
From the moment he ascends to the throne as Emperor, Caligula (A Clockwork Orange’s Malcolm McDowell) enforces a reign like no other as power and corruption transform him into a deranged beast whose deeds still live on as some of the most depraved in history. Also starring Peter O’Toole (Lawrence of Arabia) and Academy Award® winners Helen Mirren (The Queen, Best Actress 2006) and John Gielgud (Arthur, Best Supporting Actor 1981), this unflinching look at the decadence of Ancient Rome will startle and amaze you like no other film ever made.
Caligula (MALCOLM McDOWELL) is summoned to Capri by Tiberius (PETER O'TOOLE), his adopted grandfather. His escort is Macro (GUIDO MANNARI), commander of the Praetorian Guard. Macro seeks to curry favor with Caligula, who will be the next Emperor, by tempting him with the promise of sleeping with Ennia (ADRIANA ASTI), his wife.
Frightened, but sycophantically eager to fall in with any mood of the mercurial Tiberius, Caligula has his first glimpse of absolute power as the aged Emperor leads him from his cavernous swimming pool through his grotto of pleasures. There, the two become voyeurs as youths and maidens act out Tiberius' fantasies.
Accompanying them is a noble, elderly Senator, Nerva (JOHN GIELGUD), the only contemporary intimate of Tiberius who has survived the execution of several Senators, despite the fact, or perhaps because, he is the only one who dares openly to criticize and condemn.
When Nerva chooses suicide over a natural death, Tiberius' seemingly ordered life is shaken, and his own death, hastened.
Caligula and Macro come to witness the end. They find the old Emperor partially paralyzed, lying alone in the state bedroom. Prematurely, Caligula tears off the signet ring, symbol of power. Tiberius rallies. Macro insures has death by smothering him. A frightened Gemellus (BRUNO BRIVE), Tiberius' grandson by birth, has witnessed the murder.
Caligula, the new Emperor, gains instant popularity by announcing a general amnesty. He accepts the highest office of the Republic, the Consulship, naming his uncle Claudius (GIANCARLO BADESSI), his fellow Consul and Gemellus as his son and heir.
For a time, Caligula is splendidly good-humored, eager to be loved by the people. There is scarcely a hint of the tyrant he will become.
One of his first questionable acts is to rid himself of Macro. By promising the Guards a huge pay bonus, he orders them to arrest their commander. Macro is replaced by Chaerea (PAOLO BONACELLI). Caligula is free to marry Ennia, now a widow, but Drusilla (TERESA ANN SAVOY), his sister and paramour, counsels him to marry a respectable Roman and father an heir.
Disguised as a woman, Caligula comes to choose a candidate from among the shapely priestesses in the Temple of Isis. He is attracted -- despite Drusilla's protests that she is promiscuous --to Caesonia (HELEN MIRREN), an eloquent, sensual divorcee, who becomes his mistress, then wife.
The darker side of Caligula begins to show itself as he comes to realize that no one will challenge his absolute power.
His terror during a thunder and lightning storm is the first sign of a breakdown. His actions become more and more senseless. His only confidant is his Arab stallion, Incitatus, which he rides into the banquet where Gemellus is one of the guests. In a macabre mood, he accuses Gemellus publicly of treason and has him arrested.
As Caesonia's child is being born, Caligula marries her and names the babe his heir. He is enraged to learn the child is a girl and insists on calling her "my son."
Drusilla's death soon afterwards leaves Caligula in despair. He proclaims a month of mourning and, distraught, mingles anonymously with his Roman citizens. When Caligula is dragged drunk and dirty into a prison, his signet ring is spotted by a giant (OSIRIDE PEVARELLO) and his true identity becomes known.
Back in the Senate, Caligula proclaims himself a god and awards free games and food to every citizen. When Longinus (JOHN STEINER), his treasurer, protests, Caligula shows him how easy it is to replenish the Imperial purse.
He builds a ship in the palace that is to be used as a brothel. Forcing the wives and daughters of his Senators into prostitution, Caligula himself collects the fees from citizens eager to sample their betters.
His final public act of madness is to proclaim his horse Incitatus a Senator.
Destiny catches up with Caligula at the age of 29, after a rule of three years, ten months and eight days.
Chaerea, Longinus and the Imperial physician Charicles (LEOPOLDO TRIESTE) have quietly organized his assassination. It is a vengeful Chaerea whose sword brings down the Emperor. To insure that none of Caligula's line will follow him to power, Caesonia and Julia, her child, are also put to the sword.
A new era in Rome will begin with the new Emperor - the unwilling, dull-witted Claudius.
* Synopsis text from
Caligula Scenes:
Campus Cuties Welcome to WPG University, where the parties go on all night and the girls go all the way.
These innocent girls are on their own for the very first time, and you won't believe what ehy were willing to do for the Wild Party Girl Camera!
These "Campus Cuties" are out of control and ready for you!
Campus Girls Year: 1973
Some people go to college for an education, others go to get married. Our lovely heroines go for the fun of it all! Marc Stevens and Tina Russell certainly rise to the occasion in this early classic from the golden age. We see that Tina and Marc have just graduated from college and they are remembering all the great times they had in their college days. Marc tells Tina, about a woman named Marlene, who had an amazing and very well known reputation for giving the best blow job on the entire campus. Tina seems shocked, but not as shocked as Marc, when he finds out some of Tina's secrets. Tina, tells a sex tale of a woman named Barbara, who casually left campus one day to star in her own porno. Then Tina speaks of another vixen, Mary Anne, who got on the Dean's list, by servicing all her professors. These mini stories are all well illustrated. Also, check out the dialogue between Marc and Tina during the movie, in which Tina gracefully plays with Marc's uncut manhood. After he goes out for some food, Marc and Tina, finally make love. A vintage film, no doubt, shot in 1973, this is a classic feature!
Candi Girl Year: 1978
This light comedy bounces from one pretty saleswoman to another. Each employee proves to be very efficient with customers. Ben and Larry are responsible for the success of the operation. Each saleswoman has been hired after a tough interview covering oral expertise and natural attributes (two very convincing assets). Family ties play an important part in "Candi Girl", when Ben and Larry get into trouble operating their car business. Candi, the seductive sister-in-law, is the first one to come to the rescue in a very provocative manner.
"Candi Girl" is very entertaining, and will leave you breathless.
Candida Royalle Collection Candida Royalle was one of the most striking brunettes of the golden age. She had a beautiful smile, gorgeous full lips, amazing breasts and supple thighs. She was born in NYC and she began her porn carer around 1975 and performed until 2001. Also starring Veronica Hart.
Candy Goes To Hollywood Year: 1979
Gail Palmer's thoroughly entertaining sequel to the "Candy" original. Candy (Carol Connors) comes to Hollywood and is immediately pounced upon by a wacky talent agent.
She becomes the sexual toast of Tinseltown. One of the very best first hours ever produced, in that it is either no-stop comedy or great sex action all the way.
After that, there is total action to the end, including the mandatory Hollywood orgy scene. An all star cast helps this clever show biz lampoon of several famous TV shows and movie studios.
An absolutely superior sex-comedy, one of Porndom's greatest ever!
Candy Lips Year: 1978
Candy Lips is the story of a young woman’s search for sexual satisfaction without guilt or fear.
In her early years, Susan remembers her upsetting home life which she endured until she made her bid for freedom and went to college. Frustrated by her broken home, she desperately tries to realign her sensitivity, only to be disrupted time and again by the morality of her recent college atmosphere.
It is sometime later that Susan meets Gloria; an artist both in her painting & life style who introduces her to new and healthy view of sex.
As the film ends, we see that Susan has matured with understanding, and is determined to make her life one of fulfillment and happiness...
Candy Store Year: 1971
Seldom seen Candy Samples plays a bordello madam who loves to show her ladies how to please her customers. Candy's fans will be delighted by this full-length feature film, which showcases both the mature beauty and remarkably erotic personality of the legendary bust queen. Her "house" features a bevy of stunning young girls, trained by Candy Samples herself to perform feats of sexual magic with their hot, luscious bodies and moist, hungry mouths. The non-stop hardcore action encompasses a wide spectrum of adult sexuality, from the traditional to the bizarre. 'Madam' Candy sees it as her duty to personally instruct and even assist her lovely girls in satisfying the many exotic demands of her clientele. Bust lovers will thrill to the stiff-nippled antics of Candy and her girls. The oral interludes are bountiful and intense, especially when Candy demonstrates her own personal sperm-simmering techniques. The buxom superstar even wields a whip in the interest of maintaining house discipline! Variations to please every sexual taste are contained within this hard-hitting Candy bonanza.
Candy Samples offers a sweet diversion of delicious women as tempting treats in her "Candy Store". This tawdry tale delights big bust fans as well as aficionados of classic adult erotica.
The action is fast-paced, the women are all so scrumptious and ready to please & be pleased!
Got a sweet tooth?
Capricious Sex, money, scandal and fame. Capri Anderson attracts them all with her quiet beauty, soft features and magnetic eyes. In a fleeting moment she shed her anonymity and stepped into the spotlight with a mysterious allure that captivated the public. They want her body. They want her sex. They want to know the truly capricious Capri Anderson.
"CAPRICIOUS" exposes the real Capri Anderson for the first time. Her lust, her hunger, the sin living between her legs, nothing is forgotten. In priceless never before seen footage she reveals the true personality behind the fame, scandal, money and sex.
Careful He May Be Watching Careful He May Be Watching - Starring Seka!
Seka's back… Yes, the platinum princess of adult entertainment returns to the silver screen in a sizzling dual role. By night, Jane Smith (Seka) is a happily married housewife. But during the day when hubby (Mike Horner) is at work, Jane becomes Molly Flame, the X-rated superstar who'll do "almost" anything for the camera. Things get mighty complicated for Jane/Molly, as you might expect. And with Kay Parker and Shanna McCullough on board for some hot action, you can be sure our star's "repertoire" is going to be expanded! So, uncork something bubbly and start celebrating. With Seka back, horny days are here again!
Includes never seen before Seka home movies!
Carnal Combat Military Police hunt for a rock hard private who has invaded the Officer's Quarters and seduces their horny wives.
Scenes include: Boy/Girl, Boy/Boy/Girl, Anal Double Penetration, Girl/Girl/Boy and older women w/younger men - filmed by Europe's hottest directory!
Part of VCX's European Diamond Collection
Carnal Fantasies Year: 1978
The breathtaking Jennifer West stars in ... Carnal FantasiesWhen the summer heat ignites the imagination - the sexual possibilities are endless!
A nasty little film indeed...
Carnival Of Flesh Year: 2000
You are invited to take a leisurely stroll down the midway of the Carnival Of Flesh, where your senses will be aroused by the whirl of lights and noise. Your darkest sexual secrets will be revealed in the crystal ball---if you dare! Join us in the hazy area between fantasy and reality and immerse yourself in the Carnival Of Flesh.
Casanova II, The Legend Continues The Legend continues in Casanova II
Return with us to the elegant decadence of the renaissance era.
Starring: John Holmes, Jesie St. James, Danielle (as Danielle Martin), Sheila Parks, Rhonda Jo Petty, and Bjork Beck as Don Juan
Casting Couch, The Year: 1983
Ron Jeremy's directorial debut!!
Ron Jeremy directs and stars in this hilarious sexcapade. Masquerading as a producer, he calls agents all over town to send him their prettiest young actresses for his "casting call".
Of course, in order to better their chances of getting the role, Ron's casting couch, as well as his pelvis, gets worked over to the breaking point.
This is a must see for fans of both Ron Jeremy and some of the sexiest sirens of their era.
Casual Affairs Year:2001
A father, his son, and the house servants decided to party together. The Brazilian she-males were wild for all the cock they could get!!
Features Sabrina Julio, Samantha Charles, & Rhaysa C. Marcello.
Centerfold Fever Year: 1981
R. Bolla is the editor of a kinky skin mag in search of the world’s greatest centerfold. He hires crack reporter Kandi Barbour to track down some sexual oddities who are willing to grace the magazine’s pages. When she thinks she’s found just such a specimen in Marc Stevens, who boasts super-endowment below the waste, the subject’s girlfriend comes home and ruins everything. Then Bolla himself finds kink legend Annie Sprinkle in a New York swing club, but she turns out to have no interest in being famous. A light-hearted romp and a great spoof of the fantasy that surrounds men's magazines.
Centerspread Girls Year: 1982
There's lots of erotic fun as Desiree Cousteau plays a dizzy TV interviewer who tapes her sex with a big-time TV preacher -- then threatens him with blackmail. This quality film, shot under McCallum's superb eye for the erogenous, is a tightly-woven, very elegant-looking erotic comedy.
Ceremony - The Ritual Of Love Year: 1976
During a wedding, we flash back to some of the sexual escapades between the people attending the ceremony.
This film has it all - steamy group sex, threesomes, nasty interracial couplings, lesbian vignettes and anal escapades!
Set amidst the free sex era of the '70's, this is one wedding to attend!
Challenge Of Desire, The "The Challenge Of Desire is the most erotic, the most sexually exciting & dramatic film of the year" -- Video Erotica
Who wins when two lovers challenge each other in body and mind? Who wins when they need the exotic, the erotic and the dangerous? They challenge each other to a game of sexual warfare...if one quits...the other wins! An all-star cast highlights this ribald romp!
Chance Encoungers Is it possible that a Chance Encounter with a stranger can make you question EVERYTHING?
Letting yourself go- be it to the towel boy or the woman next door.
Surrendering to the passion that awaits you from a stranger or a friend. Nothing is by chance.
Cheap Thrills Year: 1985
Director: Stuart Allen
Rhonda Jo, Susan, Heather and Marita audition for a juicy modeling role. While waiting they share vivid memories of their weekend together. The agency's decision to interview more women is a surprise - one the girls won't take standing up! In a rage, they tie up the executive and maunt a wild orgy, gaining their climatic revenge!
Cheating With The Maid California Governors aren't the only ones that think they can get away with it!When the man of the house sees the horny help in their little black skirts and tight little aprons bending over to get that dirt underneath the bed, they can't help but think dirty thoughts. And boy do they get dirty! Luckily, these french maids clean the houses and then clean the cocks that own them before their wives come home. A little dusting, a little laundry, and a whole lot of pussy-pounding action are all included when you are CHEATING WITH THE MAID. A Lee Roy Myers Production!
-Pop Shots
-Photo Gallery
-Dolby Digital Sound
-Shot in HD
Cheri Year: 1971
After a hot and heavy coupling with her ex-boyfriend, the King Of Studs, John C. Holmes, Cheri meets up with another former lover who has a broken leg. The ex has no problem getting his putz to stand up straight as Cheri gets him to gush like a geyser. Her friends next door share a lovemaking feast, then finally, everyone (and we do mean everyone!) joins together in a good old-fashioned orgy; one of the best ever captured on film during the Golden Era of Classic Adult Filmology.
China Cat, The A retro, campy, spy-spoof follows the adventures of private-(and HUGE)-dick, Johnny Wadd, played by the legendary John C. Holmes. Assigned a case via speaker-phone a la Charlie's Angels, a sexy squad of female detectives go undercover (and UNDER COVERS!) trying to get their hands on a priceless jade statuette Wadd posesses. Shot entirely on film and directed by acclaimed director, Bob Chinn, this one is hot!
China De Sade Year: 1979
China De Sade is the story of Ming Lee, a luscious ex-Red Chinese spy, who falls into the company of a cruel Green Beret Commander, Colonel Krieg, while on assignment in Vietnam, and then defects to the United States.
In the United States, Krieg and Ming Lee are sought by war-hero and killer-for-hire, Lieutenant Philip Weyland, now in the employ of a super-secret government agency. Weyland infiltrates Krieg’s lair in an attempt to kill Krieg and capture Ming Lee and becomes involved in a series of bizarre sexual encounters with Ming Lee and the other freakish characters who inhabit Krieg’s world.
Each of these encounters pushes the limits of Weyland’s lust further and further into forbidden regions... towards madness... irresistibly toward a shocking finale which reveals secrets about Ming Lee that are totally unsuspected.
China Lust Year: 1976
Lust is an all consuming passion, especially when caused by magic. When an ancient jade carving that looks astonishingly like a penis passes from hand to hand and then on to more intimate places in an unrelenting magical drive to return to its rightful owner and mistress, it creates a havoc of desire and lust in its wake… Fiery love in some, greed and hate in others.
The warm, green statue bewitchingly speaks to your mind enticing the participants in the movie and audience alike to turn on to the action.
Luscious Linda Wong, Hustler cover girl, is the rightful owner and mistress of this magic aphrodisiac. Desiree West, the busty bombshell who plays Linda’s niece, recovers the object for Linda in an action sequence which leads to a delicious wet shower scene. Going from a loving couple, to their chambermaid and a woman chauffeur, and on the hoods and their molls who are retained to recover the magic object, the green Lingham instructs all in the meaning of CHINA LUST.
Chocolate Kisses 1986 Year 1986
A pair of streetwise hookers helps a struggling candy company CUM out on top by using their unique talents and educated pussies to put the taste of Chocolate Kisses on everyone's lips and leave them craving more of the sticky treat. They are all pink on the Inside!!
Christy Canyon - Legends of Porn 10 Pack Christy Cnayon - Legends of Porn 10 Pack
"The Queen of Porn"
Get all 10 titles for just $74.95, if you purchased them all individually $169.50! A 44% savings!
This 10 pack includes the following titles: Christy Canyon Non-Stop, Doctor Desire, I Like To Be Watched , New Swedish Erotica Vol. 121, You Make Me ...Wet, Dirty Shary, Christy Canyon, Dirty Letters, Flesh & Ecstasy, Lick Bush
Christy Canyon Non-Stop Christy... stands for Creamy!
Christy... stands for Cumming!
Christy... stands for inCredible!
Christy... stands, lays down and bends over when she makes love!
She's a breast man's ultimate fantasy! But massive-mammed Christy Canyon has something for everyone! This sultry, doe-eyed brunette has a body any man (or woman) would walk through a field of fire for! Her breathy voice commands you to service her unquenchable needs... and you're her slave! The delectable Ms. Canyon is the rarest of erotic superstars - perfection in everyway. And as they say, too much of a good thing is wonderful!
Classic Bitches In Heat - Volume 1 "Filled to the brim with nasty sex" --Marty Silverman - Adult X Review
"Hot women, even hotter action" --Genesis Magazine
"A gorgeous selection of starlets who give their all" --Playboy
Classic Bitches In Heat Vol. 1 is a sumptuous series for the erotic senses featuring so many of your very favorite classic X superstars! Scene after scene highlights the delicious deviance of the day in an era of real women, real passions and unscripted sexuality.
Classic Bitches In Heat - Volume 2 "Long lost super vixen Gina Valentino is explosive!" --Oui Magazine
"A superlative collection of the most desirable women ever filmed on the XXX screen" --Hustler XXX Review
Generating pure heat from the very first frame, Classic Bitches In Heat Vol. 2 delivers commanding performances time and time again. Scene after blistering scene of classic XXX action from players who need no script indeed...
Classic Bitches In Heat - Volume 3 "Christy Canyon and Lisa DeLeeuw sizzle in this ode to classic XXX erotic action! Fantastic!" --Penthouse Magazine
"Ball-busting classic bitches in heat!" --San Francisco Underground Press
Classic Bitches In Heat Vol. 3 continues the assault of eroticism, featuring the blue screens most dynamic and celebrated performers in their nastiest roles. You will not be disappointed with the variety of decadence served up in this third volume.
Climax It’s the Sexual SummitThe Climax! It’s the tingle people take the ultimate risk to achieve. Anne (Cody Nicole) is one such thrill seeker who delights in cheating on her husband Charles (Eric Edwards), who likewise is a nonstop nookie-chaser. Join these two headstrong hedonists in their erotic escapades that set new records in a sensual sexual achievement. Seeking fulfillment, the carnal fleshpots of Atlantic City provide Charles with one forbidden sex act after another… until he loses his last dime (and a future night of pleasure with Anne) to a crooked poker player (Joey Silvera). To make matters even worse, Charles gets rolled by two outrageous and provocative hookers played by Rhonda Jo Petty and Renee Summers. The plot thickens as double-crosses turn into romantic triangles. Deception and seduction run rampant, until that fateful night finally comes when Anne has to pay Charles’ gambling debt. If you expect Charles and Anne’s sexual adventures to end here, forget it! The passion continues on and on, into the night!
Co-Ed Fantasies Ever wonder what happens when sexy young co-eds get to gether and let the inhibitions go?
You won't believe how willing these girls were to bare it all for each other and for you!
It's innocece lost as these out of control schoolgirls perform for each other, then give a sexy private show just for the Wild Pary Girls camers! These are CO-ED FANTASIES you will never forget!
Coed Fever Year: 1980
In an "Animal House" take-off Annette Haven plays the snobbish coed with the elite sorority that becomes sexually sabotaged by a lesser Fraternity. Those naughty frat boys just LOVE to cause Trouble! Many sex sessions antics found in this film, oh those college kids!! Higher education was never so much FUN!!
College Girls 2: Extreme Initiations Time to be Naughty Little Pledges! It's time to rush and pledge the local sorority houses. These 4 lovely coeds will do whatever (and we do mean WHATEVER!) it takes to be accepted. From oral to anal and everything in between, these sorority babes take it like pros.
Come Fly With Us A good story, excellent photography, and unusual locations make "COME FLY WITH US" memorable adult entertainment. A hard and penetrating look into the lives of these gorgeous stewardesses that will thoroughly enjoy!
Come With Me My Love Year: 1976
"Sensational – A tour de force featuring the sizzling Vanessa del Rio in one of her greatest performances!"
--Delicious Decadence
Lovemaking from beyond the grave (and we don’t mean necrophilia), is featured in this off beat drama with a triple murder-suicide. Suddenly, lovers are electrocuted, stabbed and pushed from high places. An all-star cast highlights this sex-packed mystery. As a matter of fact, one of the networks like it so much, they wanted to edit the major sex scenes and premiere it as a major attraction! One of the longest running adult films ever made.
Coming Holmes The King is Back in Action .. And he's taking on all comers!
Coming Of Age "From Farm Girl to City Girl -- TAMI Lights Up the Screen!"Year: 1989
How are you going to keep Tami down on the farm, after she's seen Aunt Trixie's?
You see, Tami runs away from home and ends up at Trixie's whorehouse. Soon Tami's COMING OF AGE is complete!
Torrid Tina gives the innocent lass her first taste of frantic, lesbian lust. And that's just for starters! The horny hookers at this no-tell motel provide one luscious sexual escapade after another. Even Aunt Trixie gets into the act in an outrageous bang-a-thon with a special male customer. The atmosphere positively oozes sex!
It isn't long before Tami picks up the tricks of the trade. If she's anything like her aunt, she's going to go a long, long way!
Coming Of Angels, A Year: 1977
It's the erotic classic! You're in for a hot and juicy joyride of steamy, sizzling sex when you witness the amorous adventures of three gorgeous ladies. Watch Leslie Bovee help break up a white slave ring.The most beautiful girls in adult film, all in one place!
Coming Together Some friendships are deeper than others! After a vigorous early morning "workout", Tracy senses trouble in her marriage with husband Mark and looks forward to a visit from her college roommate, Roxie. Feeling lost and rejected, Tracy discovers, with the help of randy Roxie, that even though her connubial bliss might be coming apart, it’s always more fun COMING TOGETHER.
Tempted by Roxie’s jacuzzi antics with a horny hunk, Tracy’s hopes for a reconciliation with Mark keep her out of hot water – for a while. But when she discovers her husbands weekend hunting trip is a ruse for a little shotgun practice on his mistress, the two women decide some stud-stalking is in order.
What follows is an outrageous orgy where Tracy buries her trouble in some rather interesting places. Convinced the marriage is kaput, Roxie consoles her friend in a manner that gives new definition to the word. COMING TOGETHER with a flood of memories from the good old days, both women decide to become roommates again as they set off for New York and bigger and better adventures.
Confessions Of A Woman "You couldn't have asked for a more torrid erotic experience unless you joined in yourself!" -- Dick Richards / WHBI Radio
Behind every great woman is a confession. The only way to know what beautiful Cindy Johnson wants in life is to see her latest film, Confessions Of A Woman, where she shows you in intimate detail, her overpowering sexual needs, and to what lengths she will go to satisfy them.
This highly arousing adult motion picture probes the erotic secrets of a beautiful woman, giving her and the audience an eye-opening revelation into her lusty but hidden life.
Starring Best Actor 1980 Erotic Awards John Leslie.
Connie & Floyd They rob banks, they kill folks, they drink moonshine & then fuck all day and night. They live the life. Debauchery, deviancy, lust and crime, Connie & Floyd break all boundaries in their quest for ultimate indulgence. Follow them across America as they feed their sins with blood and sex. This is the kind of unique classic that modern film makers do not dare create. Whether it's a good plot containing hardcore fucking or hardcore fucking with that edge you crave getting off, Connie & Floyd will invade your mind, harden your cock and pull you into its world of crime, moonshine and sex.
Consenting Adults R. Bolla is the editor of a kinky skin mag in search of the world's greatest centerfold. He hires crack reporter Kandi Barbour to track down some sexual oddities who are willing to grace the magazine's pages. When she thinks she's found just such a specimen in Marc Stevens, who boasts super-endowment below the waste, the subject's girlfriend comes home and ruins everything. Then Bolla himself finds kink legend Annie Sprinkle in a New York swing club, but she turns out to have no interest in being famous. A light-hearted romp and a great spoof of the fantasy that surrounds men's magazines.
Corporate Assets Year 1985
Featuring 1985 AVN Best Actress Winner Sheri St. ClairThis was one of the adult blockbusters of 1985 when the Golden Age was drawing to a close. It was the directorial debut of Thomas Paine, who’d been working on the mainstream side of the movie industry and remains active in the adult part of it to this very day, and presented one of the best possible combinations of plot and porn ever concocted.
The always underrated Tish Ambrose delivers a career performance as Jill, mother hen to a handful of callgirls used (and that is the right word for it) by wicked Robert Bolla for corporate blackmail schemes. The other girls are fan favorites all, ranging from an unusually and sensuous Amber Lynn to the elegantly debauched Rachel Ashley. Most memorable is the multi-award winning Sheri St. Clair as new kid Babette who soon learns the ins and outs of Bolla’s set up the hard way.
Though the story’s involving, it may disconcert some viewers that there is occasional violence to be found, sometimes in conjunction with the sex. A very well-acted adult classic, a tribute to when the ‘adult’ tag meant more than just explicit sexual content.
Corporate Fantasies The gorgeous Rita Cardinalle leads this erupting class of flesh as they seduce any and all around them! Scenes include Boy/Girl, Girl/Girl, lesbian, anal and double penetration filmed by Europe’s hottest director.
Part of VCX's European Diamond Collection
Cotton Candy Sweet & Sticky!Sahara always loved COTTON CANDY, because it melted in her mouth. So did her favorite stud Dennis (Peter North), till he left her as high and dry as her name would imply. Jimmy (Tony Martin), who worked on the pier, soon found an oasis of lust in Sahara, but this did not prevent him from pouncing on her girlfriends, Kimberly Carson and Erika Fox, whenever he could. The three girls weren’t fussy about getting their rocks off. They were proud to do it to each other, even if it did create a sticky mess! Because that’s what eating COTTON CANDY is all about. Does Sahara find her sheik in Ron Jeremy, the horsey-hung carousel man? Or does she continue to pine for the stud who got away? All is revealed in the flesh drenching climax!
Craig'sList Compulsion These are the girls you want to fuck. You see them on the internet selling their sultry bodies, pleading you to assault their pussies, not just for cash, but to feed their depraved cock craving.
Hear them confess stories of debauchery before they submit to the perverted desires of strangers. Watch these sexy web sluts close the deal with a pussy full of dick and a face splattered with cum.
These are the notorious whores of craig'slist. This is the movie you've been waiting to see.
Starring: Nikki Rhodes, Roxy DeVille, Ashley Roberts, Annie Cruz, Alec Knight, Johnny Salami, Justin R., Tommy Salami
Crazy On The Pole Volume 1 Basic Pole Dancing Volume 1Liz, Eliset, Valentina, Brenda, Summer, Cheryl and Kelly take you through an exciting workout and stretching routine, to one-on-one instruction on over 24 pole tricks. From beginner to advanced, "Crazy on the Pole Volume 1 Basics" is a must-have for the novice and professional alike, 45 minute running time. DVD Disc also includes photo slideshow. The contents and instruction on this disc are for your enjoyment and exercise use only. Always seek the advice of your physician, or other qualified health provider, with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.
Instructional Dance Video.
Crazy With The Heat Year: 1986
Super-whiz Laura Welton (Joanna Storm) has totally ignored the passionate side of her personality. While attending an intimate dinner party she experiences an uncontrollable attack of shameless sexual desire. Rushed to the ‘Del Mar Sexual Asylum for the Very, Very Horny’, Laura is definitely Crazy With The Heat and needs some tantalizing therapy immediately! She gets all she could want and then some! Format: DVD DS-SL
Audio: English: Dolby Digital 2.0
Video: Standard: 1.33:1
Region: All
Run Time Side A: 78 Minutes
Run Time Side B: 30 Minutes
Cream Rinse Year: 1976
This very erotic sequel to "Shampoo" is about two brothers who are partners in a hairdressing salon who always compete for their female clients. One day as their egos are swelling, they make a bet to see which one of them could get the most women in one night. They each put up their part of the business as a prize. To help them get more girls, they have a party that evening. Rene and the other girls show up and the smoldering hot action gets started. In the end it doesn't matter who ends up winning the bet because in this movie, there are NO losers. Both Brothers and everyone else wind up winning. Really BIG! John Holmes BIG!!
Critical Positions Year 1987
Playing Doctor Was Never Like This! Dr. Ruth Kronkite, a well-known psychoanalyst who specializes in sexual dysfunctions, has spent years developing a technique that will create a sexually superior man who is totally under her control. In short, she has created the ultimate stud that no woman could resist. She dreams of having power and wealth, and through her creation she hopes to corrupt rich and powerful women and bring them and their empires under her control. Dr. Ruth chooses her best friend, the wealthy socialite Elizabeth Martinson as her first conquest. But Elizabeth somehow catches on to the scheme and vows to stop the evil Dr. Ruth at any cost.
Crocodile Blondee Year: 1986
Rita is a sex-hungry maniac who cuts a path through hordes of flesh to satisfy her insatiable quest for the ultimate in sexual fulfillment. The stunning Amber Lynn is sensational in the title role as Rita who is not satisfied and uncorks the wildest free-for-all with her friends and acquaintances.
A Must-See for fans of Amber Lynn as well as the performances of classic adult actress Siobhan Hunter and Leslie Winston.
Crocodile Blondee 2 Year: 1988
Crocodile Blondee (Stephanie Rage), the Southern carnal cutie, hits the road once again in search of her ultimate challenge: to find a man that can tame her insatiable sexual appetites. She heads north to her oversexed cousin Cindy's (the stunning Bionca) lust farm for some R & R. Unaware that she is being pursued by a mercenary who wants to capitalize on her famous "bite". Cindy and her boyfriend are more than happy to offer their hideaway to our horny heroine. When the plot thickens (as does much else) - it becomes a classic tale of the hunter becoming the hunted!
Stephanie Rage is incredible in the title role as are her female so-stars, the legendary Miss Sharon Mitchell, cute and buxom Tami White and the very kinky Bionca. Crocodile Blondee Part Two with its unusual happy ending will no doubt leave you wanting to go down under again and again...
Cum Cravers They don’t get off until you drown them in cum!
Getting their faces pummeled, pussies ravaged and asses brutalized isn’t enough for these hardcore nymphettes. They don’t get off until your cum explodes across their face.
They want their mouths filled, lips painted and tits splashed with your depravity. Watch these super sluts hunt for the cum that keeps their cravings satisfied until the next cock comes along.
They’re gorgeous, they’re perverted, they hunger for cock.
These are the ultimate Cum Cravers.
Starring: Mandy Bright, Mya Diamond, Candy Strong, Andy Brown, Evely Foxy, Afrodite
DVD Includes 12 Minutes of Hardcore Fucking - Encore Scenes
Cyber Sluts - Vol. 01 Year: 2005
Sam Shaft's Live Cyber Sluts...How do you find these bitches? In alleyways, slutting it up in bars and at hotels looking for cheap thrills. We made them an offer they could not refuse: nasty sex while internet viewers watched!
Find out why Cyber Sluts are the nastiest bitches in town!
Daisy Chain Phyllis Chandler (Colleen Brennan) wants to fuck the handsome star Luke Lancer (Kevin James), and the only way to get him is to produce her own porno film. She's rich and she's bored and Luke Lancer's the one she wants to be cause he's hung like a donkey. In this classic film, "Daisy Chain", Kirdy Stevens of "Taboo" fame, takes you behind the scenes into the torrid world of rampant lust, the steamy side of the making of a porno movie. They're all wild, and the stars don't stop when the director yells "Cut' and the starlets who can't get enough on screen or off!
New Digital Film Transfer
Production Still Gallery
Original Taboo Trailers
Dangerous Curves Her body and life had... Dangerous CurvesDangerous Curves is a mystery which unfolds about a legend, the glamorous, sensuous starlet, Candy Lane. It is also the story of Adam Huxley (Tony Martino), the successful commercial illustrator, who chances to stumble across the sensational diary of the "spirited" Miss Lane. While the volume reveals an impressive array of explosive encounters, it also tells a great deal more about the fascinating author.
Throughout the film, Adam’s housekeeper, Rose (Sharon Mitchell), gives a passionate new meaning to the word hospitality. Whether serving iced tea or her own hot body to Adam’s guests, Rose is the sort of maid who sizzles while she works!
As the viewer is led through a maze of increasingly erotic interludes, they will begin to understand and also become caught up in Adam’s growing obsession to find the missing legend. He is assisted in his quest by his agent, Jody Garrett (Jessica Wylde), a stunning woman who proudly proves that she has no sexual barriers, in every possible way.
Dangerous When Wet Year: 1987
It’s wet, hot lust and these x-rated superstars get into sex-drenched situations. Jerry Butler & Bionca need more stimulation to spice up their marriage. They encounter a swinging couple, Buck Adams & Jeanette Littledove, as well as a try anything jogger – Leslie Winston. The blonde goddess of eroticism, Amber Lynn, treats the men to some heavy duty satisfaction in a sizzling ménage-a-trois – you soon won’t forget. It’s an orgy of excitement that’s only as dangerous as your wettest fantasy!
Danielle "Seductive Blonde" The Girls of Yesteryear
Classic Porn from the 70's and 80's
Danielle "Seductive Blonde"
AKA: Melody, Danielle Martin
Born: California, April 3, 1962
Sign: Aires
Hair Color: Blonde
Years Active: 1980 - 1991
Tattoo: small heart on left wrist
Best Role: Dirty Blonde
Danielle's Teenage Fantasy Danielle, (AKA – Melody and Danielle Martin), was one of the hottest blondes from the golden age of porn. Her career started in the 80’s and she worked constantly throughout the decade, helping her become known as one of the most popular adult starlets of the 1980’s adult cinema circle. Her hot body, golden-blonde hair, and incredible sexual appetite make her one of the most sought after adult starlets of all time. She was a tiger when it came to sex and she vigorously devoured any cock, pussy and ass that came her way. Her on screen antics were kinky, wet, steamy and ultra-erotic. This collection contains the absolute greatest hits of Danielle’s career, and it is a must have for any serious collector of classics adult cinema. A true collector’s edition.
Danish Pastries This Danish delight has two whacky professors testing an aphrodisiac and a sexual depressant on an all girl school in the 19th century. When the aphrodisiac gets in the town water supply by mistake, an entire town is in for some serious sexual fun. We see schoolgirls draped in blue robes, kissing and hugging each other, as they are so horny and in need of some hot man meat. They are thrown into a dungeon to repent for their horniness, and of course they escape to the nearest brothel, only to be turned away by the madam. Of course the mix up of aphrodisiac and sexual suppressant creates quite an interesting situation within the town. This film was shot in Denmar... A true classic from 1972, which is a great example for adult film-makers to study, as it has a unique sexual humor, rarely captured since. Starring: Ole Soltof, Lone Helmer, Bent Warburg, Benny Hansen
De Renzy Tapes, The Does anyone do it bettter than erotica's legencary producer/director? Hardly! The name is Alex De Renzy, and no one else comes close! Now, for the first time, the erotic master's most sizzling scenes from his award-winning movies are available on DVD! And what scorchers!
Dear Fanny Dear Fanny answers letters on everyone's favorite subject - SEX. From Fanny's beachfront Malibu office, her two assistants and even the mailman get into the act as they read one bizarre letter after another.
See Ron Jeremy in his prime, stick all eleven inches into Fanny's ass after a lascivious letter sparks the nymphomaniac between her legs.
Watch a barely legal Amber Lynn in one of her first films, give an intense blow job before begging for a hard fuck.
Dear Fanny is not just one of the best of it's day, Dear Fanny is a timeless film that all porn fans should have the privilege to see.
Debauchers, The They thought it was just a film.
It became far more.
They have been changed.
Starring: Tina Russell, Jason Russell, Angela Schenk, Daria Bartun, Messa Trudu, Susan Cono
Debbie Does Dallas 3 Pack Year 1978-1985
Debbie Does Dallas 3 Pack DVD
Debbie Does DallasThe Original
Year: 1978 One of the most popular adult films of all time, complete with its own 1970's soundtrack. Debbie and her young cheerleader friends, portrayed by the freshest new faces on the X-Rated screen, Bambi Woods, Arcadia Lake, and Misty Winter are faced with a dilemma. Debbie's vibrant sensuality has earned her a coveted place with the Texas Cowgirl Cheerleaders. A trip to Dallas is expensive however, and college students don't often have that kind of money. As the action moves to the showers, a plan is formed. Check this out and see why this hit is the one of the top selling adult films of ALL TIME!
Debbie Does Dallas #2
The original, one and only Debbie is back and better the ever. This time Debbie and her pals do most of there scoring off the field when they take up employment at the hottest bordello in the west! you'll cheer their erotic acrobatics as they lead their clients from wild encounter to another... And you can be sure that the balls flying in this aren't only on the playing field.
Debbie Does Dallas #3
Year: 1985
Debbie (the delectable Bambi Woods) has decided to do it one more, final time. And she unquestionably saved her best for last. Everything that's come before seems merely a warm-up fpr the sex-filled, fun-filled, eye and fly popping new Debbie Does Dallas III. Luscious Bambi - graced with the most delicious set of pom-poms ever created - is joined in this erotic romp by the hottest, horniest talent you'll find anywhere and, the irrepressible Ron Jeremy is at his greatest in the role of coach. Get ready for the orgy scene to end all orgy scenes. In fact, get ready for an entire film that is to become the benchmark for erotic screen entertainment. This is the Collector's set you want! Get all 3 Titles in this 3 Disc DVD Set!
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Debbie Does Dallas 30th Anniversary Edition 2 Disk Set Now Shipping!! "The Most Notorious Porn Film of All Time." – All Movie Guide
The Classic Uncut Motion Picture as Featured in VH-1’s "I Love the 70’s" – VH1
Sweet, virginal Debbie (Bambi Woods) wants to head to Texas to claim her spot on the "Cowgirl" cheerleading squad. But the trip costs money and her parents aren’t willing to help. With the aid of her cheerleading girlfriends (including Arcadia Lake and Georgette Saunders), they devise a plan to raise the funds themselves. Initially, they all take odd jobs. However, they quickly discover there’s a lot more money to be made by baring their bodies and providing sexual favors for horny men.
Package Contains
Disc 1: Debbie Does Dallas Re-mastered Feature, Herschel Savage Commentary, Robin Byrd Commentary, Spanish Audio, Original Debbie Does Dallas Trailer
Disc 2: Debbie Does Dallas Re-Mastered Feature Cable TV Version, Herschel Savage: Tales of a Pornstar, Herschel Savage: Uncut, Herschel Savage: Screws the Stars, The Making of Robin Byrd, Photo Gallery, Trailers:
Debbie Does Dallas Definitive Collector's Edition Debbie Does Dallas - Definitive Collector's Edition
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Sweet, Virginal Debbie (Bambi Woods) wants to head to Texas to claim her spot on the "cowgirl" cheerleading squad. But the trip costs money and her parents aren't willing to help. With the aid of her cheerleading girlfriends (including Arcadia Lake and Georgette Sanders), they devise a plan to raise the funds themselves. Initially, they all take odd jobs. However, they quickly discover there's a lot more money to be made by baring their bodies and providing sexual favors for horny men.
"The most notorious porn film of all time" --All Movie Guide
The classic uncut motion picture as featured in VH1's "I Love the 70's"
DEBBIE DOES DALLAS was an absolute sensation when it was released in 1978. It was a the height of Dallas Cowboys fever and in the wake of the 'porno chic' era of the early 70s. Today, DEBBIE DOES DALLAS is considered one of the world's most famous erotic films, spawning numerous sequels, knock-offs and even an off-Broadway musical. VCX and Raincoat Theater are proud to bring you the DEFINITIVE presentation of the classic film.
Plot Synopsis (From IMDB)
A group of high school cheerleaders, led by Debbie Benton, are practicing their routine while their schools football team also practices. After doing one routine, they break to congratulate Debbie on her invitation to join the cheerleading squad of a professional team in Texas (the "Cowgirls") and ask her when she's leaving. Debbie explains that theres a problem her parents disapprove of her career choice, and have told her that if she's going to go to Dallas, she has to pay her own way. Lisa says that if she'd won, her folks would be all for it, but Donna cattily reminds her that she didn't win. Tammy asks Debbie what she's going to do, and Debbie states that she plans to raise the money in the two weeks before she has to leave. Annie notes that two weeks isn't really enough time to do so. Rikki states that they'll just have to think of something.
The cheerleaders head off the field, talking amongst themselves, and arrive in the locker room. (A girl whose name is never revealed is also there and heads for the showers as they arrive.) Debbie expresses her own doubts about the prospect of raising the money in just two weeks as she pulls off her shirt. Tammy suggests that the team help her out, while Lisa goes further and proposes that the team raise a lot of money so that they can go to Texas with Debbie. This notion is greeted with great enthusiasm. Debbie takes charge, saying that they need to get part-time and weekend jobs. Everyone has ideas for the sorts of jobs that they can do. As the girls shower, they decide to form a company called Teen Services, so that they can advertise. Donna realizes that since they don't have a lot of time, they can't afford to spend any of it on dates. Debbie hopes that the guys will just understand, and suggests that they not tell them whats going on.
Some of the girls head out to find their jobs. Tammy looks in on a bookstore with a help-wanted sign, where Tony is working. He asks her if she has any experience. She tells him that she worked at a flower shop last summer, but that the owner got a little fresh and so she quit. Tony notes that she's cute and that she can't blame the guy for trying. Tammy admits that she might have been hasty in quitting. Tony smiles and says that they can work something out, and gives her the job.
Meanwhile, Debbie heads into a sporting goods store and approaches the manager, Mr. Greenfield. She basically begs him for a job. Mr. Greenfield's mind is filled with fantasies of watching Debbie undress, and he immediately offers her a job. Naively, she asks him what sort of job he has in mind, and he fantasizes about himself wearing a football jersey while Debbie lies topless on the floor. In the real world, he tells her that she'd be general help. Debbie agrees, but warns him that she's a bit clumsy. She thanks him profusely and leaves.
Roberta, wearing her cheerleading uniform, is walking down the street when she meets up with Mr. Hardwick, who offers to accompany her part of the way. He asks her what she's up to these days, and she tells him about the teams plans to find any job they can get so as to raise money for their trip to Texas. He offers her the opportunity to make some money by helping him and Mrs. Hardwick at their candle shop. She's very grateful, and asks what she can do to repay him. Smiling, he says they'll think of something.
The girls practice their cheers again while the guys practice their game. Tammy asks Lisa why she doesn't wear underwear. Lisa begins advocating nudism, much to Annie's annoyance. Debbie proclaims that she got a job, and the others also describe their newfound jobs. Then they start practicing their cheers again.
Meanwhile, the football players are also in a huddle. Tim, Donna's boyfriend, says that the girls are serious about not dating them. One of the guys complains that he doesn't see how them raising money has anything to do with not seeing them. Rick, Debbie's boyfriend, explains that most of the time when the girls will be working is also the time when they could be seeing the guys. Tim still isn't happy about it, Rick claims that it's all to boost Debbie's morale, while another guy says that it's not her morale that he finds interesting. Rick finally agrees to talk to Debbie about it, before they adjourn to play ball.
The girls are getting dressed in the locker room, while Roberta and Pat are in the showers. After all the other girls have left, Rick, Tim and two other guys come in, and begin kissing and caressing them. Donna begins performing oral sex on one of the guys, as does Pat, before they both begin having sex. At one point, Roberta is having sex with one of the guys while performing oral sex on another one.
A montage of scenes of the girls at work is shown, along with another one of Mr. Greenfield's fantasies. In fact, all of the girls have attracted male attention at work.
Debbie is still working for Mr. Greenfield, who informs her that it's closing time. She reminds him that she's been working for him for three days, that she still hasn't worked in the stockroom yet, and that she really needs the money. He tells her that there are other jobs that can be done which would be much more fun. She asks him what he means by that, and Mr. Greenfield says that she could do him little favors. Starting to sound suspicious, Debbie asks him what kind of favors. After he stammers a bit, he blurts that hell pay her ten dollars if shell let him look at her breasts. She's shocked and refuses, as she's a good girl, but he begs and gives her the money in advance. Visibly reluctant, she lifts up her shirt, and he attempts to touch her breasts, prompting her to jerk the shirt down. Mr. Greenfield offers her another ten dollars to let him touch her breasts. She thinks thats going too far, but agrees to let him touch them for a minute. She lifts her shirt again, and he touches them, but she jerks her shirt down again over his hands as he begins to lean close so as to lick her breasts. He offers her another ten dollars to let him suck on them. Debbie asks him if hell give her twenty dollars to do so. He agrees, and lets her take the money from his pocket as his hands are otherwise occupied. After a moment of him suckling on her breasts, she tells him to stop or shell tell her mother. Mr. Greenfield backs off.
In the locker room, the girls are depressed over their lack of success in raising money, and the fact that they're being subjected to lecherous attention, when Debbie arrives with her earnings. They're all startled by how much money Debbie has brought in, and ask her what she's doing that they aren't. She pulls off her shirt and exposes her recently suckled breasts, telling them about Mr. Greenfield's activities, and emphasizes that she drew the line at a certain point. Tammy asks how she proposes that they stop the guys from going further, and Roberta agrees that she doesn't feel optimistic about telling Mr. Hardwick to stop. Debbie points out that theres a lot of money that can be made, and that they don't have to do anything that they wouldn't do with their boyfriends and points out that they're all still virgins. Annie snidely comments that she's not so sure about Roberta's virginity, since she saw her sneaking her boyfriend into the locker room. Debbie interrupts and says that if Roberta isn't a virgin, that just means that she has things that she can teach them, and that there are men willing to pay for fun with them on their terms. Annie offers to teach them how to perform oral sex using a banana as a tool.
Later, Roberta is at work in the candle store when she gets a phone call from her boyfriend, Tom. She tells him that he's not supposed to call her at work, but gets aroused talking to him, rubbing her breasts. After hanging up, she's still aroused, and so she takes off her shorts and starts to masturbate, eventually using one of the candles to do so. She's interrupted by Mrs. Hardwick as she's reaching climax, though the older woman seems more amused than upset. Mrs. Hardwick guides Roberta over to a couch and sits down beside her, trying to calm her down and stop her from getting dressed again. She also caresses Roberta's body, but is interrupted in whatever she was planning when Mr. Hardwick arrives. Roberta tries to leave again, but is sat down between the two of them. Mr. Hardwick reminds her that he told her that she could earn some extra money with a special job, and begins to undress while his wife starts to caress Roberta's vagina. Mr. Hardwick starts having sex with Roberta while Mrs. Hardwick pulls her own dress aside so that she can masturbate while watching this. She also licks at Roberta's breasts and caresses the other girls vagina while Roberta continues to have sex with Mr. Hardwick. When Mr. Hardwick achieves climax, she assists him in ejaculating on Roberta's feet and licks it up.
On a rainy day, Rikki and Annie head for Mr. Bradley's house to offer to wash his car. He's not home, so they decide to wash the car anyway, and fool around by spraying and splashing each other while they do. When Mr. Bradley comes home, he asks them what they think they're doing, and brings them inside his house to change into dry clothes. Rikki asks if theres anything else that he wants them to do for him, and while he confirms that there is, he doesn't think they'd know about it. Annie suggests that he'd be surprised at what they know, and Rikki says that they do more than wash cars. Now he doesn't think that they'd be interested in doing what he has in mind, but they disagree again. He doesn't think they're serious, and they say that they are. He asks whether they'd tell anyone, and they promise that they wouldn't. Finally, Mr. Bradley asks how much it would cost to have them undress in front of him, and they offer to do it for ten dollars. They proceed to do it, stripping off their wet clothes and then starting to head upstairs. He asks them to stop, and offers to pay them twenty-five dollars if they'll let him kiss them all over. They agree, and sit down on a couch. He begins to kiss and caress Annie's breasts, and then moves onto Rikki's as well, before coming back to Annie and kissing her stomach. He then performs oral sex on both of them. Rikki undoes his pants and performs oral sex on him, bringing Annie down to join her in doing so. Mr. Bradley then has anal sex with Annie. After he climaxes, Rikki licks it from Annie's back. Afterwards, he thinks he hears his wife arriving, and Rikki and Annie flee upstairs.
Donna is going to her job at the library, when Tim comes up to her and asks her when he can see her again. She kisses him and asks him to call her later that night, after her other job. In the library, she greets Mr. Biddle, who clearly has a lecherous interest in her. He tells her that he's heard about Teen Services, and asks her how the company's progressing towards their goals. She makes a double entendre about them, and hints that the company has made some new services available. When he asks about them, Donna tells him that this isn't really the place to talk about them. He heads off to the office and asks her to keep an eye on things here. At this point, Tim arrives and begins caressing her very vigorously, telling her that he's going crazy with arousal. She offers to show him what her girlfriends have shown her, and begins performing oral sex on him. After he achieves climax, Mr. Biddle returns and angrily throws Tim out, then orders Donna to accompany him to his office. There, Donna weepingly begs him not to tell her parents, and he agrees to not tell them, but tells her that she needs a good spanking. He bends her over his lap and begins slapping her bottom, interrogating her about the sort of services that Teen Services is providing. She finally tells him that they'll do anything that a client likes, and offers to do the same for him. He wants to pull up her skirt, pull down her panties and spank her bare bottom, and she agrees to let him do so, leaving the question of payment to his discretion. He does what he wanted to do, while she begs him not to hurt her in apparently feigned fear. Later, Donna comes out of the library to meet Tim, telling him that she worked things out with Mr. Biddle.
At the tennis court where Lisa works, Hamilton, who had earlier seemed interested in her, is playing tennis with Ashly, another man, whom he tells about Lisa, describing her as a girl who's up for anything. Ashly seems uncertain, but Hamilton talks him into it. Lisa brings out towels to them, and Hamilton asks her to bring her a clipboard, an act that exposes the fact that she's not wearing panties to both of them. Hamilton introduces Lisa to Ashly, and Ashly asks about the sorts of services that Lisa and her friends provide, specifically whether theres anything that they don't do. Lisa answers that anything they don't do, they make up for with enthusiasm. Hamilton asks her to bring them some fresh towels in the locker room. In the next scene, Lisa is in a sauna, seated between a naked Hamilton and Ashly. Hamilton removes her dress, and Lisa begins performing oral sex on him while Ashly has sex with her.
At the sporting goods store, Mr. Greenfield approaches Debbie and begins caressing her, telling her that he's desperate to do more with her. Debbie tells him that the girls promised that they wouldn't spoil themselves for their future husbands, which prompts him to tell her that there are things they can do that wouldn't spoil her. She speculates that maybe one of the other girls would be able to things with him, but he doesn't want any of the other girls. He offers to put up all the money for her trip to Texas, as well as cover whatever expenses for the other girls that haven't already been met. Debbie is ecstatic, but she does wonder what she's supposed to do. Mr. Greenfield tells her that it'll be a surprise.
Lisa answers a phone call from an oddly situated telephone at the tennis court (on the court itself) and hears from Tammy. She reassures Tammy who seems nervous about something, and then agrees to come down and help her out.
At the book store, Tammy is with Tony, who asks her how their project is going. Tammy tells him that the other girls are doing well, but that she is trailing behind. When he asks her why, she claims that she needs more time. Then Lisa shows up and explains that she's with Teen Services as well, and that she understands Tony is interested in what they have to offer. Lisa makes it clear that he can have anything, and begins kissing him as he sends Tammy to lock up. Tony licks her breasts and removes her skirt, while she takes off his pants and begins performing oral sex on him. When Tammy comes back, she hesitates a moment, and then joins in on the oral sex.
Debbie, dressed in her "Cowgirl" uniform, returns to the sporting goods store. Mr. Greenfield, speaking over a loudspeaker, tells her to lock up and then come up to the mezzanine level. She does so, wondering aloud what the surprise is going to be. He comes out wearing the football uniform that he wore in his fantasies and with his erection exposed. He chases a laughing Debbie around the store. When he finally catches her, he explains that while he wanted to be a football player, but he was too small. He's always dreamed of making love to a cheerleader. He kisses her passionately, and begins to undress her by undoing her bra and licking her breasts. Debbie performs oral sex on him, asking him if she's doing it right. She takes his pants down, and he removes her shorts and performs oral sex on her. Mr. Greenfield carries her over to a mat, with Debbie surprised at how strong he is. (He attributes it to eating his Wheaties.) They then have sex in a variety of positions. At climax, captions proclaim "Touchdown for Mr. Greenfield" and "Score One for Debbie". Debbie's head lolls in exhaustion, and another caption says, "Next" before credits roll.
Disc one: Debbie Does Dallas "Remastered Feature", Commentary with Adult Film Historian Phillip Charles Bernstene, Commentary with Acress RObin Byrd, Raincoat Theater Trailers Disc two: DEBBIE DOES DALLS "Cable TV Version", Interview with Actress Robin Byrd, Original DEBBIE DOES DALLAS Trailer, Photo Gallery
Debbie Does Dallas II The original, one and only Debbie is back and better the ever. This time Debbie and her pals do most of there scoring off the field when they take up employment at the hottest bordello in the west! you'll cheer their erotic acrobatics as they lead their clients from wild encounter to another... And you can be sure that the balls flying in this DVD aren't only on the playing field.
Debbie Does Dallas III Year: 1985
Debbie (the delectable Bambi Woods) has decided to do it one more, final time. And she unquestionably saved her best for last. Everything that's come before seems merely a warm-up fpr the sex-filled, fun-filled, eye and fly popping new Debbie Does Dallas III. Luscious Bambi - graces with the most delicious set of pom-poms ever created - is joined in the joyous erotic romp by the hottest, horniest, talent you'll find anywhere and the irrepressible Ron Jeremy at his greatest in the role of coach. Get ready for the orgy scene to end all orgy scenes. In fact, get ready for an entire film that is to become the benchmark for erotic screen entertainment.
Starring: Bambi Woods, Joanna Storm, Jerry Butler, Ron Jeremy
Debbie Does Dallas... Again Debbie Does Dallas... Again - Vivid's 2007 3 Disc Remake
3 Discs: The New Feature, Bonus Disc & Original 1978 "Debbie Does Dallas" Movie
Stefani and Monique are rivals on the same team, competing for the same boy, and a win in the National Cheerleading World Championships in Bakersfield, California. After Stefani suffers a fatal accident in a botched but fabulous flip, she meets her guardian angel, Penny Flame, and promptly makes a deal to go back to Earth to avenge her loss. She reappears in the body of Hillary Scott, and from the gates of Heaven, all hell breaks loose.
Paul Thomas presents Debbie Does Dallas… Again, the most ambitious Debbie ever made, and the inspiration for a major reality tv show! See five Vivid superstars lead the cheer for sex, sex and more sex in the Debbie to end all Debbies! With three separate discs, and the original Debbie included! In other words… Vivid does it… again!
Disk's include
Debbie Does 'Em All Vol. 02 Year 1989
Get ready to be incredibly turned on as Samantha Strong carries on the infamous and insatiable exploits of that oversexed and uninhibited wanton wench, Debbie! Part 2 of the Debbie story is even more sexually exciting and erotically arousing then the original! She is everything you have ever wanted and more…she is Debbie, and there is not anything nasty or naughty that she will not do, as long as it feels good and it does!
Debbie Does 'Em All Vol. 03 Year 1990
Debbie has entered a contest for the title of 'The World's Most Desired', and she won, hands down! In fact, hands everywhere. To win this title, she had to prove she earned it. Therefore, she did everything and anything they asked of her. That included every indescribable act no matter how kinky or unusual. She did 'em all. Not only did she do it - she loved it. That's why she won. That is why she is 'The World's Most Desired'. She does it all!
Debbie Does 'Em All Vol. 1 "THE HOTTEST DEBBIE OF 'EM ALL!"
Debbie (Angel) finally gets the job she wanted as a stewardess. On her first flight she meets her old friend Pam (Shanna McCullough), who brings her to an orgy during their lay-over. Angel, Pam and Nick have a hot sex scene in a jungle gym set. Stewardess Babs (Lynx Canon) and Eddie, a passenger, always have sex in the washroom while the plane is flying – every passenger's fantasy. Debbie flies to Miami where she meets Antone (Jamie Gillis), who has a very erotic love scene with her. Jamie brings the best out of Angel. Fred (Rod Grant) is Debbie's boyfriend and he is ready for her to stop over in Atlanta but the flight is changed and Debbie cancels, just as a beautiful maid (Lili Marlene) delivers the champagne. Fred consoles himself with the maid as she pours the champagne on him before giving him head. In the hottest scene of the movie, stewardess Judy (Cori Marjon) completely devours the big black pilot as he puts the plane on automatic.
Debbie misses Fred and when she arrives in New Orleans she meets him at a costume party. Debbie is so glad to see him she gives him head under the table. Debbie, played by Angel, is one of the most beautiful women in adult films and Fred (Rod Grant) is a fresh new face to adult films. He's a real treat for the women – a Playgirl centerfold with good looks and he can act.
Debbie Does 'Em All Vol. 2 She’s built…
She’s back…
And she’s hotter
than ever! Beautiful Samantha Strong is at it again with Randy West, Kristy Leigh, Buddy Love, Fallon, Marc Wallice and David Sanders.. are about to show you how nice and nasty ‘DOING IT’ can be!!
It’s the adult video you begged us to make… starring beautiful, blonde and bra-bustingly built Samantha Strong who gives the XXX-Rated performance of her very active ‘sex-life’.
Get ready to be incredibly turned on as she carries on the infamous and insatiable exploits of that oversexed and uninhibited wanton wench: Debbie! Following the incredible sensual success of the original version that sent adult video audiences into fits of ecstasy, we’ve created a sequel that’s even more sexually exciting and erotically arousing than the original! She’s everything you’ve ever wanted and more… she’s Debbie, and there isn’t anything nasty or naughty that she won’t do, as long as it feels good!
Debbie Does 'Em All Vol. 3 Barbara Dare is porn’s most wanted beauty. In one of her sexiest roles as Debbie she participates in a television show looking for the most desirable woman in America.
The competition requires definitive proof of extreme slutiness and Barbara is eager for the task. After a hardcore feast of sex and sin the results are in. See who wins the ultimate title!
Deep Chill Year: 1985
Kristara Barrington turns in one of her most memorable performances ever in this soaring 1985 take-off of "The Big Chill." The video is classic ‘80s stuff, tongue-in-cheek and playful while delivering plenty of scorching action.
Fans of rear entry romping will love the feverish Tiffany Blake threeway with a pair of hard-charging hunks, in which both guys sample her naughty regions.
Susan Hart is simply stunning in this video, showing why she is one of the best oral gobblers ever on screen! All in all, this one’s a successful send-up of the mainstream hit, and a must-see for fans of Kristara’s. Her four scenes here show her to be one of the most sex crazed strumpets of her – or any – day!
Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle - The Complete Uncut Version Digitally Remastered from the Original 35 MM Film"Annie Sprinkle’s Greatest Film Ever"3 Disc Set & A 24 Page Book Included
Unquestionably Annie Sprinkle's finest film, "Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle" represents one of the best examples of the golden age of adult entertainment.
A Stellar Early Example of "Docu-porn", Annie combines her trademark sexual kinkiness and taboo-defying sexual fantasies to produce some of the most memorable erotic scenes recorded on film.
Made with legendary director Joe Sarno and featuring the legendary Ron Jeremy in one of his earliest roles, Annie presents a personal account of her life introducing vignettes showing off her unbelievable sexual fantasies.
An all time fan favorite, Video-X-Pix is proud to present the full uncut, uncensored version for the first time since it’s original cinema release. Digitally remastered from the original negative and with a host of extras, this is the definitive, deluxe package of one of the defining films of the era.
3 Disc Collector’s Edition
Disc 1:Digitally Re-Mastered 35mm negative of Deep Inside Annie Sprinkle. The original UNCUT version., Slides from the Vault
Disc 2: Full Length commentary with The Legendary Annie Sprinkle
Disc 3: Q/A interview with Annie Sprinkle, 2 Bonus Scenes, Original Movie Trailer
Also Included: 24 Page color booklet with liner notes by Adult Film Historian, Benson Hurst., Custom Annie Sprinkle finger-puppet Collectible.
Deep Inside Karen Summer Karen Summer was one of the hottest and kinkiest blondes from the golden age of porn. She’s got hot lips, beautiful tits, curvy hips and a cherry pink pussy to boot!!! Deep inside Karen Summers perfectly illustrates why Karen is truly a legend of 80’s porn, as well as a queen of the golden age. She is often overlooked as one of the sexiest adult porn stars of all time. Karen loves to fuck and suck, and it shows. She is passionate and aggressive at the same time!! Deep Inside Karen Summers includes some of the steamiest sex scenes ever caught on film and she shares the spotlight with some of the greatest legends of porn. Like Gina Carrera, Crystal Breeze, Rachel Ashley, Paul Thomas and Joey Silvera.
Karen Summer is not afraid to play rough as we see in the first scene taken from "Phone Sex Fantasies", where she and George Payne, get down and dirty in a rather untidy bathroom. Passion is also her specialty as we can see from her chemistry with a young Paul Thomas in scene 2 taken from "Hot Wire". We also get a good look at her slutty side in another ho scene taken from "Tight Delight". Along with her insane appetite for cock, Karen also had an enormous craving for hot pussy! This is undeniable!! There are 3 very hot lesbian scenes in Particular that stand out. They are from "Hot Wire", "Tongue Twisters", and "Shacking Up". In these scenes Karen gets incredibly intimate with Rachel, Crystal, and Gina. This is a true classic from the golden age of Porn, a must for any true classic collector!!
Featuring: Crystal Breeze, George Payne, Gina Crerra, Joey Silvera, Karen Summer, Michael Knight, Paul Thomas, Rachel Ashley
Deep Inside Samantha Fox Samantha Fox was born in NYC in the 1950’s. Throughout her younger years she became heavily involved in dance, eventually dancing as a professional. She is an intense and sizzling brunette, with a gorgeous body. Her first adult role was in the Video-X-Pix hit, Bad Penny (1978), directed by Chuck Vincent. After this, she began to take on lead roles as an adult starlet and shortly after entering the industry Samantha was already on her way to legendary status. She was indeed a true gem of the golden age. Her on screen chemistry and scenes with performer/husband Bobby Astyr, were among the most entertaining of all time. This collection of Samantha Fox’s most erotic scenes from the VXP vault is a must have for any serious collector of Golden Age Erotica. This is vintage porn at it’s finest.
Deep Insiders, The Check out the behind the scenes hanky-panky in the filthy rich world of stock trading and defense contracting. Laura Lonetree is a major player with a scheme to get very rich, very quickly. Her plan is to buy majority of stock in a manufacturing plant that is going to receive a major defense contract worth hundreds of millions of dollars. However, two people stand in Laura’s way. One is the strict government auditor who either makes or breaks the deal. Laura uses her seductive persuasions on him to the fullest. The other is Priscilla Knutson-Boltz, the chairman’s granddaughter. She has an attraction for women, and laura wastes no time in getting to know her, INTIMATELY. Laura will let nothing stop her in her quest for the big, big bucks.
Deep Rub Year: 1979
Shot in 1979, this simple plot revolves around sensational sex.An incredibly sexy masseuse takes on several different disguises in order to satisfy her clients.
She masquerades as a boat crewman, a Chinese girl, even an uninformed motorist. Whoa! A complete overhaul is in the works!
Annette Haven and Desiree Cousteau’s scene is one of the most sensitive girl-girl encounters ever shot... and your total satisfaction is guaranteed!
Deep Stroke DEEP STROKE takes you inside the sexually explosive underground world of swinging... 70’s style!
When a reluctant wife makes her husband leave an orgy... he goes back alone and finds a world of forbidden pleasure waiting there... including the promiscuous teenage daughter of his lascivious host! Any fan of natural young beauty, free spirited group fucking, and frenzied cum swapping will eat this flick up... DEEP STROKE is what golden age of porn is all about!
Starrring: Gina Nadeau, Yvonne Elders, Claudia Lenin, Mark Bolin, Buck Ellen, Heinz Russo
Deep Throat 6 Year: 1993
The legends continues in this the sixth installment of DEEP THROAT, the movie that started it all. An all star cast of luscious sword swallowing goddess' gorge themselves on the long shafts of huge studs in one hot scene after another. High budgeted, with the hottest sex to date, this is the adult feature of the decade.
Defiance Year: 1974
A stylish and very realistic look at one woman’s erotic and true-to-life journey from sexual exploration to the power exchange of S & M. Directed by Armand Weston – and starring the truly believable Jean Jennings.
"Jean Jennings, this year’s challenge to Marilyn Chambers, plays a girl who learns elementary sex and then majors in discipline." "Defiance’ is a ‘Gidget Behind the Green Door’ with ‘Story Of O’ overtones"
– Bruce Williamson / Playboy
"’Defiance’ is an adult film with whips, chains and bondage. But then, so is ‘The Exorcist’ or ‘The night porter’, Hitchcock’s ‘Psycho’ and Bergman’s ‘Cries and Whispers’, for that matter. If you are into kinkiness, then you will enjoy this film." "Jean Jennings will be the next Linda Lovelace or Marilyn Chambers."
–Kevin Sanders – WABC-TV
"’Defiance’ is not unlike the ‘Story of O’. High caliber scripting, fine lensing, and torrid tactile tontrums. A dervish of devil’s brew, not for the squeamish or sensitive. Orchestrated to a fine tuning. The big league technical treatment in this film indicates the new direction porn films are taking. Good acting and fine turn-on footage."
-- Al Goldstein
Delicious Year: 1993
A story of a young, sweet innocent girl played by Tiffany Mynx, who is hired to be a production assistant on a real hardcore porno shoot. Suddenly, the star of the shoot doesn't show up. The producer is freaked out. This is very important to him and he doesn't know what to do. He sees Tiffany Mynx and asks her if she would like to perform in the movie. This would be the first time she has done anything like this because she's a virgin. Yet she is mesmerized by the prospect of becoming a star and fulfilling her wildest sexual fantasies all at once.
Delicious (VXP) Year 1981
Delicious is so sweet you can almost taste it. A man with a frigid wife...A wife with a husband who can't keep his hands off the maid...A slightly ill son...Only one woman could satisfy them all and she is Delicious The mouthwatering Veronica Hart is a steamy sorceress who will fascinate and thrill you.
Dental Nurses Cum Cravers
Tits N' CockForget everything you ever knew or experienced at your dentist's Chair! Goodbye to Pain! Welcome Pleasure! Here comes a picture that was banned in the Dental Convention for fear of giving away the secret. A breakthrough in the treatment of ...Cavities, by a new combination of drill, brush and tooth paste.
Desert Cafe, The Year: 1996
Featuring the sexsational HOUSTON Last chance for gas, food and ecstasy...
Eva Frost owns the Desert Cafe, a rundown roadside inn on a dusty two-lane blacktop... twenty miles from nowhere.
Sex over easy with a side order of lust, is served up hot and steaming day and night...and what a great place to ‘hole’ up when on the run from the law.
Desire (Intimate Encounters) DESIRE- You can see it in her eyes.
The overwhelming craving for her body is intense.
Your emotions swirl as two bodies become one in a heated involuntary state.
You take her in a way she has never been taken, making her body shiver with your every touch.
She is yours.
Desiree Cousteau & Friends "Big & Natural" If you are a fan of huge and natural mammories and hairy bush and you love porn from the 70’s and 80’s, then this DVD is for you. There is nothing like those beautiful girls of yesteryear, when the tits were real and not filled with silicone implants or saline solution. Their vaginas were not necessarily shaved, sometime groomed, but for the most part there was a lot of BUSH. Kind of like a pink, bearded clam. The difference is enormous. Desiree Cousteau had one of the nicest, most juicy pair of breasts in the adult industry and a beautiful bush to match. She was a natural beauty with a pretty pair of peaches. Come Join Desiree and her friends while they perfectly illustrate why "BIG and NATURAL" is the way to go. An excellent collection of big & natural BRA BUSTERS from the golden age of porn.
Desires Within Young Girls Year: 1977
A passionate tale of young lust in girls, coming of age in a world that is tempting their sexual desires at every moment. Watch as they experience the fire of unbridled affairs every day and every steamy night.
Desperate MILFS Their done with the housework, now they want sex!
Shot in High Definition!
Starring: Alexa Lane, Ann Stephany, Cindy Compa, Hanny McKain, Robin Sorad
Devil In Miss Jones 40th Anniversary Edition 2 Disk Set "Unique. Surprising. Provocative."– Playboy"… dissolves the distinction between sex films and art films"– Newsweek"It’s the best hard-core porno film I’ve seen…"– Roger Ebert
Frustrated spinster Justine Jones (the incomparable Georgina Spelvin) has led a boring lonely life. Seeing no other solution, she eventually decides suicide is the only escape from her miserable existence. But instead of a blissful ascension into the afterlife, she finds herself in limbo. Destined for hell, Miss Jones is offered an opportunity to return to life on Earth so that she can truly earn her entrance into eternal damnation. She seizes this second chance by deeply exploring her inner sexual depravity!
Following up his massively successful DEEP THROAT, director Gerard Damiano unleashed what many regard as the quintessential erotic film. This bold, daring and eye-opening exploration into one woman’s sexual dark side exposed the artistic potential of the adult film while maintaining the highest level of eroticism. Remastered, restored and reborn, this erotic masterpiece is proudly presented for its 40 year anniversary by VCX
Disc One: XXX Feature, Damiano Commentary, Spanish Audio
Disc Two: Softcore Feature, Original Trailer, Photo Gallery, Georgina Spelvin Interview, Theatrical Trailers Playable Worldwide
Devil In Miss Jones, The Year: 1972
The Devil In Miss Jones - Starring Georgina Spelvin
One of the smartest adult movies ever made! The Devil in Miss Jones remains in a class by itself and serves as a reminder of a time when adult filmmakers tried to bring a little art to the scene. Plus it's hot! If you think 70's porn is tame, this movie will really change your mind.
Justine Jones, a spinster in her 30's, kills herself because NOTHING has happened in her life. Confronted by the Devil and faced with an eternity in Hell, she imposes the hypothetical premise: if I had my life to live over I would live a life consumed, engulfed, impassioned by lust! This brings about sexual behavior that transcends the norm and blooms into erotic art. This is a "must have" classic!
Also available from VCX:
Devil In Miss Jones - Definitive Collector's Edition - The original 35mm film has been reworked by Media Blasters to bring out the absolute best picture and audio quality possible! Click here for info
"The Ultimate Classic Collection" - a pairing of "The Devil In Miss Jones" and "Debbie Does Dallas". Click here for info
Devil In Miss Jones, The - Definitive Collector's Edition If you have to go to HELL, go for a reason!"Unique, Surprising, Provocative" -- Playboy
"...dissolves the distinction between sex films and art films" -- Newsweek
"It's the best hard-core porno film I've seen..." --Roger Ebert
Frustrated spinster Justine Jones (the incomparable Georgina Spelvin) has led a boring, lonely life. Seeing no other solution, she eventually decides suicide is the only escape from her miserable existence. But instead of a blissful ascension into the afterlife, she finds herself in limbo. Destined for Hell, Miss Jones is offered an opportunity to return to life on earth so that she can truly earn her entrance into eternal damnation. She seizes this second chance by deeply exploring her inner sexual depravity!
Following up his massively successful DEEP THROAT, director Gerard Damiano unleashed what many regard as the quintessential erotic film. This bold, daring and eye-opening exploration into one woman's sexual dark side exposed the artistic potential of the adult film while maintaining the highest level of eroticism. Remastered, restored and reborn, this erotic masterpiece is given it's first-ever DEFINITIVE presentation by VCX and Raincoat Theater
Devil In Miss Jones, The - Part 3 & 4-Double Feature Year: 1987
The Devil In Miss Jones 3 - A New Beginning: Go with Justine Jones on the first half of an erotic odyssey that takes her through the sex-splattered rooms of Hell. It's an outrageously sexy cliffhanger that'll leave you begging for more! Hustler gives it its 'Highest Rating!'
The Devil In Miss Jones 4 - Final Outrage: The shocking conclusion of the ultimate erotic odyssey! Justine Jones continues her quest to find the way out of Hell with a little help from her infernal guide, Negro. Their search takes them through the sexual underworld, where every known sexual whim is a reality. But the clincher comes in the 'Taboo Room' where Justine discovers the shocking key to her forbidden past!
Winner: Film of the Year 1986 by Adam Film World!
Devil's Ecstasy Year: 1974
Cyndie (Cyndie Summers) is at college when she learns of the passing of her mother, who had been institutionalized for many years. She must return to the home of her birth to claim her inheritance, which includes the mansion and grounds. Before leaving she meets with Arthur (Arthur Hendricks), the family lawyer, who tells her something of the family history, which is shrouded in mystery. Arthur also proposes to her, as she will now need someone to look after things; she pleasantly refuses. Arthur tells her that the mansion has been maintained for some time by her aunt, Meredith (Meredith Raye), who has a bit of an odd reputation: The townspeople think her a witch! That night Cyndie sleeps very little, as she will not see her boyfriend, Rick for some time. He cautions her to be careful, as he doesn't trust Arthur; she is to call him as soon as she can. Cyndie is greeted warmly by Aunt Meredith, but the coffee is drugged, and Cyndie soon learns that Meredith is indeed a witch, and Cyndie is to be inducted into the cult, which practices an interesting form of sexual black-magic.
Devil's Playground, The Year: 1974
Lucifer narrates this epic and explains how he must come to Earth for entertainment. On Earth, he discovers 3 lusty nymphettes, who he converts to his carnal ways. With time and discipline, they learn to satisfy all of Satan's erotic desires.
The ladies learn that being BAD can be GREAT!!
Dirty Lilly Once upon a time, a little girl grew up to be a very stacked young lady...When Lilly, called Dirty Lilly by her friends, got too big and too hot for her mother to handle she was thrown out into the world on her own. So begins her search for her Daddy and her first stop is Daddy's lawyer. Following some office fun, the lawyer sends Lilly to the set of a porno film where Daddy was seen last. Mistaken for the star, Lilly plays her part with gusto and is given the next clue to Daddy's whereabouts by the director who steers her to Daddy's mistress, Ginger. Ginger and Lilly romp together including an interlude with a kinky muscleman. Lilly finds her Daddy....much to her surprise.
Dixie Ray: Hollywood Star Year: 1983
Lisa DeLeeuw's acting skills stand out in this porn adaptation of the classic private-eye genre with a first-rate portrayal of the vulnerable woman enticing the famous private-dick to take her case.
Lisa portrays a divorced Hollywood actress who finds her career waning faster than her luscious body. Her ex-husband, it seems, is busy trying to ruin her by circulating nude, indiscreet pictures of her engaged in carnal unions of questionable taste.
Using her feminine wiles and 38 in. natural endowments, Lisa enlists the help of Private Detective John Leslie to track down her Ex and retrieve the unspeakable pictures and therefore, redeem her good name. During his investigation, Leslie is plagued with assaults from treacherous thugs and being trapped in awkward positions by loose-playing femmes with ulterior motives.
The inscrutable Private Dick, however, thwarts his would-be attackers and turns the tables on the wicked ladies by not only getting the information he seeks, but also, getting a good old fashion roll-in-the-hay.
While this exceptional film depicts enough stirring hardcore content to keep your hard-on swelling in your pants, it also is far above par for the normal skin-flick with production features reminiscent of the traditional detective chronicles of old with its dark and moody atmosphere and settings.
Doctor Desire Doctor Phil Latio is a man who gets down to cases.... and his sex clinic, so do the paitents. His fatherly concerns for young muffin is touching... and he rises to the occasion when the beautiful sympatheic needs a session on his couch.
Can doctor Taio and his staff satisfy all his patients needs? Does this video feature three of the most spectacular, big breasted beauties Harold Lime has ever lensed? The answer to both questions is a resounding "yes"!
Starring: Christy Canyon, Susan Hart, R Bolla, Billy D'E, Rikki Blake, Steve Drake, Greg Rome, Candi, ...and introducing the bra busting sensation of the year the voluptuous Heather Wayne
Doctor Is In, The (Rodney Moore's) - Vol. 02 Year: 2004
Starring: Christina Angel, Hillary, Nadia, Dusty, Analisa, Wolf Savage
Four sexy vignettes featuring the hottest young tarts!
1. Christina wants to be a nurse in a bad way so she sucks the Doctor's meat thermometer that erupts in a milky 'cough syrup'.
2. Hillary tries to rejuvenate the exhausted Doctor by offering her rear-end!
3. Wolf's penis has been breaking out after sex, so Nurse Analisa diagnoses the situation as a ‘pussy allergy’! The solution she prescribes is pure ‘anal.
4. While treating Lydia and Dusty's feet with his tongue, Doctor Rodney gets so worked up he allows them treat his dick with their mouths! After a 3-way sex fest, he finishes with a double dose of ‘cough syrup’!
Doctor Is In, The (Rodney Moore's) - Vol. 03 Year: 2002
5 sexy vignettes featuring the hottest young tarts!
1. Nurses In Training Wheels
Claudia and Nadia get physical with The Doctor!
2. Yummy, Tummy Ache
Dr. Rodney makes a house call on Lovely Kara
3. Crabs And Cockroaches
Dr. Sandy Lue's mouth cures Wolf of his penis ailment!
4. Achy Breaky Tart
Cassandra suffers from an aliment that can only be cured by a good ass reaming!
5. Paisley Gets A Booster Shot
Dr. Rodney diagnoses Paisley as too pale and gives her a hard spanking to put the color back into her cheeks! That's right folks....The Doctor is in.
Doll Face Year 1986
An angelic DOLL FACE Sandy Summers listens as her mother and stepfather, Ken, make love all night. Four years later, she arrives at Ken’s San Francisco doorstep, invading his new life with Rita, since she can no longer get along with her real mom. Trying to get her mind off her ex-stepfather’s love plunger (she now watches instead of just listens), she takes in a sleazy San Francisco North Beach sex show and on a second trip becomes a willing part of the ‘audience participation’. As the story unfolds, you will be drawn into a compelling web of suspense that centers on Sandy’s introduction to the world of sex. Is she an innocent waif or a conniving manipulating minx with a haunting secret?
Doogan's Woman Year: 1978
A fashion photographer runs into trouble when he meets Annette (Susan McBain), a scheming gold digger who has gotten her hooks into his publisher boss. She sabotages his career by seducing him and then telling the publisher she was assaulted. Annette laughs her evil laugh and we cut to a close-up of her cracking a walnut. Soon the photographer is reduced to shooting smut for "Scum Magazine", but he gets his revenge.
Worth mentioning is the scene with Sharon Mitchell and Eric Edwards making it in a bathtub filled with spaghetti.
Double Dealing Piston Poppers Vol. 01 Year: 2001
2 Piston Poppin' Hours
Double Stuffing Double Stuffing
All D.P.
Shot in High Definition
Carla Denise
Jessica Porter
Linda Murray
View the free Trailer
Double Trouble Heated passions cum to a climax when double dealing, oversexed sisters learn they have inherited millions!
Part of VCX's European Diamond Collection
Double Your Pleasure Starring the Young twin sisters & the Hartman twin brothersPretty Jean and Jo Halliday, played by real twins, Brooke and Taylor Young, run away from their dirty old uncle and head for New York City to make their smashing entrance into the wicked world of "modeling." Meanwhile, their uncle hires a private eye, a peeping dick, to track them down.
The ending is a prick twister. How does the private dick solve the mystery of their uncle's missing money and collect his fee? Well, we'll save that juicy bit for the movies...
Down And Dirty In Beverly Hills Year 1986
Sadie is a young girl who lives on the streets, disguising her beauty from male transients by posing as a worn-out, old bag lady. One day while roaming the alleys on the outskirts of Beverly Hills, she comes upon a rich girl in distress and saves her life. Sadie is instantly taken in by the socialite's family, who are all moved or motivated in some way by the sensuous street girl’s charms. Before Sadie is finished creating an erotic disturbance in Lotus Land, with the help of some of her low-budget Hollywood friends, all the men rise to her challenge, all the ladies and tramps that she meets end up drenched, and the entire cast learns a hard lesson: hot sex really is all that matters!
Dr. Ginger - Pretty As You Feel Year: 1984
The World's Sexiest Therapist at Work!Ginger Lynn stars in this delirious dollop of merry medical mayhem, playing a sex therapist who cures usually seem to involve some heated hands-on methods. Sometimes she just encourages her clients to engage in some steamy office hi-jinx – but at others she just can’t resist jumping into the action herself! Ginger romps with Lynn Ray and Jerry Butler in one scorching early scene, delves into some wild group groping in an arousing orgy scene, and finishes the flick off by treating patient Tom Byron to a frantic, feverish fling. There’s just no slowing down this tight-bodied temptress once she gets up a head of steam! And believe us, with a doctor like Ginger, the medicine is sure to go down easy!
Dreamers 1 & 2 DVD Double Feature SEX...It's More than a State of Mind. 2 Full Length Features! The last remaining humans are protected in suspended animation by the United Machine Front as it cleanses the Earth. The Machine views the vixens' sex crazed dreams as dangers, revealing all their hidden cravings and desires.
Dreams Of Misty Year: 1984
Misty is Woman...Misty is Sex...Misty is...
Misty Banks is a highly successful psychiatrist whose special insight into human sexuality leads her and her patients into realms of experience that transcend the normal borders of erotica. Misty takes those under her care into an almost mystical physical reality that shakes every muscle, nerve and thought pattern into sensory explosions.
Misty is Young...Misty is Love...Misty is...
She looks like an angel. Experienced beyond her years, Misty leads everyone through troubled times and teaches them the value of sensual exploration unlocking the doors of inhibition and suppression. Misty takes an active part in sexual therapy and turns everyone on to her and themselves.
So now everyone has
Dreams of MISTY!
Dreamscapes A Wet Dream Cum True! Gina Lynn dreams of sex - sex in public, group sex, anal sex, oral sex, and more! No one is safe from her horny hallucinations...
DVD 12 Pack First Edition Year: 1970's-90's
This lavish set contains 12 original, uncut movies, hand-picked by our staff and containing some of the finest films in the history of adult cinema! All 12 films are listed in AVN's Top 101, and are digitally re-mastered for the finest in picture and sound quality. All DVDs are individually packaged and feature the original box art. You can't go wrong with this!
Debbie Does Dallas, The Devil in Miss Jones, Sweet Alice, Girls on Fire, Sex Boat, Never So Deep, Sweet Young Foxes, Girls in Blue, Parts 1 & 2, High School Memories, Sex World, That's My Daughter, Any Time, Any Place
Nearly a 60% savings over purchasing each title individually.
DVD 12 Pack Second Edition Year: 1970's-90's
After the success of our Original 12-DVD Set, VCX returns with an all-new collection of classics, including the original Taboo, the best-selling adult video of all time! All movies are uncut, and are digitally re-mastered for the finest in picture and sound quality. All DVDs are individually packaged and feature the original box art. Build your collection today.
Taboo, The Seven Seduction of Madam Lau, Prisoner of Paradise, Deep Rub, The Erotic Adventures of Candy, Candy Goes to Hollywood, Inside Desiree Cousteau, On White Satin, 9 Lives of a Wet Pussycat, Desire, A Tribute to the King, Legend of Lady Blue A Must for Serious Collectors! Huge Savings to Boot! Nearly a 60% savings over purchasing each title individually.
Easy Year: 1978
Here is your chance to meet the most desirable, voluptuous, hot-blooded female ever to explode on the screen. Her mother named her Kate, her acquaintances call her Miss Harrison, but the men in her life call her Easy, because she is! Jesie St. James plays Easy - and she plays it wild! Beginning as a quiet, unassuming high school teacher, she is seduced by one of her students. This highly charged erotic experience opens a new life for Kate and after going through half the guys on the team, she leaves teaching forever - her name and her way of life henceforth shall be the same: Easy!
Easy Way, The Gold Team Production of The Easy Way Starring Fiona Cheeks with Carrie-ann, Nina, Maggie, Deborah and more! Horny Young Babes Make It Easy For Everyone! They love it hardcore style..
Eaten Alive Year: 1985
The Time: The future
The Place: An airport. All flights are delayed. This night, in a bar called Pink Paradise, four couples will have their lives changed forever. Min and Bill were flying to a sex clinic but the delay sends them into a bar where they meet the strange Mr. Pink . He makes the unhappy couple an astounding offer.... One year of incredible sex by just drinking his special "Pink Drink." However, they must show up next year for a refill. Min and Bill accept the drinks and are instantly turned into sex-hungry machines. In the airport ladies room, Carol weeps over the fact that she must spend her wedding night sitting on her luggage instead of her husband's hot tool. In the next stall, Barbie overhears her plight and offers herself to Carol and her husband for a bizarre threesome right in the bathroom! At the information booth, Pam sends a miserable couple, Ted and Alice to the bar for a pick me up. They indulge in Mr. Pink's special drink and waste no time in joining Bob and Alice in a frantic foursome. Unknown to the happy couples, Pam and Mr. Pink are working together on a devious plot to enslave their sex-starved victims! When the couples return one year later looking for the Pink Paradise and Mr. Pink's cocktails they find a surprise that would blow the mind of the most jaded sexual athlete.
Ecstasy Girls Two Producer Harold Lime has used all 9 inches of his erotic imagination for his latest sizzling film, Ecstasy Girls Two. In this sequel Jamie Gillis, John Leslie & Paul Thomas are hired to find a runaway heiress (Heather Wayne) who holds the key to a rich inheritance.
Ecstasy Girls, The Year: 1979
This it is one of the most impressive movies ever made for capturing a strong sense of eroticism with interesting characters and story, and is very deserving of the highest rating anyone could give it. The film is a constant turn-on. The sex is always hot, with the performers exuberant and excited about making love. The movie never gets boring, tossing the viewer from one erotic encounter to another with increasing passion and erotic arousal!! Hot!
Ecstasy In Blue Year: 1976
Directed by Armand Weston in 1976, this film has funny dialogue and great cinematography that is a pleasure to watch. Manny (Mark Steven, who is famous for his 10 1/2 inch rod), is the leader of his own cult of women who worship his giant cock. He is an eccentric and depraved man in search of ecstasy.
His assistant, Charly (Bobby Astyr), must find acolytes for him, and with his magnificent tool, he has little difficulty. There is a throbbing pace and so much penetrating inside this film, it will blow your mind in pure ecstasy!
Education Of The Baroness Year: 1980
What would you do if you could change places with a Baron and Baroness for one day? In this fast-paced adventure, two servants find out what it’s like to have all the wealth and power they can handle. Hector, the chauffeur, and Baron reverse roles during a drive through the countryside. The Baron enjoys chauffeuring with the feel of the road under him, while Hector enjoys the feel of the sweet young hitchhiker in the back seat. Meanwhile, back at home, the Baroness and Alice are being taken for their own ride when a charming thief realizes the ladies’ treasures are much more enjoyable. The day of new sexual adventures ends with everyone’s deepest fantasies brought to life.
Erotic Adventures Of Candy Year: 1978
"One of the Best Films ever made in the Classic Era" --Delicious Decadence
This classic take off of the Terry Southern novel, with shades of "The Wizard of Oz" thrown in, is a huge best seller for good reason. It is one of the truly funny sex film comedies. The inimitable Carol Connors is magnificent as the big busted blonde with a heart of gold, who embarks on a sexual odyssey, after losing her virginity to the gardener. Carol plays the part with remarkable, refreshing innocence.
An all star cast highlights this masterful mix of comedy and eroticism.
This movie contains a short clip of gay action near the end of the movie.
Erotic Adventures Of Lolita "Misty" Teased, "Debbie" Pleased but Lolita Does it all!An erotic Tale of Incest and Taboo.
Lolita is the Definitive film of a young, innocent and sweet girl discovering the pleasures of womanhood.
Erotic Cabaret #1 Untamed & Wild! Erotic Cabaret will raise your senses to a fever pitch! Gorgeous girls performing astonishing sex acts!!!
A pleasure feast for the senses, Feel, Taste, Breathe and Smell the Raw Hot Sex!
Alec Knight
Alex Sanders
Audrey Hollander
Chris Charming
Dave Hardman
Destiny Deville
Katja Kassin
Melissa Lauren
Otto Bauer
Sandra Romain
Steven French
Tre Coole
Trick Dixxon
Erotic Cabaret #2 - Fire Down Below Yes Audrey takes this missle up her ASS! Serious Ass Fucking in every scene! Cast:
Otto Bauer
Chanel Chavez
Flower Tucci
Alex Sanders
Alec Knight
Trina Michaels
Kaiya Lynn
Dave Hardman
Audrey Hollander
Erotic City Year: 1985
This is the city...Erotic City. Here the hot, pulsating beat of the music blends with the throbbing tempo and driving rhythm of the street to incite new heights of sexual passion and desire. On this typically torrid day, a corporate battle is about to be laid wide open at Kingsley Industries. Who wins and who loses? Take a lusty look for yourself in the X-rated soap opera that makes Dynasty look like Captain Kangaroo! Delicious Desiree (Lauren Smith) is the scheming strumpet trying to take over Fred Kingsley's (Jamie Gillis) company and she will stop at nothing! First, she seduces a sexy stockholder (Joey Silvera), then she blackmails Fred's promiscuous wife (Joanna Storm) with a scandalous video tape of her illicit affairs, and then she sweet-talks secretary Shelly (Amber Lynn) in a girl-girl tryst that really starts tongues wagging. The sex and intrigue continue at a fever pitch! Dow Jones averages go through the roof in Erotic City!
Erotic Dr. Jekyll, The (1976) An amazing classic from Victor Milt. Some of the most famous stars of yesteryear grace us with their performances. Bree Anthony plays a virgin girl, Bobby Astyr is Igor, Zebedy Colt is the Count, Terri Hall plays a groupie, and of course, the star, Harry Reems plays Dr. Jekyll. The original version, re-transferred from 35mm negative.
Erotic Express Hop on the "Erotic Express" with the horniest group of commuters you'll ever see. They want nothing more than constant, hard and steamy sex. It's non-stop seat swapping with this group!
Getting off on this train takes on a whole new meaning. They're looking for this choo-choo to find a tunnel that goes real long, and real, real deep! Take your seats, it's time to leave the station!
Erotic Fantasies: John Leslie Check out one of the most prolific cocks in porn history, John Leslie, as he pounds away on a few of the hottest pussies of the day. Dorothy LeMay, Juliet Anderson and Lisa DeLeeuw are just a few of the gorgeous bodies John has had the honor of screwing. This is Cal Vista’s notorious Erotic Fantasies. This a collection of the best scenes starring the greatest actors. This is John Leslie at his best.
Erotic Fantasies: Women With Women Annette Haven, Arcadia Lake, Jesie St. James, Juliet Anderson, Monique DuPrez and more of the most stunning ladies Cal Vista features lead a collection of unforgettably sultry scenes. "Erotic Fantasies – Women With Women" spotlights alluring scenes of beauty, grace and sensual sexuality that every admirer of elegance will adore. With astonishing screen presence and haunting realism, these actresses paint an opulent work of gorgeous sexuality.
Eruption Year: 1977
Filmed entirely on location in Hawaii, Eruption tells the fast-paced story of a wealthy beauty and her con-man lover who plan to do away with her husband, collect $1,000,000 double indemnity insurance, split the money and live happily ever after, etc., etc. However, the lady's daughter, has different ideas, and of them is to make a sexual conquest of the con-man - and conquer, she does! We are now embroiled in a mother/daughter love triangle - as explosive a mix as you have ever seen.
E-Three, The Extra Testicle Year: 1985
The extra-terrestrial tale of an alien in constant orbital orgasmia!
After a million years in space, E-Three comes to Earth for a good time. Exotic sets and luscious girls highlight this science fiction comedy.
Every Inch A Lady Year: 1975
Harry Reems and Darby Lloyd Raines are a couple who have built up a thriving business around each’s ability to satisfy lovers of the opposite sex. They started out with a plain ol’ escort service, but soon found out they could make more cash doing the kinky stuff. So now they specialize in supplying well-paying customers with customized sexual services. The money’s rolling in and they seem to be very much in love, but trouble’s brewing. Darby overhears Harry pillow talking with one of their workers with whom he’s been spending his off-hour sexual energies, and it turns out Harry and his new squeeze are planning to rub Darby out and take over. Suffice to say, Darby gets super even.
Every Woman Has A Fantasy 1 & 2 Year: 1984
Double Feature!! We explore secret erotic dreams, unusual desires and just how far these woman will go to live out their wildest fantasies. The results will astonish and amaze you, and leave you with an entirely new opinion about how hot every woman can be!
Fantasy 1: A husband's burning curiosity about what is discussed in his wife's womens group leads him to eavesdropping, spying - and finally crashing the evening! But it's worth it, as he learns about the secret erotic fantasies of every woman - including his wife!
Fantasy 2: Edwin Durrell, the master of modern erotica, brings you the red-hot sequel to his all-time classic, Every Woman Has A Fantasy. Ben and Teri Conti are a highly unusual couple who probe the limits of their sexual fantasies in a non-stop cascade of scalding sexual role-playing. You'll never forget it.
Expectations Year: 1977
"The hottest girl-girl action scene ever captured on video! 100% - The best adult film in years."
Margo, a beautiful divorced socialite, was unsatisfied with her life. She needs change - new excitement - new experiences. She put an ad in a swinger's magazine. Montana, a gorgeous swinger, answers the ad. They meet and resolve to make the experience being lovers with another woman's man, to live what were dreams and fantasies in the past. The situations that follow form a totally erotic and sensual story!
Expensive Tastes Year: 1978
A handsome, well-bred, and well-to-do stud picks up an unsuspecting young lady. The two go to his apartment where they are muscled by three hoodlums. Little does she know it’s been a setup!
This is the original, uncut version, with all scenes fully restored.
Explosive Couples Sexy & nasty couples get caught up in a world of espionage and sumptous sensuality!
Part of VCX's European Diamond Collection
Expose Me Lovely Year: 1976
The very lovely Catherine Burgess plays a rich socialite who has hired a private detective to look for her brother. We follow this detective as his search takes him through a jungle of debauchery & steamy sex which includes the seduction of his client!
Expose Me Now EXPOSE ME NOW tells the story of two brothers, Shane (played by Hershel Savage), an outstanding member of proper society, and Able, a nefariously selfish hustler who strives for happiness in its two most sinful forms; sex and money. When their wealthy uncle dies and leaves everything to shame, Able goes on a mission to cash in on some of the loot.
This is classic XXX at its finest. Filmed in his prime, Ron Jeremy shows off his phenomenal acting skills and infamous sexual talent.
Eyes Of A Dreamer Year: 1983
Sexuality, reality and sensual dreams intermingle and drift through Laura's existence with such frequency and intensity that she develops an irresistible urge to fall into deep, erotic daydreams any time and any place.
Alarmed, her husband calls in a doctor. The M.D. resembles one of her dream lovers and during the examination, she falls into her sultry fantasy world with another dreamlike state manifesting itself. She ends up at an erotic film shooting with Laura center stage.
As the cameras begin to roll, she envisions her husband, the doctor, and her co-workers, all engaging her in decadent sexual activities.
Where does reality stop and imagination begin? The viewer decides, but along the way there is a visual feast of sweltering fantasies to behold.
F ...And Lots Of It Year: 1980
It’s everything you want! Have you ever awakened hot, wet and horny as hell after having a good old wet dream? Did you know there exists a wet dream factory – a place where hot, saucy dreams are manufactured? This is the premise of "F". The F action in "F" is fast and furious – hot, steaming, and sweaty. The girls are gorgeous...and there’s plenty of them to ogle. "F" is most probably the horniest movie you will ever see.
A true gem...a real classic!
Family Values Bath time for me and Daddy
Brother showing 'lil sis how to suck cock.
Mommy and her little "man"!
I love my sister!VCX Family Values delves into the most controversially taboo subject not just in porn but society as well. Featuring scenes from the most notorious films ever shot, FAMILY VALUES portrays the conflicted love and warped lust spawned between family members.
From the incredible feature Reflections to the prodigious work of the Young Twins, Taylor and Brooke, Family Values tops it off with the greatest scenes from the most controversial series ever filmed, Taboo American Style along with a collection of additional scenes to feed your twisted urge.
Sex? Oh, yeah. Morally corrupt? Watch and decide for yourself.
Fantasy Year: 1979
* * * * - Hustlers Highest RatingSet in an elegant café at an island resort. Director Gerard Damiano takes us inside the minds of the characters to examine their fantasies about each other!!!
Each vignette is increasingly erotic, with heat generated by the thoughtful examination of interpersonal relationship!!! This is one of the few films that draws applause at its conclusion!!! A Masterpiece!!!
Fantasy Girls There's no telling how much sizzling action two horny Texas studs can get into in Hollywood! Chasing one of the Fantasy Girls from the "Bouncing Buns Escort Service" expect plenty of erotic adult entertainment along the way! From gorgeous beach bunnies to the outrageous sexual escapades of the Fantasy Girls themselves ... everyone's erotic fantasies come true! Finally, our randy Texans join "The Girls" and their kinky master for a debauched orgy. But hey, it's Hollywood - everyone gets in the act!
Fantasy Girls An Alex deRenzy Masterpiece
"A smart, witty & sexy film" -- Adult X Review
"Sweet Teases indeed" --Gent Magazine
"A sexy joyous romp" --Hustler
The escapades of several naughty young women who work in a massage parlor & how they interact with their very horny customers. Fans of golden age performers like sexy Sharon Thorpe Sharon Thorpe and cute Bonnie Holliday, will revel in their amorous antics in this raunchy ribald Alex DeRenzy classic!
Fantasy World Year: 1979
Ah, the sweet spell of sex.
A pretty interesting feature indeed... Two trios - a group of guys and a group of gals - are out at night looking for fun. Both groups end up at a seedy nightclub where a magician / hypnotist directs a series of on-stage audience participation sex acts. Features some of the most beautiful and sizzling women of the day on film...
Fascination Year: 1980
Chuck Vincent brings us the erotically authentic portrayal of Ernie Gordon (Ron Jeremy), an apparent "loser" who ultimately comes out on top in the sexual sweepstakes. Ernie's hilarious sexual adventures include a porno movie theater rejection, a topless bar ejection and a non-erection (with a transvestite hooker). After escaping from a suffocating home life, playing victim to a kinky married couple, suffering the voyuerisms of his landlady, coupling with ladies who can't stop talking or can't stop eating, Ernie finally meets the girl next door who turns out to be the girl of his dreams.
Felines, The Year: 1975
Watch out America, the French are coming.
The first totally explicit European film to reach the U.S. uncut.
Oliver has a wife, Maude – and a mistress, Clare. Maude decides to entertain Oliver’s amorous wandering as long as she can control them. She brings Florence, a vibrant and very attractive 18-year-old, to live with them and to seduce Oliver. The plan works, and Oliver soon gives up his mistress Clare for the younger Florence. As the plot develops, Florence not only captivates and controls Oliver, but Maude as well. The Felines is a new film from France that is sure to change the future of erotic cinema.
Female Athletes Year: 1978
The delicious Annette Haven is our girl- out to prove that women have equal standing with men in sports. Viewed through sexual athletes she meets, Annette is introduced to a group of athletic supporters that do more for men than any type of undergarment. Her success brings her just rewards as she secures the position as the head of a sports magazine. She celebrates her success in an orgy over-flowing with porn super stars.
Featuring John Holmes as the incomparable Johnny Wadd & introducing Honey Holiday.
Filthy Rich, The Year: 1981
The secret pleasures of those who have it made!
A frigid rich couple swap identities with their live-in help and live out their fantasies. Vanessa Del Rio's salad bar scene is not to be missed.
Finishing School Year: 1976
The minute Laura sees the instructor looking at her long erotic legs she knows she has him right where she wants him. This sight, in the front row, makes him so nervous he decides to work it off on the tennis court where he is met by a young eager coed who lures him to her apartment, where she is tutored in some social studies. Even a class orgy with plenty of her hot young friends and a lesbian encounter can't get her mind off the instructor. Laura watches as one of the girls from her class, Tanya, enjoys a ménage-a-trois. Laura can feel herself getting excited watching at the sight of Tanya and her two teachers engrossed in their frolic. At last Laura and the instructor are alone in his office where she gets what she wants in one of the most frenzied and erotic sex sequences ever filmed!
Summer school never looked this inviting…
Fire & Ice Turn Up the Heat! A group of artists is preparing for a rapidly approaching art show. Narrated by Tabitha (Keri Windsor), who gives a little background on each artist prior to their engagement into the sexual canvas, each artist use their talents to create masterpieces and their bodies to create orgasms.
Firebox International arms trafficking. Big Bucks to be made and lost. The Master Schemer Sergei Kaminiski is in New York to make a major score. He has his most deadly and beautiful assistant with him to make sure that ll goes as planned. But Private Detective Elliot Guess was not in their plans. Elliot has gotten wind of Sergei’s plans to ship stolen missiles back to Europe and must do anything he can to stop the delivery. This includes seducing Sergei’s cohort to try and find out as much as he can about the operation before it’s too late! Elliot Guess has never failed on a case, and he isn’t going to start losing now! ures
First Time Lesbians Year: 1989
A delightful trip down the Sapphic highway featuring some of the hottest and most clam-driven honeys on screen!
Whether it is an all-girl romp under the sheets, a first time encounter at the beach or a tantalizing three-way - these quim-driven dolls feveriously vie for fur pie...
First Time, The Year: 1976
"A superb blend of flesh and fantasy" -- Detroit Free Press
"Mimi Morgan is sexually explosive in her first and only adult film. A powerhouse performance" -- Penthouse
Mimi Morgan (in her first and only adult scene) plays the long-suffering wife of a lazy lay about. He will not work so she started making ends meet by dabbling in swinging, then eventually, porn videos. So naturally, she meets a man more interesting than her husband!! The action builds to a splattering finale!
Flaming Tongues An intimate look at lesbians in today’s business world. Flaming Tongues erotically explores the inner workings of Vibrating Vixens, whose owners Rhonda Winfield and Sharon Nettles are door-to-door dildo salespersons. By deftly balancing the hard sell with the soft touch, their sex toy enterprise booms with success. Quickly, the two ladies lustfully learn that giving realistic demonstrations is the quickest way to pulsating profits. Finally, the foxy females are forced to hire an eager beaver assistant named Jill Mattingly. And… it doesn’t take long for Rhonda and Sharon to discover, much to their delight, that the decadent doll has lots of hot new sales tricks up her tight skirt… and down her blouse.
Flesh Fever Money can't buy you everything, but it sure goes a long way for all the fun that one of the richest men in France is having. Wine, women, and more women make up his modern day harem.
He traipses around Paris, tasting the joys of scintillating new flesh. That is, after his trusty butler breaks them in with a suitcase filled with exotic dildos.
Pounding sex, abandoned orgies, and an endless parade of firm young flesh sets this Casanova on a mad search through the bedrooms of Paris for a cure for Flesh Fever!
Starring: Dominique Aveline, Nicole Natte, Richard Allan, Julie Lambert, Erika, Alexandra Sand, Lillian Allan, Rachel
Flesh Of The Lotus Year: 1972
John Holmes is at his best in this Johnny Wadd detective classic. An old flame of John's is murdered in the Hollywood Hills. Driven by his one-time love and lust for the girl, he is determined to find her killer. His first clue is from a lesbian who knew her well. John catches her masturbating with a very large dildo and then amazes her with the live version.
One clue leads to another as drugs and money are discovered to be the precipitating cause of Sheila’s death. A Ring is found on one of the suspects, and Wadd recognizes it as belonging to a member of the Lotus Gang, the meanest gang in Chinatown. Even the police won’t lend any assistance against them. Has Johnny Wadd finally met his match? The voluptuous women, the great fight scenes and the exhilarating erotic action are bound to leave you breathless.
A classic film for all Johnny Wadd Fans.
Flipside A backdoor adventureAfter enjoying an afternoon delight, Alan decides that Sally should introduce his friend, Robb, to the Flipside of sex. Sally who is happy to oblige, soon starts cooking with Amber as well. Robb envies Alan's luck with women. Like the time he got picked up in Manhattan by a stunner who made a spectacle of herself with him right out in the street! She had a mouth that could have pumped up a tire and treated Alan well. Another time, Alan was minding Robb's office, when a lady called Fanny arrived and proceeded to live up to her name. But with Miss Lotta (58"DDD) Topp to console him, and a crack at Fanny's Flipside in the offing, Robb never knew he wasn't missing out on much. The non-stop action climaxes in a white-hot 3-way, where Fanny presents both sides of herself to Alan and Robb at once!
For Love Of Money Year: 1975
Director: Koran
Featuring: Jane Clayton and Rose Simpson
With: Fred Barnes, William Barnes
The tale of an obsessive women whose desire for debauchery and dollars overshadows her life, and sends her into a tailspin of erotic torment.
Superb performances highlight this obscure gem!
For Richer, For Poorer Year: 1979
Georgina Spelvin plays a middle aged divorcee who goes from having to be coached by her ex-husband to suck his cock to a world of sexual illusion – where she experiences a world of lust, sensual anal sex, lesbianism. Climaxing with a lusty scene – where Sara Swann (who plays a nurse) shaves her delectable pussy – before allowing her lips to succumb to the most mouth-watering nectar of her hairless mound.
Later she meets Bobby Astyr and returns to the reality of life and lusty pleasures of love and sex. This movie is beautifully photographed & guaranteed to turn a statue on...
For Services Rendered Get ready for the wildest sexpionage caper ever! You can bet your Aston-Martin that crack secret agent James Bomb will sniff out many a "foreign affair" as payment-in-full FOR SERVICES RENDERED. It all starts out when evilly delicious Nocturna Vigil and her hot hit girl Tasi Delite (Cyndie Summers) steam some sexually incriminating microfilm from the Soviet Embassy. Called to the London office, James must retrieve the microfilm in "Operation Thunderpussy". Traveling across Europe, Mr Bomb and his horny assistant Carstairs stay hot on the tail…ah, trail---until Carstair corners Nocturna and pumps her for more than information. The action gets wilder and wilder until James recovers the microfilm and delivers the goods in London where he learns more than he bargained for about Tasti. The nasty Nocturna Vigil ends up being rewarded with her "cum-upptance" in a rather unusual way. And, finally Mr. Bomb’s secret admirer Miss Pennypecker (Bridgette Monet) reveals some tantalizing plans for her idol that are guaranteed to keep the old boy up nights!
Forbidden Lolitas Tight young, gorgeous and forbidden. From their legendary library, VCX presents the greatest collection of barely legal starlets ever compiled in one film. School girls, naïve teens and innocent dolls receive their first lesson in depraved debauchery. Watch these barely legal teens unleash their new found sexual appetite in their transformation from purity to super slut.
Four Women In Trouble Year: 1972
Four very beautiful ladies play pregnant women who visit an abortionist (John Holmes) who quickly uses his big tool to ream out their "problems".
Four-X-Feeling She Loves That Four-X-Feeling
Come and experience the ultimate orgasm...
Come and find out why...
John Leslie (as himself) the sex superstar comes to New York City for a vacation. He will be staying at his good friends (Jerry Butler) apartment. He picks up a girl (Sheer Delight) he meets on the plane and takes her over to his buddy's pad. They arrive just as he is leaving for work. The hot session they have nearly burns up the screen!
The fellows decide to produce their own X-rated video. John, the seasoned veteran, tells Jerry about the "old days" when they would shoot "one day wonder's". They are sure that they will make money and probably get laid. To celebrate, they spare no expense and order a pizza. The girl from the plane would be a perfect starlet. She comes over to her interview and with her hot and horny girlfriend (Amber Lynn). These girls are very thoroughly "interviewed" by both John and Jerry.
The big day of shooting arrives and the boys have found their leading man (Alan Adrian) who is slightly burned out. But manages to rise to the occasion!!! The day's shooting is a success, with loads of hot action in the can...and in the girls!
Starring:Alan Adrian, Amber Lynn, Jerry Butler, John Leslie, Sheer Delight
Foxy Lady Year 1977
Ginger & Cliff live in the enviable world of expensive homes, erotic sports cars & non-stop sex. Their bubble soon bursts when Ginger is kidnapped & held for ransom. Amidst all this, a stunning blonde appears at Cliff & Ginger’s house. It’s Shirley, Ginger’s sister, who offers her help in any way possible. Meanwhile, the two abductors have taken Ginger to their island hideaway where Karen, an exotic Oriental beauty, meets them. The three of them proceed to take full advantage of their captive. Amazingly, Ginger manages to escape only to be intercepted by Amos, who promises to get her off the island if she gets him off first! The shocker comes when Shirley pulls a gun on Cliff & tells him she engineered the whole thing! Ah, but there are more shocking surprises in store for you when see the startling climax of Foxy Lady!
Frat House Year: 1979
"The guys back at the house want to live out all their fantasies before they graduate", says one of the brothers in the frat house, thereby stating in a nutshell the theme of this hard-core laugh riot, wittingly written and directed by Sven Conrad. The ‘I Phelta Thi’ fraternity certainly holds the record when it comes to goofing off. This particular group of guys never study, seldom go to class and downright refuse to behave themselves. College is no place to further your education ass far they’re concerned; this fraternity attends one class from morning till night-SEX EDUCATION. There is constant battle among the I Phelta Thi guys to see how many girls they can pick up, how many times a day, and in how many different places. This comical epic comes to a head when the guys decide to throw a part at the Dean’s house - and what a party this one is! Will the I Phelta Thi fraternity ever graduate? College is so much fun - do they want to graduate? For a rousing look at college life on the campus at Faulk University, see FRAT HOUSE. Good ole Faulk U will ever be the same… and neither will you!
Free And Foxy Year: 1985
Free And Foxy - Starring Kay Parker
Paul Thomas, Honey Wilder and an all-star cast takes us through bits of the most titillating sex scenes ever to reach the heights of pure sexual entertainment.
Witty dialogue prevails as the legends of the erotic film world do their utmost to excite their most devoted fan – namely you – the viewer.
"Free and Foxy" is a very well-made film in beautiful 35mm color with sync sound and a great musical score. It is a must for X-rated film buffs with a sense of classic humor.
French Fantasies Year: 1973
Classic French porn from the `70’s! World class erotica with the absolute hottest stars of classic adult film. Stars European hotties Antoinette Turquios & Michelle Cohn-Bendit, featuring Genevive Aubord, Denose Martisn, Lila Regan, Andrea Rothchild, Jacques deVole, Armand Pierre Lascaux, Robert Alain Coute and more.
This one is for guys who wonder what it would be like to have sex with a French woman. Monsieur Duval, who directs the film, goes all out to give you steamy sex inter-cut with background shots of Paris & the Riviera at Nice. In addition, a voice over of a sexy French lady, in highly accented English, relays the naughty sexual details during the scenarios. A true sexual experience for the senses!
French Finishing School This International film features two of the hottest erotic stars Desiree Cousteau and Brooke West, in 1979 Desiree won the Adult film Association’s Actress of the Year Award.
"French Finishing School" is a place where young girls receive the best education in the arts of refined living. They may enter as girls, but they leave as women. Samantha is a sexy, young and eager student when it comes to the art of seduction. She gives her handsome teacher, Eric, a few lessons in school. Samantha has taken graphic photographs depicting Eric in bed with Katie (one of his students), which she uses as material to turn Eric into her love slave. Eric relents and does Samantha’s Bidding and bedding. Samantha’s romantic with Eric quickly breed resentment, and Eric loses no time in exacting his revenge. Eric Plots a sexual violation for Samantha which ends up in an enjoyable climatic experience in "French Finishing School".
French Heat Year: 1976
Some tourists come to France for the food, the fine wine, & the culture. The smart folks come for the sex – and the French prove that lust is their ultimate tourist attraction! The feisty and flirty French femmes certainly liven up the screen with their intimate brand of French foreplay!
Scenarios jump from a swinging restaurant, where a countess enjoys a mouth-watering item that isn’t on the menu – to a stud who puts his mountain-climbing skills to good use on two very buxom women! And that’s just the beginning of your personal tour though the world's lustiest land.
French School Girls FRENCH SCHOOL GIRLS brings to life the sexual fantasies of two gorgeous ladies as they lay in bed together sharing their wildest dreams. From worshipping the massive cock of John Holmes to getting plowed in a frenzied double team, these girls love it nasty and crave it raw. The notoriously stunning Tina Russell offers an excellent performance that magnetizes, turns on and satisfies the viewer’s taste for pornographic beauty. Shot on film at a time when film makers could be imprisoned for their art, FRENCH SCHOOL GIRLS remains a strong movie with the unique vintage style and timeless instinct.
French Shampoo French Shampoo - A Hilarious Sex Comedy
From the filmmakers of the memorable "ORIENTAL BLUE", comes a hilarious and totally different kind of sex comedy. The story calls for beautifying Yolanda, the ugly niece of a wealthy Arab Sheik played by Bobby Astyr, in order to marry her off to another sheik. This challenging assignment falls on delicious Diana (Kim Pope) who runs a Fifth Avenue beauty salon. The sheik will give her 1 million dollars if she can make his daughter "marriageable". Diana brings together the world's foremost beauty experts in a furious and dazzling exhibition of sex, that will leave you breathless. At the salon, Mr. Marco(Marc Stevens) has the sure cure, his "cock" will make any woman beautiful and his price is right, He has intense and hot action with all the women in the salon, including lesbian Francesca (Darby Lloyd Rains). By the time he is finished, Yolanda is drop dead gorgeous. This is a fun, sexual romp from the golden Age!!
French Teen J Angel Martines, the renowned French director of erotic films, has come to this country to make his first American film.
FRENCH TEEN is his erotic masterwork. Based on the true story of a French nymphet portrayed by the exciting sex bomb, Jaquliene Bardot, it will take you on a pleasure cruise to the exotic and erotic world of true sexual abandonment and you will learn why the French are called the world’s greatest lovers.
From: Holly With Love Holly sends you her best!
Summertime. The Beach. It's the place where a guy can get more than an eyeful of tanned, curvaceous bodies, barely covered by the teeniest of string bikinis. But when young, innocent Holly makes her beach debut, the termperatures realy start to rise! This nubile Virgin is looking to lose it, and she has no problem finding plenty of virile studs to accomodate her wanton desires. So come along with Holly for one of the wettest, wildest beach romps ever filmed..... FROM HOLLY WITH LOVE.
Starring: Marlene Willoughby, Joanna Miquel, Patti Sebring
Fuck Bush Watch our cabinet of classic porn stars show you what the "Bush Doctrine" is really about!
Fuck Bush is the definitive collection of legendary scenes spotlighting pussies that never saw a pair of scissors.
It is an unforgettable tribute to not just a few of the greatest porn stars in history, but the greatest hairy pussy scenes of all time.
Kay Parker, Desiree Cousteau and Dorothy LeMay are just a few of the notorious all-stars that honor us with their extraordinary performances. These are all the natural beauties lost to the ages. Watch them immortalized in FUCK BUSH!
Fudge Patterson's Shag Fest (A Love Story) A Lesson in Lusty Trans-Anal Tourism!Fudge Patterson Shagfest (A love story) is a Prague shot fuck comedy with some gorgeous Czech chicks, aching for action in nasty, ball slapping anal escapades. Add to the mix a nutty British cameraman / narrator for outrageous action!
Gaping Cherries Year:2004
Young gaping cherries that are ready to take it all-feels so good and they are ready to CUM!!
Genie's Dirty Girls Year: 1987
Debbie, Marcy and Linda are three hot gals who, while sitting around talking about their disappointing love life, accidentally conjure up a Genie who’s been locked up in their TV set.
He says he’ll grant their wishes if they’ll help him remove his curse. Their wishes (naturally) are to have their ultimate sexual fantasies fulfilled.
Debbie wants to make it with a famous rock star in front of a fireplace; while Linda gets turned on imagining herself with a high-powered executive who’s serviced by her female secretary as well as the whole office cleanup crew. Finally Marcy wants Linda to join her as she becomes a high fashion model who seduces a photographer.
In between these scenarios the Genie gets more than his lamp rubbed, thereby breaking his curse.
Gina - The Foxy Chick Gina has a thing for rotten men. Her current man has a gambling habit, and that habit is losing. When a bad ass pimp threatens his life after shutting down his tab, Gina is forced onto the streets where she sells her tight little body to the lowest bidder. Don't be mistaken, she isn't some innocent victim. Gina loves cock - in her mouth, in her pussy, in her ass, all at once any way she can get it; Gina will devour it. While selling herself on the mean streets of San Francisco, Gina looses interest in her weak minded lover and instead attaches herself to the strong arms of the brutal pimp who promises to protect, serve and dominate her until her last breath.
Ginger Does 'Em All Year 1988
Set in the atmosphere of gamblers, con artists, mobsters & bookmakers, a married couple (Tom Byron & Nina Hartley) are both in the racket, unbeknownst to each other. They have much more in common than they are aware…not only are their secret professions similar; they both have the same lover, Ginger (Alicia Monet). When each discovers the others betrayal, the shocking ending will stun the viewer like a card shark’s 'ace in the hole’!
Ginger Lynn's Girlfriends Year: 2003
Ginger Lynn and VCX are proud to bring you an unbelievable assortment of the hottest honeys ever to strap-on a a strap-on!
Ginger not only directs, but hand-picked these girls from hundreds of porn-wannabees and personally instructed them in the fine-art of cumming!
If you're a fan of great lesbian action, look no further than this incredible group of featured fems.
Ginger Lynn's School Of Head Year: 2003
Shhh... Class is in session. Where there's a will there's an A. Plenty of first class sucking and cumming in this class. Ginger Lynn stars in a all star cast of the most tantalizing and orgasmic young tramps on the globe.
In this class if you don't get it right, the teacher makes you do it over and over and over!
Ginger Lynn's Ultimate Reel People Vol. 1 Movie Trailer
Year: 2003
Volume 1 - "Naughty Newcomers""Sensational - a well shot classic series" AVN
"Ginger's Girls scorch the screen" Hustler
Taking a cue from the current reality driven entertainment – cinema superstar Ginger Lynn ushers in her own flavor of unscripted and approachable adult entertainment in "The Ultimate Reel People". The first volume finds Ginger interviewing a bevy of new amateur female faces, one by one interrogating them sexually with her own charm and tease thrown in. Each ladies’ frank explanation of why she wanted to be selected to be in this series is inter-cut with hardcore footage throughout. We delight in meeting the shy and precocious Dru Hurley, classy and demure Ann Harlow, exotic Lyla Lei, very cute Sassy, the Spanish siren Envy and finally the gorgeous Noah Angel.
Ginger continues with a novel approach to oral action – and gives the viewers as much as they can handle at once: thus, Ginger’s "Round-Robin Group Oral Contest". Each woman is blindfolded and positioned so that man after hungry man can devour each woman’s pleasure – the culmination crowning a winner in the category. It’s the men’s turn next as they are also blindfolded with each dick draining diva devouring cock after cock in this turntable contest – filmed with obvious delight.
Ginger finishes this tantalizing first volume with an all-girl "Free-For-All" complete with her personal cache of toys. The carnal contest is scored we learn with each lady vying for Ginger’s ultimate approval as well as the award. Sensational strap-on, oral as well as battery-driven action is shot here – all choreographed through the eyes and ultimate desires of the adult industry’s most beloved girl next door – Ginger Lynn.
Ginger Lynn's Ultimate Reel People Vol. 2 Movie Trailer
Year: 2003
Volume 2 - Featuring Noah Angel"This gets our pre-nom as Best Pro-Am Release and the series for Best Pro-Am Series!" Mark Kernes for AVN
"Sensational - a well shot classic series" AVN
"Ginger's girls scorch the screen" Hustler
Four incredible fantasies are fulfilled in the second chapter of Ginger Lynn’s "The Ultimate Reel People" series. Ginger introduces us to the dazzling porcelain Noah Angel who takes her naughty cues and indulges Ginger’s personal desires. A riveting roll in the sheets between the superstar and the amateur beauty awaken some serious desires between the two – and makes for some erotic, intoxicating eye candy sex.
Ginger next gives us adult stud Lee Stone whose surprise is pixie vixen Ann Harlow. By far this scene is truly incredible if not for the sheer mismatch in body frame size – but the undeniable explosiveness of sexual tension explodes again and again. One of the very best pairing we have ever seen…
Ginger’s wishes are truly answered as the classic beauty Noah Angel returns and performs an incredible heated and sheet shearing anal scene with her husband – with Ginger lending a hand, a toy and anything else!
For an incredible ferocious and frenzied final scenario – Ginger pairs up Chicago’s Divalicious with black cocksman Dread. Fierce fucking, spanking, flogging and Ginger’s talented tongue add to the couples tireless romp – making this one of the most dynamic of the Reel People parings.
Ginger Lynn's Ultimate Reel People Vol. 3 Movie Trailer
Year: 2003
Volume 3 - Featuring Angel Smith"Ginger saved the best for last! The final scene gets our nod for the pre-nom Best Group Scene!" Mark Kernes for AVN
"Sensational – a very well shot classic series" AVN
"Ginger’s girls scorch the screen" Hustler
"Ginger orchestrates the sexual scenarios like a true pro" Delicious Decadence
Volume 3 of Ginger’s "Ultimate Reel People" kicks off with kittenish Dru Hurley and the beautiful blonde Angel – who square off in their scene with some serious solo masturbation preceding twin twirling tongues who know their wet targets!
Ginger brings us next married couple Chazz and Angel whose fantasy is fulfilled after a heated scene complete with anal toy sensations. With her tight ass pointed high – Angel is happily surprised when ebony cocksman Dread steps in and spears her asshole – creating quite a voracious vision – and sending this blond into true orgasmia!
The final and perhaps most daring quartet performs a twin ass pounding for the voyeuristic Ginger who joins in as well. Sassy, sexy Latina Envy along with Jack Lawrence and Kurt Lockwood undoubtedly know how to crank up the intensity in a dazzling display of heart stopping sex – all delivered by the ultimate girl next door so bad – Ginger Lynn.
Ginger Lynn's Ultimate Reel People Vol. 4 Movie Trailer
Year: 2003
Volume 4 - Featuring Ivy Leaguez"Sensational – a very well shot classic series" AVN
"Ginger’s girls scorch the screen" Hustler
Volume 4 lets Ginger get in on the action as adorable Sassy, Lyla Lei and stud Lady Lover add a carnal concoction of sweets to the their trio. Chocolate syrup, whipped cream, honey and strawberries add to the heated three-way with Ginger satisfying more than her sweet tooth here. Chris Cannon gets to unload his cannon balls on the breathtaking Florida feline – our stunning covergirl – Ivy Leaguez.
Florida natives Mark South and the delicious Ivy Leaguez are next interviewed by Ginger who then unleashes the duo in their very first on-screen paring... quite intense and totally unscripted heat. You won’t believe your eyes!
In a truly classic Ginger Lynn style she entertains her personal woodsman – Kurt Lockwood in an extremely hot and intense coupling with Ginger taking some very hard pounding backdoor action. The sheer sexual heat generated by this scene alone reminds us why Ginger Lynn, along with the bevy of breathtaking beauties who accompany her in this series – defy description.
Long after the final frame and screaming orgasm – Ginger’s quest for carnal captivation continues...
Ginger's Hawaiian Scrapbook Year: 1988
"Dear Diary, This morning the pictures came back from my summer vacation in Hawaii. Dawn and I spent the day putting them in my photo album and remembering all the wonderful times and the fabulous men we met while we were there; the days on the beach making love, the tropical nights in quiet motel rooms, the motor scooter trip up to the cane fields where we all got crazy, and that unbelievable party aboard the yacht that turned into a non-stop orgy. I'll tell you all about this and more in my Hawaiian scrapbook." - Ginger
Girl Service Intense Erotic ThrillerWelcome to the dark and disturbing world of San Francisco during the late 1970's in this intense erotic thriller that remains the most pointed look at the relationships between pimps and whores ever shown on film. Mr. Carson is the boss, taking in desperate ladies for a small price before fucking their succulent bodies then passing them on for a tingling profit. The story may not be pretty, but the girls sure are and on top of that there's one thing they know and one thing they crave: sex! These whores aren't victims they just cut the bullshit and get straight to the point. Cash and screwing, it's what makes the world go ‘round. If you like it rough, dirty, and raw, Girl Service will satisfy your exquisite taste.
Starring: Caro Keff, Rod Tuiet
Girl Service was filmed a time when shooting pornography was illegal, many of the actors in this film remain anonymous.
Girl's Best Friend, A    The story involves a hectic and hilarious chase as Mrs. Leautrec (Juliet Anderson) and her dashing son Paul (Ron Jeremy) stalk three incredibly beautiful diamonds through the ballrooms and bedrooms of Europe, using love and lust as tools of their trade.
    Hot on the trail of the third and finest diamond, our notorious heroes find themselves at an elegant New York Disco where Mrs. Leautrec meets the diamond's owner, Mr. Greenfield, while Paul strikes an unusual sexual bargain with "The Lady in Red" (Samantha Fox).
    Mr. Greenfield, a multi-millionaire, invites Paul and his mother to his annual masquerade and orgy. As hundreds of masked party-goers publicly pursue their favorite perversion, Paul and his mother are caught in an incestuously devious trap, causing them to lose the diamond to another thief (Veronica Hart).
Girls' Club, The Voluptuous Blonde Beauties...
Raven Haired Sex Muffins...
Glistening Skin...
Taut Thighs...
Tantalizing Tongues...
Pussy Licking Lesbians...
Non-Stop Lesbian Lust!
Girls Gone Wild - Best Of On Tour 03 Year: 2004
Life On The Road Is Tough... Unless you're on the Girls Gone Wild party bus! We cris-crossed the country and found the ultimate party spots and sexiest college girls ever seen. It's Girls Gone Wild - Best Of On Tour, Volume 3! From town to town you've never seen non-stop, crazy, heart pounding action like this!
You're a part of the action in all the hottest night clubs and wildest bars - you won't believe what these girls will do when the cameras roll in their own hometowns. Get a taste of the best this great country has to offer, raw, real and uncut...
Girls Gone Wild - Best Of On Tour 04 Year: 2004
Life on the road is tough... Unless you're on the Girls Gone Wild party bus! We cris-crossed the country and found the ultimate party spots and sexiest college girls ever seen. It's Girls Gone Wild - Best Of On Tour Volume 4! From town to town, you've never seen non-stop, crazy, heart pounding action like this!
In Girls Gone Wild - Best Of On Tour Volume 4, you're a part of the action in all the hottest night clubs and wildest bars - you won't believe what these girls will do when the cameras roll in their own hometowns. Get a taste of the best this great country has to offer, raw, real, and uncut - It's Girls Gone Wild - Best Of On Tour Volume 4.
All Real! Hot, Wild and Out Of Control...
Girls Gone Wild - On Tour 07 Year: 2003
Life on the road is tough... Unless you're on the GIRLS GONE WILD PARTY BUS! We cris-crossed the country and found the ultimate party spots and sexiest college girls ever seen. It's Girls Gone Wild - On Tour, Volume 7! From town to town, you've never seen non-stop, crazy, heart pounding action like this!
In Girls Gone Wild - On Tour, Volume 7, you're a part of the action in all the hottest night clubs and wildest bars - you won't believe what these girls will do when the cameras roll in their own hometowns. Get a taste of the best this great country has to offer, raw, real, and uncut - It's GIRLS GONE WILD...
Girls Gone Wild - On Tour 08 Year: 2003
Life on the road is tough... Unless you're on the Girls Gone Wild Party Bus!
We cris-crossed the country and found the ultimate party spots and sexiest college girls ever seen. It's Girls Gone Wild - On Tour, Volume 8! From town to town, you've never seen non-stop, crazy, heart pounding action like this!
You're a part of the action in all the hottest night clubs and wildest bars - you won't believe what these girls will do when the cameras roll in their own hometowns. Get a taste of the best this great country has to offer, raw, real, and uncut - it's Girls Gone Wild - On Tour, Volume 8
Girls Of Collectors Year: 1988
Girls of Collectors' is the final chapter of the extremely successful Collectors/Gourmet compilation series - featuring scenes from "Breaking It", "Bad Girls III" and "Another Roll In The Hay" - all were acclaimed by the adult video press as the best compilations to come along in years. The big budgets spent on the original Collectors' movies shows up on the screen not only in the talented, big name performers employed, but also in the depth and clarity of image achieved by directors Svetlana and David Frazier. All of them warrant repeated screenings for both the intensity of the sex and the joy and hard work involved in their making!
Girls Of The Night Year: 1984
Politics makes bedfellows very strange
Porn icon of the 80's Amber Lynn, stars as a high-priced Washington D.C. call girl with a client list made up of politicians who are as corrupt in the bedroom as they are in their offices.
She and her friends, (Colleen Brennan, Renee Tyfani, and blackdiva, Sahara) are more than eager to assume any position as civil servants!
Girls of Treasure Island Peter North has a problem – he wants to throw a graduation party for his girlfriend Stephanie, but he doesn’t have any money. His neighbors Kasha & Francois, find a map of Treasure Island under the nearby gazebo. They take a wild boat ride to the island that turns into an orgy en-route, when Trinity Loren and Bionca show the crew a new meaning of shipmates. Once back home, more than the waves pound the beach when wealthy Trinity Loren and her boyfriend Shane enjoy some outdoor lovemaking on her private Beach.
Kasha & Francois look for the treasure until finally finding the packet that must be it. They return home and open the packet to discover thousands of dollars put there by the old man from the gazebo.
Meanwhile, Peter talks to Shane, Trinity’s boyfriend, and tells him he wants to use her parent’s boat for his party. Shane says that the only way to get the boat is to quench her insatiable sexual appetite and desire for outdoor sex. Peter finds Trinity on the beach and does his best to satisfy her. After an admirable job, Peter learns that her wealth has been cut off by her parents.
Dejected by failing every avenue to give his girlfriend a party, Peter runs into Kasha & Francois, who decide to use their newfound wealth to give Peter his wish – a wild graduation party for Stephanie. The party is a huge success, and to show her appreciation, Stephanie meets Peter on the beach the next morning to give him a reward he won’t soon forget.
Good Morning Taija Rae Year: 1988
Tajia spends her vacation on the beach, while waiting for her boyfriend, who is having fun in the city. Jerry’s got Taija, Buck’s got Taija, Fallon, Taija and Ariel have each other and the guys! This is a superstar, super erotic story of love and lust… What a way to get up in the morning!
Gorgeous Blondes From The Golden Age Of Porn 1 "Blonde"
Function: Noun
1 : A person having blonde hair usually a light complexion with blue or grey eyes.
2 : A light yellowish brown to dark grayish yellow.
Blondes have always been special, especially throughout adult cinema history. Many of us believe that blondes do have more fun. This DVD proves it. Gorgeous Blondes From The Golden Age Of Porn 1 features the hottest blondes from classic adult cinema, including Seka (the true platinum princess), Jennifer Welles (the mature blonde), Amber Lynn and Gina Carrera (the hot blonde sluts), Susanna Britton (the blonde goddess), and Heather Young (the innocent blonde virgin type) – uh, YEAH RIGHT!!!!
Starring: Amber Lynn, Danielle, Gina Carrera, Heather Young, Jennifer Welles, Seka, Susanna Briton
Gorgeous Nympho Whores Models By Day. Pornstars by NightAfter long days of prancing the catwalk, these stunning beauties spend their nights spreading their legs and opening their mouths while feasting upon their sinful lust. These elegant nymphos crave sex almost as much as they love performing for the camera. Gorgeous ladies, hardcore fucking. Porn doesn’t get any better than this. Starring: Dora Venter, Nikki Rider, Liz Honey, Electra Angel, Simony Diamond, Claudia Ferrari
Gorgeous Teen Nymphos Young, Hot Cock Cravers Getting Their Fill!!!
They're young, they're gorgeous and they crave cock. These are the most beautiful teen nymphos you can find doing all they can to satisfy their tight pussies and theaggressive dicks invading every hole in their pretty little bodies.
You see them on the stret. You wan them on your dick. Here they are, the fuck machines you're aching to watch.
StarringVanessa Hill, Cory Baby, Missy Nicole
Gran Prix Burn is a driver with a passion for fast cars and tight pussy. He and his crew chief argue about where his focus should reside. Burn tells him, "give me a car that works and I’ll win this thing."
Burn, however, is stuck in a situation where the time has come to choose between the cars and the women or the love of his life, the woman he wants to marry. It’s a difficult choice and one will change Burn’s life forever.
Fast Cars. Hot Sluts. Gran Prix.
Don’t blink or the action will pass you by.
Starring: Lois Chabroi, Kelly Lerner, Alexander Ker, Leslie Garson
Grand Opening Year: 1985
AVN & XRCO Hall Of Famer Erica Boyer heads the superb cast in this jovial 1985 VCX Classic.
Kevin James and Tom Byron play a couple of well-heeled partners who are getting ready for the grand opening of their new mall in this light-hearted 1985 romp. Tom is staying at Kevin’s majestic mansion until the big day, and the guys spend their leisure time engaging in all manner of merriment. While Kevin gets some oral loving from Asian gal pal Kristara Barrington, Tom is out by the pool enjoying a passionate plunge with shapely Summer Rose.
Things get even spicier when Kevin comes outside and joins Summer and tom for a torrid threesome. When chief accountant Peter North shows up, he finds Kristara alone in the shower – a situation he quickly rectifies by joining her in a steamy sizzler. This scene really rocks, with Kristara and Peter pulling out all the stops in a pulse-pounding crowd pleaser. Finally, fashion models Rachel Ryan and Erica Boyer show up to discuss the grand opening – Kevin’s hired them to work the crowds, but they end up working one another in a lusty lesbian tryst worth viewing
For pure, unfettered action and endlessly alluring 80s temptress, ‘Grand Opening’ delivers the goods and then some!
Grind, The After three years in a marriage where the missionary position is the dominant position and cock sucking is out of the question, Mike Horner, seeks to liberate his sexually inhibited wife, Shanna McCullough.
He takes her to a live sex show where she becomes the target of a sex crazed blonde who scares her out of the building. But just when he thinks all is lost, his wife begins to open up, and when she does, he finds the lurid nympho he has always wanted.
Growing Up Year: 1984
It happens to everybody! There comes a time when young nubile bodies favor the fragrance of perfume, and the slick wet shine of nail polish...
When sexual thoughts over take young minds. "GROWING UP!" tells the story of Julie and Frank who’s budding sexuality leads them into wild and uncontrollable adventures with their friends as they experiment and learn about the responsibilities of true love.
When a girls thoughts change from toys to boys, you know that she’s "GROWING UP!"
Gypsy Ball, The Year: 1980
Starring Juliet (Aunt Peg) Anderson
A sexy fortune teller conjures up some very desirable and illicit imagery as her crystal ball becomes the portal of XXX passion!
Hardcore Collection, The - Vol. 06 All Anal Series Year:2005
Featuring: Keanna, Francesca, Nicole London, Tamara, Marylyn, Dee and Max Hardcore
They're the Max Girls...And they love to put out! And Max loves to put it in! Ringht in their Asses! More F**k for the buck! 2 Full Hours Worth
Heartfelt 1 Shayla Feels for You! Sometimes the best advice is "Just Screw It!" Laura Palmer stars as Mary, a sex therapist whose X-pert advice works for everyone but herself. Her hunky boyfriend (Buck Adams) is cheating with a sultry French gal (Raylene) ... What is Mary to do? Her sexy solution includes plenty of hot deep-throat therapy and soothing slit-strokage ... everybody cums out smiling!
Heartfelt 2 All She Needed was a Taste of her Own Medicine "Dr. Mary Jasper, noted sexual psychologist, and world-famous author, had it all. As in the whole enchilada. Then she lost it. Then she got it back. That was Part I Now she's found that she doesn't even want it anymore, and she's throwing it all away for a tawdry life of sex and cheap thrills."
Heat Of The Moment Year 1984
Primed in his day for a cavalcade of carnal couplings, the great king of cocksmen John Holmes stars in this well paced presentation of straight ahead sex and insatiable passions.
Co-starring the beguiling Jennifer West, the exotic Maria Tortuga and the soon-to-be Mrs. Holmes Misty Dawn, this DVD presents Holmes in all his glory – devoid of the trapping of the fame that enslaved him. A very simple yet dynamic presentation showcasing probably the greatest adult film talent ever.
Heavy Breathing Year: 2000
She Does 'Em All Night Long!
Anna Malle is burning as "Nightbird", sharing phone-in fantasies on her talk fantasy radio show. She gets the wildest, hottest callers from midnight to six A.M. and you share in the decadent desires of her sex-crazed phone freaks. You'll be hard as steel, as you peek into each erotic fantasy. Everything is revealed in front of your eyes.
Heavy Breathing They gave a whole new meaning to the Party Line!Abby gives "good phone" because she’s into HEAVY BREATHING, and all that the term implies. But she’s constantly battling the impulse to reach out and touch... everyone, with her body as well as her voice. Beverly and Chuck work with Abby on the phones. They get it on together in a number of imaginatively nasty ways. When Abby takes the phone off the hook, it’s to mingle natural juices with Diane. This bud-stirring encounter leads to a steamy shower 3-way with a super-hung phone repairman. Still driven to connect a hard man one-on-one, Abby picks up Eddie and invites him to unload his most pressing cares all over her. Next, the unsatisfied Abby comes on to Bev again and bastes her bumpin’ buddy to a turn with her tireless tongue. When their man Chuck arrives on the scene, he decides to take control. The hot, wet 3-point action that follows demonstrates why EXCITABLE women prefer forceful, dominant men.
Hell Kats In the 1950's, good girls go to heaven but bad girls go DOWN! Sweet, Shy Ava Rose works at the local diner waiting on the tough, sexy chicks in the Hellkats gang. She admires their short skirts, their dirty stories and their very horny boyfriends. When Ava's man leaves her for someone who'll put out, she joins the Hellkats. And sets a new standard in "naughty" with one deliciously dirty initiation after another!
Her Name Was Lisa Two time Best Actress winner, Adult Film Association winner and Critics' Adult Film Award Winner Samantha Fox shines in this superb adult film.
A photographer invites a whore to pose for him. She is treated fairly but will soon be the prey of degradation imposed on her by the owner of the adult magazine, for whom the photographer works. Co-starring the dynamic and explosive cinema legend Vanessa Del Rio Her Name Was Lisa displays superior performances from the entire cast - within a storyline of intrigue, deceit and incredible sexual emotion. For fans of the legendary Samantha Fox - this is a must have for your collection!
Here Comes The Bride Rhonda is a beautiful and sophisticated woman with a brain that knows how to get what she wants. When she decides to marry she tells her fiancé she is a virgin, dedicated to preserving her sacred virginity for the day they wed.
In addition to being beautiful and sophisticated, Rhonda is a filthy slut who craves cock. She fucks every dick that gets in range and never turns down a sweet pussy. She turns a small party into a hardcore orgy, fucks and sucks all night long then scissors with her friend before putting on her wedding dress.
This bride may be a deviant liar, but she’s also a phenomenal actor. Watching her fake losing her virginity alone makes this movie a classic icon.
Here Cums the President! All-American Sex Scandals.Here Cums The President is a historically accurate film parodying the sexual deviance of some the most well-known Presidents of the United States of America. Hail to the Chiefs and their horny terms in office. Washington, FDR, LBJ, Kennedy, Nixon, and Clinton sex up the White House with the hottest Mistresses to ever hide under the desk in the Oval Office.
Here Cums The President will have you saying, "Me Likey Like Ikey"
-Behind The Scenes
-Photo Gallery
-Pop Shot Recap
-Full Motion Menus
High Heeled & Horny Vol. 01 Year: 1994
Director: Rodney Moore
The Shoe Salesman
Zena needs new shoes and after sizing her up, Rodney peeks up her skirt to find Kymberly staring him down. She goes down on him...he goes down on them..and theiy all go to town on each other!
The Right Heel
Sky and Summer get tired of arguing about which shoes Summer should wear to a party, so they kiss each others feet and make up. Uh Oh, Out come the dildos, in go the fingers and tongues!
What a Pussy
Sundae's kitty is sniffing her heels, so Rodney gets a whiff himself...
Where's My Heel?
That sneaky guy has one of Greta's red high heels. Why? So he can have his favorite health foods..toefoot. Greta gets her favorite...a hard Cock!
Where's My Ball?
Sexy Seattle catches Rodney in her backyard retrieving his ball!
High Heeled & Horny Vol. 02 Year: 1995
Director: Rodney Moore
Rodney has hired a cute new shoe sales gal Nadia to help him in his awful job of trying high-heels on the sexy feet of beautiful girls. Nadia's pretty hot herself and after he shows her how to suck on the feet of customers Whitney and Silvie, he shows how one guy can suck 3 pussies, get head from 2 luscious mouths, fuck 3 gorgeous pussies and be a happy man.
Of course, not before cumming on 3 faces...
High Heeled & Horny Vol. 04 Year: 1996
Director: Rodney Moore
Featuring: Nadia, Laura Palmer, Heaven, Stacy King, Sabrina, Winter, Jasmine Johnson
7 horny girls with great legs and feet get creamed on in this exciting episodes made for all you feet fetish fanatics!
The Shoe Doctor
Nadia has broken her 5 inch heel, but Rodney has the cure. It just needs a little "glue". He sucks her feet and toes, plays with her nipples and lips of her pussy. She sucks his cock and f**ks him til his balls are ready to explode....
The Shoe Store
Tall sexy blonde Laura needs a pair of heels to match her olive short mini skirt.
Heather breaks into rock superstar Rodney's dressing room to get a souvenier for her friend. She wants his guitar pick, but he gives her his prick instead!
High Heels & Fast Wheels A sensational turbo-charged sex ride with high-octane flesh, devouring rock hard daredevils!
Scenes include: Boy/Girl, Girl/Girl/Boy, Lesbian, anal, bondage and double penetration - filmed by Europe's hottest director!
Part of VCX's European Diamond Collection
High Heels & Fast Wheels - The Revenge A Sensational turbo-charged sex ride with high-octane skin & sin galore!
The saga continues (High Heels & Fast Wheels), a roller coaster ride, motorcycle stunts, breathtaking women so wet- they engulf monster-hard cocks with abandon.
Scenes include: Boy/Girl, Boy/Boy/Girl, lesbian, anal, bondage & daring double penetration - filmed by Europe's hottest director!
Part of VCX's European Diamond Collection
High Rise Year 1973
Tamie Trevor is having a tough time with her sex life so her doctor recommends that she have some adventures. Her apartment hopping in search of same provides the premise, as she wanders through the high rise meeting both interesting and oddball characters. The three way lesbian scene is first rate, as is the scene with Harry Reems, forever memorable in an engineers hat playing with his elaborate train sets. French actress Marielle Renaud appeared in a number of American films and John Clemens (Devil in Miss Jones) plays Tamie's husband.
High School Bunnies Year: 1977
The only academic program where the homework is pure pleasure!
As our story begins, Barbie lives in Kansas, dreaming of what life would be like in the big city. Her secret fantasy is to become a sexy Bali High Bunnie, enjoy her seeking acceptance of her peers through a long sexual initiation. Her wonderful quest for sexual awareness teaches the Bali High Bunnies what an expert Barbie really is. This movie introduces several luscious, lovely, little ladies lusting for fun and frolic. The bunnies will leave you breathless and craving for more.
High School Memories Year: 1980
"Annette Haven leads a huge carnal cast in a fun sex spoof. Hailed by critics as one of the most romantic sex films ever made"
The all-out sports spoof classic!
Voted Best X-Rated Program at the VIRA Awards, "High School Memories" is a man's movie and a couple's movie. It is a rare turn-on from start to finish. Starring lovely Annette Haven. "High School Memories" centers around the relationship between a former football coach (Jamie Gillis) and a teacher (Haven), each nervously returning home for a reunion at the high school from which they were fired (for some hilarious improprieties) five years earlier. Both coach and teacher have undergone dramatic personal changes since last seeing each other. Through flashbacks, we glimpse at their fun & sex-filled past. "High School Memories" is a film aimed at home audiences.
Hollywood Legs, Bobby Hollander's Year: 1996
If you thought "Leg Show, The Movie" was hot... If you though "Give Her 8 Inches Was Hot.... Strip Down Naked Brother Because Your "Willie" is About To Explodel.
Hollywood Legs is taken to the extreme. A true classic for foot-fetish, leg & ass lovers!
Hollywood Swingers - Vol. 08 Year: 2001
Nikki has a brand new pair of roller-skates, and Jake has a great big key. She's in the mood for a roll and he's more than willing to take the plunge...with his handy-dandy tool. Round and round, up and down and in and out and in and out and in and out--Jake loves to ride. Tina loves to be ridden.
Five guys are so turned on by the stripper they've hired that they decide to get into the action. Monique says she can handle anything they throw at her, so they bring out the wiener-wagon. They lick and stick every part that moves...and Monique writhes and shimmies like a pussy in heat. In a roomful of nasty dicks. Dick Nasty shows why he's the nastiest!
Don't spill the surprise ending....
Hometown Hotties Get ready to be blown away by the HOTTEST HOMETOWN GIRLS you've ever seen!
WILD PARTY GIRLS has searched the country for the freshest faces willing to bare it all for our cameras and now we're bringing them all directly to you!
Get ready for Real Girls doing Naughty things!
Honey Throat Year 1980
Honey Throat stars the greatest luminaries in a glittering array of sex stars: John Holmes, Serena, Samantha Fox (Best Erotic Actress award) & Eric Edwards. Honey Throat finally delivers what so many others have just promised. In scene after excruciatingly erotic scene, these talented performers use their eroticism to stimulate each other to the heights of exquisite pleasure & to bring the audience to undreamed of visual & emotional satisfaction. Nothing satisfies like the feel of…Honey Throat!
Honeymoon Haven Year 1977
The Grand Motel Of Porn! The latest adult film from Carter Stevens is the story of the Honeymoon Haven Motel from its opening in the late 1940's through to the present. Honeymoon Haven has the right "period" look for each era shown. This careful attention to production detail and a real story line, in addition to non-stop sex, gives "Honeymoon Haven" the unmistakable Carter Stevens stamp of quality.
Honeymooners, The Filmed in New York under fake names to prevent arrest, notorious director Bob Chinn, a.k.a. Wizard Glick, put together a phenomenal movie starring John Leslie as an elevator repairman who meets a gorgeous tenant played by C.J. Laing.
The encounter leads to a hardcore sequence of sexual decadence that begins with super hot sluts spreading their legs and climaxes with an unforgettable orgy.
The Honeymooners is a premium classic made in a time when shooting porn was illegal. Despite the restraints, Bob Chinn delivers another masterpiece.
"... there are two scenes in this film that I thought I would never see on the screen – and I though I’d seen them all... Sexual Dynamite!" -D. Brand – Motion Picture West
"... a shattering yet undeniable real portrayal of sex on film, especially those two scenes. Absolutely overwhelming!" Richard Elhorn – Daily Examiner
Horneymooners, The The Hornymooners
Here they are...The Horneymooners! The funniest, sexiest movie of the year. With all your favorite stars! Watch as the Ramden's and the Horton's have their lives turned upside down. It's a regular riot as the couples swing to a sensuous beat, and with each other! Special guest star Annie Sprinkle drops by for a visit that has be seen to be believed.
With the Stars: Alexis Firestone, Carlos Valentino, Annie Sprinkle, Randy Paul, Ron Jeremy, Shanna McCullough, Stephanie Rage
Hot Buns Year 1982
The late sixties were a tough-and-tender time when many an over-sexed young girl literally put her ass on the line in order to maintain her vaginal virginity. The idea of backing into the sex act while keeping up a good front is the stuff that bestsellers are made of. So, Chris, a sensuous, successful author, with encouragement from her lover, Harry, who decides to document a book to be called "The Bottom Line", the real-rear-way that things went down, by bringing some of the "old gang" together for a hot weekend of raw reflections
Getting together are Vin, a businessman who has lost his sexually adventurous nature, his wife Britt, who longs for excitement and B.R., a woman with a preference for the softer things in life, but can handle the harder facts as well.
Rounding out the group are Britt’s brother, Chico, and B.R.’s playmate, Lee. While the amorous younger generation is carnally cavorting in their own time zone, the older folks are blissfully reassessing their sexual associations...only to discover that not all they remembered really did go down, or up, the way they thought!
Hot Chicks Cravin' Dicks Guaranteed to have you cravin' for more!!!
Pussy Cravin'!!!
Starring: Avy Lee, Katrina Isis, Crystal Heart, Nina Cordova, Asia, Randy Rodman, D-Wise
Hot Dallas Nights Year: 1982
Hot Dallas Nights...The Real Story
An adult version of the popular television series "Dallas", this film describes the sexual antics of a wacky and very rich Texas family.
They are big in bullshit fertilizer – and full of it as well. Meet the Brewers and witness their attempt to corner the market in fertilizers. But instead of the villain being J.R. Ewing – it’s R.J. Brewing, who oversees his far-flung empire of fertilizer factories from his hilltop estate where anything goes.
The sexual encounters are quite hilarious as a lone cowboy fanatic, rides his women as though they were horses, wearing only leather boots and a pair of silver spurs. For an adult film, the comedy is quite effective and very well executed. This spoof is filled with belly laughs, double entendres, and some of the worst overacting you ever laughed through.
Hot Honey Year: 1977
Director: Billy Bagg
Honey (Heather Young) has been going steady with Johnny (Jack Hammer) for 4 months, but she won't 'put out' and, she gets angry when he asks her for more than kissing.
She finally walks out on him. She's been living with her brother Michael (Jamie Gillis) who has been in a car accident and can't walk. Returning home, she watches his nurse, Serena, pick him out of the wheelchair, put him in bed and go to work on him.
Seeing her watching, Serena calls for sisterly help and soon, Honey is learning what sex is all about. Honey returns to a surprised Johnny and shows him what she has learned!
Hot Legs Year 1980
Hot Legs is the most erotic film Gail Palmer has ever produced. This is eroticism at its best - a superb combination of hardcore sex scenes done with exquisite erotic taste and beautifully filmed. The fantasy sequence with Paul Thomas and Sharon Kane looks like an El Greco painting and is a candidate for the prettiest sex scene of all time. A perfect recommendation for couples. A gorgeous all star cast, headed by Jesie St. James, in one very special film with a great soundtrack!
Hot Nurses Year 1977
At Carcinoma Hospital, patients are dying left and right under the unsupervised care of Doctor Matt (John Holmes), who is always distracted by the ample supply of Hot Nurses who work at the hospital. To improve profits, a radical new program is introduced with the pharmacy supplying liquor - not medicine, and the nurses will practice oral sex instead of alcohol rubs. Ambulances will become traveling motels and the bed making will shift into orgies. Because of this drastic policy change, the hospital becomes financially successful while the doctors, nurses and patients reap the rewards! So will you when you check in and meet the Hot Nurses – who are sure to make your blood pressure rise, among other things....
Hot Parts Year 1996
Looking For Something Hot In A Girl?Nikki Sinn is casting for a porno flick! Each beautiful babe takes it to the limit sexually to prove to Nikki they can make the cut...
Kumisha demonstrates her backdoor skills, while Kerri, soaks the sheets with her juices in her torrid audition.
Every part in this video is hot...LOTS OF HOT PARTS FOR EVERYONE...
Hot She Male Sex Addiction Sunshine Films Presents Brazillian She-Male Production "Hot She-Male Sex Addiction" Starring Hot, Beautiful, South American She-Males With Big Tits and Big Cocks F*cking and Sucking Everyone They Can Get Their Hands On!
Hot Sorority Nights Get ready for the hottest young Sorority Girls you've ever seen.
These wild and willing coeds are more out of control than ever in this out rageous WILD PARTY GIRLS videos.
These are "HOT SORORITY NIGHTS" you won't believe!
Hot Stuff Year 1985
Pulp magazine writer, voluptuous Jennifer Nash, transports her latest characters to wild orgasmic adventures. Beautiful Rhode Island Red and her male companion Louisiana Smith and Oklahoma Crude experience pleasures on this earth and beyond. Oklahoma Crude has erotic encounters in Medieval Castles with lovely, lustful maidens. Red’s sexual joust is with an aggressive unquenchable knight. Smith’s pleasure erupts under water with a hot feminine submarine commander and in a prehistoric cave where he penetrates the deepest recesses of a violent young woman. The trio meet in an obscure Casbah and encounter two Dancing Girls with orgasms on their minds. Their journey ends in the hidden temples of Luxor along the Nile...
Hot Teenage Assets It's all out in the open!
Hot Teenage Assets is the story of a fox whose name is Kathy. She's blonde and beautiful but she's a tight ass...just ask her friends. How do you loosen up a liberated lady? Introduce her to Doctor Good and invite her to one of his weekend sensitivity sessions.
Beautiful people, touching...good feelings. Kathy soon discovers her own assets and realizes her deepest fantasies, which were revealed one by one in this classic tale of temptation discovered!
Hot Touch Year 1984
Hot Touch is a story for fantasy lovers.
Jim and Marsha have been happily married for several years, but admitted to each other that the old marital bed lacked some zing.
They reveal some of their darkest fantasies that change their marriage life.
Our adventuresome couple invents a wrenchingly wanton venture that involves their whole neighborhood. The final scenes are filled with visual delights of wall-to-wall sex!
Hot Wire Let your Fingers do the walking
Henri Pachard's Hot Wire
The telephone's a hot wire! It's the Stimulus for many steamy sex scenes:
A secretary is called into a business meeting to take down a 'dirty' phone call and innocently becomes involved in a hot session!
A helpful neighbor phones a couple across the street and directs their sexual passion!
A Man, dressed in lingerie, calls Gloria Leonard to describe the things he wishes his wife would to do him!
A sensuous girl calls Gloria to discuss making love with another woman. Suddenly, one appears and they begin to explore the joys of sapphic love!
Starring: Amber Lynn, Rachel Ashley, Sharon Kane (as Sharon Cain), Jamie Gillis, Michael Knight, Francois Papillion
Special guest appearance by Gloria Leonard
Hot Zone Get ready! Get real ready! our cameras are going on Spring Break, from the beaches of Florida to Mexico! join us as we capture the hottest coeds on Spring Break. These are not paid actresses or models, in fact they are the girl next door!
How To Get Ahead ... This is one campus where getting an "F" is really making the grade!
Welcome to higher education’s hottest campus, where making the grade isn’t half as important-or nearly as much fun- as ‘making’ the teacher. Here you’ll find that the most popular sports are ‘full contact’, as this sexually charged and erotically insatiable student body will always find a new way to enjoy night after night of smoldering sensuality.
An interracial cast of adult video’s hottest superstars welcomes you to a short semester of carnal cram, courses guaranteed to keep you up all night..
...but if you’re not studying, we won’t blame you because this is one school where the action is hot and heavy all night long.
How To Make A Model - Vol. 03 Year 2001
Director: Rodney Moore
Sunny Delight arrives in L.A. with her boyfiriend Steve. After photographing Sunny, Steve watches Rodney pay homage to Sunny's beautifull butt!
Rodney inviites Jessica Fox to pose for him. She poses seductively in several outfits and then succumbs to Rodney's routine all the way to a "Photo Finish".
On the beach, Taj Mahal is admiring the sunset, while Rodney admires her body. After posing in the studio, she gets hungry. Sexy Gabrielle brings over some tacos, but Taj is more interested in her enchilada!
Rodney is taking a nap and in his dream, Chessie Moore wakes him with a face full of massive melons.
How To Make A Model - Vol. 04 Year 1994
Director: Rodney Moore
Starring: Leetha Weapons, Tami Monroe, Veronica Brazil, Chrissie Ann, Jerica Fox, Poppy London, Rodney Moore FACIAL CREAM GIRLSPOPPY - Has Rodney gone to BIG TIT HEAVEN?
TAMI MONROE - won't pose topless for Rodney, but she gets fondled in a dream...
VERONICA BRAZIL - Rodney finds super busty Veronica at a sidewalk cafe, but they take the highway to his place...and his pecker finds its way into her mouth....
JERICA FOX - comes overr for a photo session. Seems no one can touch her tits. But who's that with his hands all over them?
CHRISSIE ANN - works for a cosmetics company, and she wants Rodney's secret formula for his "Facial Skin Cream".
LEETHA - is back one more time, and this time for PLEASING!
How To Make A Model - Vol. 05 Year 2002
Featuring: Nadia Nyce, Kymberly Kyle, Whitney Wonders, Kara Nile, Elvira, Rodney Moore
Rodney finds hot body Kymberly jogging in the park. He catches up with her and invites her to do a photo shoot.
Rodney goofed on his scheduling and has 2 girls coming to his studio. Nadia Nyce and Whitney Wonder
Out of town, Rodney runs into cute and sexy Kara Nile on the hotel elevator.
Elvira is so shy, she won't even tell Rodney her real name. But he does get her to show him the most gorgeous huge but natural breasts he's ever seen!
Nadia returns to pick up the enlargement for her boyfriend, but its Rodney's 8X10 she really wants!
How To Make A Model - Vol. 06 Year 2002
Featuring: Nadia, Dusty, Angela, Salemia, Rodney Moore
Nadia Returns To Pose With Rodney's Pecker
Rodney finds lusty long-haired Dusty in the rain at the bus stop, they go, she stays, dong grows, under her umbrella.
Angela needs photos for her dance act but she's shy about posing nude.
It's time for Nadia's photo shoot so Rodney breaks in a new assistant Salemia.
How To Perform Fellatio / The Fine Art Of Cunnilingus Year 2002
How To Perform Fellatio
Oral stimulation of a man's penis by his female partner.
Featuring: Karen Summer, Mindy Rae, Peter North, Mark Wallice
The Fine Art Of Cunnilingus
This tape presents valuable techniques on one of the most intimate and pleasurable acts a man can do for a woman.
Featuring: Tiffany Blake, Kari Foxx, Karen Summer, Marc Wallice.
I Like To Be Watched Tracey Austin bares all in this tantalizing sexvid treat from the 80's, playing a temptress whose feverish fantasies revolve around voyeurism. Tracey dreams up a series of scintillating sexual encounters, each one more torrid than the last. The all star cast is headed by Christy Canyon in one of her earliest outings. Christy's one of the most gorgeous, ravishingly ripe beauties to ever strut her stuff for the cameras, and she turns in some great work here. Her enthusiasm and energy are in full bloom, and her luscious natural assets have never looked better!
I Like To Watch Year 1982
You just don’t know who’s watching you!! If you’re not careful- he’ll be watching.
Bridgette Monet is one of the most gorgeous girls to have entered the erotic film industry. And, always in her sex scenes there is that certain erotic feeling of genuine excitement. This film contains most of her really exuberant sexual feats. She is an extremely passionate and sex-thirsty girl who will do anything.
A classic bestseller!
I Made Daddy Do It I Made Daddy Do It! And our family will never be the same!
There's just something about older guys and young girls. The little, young deviants have a thing for their step-father, while mother is away the girls come out and play...
A compilations of scenes taken from the vault of VCX Classic titles: All The Senator's Girls, Good GIrls of Godiva High, Last Sex Act, Liberation of Honeydoll Jones, Like Mother Like Daughter, Pizza Girls - Hot & Saucy, Summer School, Teenage Fantasies, Teenage Twins, That's My Daughter!, Thunderbuns, Young Love, and 3 incredible scenes from Young Wild & Wonderful!
I Want You All It Takes Is A Little Imagination." "I Want You" is the story of a sexually frustrated housewife whose imagination begins to get the better of her: everytime she sees a young couple, she imagines them having sex - and masturbates accordingly. Her fantasies continue in practically every circumstance until she seeks help from a psychiatrist who, through his own method of "physical therapy", stakes her sexual thirst. Running Time: 66 min
If My Mother Only Knew She's up to no good & that's so-o good!
There must be some aphrodisiac in the water supply of the not-so-sleepy suburb as Amber Lynn and her carnal cohorts demonstrate how brazen and bawdy a bedroom community can be in "If My Mother Only Knew". Amber plays Hope - a young nympho who's in a not so subtle sexual competition with her promiscuous mom (Honey Wilder). Who gets the last laugh (and the last lay!!)? Just take a look into the lascivious eyes of Amber's lusty stepfather!
Starring: Amber Lynn, Honey Wilder, John Leslie, Tom Byron
Immoral Miss Teeze She’s Tantalizing.
She’s Titillating.
Erica Boyer is…
The Immoral Miss TeezeErica Boyer has a hard time selling Fantasy Cosmetics, but most of the time she seems to end up in the thick of it. Even Tony Martino tries to show Erica the finer points of selling. Then Ron Jeremy gets into the act, after finishing his business in the garage. Even Melissa Melendez' shot at Mr. B and Melissa’s old man, Frank James takes everything Erica has to offer, and that was quite a buy. But her husband has ideas of his own. He finds his own Fantasy Girl, Ronnie Dicksen. Then this dynamic duo ends up with a threesome with Erica Boyer’s biggest ball of her life. This girl is the dirtiest, the sluttiest, the filthiest, the naughtiest and the most IMMORAL MISS TEEZE on DVD!
In The Pink Year 1983
She is not just PINK-she is RED HOT!!
Very sexy Film...If what you desire is watching two (or more) lesbians trying all sorts of erotic ways to satisfy each other or a solo girl performance, then this tape is for you! Starring some of the hottest Girls from the Golden age, In The Pink is sure to satisfy you!
"A crotch-boiler! The hardcore is heavy duty and virtually non-stop! Women like Joanna Storm and Jacqueline Lorains are what bring men into X-rated theaters. They're very attractive, eager and lusty" --High Society
"A sexual United Nations, linked by the eye-dazzling erotica and mind-boggling sensuality, filmed in the most exciting corners of the world and acted out by an sizzling array of multi-national flesh" --Sir
"Jacqueline Lorains and Gina Carnale are porn finds good enough for any man's fantasy...It's a work of Genius!" --Screw
Innocent Taboo Being Bad Never Felt So GoodTwo buddies form the same neighborhood grow up and each marry sisters from the same family. Throughout the years the two families live, grow and learn to love life together as they plan a much-anticipated vacation, aboard the boss’ luxurious houseboat.
When an erotically enticing potion is mysteriously mixed into their beverages thermos, the results guarantee a non-stop carnal barrage – sexually pairing the two families together from dusk till dawn.
Porsche Lynn and Buffy Davis give stellar performances in this hard-hitting film assuring you, the audience, explosive eroticism in every frame!
Insatiable Year 1980
Marilyn Chambers, the undisputed queen of erotic cinema, gives the performance of her life in the classic Insatiable. Marilyn plays Sandra Chase, a beautiful model who inherits a fortune after her parents are killed in an accident. Though it would seem that the young heiress has everything one could desire, Sandra finds herself sexually unfulfilled and troubled by dark and ominous dreams. Sandra accepts the lead role in a motion picture in the hopes of changing the direction of her life. What she encounters, however, are a series of torrid sexual encounters that lead her into a world of unbridled, breath-taking passion... An actress of unparalleled eroticism in a masterpiece of human desire, Marilyn Chambers is INSATIABLE!
Insatiable 2 Year 1984
Sex superstar Marilyn Chambers reprises the role of Sandra Chase,in the long awaited sequel to Insatiable. She stars as a wealthy movie star consumed by her own personal sexual demons. A journalist, played by the legendary Juliet Anderson, arrives with tales of her own oversexed daughters. What was to be a provocative interview over dinner turns into an all-out all-girl orgy. Just when you think there's enough to digest, enter the actresses' disciplinarian, Jamie Gillis. He lures the ladies into his own deviant den of distorted pleasures!
Insatiable 30th Anniversary Collectors Edition Marilyn Chambers is InsatiableDynasty Group presents one of adult’s true all-time classics. Insatiable – starring timeless superstar Marilyn Chambers – as you’ve never seen her before!
Insatiable, an AVN and X-Rated Critics Organization award winner that’s consistently at the top of must-have lists, is one of the most recognized and celebrated movies of adult entertainment’s golden age.
Legendary and award winning adult actress Marilyn Chambers stars in her most memorable role as Sandra Chase, a wealthy heiress and actress with an insatiable and depraved need for sex. Insatiable, considered to be the best movie in Marilyn Chambers’ 35 year career by many critics and fans, also features a who’s=who of X-rated celebrities from the ‘80s: Jesie St. James, Serena, John Holmes, John Leslie, Mike Ranger and Richard Pacheco.
The Insatiable 30th Anniversary Edition is re-mastered and presented with the most in-depth interview with Hall Of Fame Marilyn Chambers ever filmed, commentary from Chambers as well as commentary with adult historian Gloria Leonard. Additional extras including bonus footage and outtakes from the film’s release party, are preserved in the 30th Anniversary Collector’s Edition for the true collector of adult films. Brilliantly Re-mastered and featuring the industry's final interview with Hall-Of-Famer Marilyn Chambers
Inseminator, The Year March 8, 1985
Director: Gee Man
He came from the future...He's cumming in the present!
Sent from the pornography hungry year of 2084, to bring back a stash of 20th Century Erotica, THE INSEMINATOR is a relentless horn-dog on a collision course with depravity.
If the future outlined in this video comes to pass, you'd better catch this movie today....TOMORROW MAY BE TOO LATE!
Insertz So intense you can’t look away.
It’s the story of the alcoholic genius "Boy Wonder" and the women that make him tick. Harleen (Aurora Snow), Ms. Cake (Nicole Sheridan), Paula James, Emily Evermore and Mika Tan are at the most decadent as the camera rolls capturing the lust, the passion and the madness of INSERTZ.
Inside Candy Samples Year 1985
Dr. Candy Cox, played by the outrageous Candy Samples, is a world-renowned sex therapist with an extremely horny caseload. Both men and women flock to her office for sexual advice, lessons in technique and a little nookie.
Although Dr. Cox has never been known to refuse a case, her assistant, the vivacious Loretta (Heather Wayne), is usually the one who does all of the sexual ‘dirty work’. However, when the handsome Rob (Hershel Savage) walks into her reception room, Candy knows instinctively that this is the man who can fill her unique sexual needs.
While Dr. Cox gets some lessons from her newest patient, Loretta tends to the needs of Vicki (Jessica Wylde), his nymphomaniac wife. Then Loretta's lesbian girlfriend, Cecily (Treanna) stops by and gives a hand..., a mouth..., and some fingers, until even Vicki is satisfied...well, almost! By the time a handy stud enters and finishes off the three girls, Dr. Cox is through with Rob. The story might have ended here except for Vicki. She's still climbing over wasted bodies - searching for someone to give her one last mind-boggling orgasm...
Introducing Treanna, from the Adult Film Classic Series.
Format: DVD SS-SL
Audio: English: Dolby Digital 2.0
Video: Standard: 1.33:1
Region: All
Inside Desiree Cousteau Year 1979
Young, beautiful and innocent Desiree enters the work force but finds great difficulty in keeping men disinterested in her charms. She starts out as a promising reporter when she meets Mr. Ryan, a Presidential hopeful. He gives her the scoop of her life which ends up in an unusual pool sequence!
Desiree then tries another job as a door to door saleswoman with some very unusual results when she discovers her first client is a very luscious and hot redhead. She sells all her merchandise and ends up in a ménage a trios when the husband enters. Trying to keep away from sexual encounters and to find straight work, she finds herself a job aboard a luxury yacht only to discover herself involved with two famous porno stars, Johnny Holmes and Serena.
Inside Georgina Spelvin Year: 1973
One year after the blockbuster hit "The Devil In Miss Jones", this film spotlights the tremendous talents, acting as well as sexual, of the legendary Georgina Spelvin.
This sizzler stars Darby Lloyd Rains, Cindy West (as Linda Terry) and Ashley Moore (as Jim Rausch) as a trio of roommates who have fallen desperately behind on their rent. So what are a trio of hippie-dippie love birds supposed to do to raise a little fast cash? How about make their own porno movie, of course! The three would-be pornsters enlist the aid of porno legend, Georgina Spelvin, to get their project off the ground and the action just picks up from there. Throw in a sub-plot about a lusty landlord Jeffrey Hurst, who has started demanding sex from his tenants as payment, and you’ve got the makings of a real classic of early hardcore cinema.
Georgina lives up to her randy reputation in a pair of scenes, first with Darby in a steamy, highly charged lesbian tussle. Georgina then hooks up with Jeffrey and Marc Stevens in a riveting, ultra-enthusiastic double dip sequence that ranks as the video’s hottest, Georgina’s naturalistic appeal and utterly believable reactions drive both scenes through the roof. Also well worth noting is a first-rate performance from Darby, one of the earliest of the B-level porn starlets. Darby lends her skills to a trio of scenes, including the climatic three-way with Jeffrey and Linda Terry that brings the whole thing to a close.
Whether you’re a fan of Spelvin’s or just enjoy flicks from the earliest days of porn, this one’s a real treat from start to finish.....No silicone either!
Inside Little Oral Annie Year 1984
THE ULTIMATE HEAD MISTRESS"My name is Little Oral Annie and I love sucking dick"!! She will go down in history as the "BLOW JOB QUEEN" and she is certainly one of the most experienced sword swallowers of all time. Little Oral Annie truly gave new meaning to the word "DEEPTHROAT" and she is sometimes referred to as the "CINDERELLA OF ORAL SEX". In this amazing classic from the true golden age of porn, Little Oral Annie is accompanied by some of the hottest sluts of classic cinema, like Danielle and Taija Rae. These girls cannot survive without a hard cock in their mouth, vagina or anus. Annie takes on a "point of view" type of approach in this film, as she speaks directly into the camera, and introduces each scene, while her mouth is full of a hot cock. Annie is always very cheery when she helps make her fans very aware of her presence on camera, like when she tells the male viewer, "I’d love to have my lips around your cock"!!!! The interactive relationship between Little Oral Annie and the viewers is intense and one main reason why this film was way ahead of it’s time. This is Video-X-Pix’s best selling film of all time. A must have for any collector of vintage material from the golden age of porn.
: (Does not apply to VHS):
Digitally Re-Mastered
Bonus Classic Trailers
Inside Marilyn Chambers "Marilyn, as you've never seen her before... a sizzling portrait uf the undisputed queen of sensuality!
From Behind The Green Door to Insatiable II, no screen actress has been able to acheive the dizzying heights of eroticism that Marilyn has attained." J. & A. Mitchell
Mitchell Brothers Film Group® Presents Inside Marilyn ChambersA unique look at Marilyn Chambers through the eyes of porno's leading men... Anyway you look at ther, she's 100% Dynamite!
Inside Marilyn Chambers is a film tailor made for fans of the Ivory Snow Girl.
This semi-documentary offers totally new footage of Marilyn Chambers, including complete sex scenes that were never used from Behind The Green Door and Resurection of Eve.
It also features an interview with Marilyn Chambers, some new softcore footage of her and interviews with her leading men: Johnnie Keyes, George S. McDonald and Tyler Reynolds.
Inside Olinka A Dream Come True!After years of being called "Marilyn", Evelyn finally threw in the towel and accepted the nickname. To her surprise, from that point on her sex life soared off the Richter scale. There are a few men who can resist the challenge of seducing and bedding this sensationally beautiful blonde bombshell.
Taking advantage of her newly found opportunities, "Marilyn" displays her tantalizing oral talents on a well-hung one night stand, then it’s off to a photography session where some horny models make sure something delicious develops after everyone is exposed.
As "Marilyn’s" outrageous odyssey continues, her millionaire boy-friend and a kinky hustler take her for more than just a spin in a new Rolls Royce. What follows is a sensuous and erotic excursion into the swing sex clubs of Europe. Holding nothing back, "Marilyn" proves to be a real superstar at a no holds barred orgy that finally gets to the core, INSIDE MARILYN.
Insider, The The Insider - Featuring AVN Performer of the Year, Audrey Hollander. Includes double pen, double oral and ANAL sex!
Inter -Sex Love Inter Sex Love - She-Male with Female Hot Action! Starring Valeria, Jeniffer, Lisa, Joyce, Sheron, Claudia. Total Sex...all kinds...all sexes!
Intimate Couples Year 1985
A very famous trivia game plays a major role in this story about two couples who experiment with the game and use some of the answers to follow up on their own rampant sexual fantasies.
George and Sue are an inexperienced but charming younger couple who are in love, but not unwilling to learn about the more esoteric ways of pursuing sexual satisfaction.
Their friends, Jim and Joanne, are older, more sophisticated and comfortable with themselves and their sexuality. They lead our novice lovers on an exciting game plan that includes body painting, rose petals, amaretto liqueur, love oils and a climactic marathon session of trivia games that you won't find on sale at your local game store!
Ipanema Girls - Gabi Year2001
Ipanema Girls are so hot!!
I don't know what is more salty-the guy's sperm or the saltwater or both together!!
Featuring Sheila Rio, Lua, & Natasha.
Ipanema Girls - Rafaela Year2001
Beautiful Ipanema girls are back-
Did you like my ASS?! So what are you waiting for? Buy an air ticket and COME TO RIO!!
Featuring Rafaela, Sheila Rio,Angela,Cris Bel,& Carlinha.
Island Of Dr. Love Year 1978
Sex and inheritance problems rule the life of Pam and her husband. It seems that Pam's wealthy father has made plans to write her out of the will unless she provides him with a grandchild - pronto!
Worried, they seek out Dr. Steiger, a mysterious psychic physician living on a remote island whose bizarre medical practices take them aback. Both husband and wife begin a series of therapeutic carnal adventures that tear the roof off of their libidos.
Island Of Love Two young ladies are swept to the Island of Love via a fantasy frolic aboard an ocean cruiser. Upon their arrival they are greeted and soon swept off their feet by two fellows who show them the island.
Sara and Terri soon realize that their voyage was only the beginning of a wet dream come true. When Lewis and Laddy decide to show them everything, that's exactly what they do. Sara and Terri are more than happy to return the favor.
Island of Love takes the viewer along for an excursion of erotic flings that develop into moments of heart throbbing passion you'll love.
It's All About AVA Rising star Ava Rose, along with top male porn star and budding filmmaker Eric Masterson, give an insider's view of what truly makes Ava sizzle on camera!
Through a series of wild and highly charged erotic encounters, you'll get a shaft-stiffening look at how Ava and her friends spend their days! Clear your Calendar... Ava Rose wants to show you why it's all about her!!
Jack N Jill Year 1979
Jack' N Jill comes out swinging with an opening sequence that will leave you breathless. No wonder Samantha Fox won the Best-Actress-of-the-Year Award for her incredible performance, Jack Wrangler plays Samantha's husband as they decide to liven up their marriage by exploring the wild, kinky and surprising world of a couple who are married but not to each other. Mark Ubell's classic exploration of the world of swinging is a must for any adult video collection.
Jackpot Year 1980
Jackpot is the story of the super rich, indulging their depravity out of the boredom of needing nothing and having everything. A rich young heiress played by the sensational Lisa Marks has hired a companion for the weekend and tells him the saga of how she came into her fortune. Her father, a tycoon, is into playing games for high stakes, in this case his friend's wife. Little does he know that everyone has their own game to play; his wife and their very sexy maid, and the man out to con him out of a fortune.
The entire film is lushly photographed in the luxury surroundings of velvet and chrome, Rolls Royces and champagne. JACKPOT is an adventure in eroticism, intrigue and savage desires that only a few can afford.
Jade Pussycat, The Year 1977
Legendary John C. Holmes reprises his role as hard-nosed and hard-cocked private detective Johnny Wadd -as a beautiful babe from his past hires him to find her missing brother. His quest quickly becomes a saga of unique, hard-core feats from porn's raunchy early days!
Jennifer Welles "The Mature Lover" Jennifer Welles "The Mature Lover" AKA: Liza Duran
Years Active: 1969-1978
Hair: Blonde
Attributes: Very Busty, Kinky
Famous Roles: Inside Jennifer Welles, Expose Me Lovely
35mm classics from the golden age of porn.
Jezebel Year 1979
Throughout history, one name, by its very mention, has been able to strike fear but also electrify man’s sexual desire. Songs have been written about her, books recount her cunning. Her name, of course, is Jezebel. Able to lure men & women into her evil web of passion, Jezebel intoxicates with her beauty, destroys with her guile. And so it is with our modern day enchantress. Things were not always this way…the transformation came about through a mysterious figure that suddenly appears before her in a spectacular flash of light & color. He promises to fulfill her every sexual fantasy & experience every erotic pleasure known to man. However, she must pay the price for causing such anguish! "Jezebel, Jezebel, you mock mankind, yet mankind is doomed to love you…"
Jiu Jitsu She-Males Year2001
Sunshine Films Presents Brazilian She-Males Starring Danny, Kelly, and more! Hot, Beautiful, South American She-Males With Big Tits and even Bigger Cocks F**king and Sucking Everyone They Can Get Their Hands On!
Jizz Glazed Goo Guzzlers - Vol. 02 Year 2004
Starring: J. R. Carrington, Michelle Chan, Sophia Ferrari, Racquel Lace, Chelsea Blue, Julie Rage, Nikki Sinn, Kiss and Mia
2 Hours of the sloppiest dick licking in town! See how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Nitro cock pop. Boy are these girls in store for a nice creamy surprise!
A nice dose of pecker-jizzing will satisy the tummy of the most cum crazed junky. Watch these bitches in heat devour U.S. Grade A tube steak...
Jizz Glazed Goo Guzzlers - Vol. 03 Year 2004
Featuring: Heather Lee, Mila, Spice, Ashley Shye, Hillary Van Wettering, Huston, Morgan Fairlane, Stephanie Duvall
2 Full Cum Frothing Hours
Hot bubbling loads of choad
John Holmes - Legends of Porn 10 Pack John Holmes - Legends of Porn 10 PackGet all 10 titles for just $74.95, if you purchased them all individually $169.50! A 44% savings!Package includes the following titles:
John Holmes Non-Stop, John Holmes & Company, Big Leagues, The, My Tongue is Quick, The Orgy Machine, Let Me Count The Lays, Kingdom Cum, Winning Strokes, Mr Big Stuff, John Holmes Screws The Stars
John Holmes & Company Over the years, the King of All Cock has shared the company of many pussies, assholes, and mouths! Cum now and take a look at just a few!
John Holmes Extreme Facials No one could cover a face in cum more thoroughly than porn star legend John Holmes. From Seka and Connie Petersen to Desiree Cousteau and Serena, John Holmes invaded the most famous pussies in porn history before drenching their faces with his monstrous load. From it's plentiful wealth of unforgettable films, VCX presents the Extreme Facials of John Holmes.
John Holmes Non-Stop Pure, classic erotica from the only man worthy of being showcased in the Non-Stop Series: John Holmes. No name from x-rated 's Hall of Fame can compare with this awesome 14-1/2 inch cocksman! Modern day erotica was literally founded in the shadow of his insatiable prowess. So sit back and prepare for 90 minutes of non-stop sexuality! The beautiful, erotic women ... relentless couplings ... and outrageous orgies. Once in a lifetime, such a man comes along. John Holmes was that man.
John Holmes Trilogy Year 1970's
A John Holmes triple feature. The Johnny Wadd "Private Dick" adventure trilogy,when it came to the sex, these 1970's adult- flick spy spoofs were flat out HOT! These are the films that cults are made of! Restored. Remastered. Reborn on DVD! Starring an army of original porn ladies including Seka and more. John Holmes is the ultra cool, all original, flashback spy. Shagging all the way, as a super foxy babe hires him to find her long-lost missing brother in THE JADE PUSSYCAT.
In THE CHINA CAT,a trio of female detectives go undercover to get their hands on a priceless Jade statuette.
And finally, Seka, Jesie St. James and South Africa set the backdrop as Holmes hunts a 4 million dollar rock in BLONDE FIRE.
Johnny Wadd It all started with Johnny Wadd, a film shot at a time when pornography was illegal, sex was rampant and rules were obsolete. Bob Chinn wrote and directed what became a series of legendary detective movies that traced his rise from film student to porn pioneer. In his first feature role, John Holmes enriches the screen with an easy confidence matched by a solid acting ability and jaw dropping prowess.
For the first time since its long nights in smokey theaters, Bob Chinn brings you the original print of Johnny Wadd. In addition to the revolutionary film, Chinn has included a never before seen interview and a must see director’s commentary. Bob Chinn. John Holmes. Johnny Wadd.
This is where it all began.
This ground-breaking film, lost for a generation, has been painstakingly restored to it’s original luster! The film was wet-gated and color corrected until the digital rendition was finally approved by the master of 70’s porn: Bob Chinn. A golden era film of this quality can only have been brought to you by VCX, the "Home of the Classics" and Bob Chinn, the director immortalized in the film: "Boogie Nights"
5.1 Digital Sound, Interview with Director Bob Chinn, Director's Comentary, Bonus Scenes, Free Movies, Photo Gallery, Trailers
Joy Of Fooling Around, The The Joy of Fooling Around's delicious!
Experience the fantasies.
Feel the warmth.
Taste the flesh.
" ... The Joy Of Fooling Around may have finally reached the final plateau of eroticism... with a fabulous cast, a dynamite story, the entire lush island of Mykonos, and the most astonishing sexual scenes you are ever likely to see, WHAT CAN FOLLOW IT? There is one sexual interlude on the beach (part of which takes place underwater) that I would have thought impossible not only to perform but to actually photograph - INCREDIBLE! I was not prepared for what I saw in The Joy Of Fooling Around - IT IS MORE THAN EROTIC TOUR-DE-FORCE ... IT'S A SEUXAL Explosion..."Meredith Sinclair, Times
"... Fabulous Sex - beautiful people - breathtaking scenery - The Joy Of Fooling Around is a total turn-on!! Certainly the best sex film ever MY HIGHEST RATING"Ron Milliken, Daily Press
"...Monique DuPrez is unquestionably the hottest, most vivacious erotic sex symbol you've ever seen on the screen - period!"Alan Alcott, Newsbreak
"...Easily the most spectacular sex film of all time - and also the hottest ... the scene on the beach cannot be described - you must see it!..."Monica Caldwell, Motion Picture Times"... The Joy of Fooling Around looks like it came from a major studio - (I suspect that it did), and the actors are so beautiful and talented, you don't really believe they would be involved in all sorts of explicit sexual activities... but believe me, THEY ARE! ... the one sex scene that takes place on the ocean's edge I'm sure has never been performed or photographed before - I don't know how they did it!..."Richard Roland, Daily Herald
Jubilee Of Eroticism, The Year 1985
The Temporal WorldFamous adult motion picture directors David I. Frazier & Svetlana provide in The Temporal World a most unusual and unique short film. It’s about a chance encounter—two total strangers meet and make love in a construction site, only to find out later that it was all part of an arrangement by someone else.
The HitchhikerA hitchhiker finds sexual heat in the back of a van. This is another imaginative short film from David I. Frazer & Svetlana. Eric Edwards plays the surprised hitchhiker-and surprised he is. The man who gives him the ride has his wife and daughter (from a previous marriage) getting it on in the back. The man encourages the hitchhiker not only to, watch to participate. It’s every hitchhikers dream come true.
Other attractions in this very special Collectors Video Erotic Jubilee include Mediterranean Erotica in which some of Europe’s most gorgeous girls reveal themselves! It’s fun and frolic aboard a luxury yacht off the coast of Cannes in the South of France. And it’s photographed in that very French and erotic style of the Europeans.
In Pretty Girls of California we meet a host of gorgeous models and nymphettes. Hosted by and starring the Elvira of Porn, Robin Cannes, it’s girls who want to show their bodies – and boy, do they do it well.
This is one DVD you just have to own – it’s got more and better action than you’ve ever hoped for.
Judgement Day How will St. Peter judge your sex life?
Judgement Day is the fascinating story of two star-crossed lovers, Mona and Will. Told in the manner of "Heaven Can Wait," this spectacular film traces the young couple’s entry into the pearly gates where they are met by four other young people.
The cantankerous St. Peter bars entry, for to enter Paradise, the true facts of their lives must be revealed. No detail omitted, no act regardless of how bizarre is kept from the eyes of the viewer. So degenerate are some of these acts that many are banished to hell.
But Will and Mona returned to Earth for a second chance. How they use this new opportunity provides a delightful and erotic ending to a most unusual film.
Jus' Knockin' Boots - Vol. 02 Year 2004
Featuring: Kimberley Kupps: Interracial/Double Facial
Samantha:Interracial/Double Facial
Rachel:Anal/DP/Double Facial
Kandi Kreme:Interracial
Katy Pervy - The XXX Parody Pop sensation Katy Pervy knows what sells her music: SEX! Well, that and a sexy voice that could only get that way via daily deep throat vocal exercises.
So, Katy Pervy goes on a XXX adventure, from her cleavage-filled appearance with everybody's favorite red puppet, Elmer, to kissing a girl and liking it so much that it evolves into a hot & heavy lesbian party!
Featuring parodies of all of Katy's famous horny friends, Ka$$ha, Rihandjob, Lady Gagger, Snoop Dong, and Russell Gland, as they fuck their way up the charts!
Starring: Kimberly Kane, Misty Stone, Lexi Swallow, Chastity Lynn, Anthony Rosano, Brian Street Team, D-Snoop, and introducing "Elmer"
-Photo Gallery
-Pop Shot Recap
-Full Motion Menus
Kelly Nichols "The Make-Up Artist" Kelly Nichols "The Make-Up Artist"
AKA: Maryanne, Marianne
YEars Active: 1980-2007
Measurements: 36C-28-39
Hair: Brunette
Height 5'5"
Famous Roles: That Lucky Stiff,Succulent
35mm classics from the golden age of porn.
Kendra Jade Exposed Year2004
Five full hours of Kendra Jade totally exposed and nasty. It does not get any better than this-sizzling!
Kim Kardashian Superstar UNCUT
She’s the daughter of O.J. Simpson lawyer, the stepdaughter of Olympic Gold Medalist Bruce Jenner and the best friend of Paris Hilton; he’s a bestselling hip-hop artist who has been linked with Lil’ Kim and most recently Whitney Houston – and when you see what he’s packing, you’ll know why. It’s Kim Kardashain and Ray J in the hottest celebrity DVD ever made. Kim Kardashian Supersstar… she’s 9 ½" from stardom!
XXX Hardcore and Candid!
Over 60 minutes of behind-the-scenes footage including never-before seen sex.
Kinky Ladies Of Bourbon St. In one of the final big French hardcore imports, four gorgeous ladies' desire to kill themselves through lust -- successfully.
Kowloon Connection Year 1976
A terrific ode to the '70's narcotic/espionage laced thrillers, complete with sexual dynamics, intrigue, gritty characters from the Asian underworld and more! John Holmes stars as "The Man" in this action-packed sex adventure, featuring the oriental harlot Suzy Chung - whose "Kowloon Connection" with John is worth the viewing in itself!
Look for the shocking ending!
Kristara Barrington: Unleashed Year 1983-1990
Arriving on the porn scene in 1983, Kristara Barrington quickly became the go-to girl of the industry. She gave as good as she got and was a favorite of many of the greatest studs she paired with in a career that lasted nearly seven years! She loved her big-for-Asian boobs to be sucked, and never looked like she was acting when being drilled by the likes of Peter North, Tom Byron, Marc Wallice, Jerry Butler and many more.
Her female co-stars were no less enamored by her talented tongue and probing fingers. Her bedroom eyes and lusty demeanor earned her well deserved star status, not to mention appearing in over 200 features. She's the Rodney Dangerfield of porn, never quite getting the respect she deserved, but one of our favorites.
And here she is: UNLEASHED for your viewing pleasure!
Kristara Barrington: Wants It Bad Years: 1983-1989
Never one to shy away from any role, Kristara Barrington aka: China Lee, Kimberly Wong, Kim Morgan, Mai Nuygen and Mai Tai appeared in over 200 titles between 1983 and 1989. In a time when such luminaries such as Annette Haven, Kay Parker, Ginger Lynn, Vanessa del Rio and Seka were rocking the Porn-World, Kristara was the favorite co-star of many of the biggest studs (and sluts) she appeared with. She never looked like she was acting when riding cowgirl on a stick, her beautiful heavy breasts heaving up and around with every wonderful thrust. The cast and crew were always big fans of her performances, often breaking into applause when the director shouted "and cut". Here she is, one of our favorite stars from the Golden Era of Porn, and Kristara Barrington "Wants It Bad!"
La Boomba Year 1987
An American "EXCESS" Story!The 38 DD GIRLS!Blade and Bertha are two big-breasted biker chicks. Muffy and Skip are two yuppie nerds who need a good lickin'. Clyde is a parole officer who would like a big bust or two under his belt.
When their Volvo breaks down, Muffy and Skip find themselves on biker turf. The revenge of Blade, Bertha and the rest of the 38 DD gang is hot enough to blow the heads off any "hard-tail." These rough rider babes leave no doubt about what they put between their legs for excitement.
Lady Madonna Lady Madonna (Stacey Donovan) runs the most elite escort service with the most beautiful women on New York's East side. Follow this tale of debauchery as her ladies discover the passion of cum-filled adventures!
Last Sex Act Year 1975
A horny and surprisingly virile senior citizen hires a private eye to investigate his heirs and in the process, uncovers the seedier side of the city! He discovers wanton sexual situations in virtually every corner of the city - and unleashes his own sexual ferocity.
A terrific story with some campy performances indeed!
Latin Heat Vanessa Del Rio is hot, sizzling hot! She melts the screen. In all of her scenes she seems to have an unbridled passion with the other actors. Her huge tits were one of her most memorable characteristic. She was also known for being an incredible sexual person, she always took her scenes to the next level. She was very kinky and loved dirty sex, like her rough locker room scene with Jamie Gillis from "Midnight Desires" and her hot, anal scene with Paul Thomas from a "Scent of Heather". Vanessa also conquers the world of acting with ease, she is actually quite funny, as well as a sex goddess. Latin Heat, starring Vanessa Del Rio, explores the latin queen of kink and is a must have for any serious collector of rare, vintage material.
Ron Jeremy Interview
Classic Slideshow
Bonus Trailers
Latin Hoochies #2 Year2003
What more can you want than beautiful Latinas who do it NASTY? With girls- who speak no English- and guys who understand no Spanish. There's only one way to communicate: the universal language of "Let's Screw." We have Domino and Mercedes Ashley, two of the hottest babes in the business. There's also teen Lena Juliette and the squirting Mason Storm with what might be the best ass in the business and a face that'll make you cream in your pants. Olivia O'lovely is what hard core is all about. Finally 18 year old Savita Rose and her picture-perfect natural tits round out this look at hot little Latin whores!
Latin Obsession Year2005
Defiance Films presents 5 blazing hot scenes featuring 7 of the sexiest Latino women we could find. Sandra Romain , Monique Madison, Layla Rivera and the others will give you a new meaning of 'Brown Pride' This ones a scorcher!!! This one gives you everything you desire, young latin chicks, hot lesbian action, hot anal sex, facials, and big dicks.
DIRECTOR: Vincent Voss
Stars: Alex Sanders, Brett Rockman, Ice LaFoxxx, Layla Rivera, Lee Stone, Mark Wood, Monique Madison, Mya Luanna, Naudia Nyce, Persia DeCarlo, Sandra Romain
RUNNING TIME: 140 mins.
Latina Anal Nymphos Authentic latina beauties. Hardcore anal fucking.Latina Anal Nymphos Features only the purest, most beautiful latinas directly from their south of the border homes. These stunning latinas love a good pussy pounding, but don't get off until their ass gets drilled. Watch them eagerly fuck for money, pleasure and visas on their way to extreme satisfaction and face covered in cum.
Latina Lolitas Young, Lascivious, Latina.Smuggled directly out of Costa Rica, Latina Lolitas captures beautiful barely legal teens performing lascivious acts of carnality. Despite their youth, these 100% pure taltinas know how to screw and take pride doing it. Watch them devou cock with their mouths, pussies and tight young asses before begging for a mouthful of cum. You won’t find girls like this north of the border.
Legacy Of Lust What would you do for a million bucks?When an elderly millionaire has a heart attack while watching a sexy striptease, his wild will leaves everyone in a state of salacious surprise, it seems that he decided to leave his fortune to whichever couple can prove themselves to be even more sex-crazed than he was! His probate lawyer gathers together three loving couples for a weekend of utter debauchery, watching them on video monitors as they try and prove themselves filthy enough to qualify for the cash. Things take a strange and sordid twist when someone starts trying to bump off the carnal competitors! Filled with luscious young performers and plenty of white-hot action, this tongue-in-cheek romp delivers plenty of dead-on sexual thrills!
Legend Of Lady Blue Year 1978
A movie for those who still remember their first time...
Legend Of Lady Blue is an erotic film about real people. Iris and Casey are childhood sweethearts from a small town in South Dakota. Their friend, Shelby, makes up the ill-starred trio, who leaves with Casey to join the Marines.
Meanwhile, Iris leaves for Hollywood to chase her dream. Busy pursuing her career, Iris breaks her engagement to Casey, and picks up with an impossible Hollywood agent - Gloria Diamond.
Years later, Casey and Iris meet by chance. Their lives have changed drastically, and perhaps NOT for the best!!
Legends of Porn 10 Pack Legends of Porn 10 PackGet all 10 titles for just $74.95, if you purchased them all individually $169.50! A 44% savings!Package includes the following titles: Night Trips,, Christy Canyon Non-Stop, Pandoras Mirror, American Desire, Dirty Shary, Andrew Blake The Legend, House of Dreams, Andrew Blakes' Girls, Sekas Fantasies, Secrets
Legends of Porn Vol 3 Featuring the hottest legendary stars : Barbara Dare, Tara Aire, Sharon Kane, Aja, Samantha Fox, Sharon Mitchell, Juliet Anderson, Jessica Wylde, Anna Ventura, Kimberly Carson, Rita Ricardo, K.C. Valentine, Porsche Lynn, Gloria Leonard, Susan Hart, Peter North, John Holmes, Ron Jeremy, Paul Thomas, Tom Byron, Tony Martino, Hershel Savage Featuring Scenes from : Eruption, Coffee, Tea or Me, Nasty Lady, Dangerous Curves, Aunt Peg, Expose Me Now, Suzie Superstar 3, Sorority Pink, and more!!
Legends Of Porn Vol. 02 Year 1989
Over 30 Major Stars!From Pioneers to Video Superstars!
This Classic DVD has everything you could wan in a collector's film!
Video Era:
Hypathia Lee, Ginger Lynn, Amber Lynn, Barbara Dare, Nina Hartley, Shauna Grant
Unsung Pioneers:
Susan McBain, Bonnie Holiday, Nancy Dare, Joan Devlon, Lori Blue, Lynx Canon
Superstars & Hall Of Famers:
Marilyn Chambers, Annette Haven, John Leslie, Jamie Gillis, Seka, Desiree Cousteau, Harry Reems, Herschel Savage
Hosted by Jim Holliday, Historian, Directory, Author and Hall of Fame Member.
Lesbian Lovers Year 1988
A wacky psychiatrist corrals five of the sexiest adult starlets into therapy one afternoon - in hopes of each reliving their most intimate lesbian encounters. What follows are several sizzling vignettes of temptation, seduction and ultimately, passion!
Let Me Count The Ways How do I love thee? Let me "Count The Ways"
The Most erotic love story ever filmed. Starring: Yvonne Greene, Jason Welles, Charla Miss "42", Jack Beardsly, Bonnie Coombs, Brian Appleby
Let's Get Physical Starring: Hyapatia Lee, Erica Boyer, Paul Thomas, Shanna McCullough
Let's Talk Sex Meet the girls of Dial-A-Fantasy & immerse yourself in total erotic delight! You’ll get more than just an earful when you revel in ecstasy with Tina & Christine. Share the excitement as they satisfy the deviant desires of their most challenging, sex-starved callers in one orgasmic adventure after another. But hold the phone! As a viewer, you can do more than just listen…you get to watch! Don’t miss a minute of their pulsating pleasure. The lust lines are open. Call now & Let’s Talk Sex!
Lex and His Women Everything in this Movie is BIG!
Starring Lexington Steele and His Women: Luscious Lopez, Katja Kassin, Lauren Phoenix, Sandra Roman, Destiny Deville, Rayveness
Libido Loco The Latin Queen Of Porn with many more classic porn superstars!
Like A Virgin 2 Year 1986
Petite and pure sex-driven pixie Bunny Bleu, heads up this torrid peek into the lives of some of the more adventurous clan of adult video.
The bodies are tight, the action is fast and the sex is simply searing!
Won't you join them in a little romp between the sheets?
Like Mother, Like Daughter Year 1975
Mother and daughter are having a grand time living a ménage lifestyle with stepfather. Everything seems to be going just fine. Until, that is, when Father (Mother’s first husband) returns from Japan to find Mother’s upbringing of his daughter has been an amoral influence, and decides to obtain legal custody of his daughter.
Not having seen her father since she was a child, his daughter objects (why break up a good thing at home?). She decides to 'lay' a trap for her father. Posing as a girl out for a good time, she and her girlfriend (for whom she has the hots) pick up her father and the ‘fun’ begins. At the last moment, they both leave Father ‘high and dry.’ Not until later, when they meet again, does Father realize that his unhappy incident with the ‘fun girls’ was in fact with his daughter whom he is attempting to gain custody of. Knowing this, he decides his efforts are futile for they are truly "Like Mother, Like Daughter".
Lingerie Cherries Year2002
Four full hours of hot sexy cherries in stockings,lace, & lingerie doing it all-2 somes, 3-somes, anal, guzzling cum-it is all here for your pleasure.
Lips Year 1981
....The Passage To Pleasure!
"This colorful, well-photographed flick features Lisa Deleeuw and a host of recent cummers to the X-screen. Kathy Harcourt is just as hot here, but watch the little blonde babe called Heidi- she's dynamite!" VELVET TALKS -Dec. 1981
"...The sex in LIPS is firstrate, and the viewer gets another chance to see platinum newcomer Heidi. Wall to wall sex!" - VELVET EROTIC FILM GUIDE
"Kathy Harcourt is a ggroin-grabbing find!"CHERRI MAGAZINE
Little American Maid Year 1986
Tammy Lee Curtis & Nikki Charm make this lust filled epic of erotica a sure-fire winner.
This incredibly hot, sensuous story is about a maid who gives new meaning to the word "service".
Mary is the Little American Maid who derives her pleasure from pleasing her master and all of his friends. Her day isn’t over until everyone is satisfied.
Little Angel Puss Little Angel Puss is a teenage girl discovering her sexuality, pursuing her lustful urges and dealing with the hardships they all ferment. After a failed experience with a boy her age she tries another girl, then an older man, but the lust does not go away, nor is it satisfied.
She runs away to the city where she finds a culture that embraces her deviant urges. Before long, she is addicted to heroin while in the grasp of a hustling pimp, Little Angel Puss gets more than she bargained for, but this nice nympho turned whore is just getting started. She’s out to fuck the world.
Little Girls Talking Dirty Year 1986
Deftly semantics with semen, Christina DeLongpre owns and operates "Fingertalking," where she pulsatingly performs the fine art of telephone-sex to absolute perfection. But word-of-mouth appears to have gotten out of hand. This has resulted in an increase in the volume of Christina’s business to the point where she is forced to hire additional help. Rising to the oral-occasion, are an erotic of trio of talented talkers named, Lisa, Tina and Claire. As the girls go deep-dialing on their own, each of them ends up in a steamy situation that explicitly proves that the next best thing to ones fist is the telephone.
Little Oral Annie "Blow Job Queen" Little Oral Annie "Blow Job Queen"
AKA: Annie Owens, Andrea Parducci
Born: January 13, 1960
Hair: Brown
Height: 5'5"
Specialty: Deep Throating
Attributes: Very Busty, Loves Bondage, Swallows
35mm classics from the golden age of porn.
Little Oral Annie Collection, The THE QUEEN OF COCKHope to see ya soon! -- Love Annie
Little Oral Annie is possibly the most underrated performer in the history of classic adult cinema. She had quite the talent and passion for sucking cock. Actually, we feel that she is by far, the "ORAL QUEEN" and in the past she has been referred to as the "CINDERLLA OF ORAL SEX". She was a true pioneer and re-inventor of the Blow job, and she gave the meaning of "Giving head" , a whole new definition. Annie blew away the competition and she gave a new meaning to the term "DEEPTHROAT". Annie was never shy about her performing in front of the camera, she is actually well known for her hard-core sexual monologues, especially when she is giving a blow job. She loves to look into the camera and talk about sucking and fucking, and she is definitely a dirty little whore. In this exclusive collection. Video-X-Pix, opens it’s vault of classic scenes and mini shorts, in order to bring you the best of Little Oral Annie. In this DVD, we see Little Oral Annie enjoy cock, pussy and ass. Annie is more than happy to share all of her warm and wet holes with studs like Jerry Butler, Bobby Astyr and George Payne. Annie loves to eat pussy and get fucked, simultaneously. This collection also has tons of lesbian filled action, as Annie teams up with her starlet counterparts Danielle, Kelly Nichols, Rhonda Jo Petty, Taija Rae and many more. Annie is a sex addict, as she explains throughout this DVD. She loves group sex, she loves to 69, and she loves hot anal sex, and she will go down in history as the one of the most amazing cock suckers of all time!!! This is a must see, for any true collector of golden age material.
Oral Sex! Deep Throat! Cumshots! Tight Anal!
Little Oral Annie Takes Manhattan Year 1985
Little Oral Annie makes herself a welcome visitor in the Big Apple by exercising her special ORAL techniques. She Takes a BITE out of the BIG APPLE! She always brings forth the best in the men she meets! Little Oral Annie is the Princess of Deep Throating!
Live and Loaded #1 Live and Loaded - In Switzerland - The Hottest Girls in Europe performing for a Live Audience! Raw & Uncut - See it all Live
Horst Baron
Shara Sun
Livia Choice
Nikki Rider
Zenza Raggi
Salma De Nora
Kevin Long
Audrey Hollander
Otto Bauer
Live and Loaded #2 Live and Loaded - In LA - Features a live sex show shot on stage with a real rock band. Follow the roadie and groupies on their sexploits live and uncut! Double Anal - Double Vaginal! - Double Penetration in every scene!
Mika Tan
Stacy Thorn
Audrey Hollander
Claire Robbins
Live Show, The Year 1979
Persuasive Polecats Bump & Grind...
An intimate and unbridled peek behind the curtain and into the dressing rooms of the performers of a live sex show are revealed here.
This voyeuristic vision introduces us to the women who dance with sensual intensity - and the men who fulfill their every dirty desire.
Lollipop Cream 14" Cock CandyThese chicks can’t resist the taste of John’s lollipop cream!
A John Holmes Flick
Lollipop Palace Year 1973
The legendary John Holmes and Bunny Savage headline this all star cast in an authentic journey back in the time to the Lollipop Palace, a bawdy cathouse in San Francisco during the 1930’s. As the story unfolds, we meet Frenchie, the mature and busty madame who runs the house. She tells the girls Bonnie and Sherry, two sex pros, to show Tina, the new girl in town, the ins and outs of the business. However, she learns quickly and enthusiastically joins in the fun in this sexy and humorous look at the past. The Lollipop Palace is a wild and wicked classic adult presentation.
Long Ranger, The Year: 1987
Despite the absence of masked men and silver bullets, this hearty, good-natured film is actually a vehicle for the talented ladies who star. Charmer Cyndie Summers owns a vacation hotel catering to lonely women in search of men. Having had the misfortune of catching her husband, Herschel Savage, in bed with one of the resort’s boarders, she handily evicts him and arbitrarily bans all men from the premises.
The horny, desperate women staying at the hotel are faced with a dilemma; with no available men they must resort to each other’s affections while exchanging lusty tales of sexual conquest to warm their long nights.
Rocki Rio, Sheri St. Claire and Tami Lee Curtis amuse each other with an oversized ball vibrator pleasuring each others bodies into intense rapture! Sitting on the patio in the cool of the evening, the delectable Rocki Rio (played by Keisha) envisions herself as the woman cavorting with Herschel while Sheri St. Claire regales of how she seduced her cowboy stud (Jerry Butler) in the garden and rode him hard.
Next up, the delightful blonde temptress Tami Lee Curtis reincarnates a vigorous 3-way sex triad she once had with Rocki and the generously endowed Brandon Harris. Meanwhile, a repentant Herschel confronts wife Cyndee while bathing and pleads for her forgiveness subsequently joining her in the suds for a frothy climax.
All in all, the film is typical pop classic porn featuring some of the bustier, most supple ladies in 80’s porn.
Looking For Love Year 1985
The sign on the door reads 'Sexual Therapist - Director of Family Relations'. What the unsuspecting patients don't realize is that when they "enter and sign in" they are in for some unusual sexual healing.
An exotic African plant which sits innocently in the reception area emits a powerful aphrodisiac and when humans smell the attractive bud, libidos run rampant.
This unusual "plant therapy" catches on with all the doctor's patients in a mass orgy of sexual energy all the patients are cured. All well and good, but the doctor loses his whole practice in one day.
Love Scenes For Loving Couples Year 1987
Love Scenes For Loving Couples...Finally, an adult film completely designed with loving couples in mind. Whether it's the innocence of first love, a bittersweet summer romance or the inner-workings of a marriage, the emphasis is always on tenderness, passion, touching, hugging & gentle lovemaking. Love Scenes For Loving Couples focuses on the most basic aspect of human sexuality - a man and a woman together & in love.
Commentary provided by Jim Holiday & Kim Carson.
Love Secrets Year 1976
Tracey and her husband Arthur, bored with their sex life, find themselves lapsing into long and separate periods of erotic daydreams. Those dreams are so real that the couple lose all sense of reality. At work Arthur fantasizes about his luscious secretary (the naughty Candida Royalle), while Tracy's renewed acquaintance with a former boyfriend takes on a frenzied sexual encounter that heats up when another girl drops in on the two. They finally open up to each other about their unlocked sexual passions one day and proceed to the bedroom. Their marriage, now strengthened by a more honest approach, starts a whole new phase of delightful sexual encounters.
Love Syndrome, The Super sex star Harry Reems and the incredibly talented Samantha Fox (Erotic Film Award Actress of The Year) team up in one of the most stunningly erotic films to ever delight sex loving adults everywhere.
A hotbed of perversion, lesbianism and startling sex scenes - it’s a fabulous potpourri of sex and it’s all in The Love Syndrome, a searing blast of explosive passions... It’ll blow more than your mind!
Love-In Arrangement Year 1981
Rick Iverson is a stand-up comic who has finally hit it big, and who is now being sued for palimony by a woman from his past . On the stand, each of them recounts their relationship. As it turns out, it involved lots of lurid sex for both of them, both in and outside of the relationship. Merle Michaels is the woman suing Rick, and as we see, she did a lot of playing around during their relationship. Finally, however, when his lawyer starts yelling at Merle on the stand, Rick realizes her still loves her and they get married. A romantic scorcher.
Lure Of The Triangle Year 1978
Actually filmed on location in the crystal waters of the Devils Triangle in Bermuda.
"Lure of the Triangle" brilliantly combines the steamiest sex with the most breathtakingly photographed underwater adventure since Cousteau. This is a treasure hunt to end all treasure hunts. We won’t spoil the plot by telling you what gorgeous Patricia Rivers and virile Mike Cone are looking for, or whether they find it, but we will guarantee that for the viewer there’s treasure of every kind in every last frame of this movie.
Luscious Year 1982
From the moment the three beauties strip down and change into their bikinis, you know you're in for a sex-charged vacation like none you've ever experienced. These girls waste no time in exploring every fantasy they-and you-have ever dreamed of. LUSCIOUS combines breathtaking locations and beautiful people to bring you the hottest sex scenes on the screen. Let LUSCIOUS take you away on a pleasure trip-you'll want to go back for more.
Lust In America Year 1985
After a cocktail party, three couples stay on to talk about their fantasies. The women trail off into another room however, and relate all the juicy details of their numerous affairs.
Left alone, the men fall into the same kind of sexual "shop talk" as well.
What their respective mates don't know is that they have shared partners and didn't even know it!
One particularly sex-hungry female hairdresser seems to have made the rounds with all the couples and her presence is felt in more ways than one!!
Yes there is plenty of Lust In America!
Lust Of The Catwoman Erotically beautiful actresses’ animalistic lusts are unleashed while casting for a part in a jungle movie!
Part of VCX's European Diamond Collection
Lust On The Orient Xpress Year 1986
Director: Tim McDonald
Nick and Nora Chalmers (John Leslie and Gina Carrera) write mystery novels...steamy, sexy mystery novels. In search of plots for their next book, they travel to Europe to experience the passion, desire and intrigue on the legendary Orient X-press.
Once on board, they discover a cast of shady (and horny) characters including a potent potentate and his hand job handmaiden, horny Colonel Kittridge, and the anything but lady like Ashley and her sex starved secretary-all plotting to steal a priceless diamond, "The eye of Eros".
It's a four-day erotic adventure where it's not whodunnit, but who's doing it, that counts.
Lusty Adventurer, The Year 1985
Successful sex hound, R.J., gets involved with a disastrous movie investment project. To turn it around he reshapes the movie into an erotic epic. The adventures he encounters as he goes about finding starlets and casting the film make this a wonderfully arousing and amusing tale.
Luv Game, The Year 1988
Lana Lite is looking for love in all the right places. Rachel is a legal eagle looking for a hung jury. Terry can't make up her mind...So she makes up her bed for 2 more. And how about a ballet buff who meets a black stripper - in the buff. If you want love - you need to make the "LUV CONNECTION".
M Series - Vol. 04 Year 2002
Volume 4 of the exciting, new interracial mini-feature series.
1) Cookies & Cum - When Lovely Lynn finds herself stressed out, she finds it helpful to eat...Today's special is sausage & Sean Michaels is serving it thick & hot - the way she likes it! 2) The Escorts - At Angela's escort service, the customer cums first! 3) Blonde Bombshell - When this blonde impales herself on Jake's cock with wanton abandon, you'll hear bombs go off! This is one blonde babe with an itch to be a bitch.
Major's Lady, The Breathtaking Rita Cardinalle is the wife of the Major whose Marquis de Sade complex forces her into a world of wanton lust and volcanic sex.
Scenes include: Boy/Girl, Girl/Girl/Boy, anal, lesbian, and double penetration – filmed by Europe’s hottest director!
Part of VCX's European Diamond Collection
Male Chauvinist Pig Special Collector’s Edition Director’s CutThe Erotic Memoirs of a Male Chauvinist Pig
With Georgina Spelvin star of (The Devil in Miss Jones)
Brand new HD Film Transfer from the original 35mm internegative.
The legendary Erotic Memoirs of a Male Chauvinist Pig (1973) is a wildly fascinating throwback to the early years of explicit feature films.
Made by an artist, and sometime master forger, Raymond C Hoersch, the existential plot recounts the story of a misogynist and his travails with a series of women – and whilst exploiting all manner of taboos along the way. Highlights include a golden “beer’ shower, a crude sexual violation hot bondage and some messy copulations.
Featuring the cream of the pioneering adult film talent of East Coast erotic cinema including Tina Russell, Darby Lloyd Rains, Georgina Spelvin, and Helen Madigan, The Erotic Memoirs of Male Chauvinist Pig is a fascinating curio from the unforgettable grindhouse days of New York City’s adult Cinema.
Features: Brand New HD Transfer Uncut and Restored, Exclusive interview with Georgina Spelvin, Male Pig The Original Theatrical Trailer, Short: Box Ball in HD, Vintage Slideshow, Definitive Liner Notes, 5x7 Collectible Card, English Audio with original mono.
Directed by John Butterworth
Manhattan Mistress With a plotline which gives the idea as to how vulnerable the human spirit is when faced with a situation of this type, the idea that we are humans with emotions that can drive us to certain extremes and the impact they can have on the people around us. A young, Southern woman discovers that her mother is a prostitute. She runs away from home to New York City, only to meet the same fate as her mother. Juliet Anderson fits the part well ad a not must be given to one of the better actresses from this era, Erica Boyer, who tryly shines and is sexually explosive!
Many Happy Returns Year 1995
Starring: The Sexsational HOUSTON, Tom, a lonely bachelor, is celebrating his 25th birthday all by himself and is feeling very depressed. For some reason his girlfriend and all his buddies have disappeared - NOT!
No sooner does Tom give up on a party, than the doorbell rings and a topless girl enters to sing him a happy birthday and add some "extras". Then all hell breaks loose as his buddies arrive with masseuses and ex-girlfriends as well as his present girlfriend "baring" presents!
Talk about your parties. All of Tom's wishes come true... and the candles on his cake aren't the only thing that get blown.
Maraschino Cherry Year 1978
Gloria Leonard runs a pricey house of prostitution, and business is booming. Then her younger sister shows up and announces that she wants to earn her spurs in the world’s oldest profession. Gloria is simply thrilled to have her sister training to take over the family business, and she promptly begins her education. She starts with the simple pleasures her business offers its clients — all the traditional forms of sex. Watching Leslie Bovee, who plays the neophyte hooker, performing her lessons, is what adult film is all about. Later, she moves on to such lessons as the proper binding and beating techniques for clients who prefer their pleasures with a touch of S&M. A well-done tribute to bought pleasure in all of its forms.
Maraschino Cherry Platinum Edition Digitally Remastered from the Original 35 MM Film"Best Erotic Film of All Time"!
Considered by many to be the greatest director of adult films, Henry Paris (aka Radley Metzger) rewrote the history of the genre with his series of five films in the mid 1970's (The Opening Of Misty Beethoven, Naked Came The Stranger, Private Afternoons Of Pamela Mann, and Barbara Broadcast) ‘Maraschino Cherry' – his final swan song to the genre – is a sparkling example of what made him famous; decadent settings, beautiful people, humorous dialogue – and sizzling eroticism of the highest order.
Featuring an amazing who's who of New York's best –loved adult film stars from the 1970s (Annette Haven, Leslie Bovee, C.J. Laing, Constance Money, Suzanne McBain, Jenny Baxter, Wade Nichols, Eric Edwards), this Collector's Edition includes an extensive new interview with its star, the legendary Gloria Leonard, amazing stills recently unearthed from the vaults and never seen before, and a color booklet written by adult film historian Benson Hurst.
Digitally remastered from the original 35 MM negative, Video-X-Pix is proud to present ‘Maraschino Cherry' in a brand new, 2 disc collector's edition. A must have for any serious collector of golden age material.
"Stunning!" This new print raises the bar for al classic adult films.
2 Disc Collector's EditionDisc 1 (Feature Disc): Full Length 35 MM theatrical version of "Maraschino Cherry", Short question & answer with Gloria Leonard, Video-X-Pix "Trailers from the Vault", Video-X-Pix "35 MM Vintage Slideshow"
Disc 2 (Bonus Disc): Original theatrical release, Trailer for "Maraschino Cherry", Studio Interview with the legendary Gloria Leonard, 2 Bonus Scenes starring Gloria Leonard, Slide Gallery from the Motion Picture, Audio Clip - "Inventor of Phone Sex, Gloria Leonard's Answering Machine Message"
Rare Collectors Included: Page color booklet with liner notes by Adult Film Historian, Benson Hurst., A 35 MM strip cut from an actual print of Maraschino Cherry.
The Story:
Gloria Leonard runs a pricey house of prostitution, and business is booming. Then her younger sister shows up and announces that she wants to earn her spurs in the world's oldest profession.
Gloria is simply thrilled to have her sister training to take over the family business, and she promptly begins her education. She starts with the simple pleasures her business offers its clients — all the traditional forms of sex. Watching Leslie Bovee, who plays the neophyte hooker, performing her lessons, is what adult film is all about.
Later, she moves on to such lessons as the proper binding and beating techniques for clients who prefer their pleasures with a touch of S&M. A well-done tribute to bought pleasure in all of its forms.
Mardi Gras 2003 - Mardi Gras Girl Exposed - 2 Disk Mardi Gras 2003 - Mardi Gras Girl Exposed - 2 Disk Set!
Mardi Gras 2004 Get ready! Get real ready! You're invited to the biggest party of the year. Mardis Gras 2004, in New Orleans. Join us and watch as our cameras bring you the craziest and most uninhibited women. Watch them bare it all. These are not paid models or actresses. They're the girl next door! They're beautiful and ready to party! And they're here, just for you!
Mardi Gras 2005 Get ready, because Wild Party Girls is about to bring you the craziest and most uninhibited women who love to party and bare it all. These women are not paid models or actresses, in fact, they're the girl next door!
Let the Mardi Gras Mayhem begin! Join the fun as the Wild Party Girls camers uncover all the insane action on Bourbon Street and beyond! Feast your eyes on all of the outrageous, amateur footage, Wild Party Girls Style!
Mardi Gras 2006 Welcome to the triumphant return of the Big Easy after a tough year, Bourbon Street rebounds with a vengeance!
The parties are HOTTER and the Girls are WILDER than ever in this piping hot FLESH FEST.
And as always, Wild Party Girls is there to capture all of the INSANE ACTION just for you!
Mardi Gras Bayou Blast Get Ready! Get real ready! You're invited to the biggest party of the year in New Orleans. Join us and watch as our cameras bring you the craziest and most uninhibiged women. Watch them bare it all. These are not paid models or actresses. They're the girl next door! They're beaugiful and ready to party! And they're here just for you!
Mardi Gras Explosion It's that time of the year again! Grab your beads and head on down to Bourbon Street where all the wildest girls in America converge to GET NAKED and PARTY til the sun comes up.
And as always, Wild Party Girls is there to capture all of theINSANE AMATEUR ACTION just for you!
Marianne Bouquet Year 1983
Featuring the Hottest Beauties of Europe
She needed him... but she couldn't wait.
Marianne, the beautiful wife of Michael, loves her husband very much, but Michael cannot resist the lure of illicit sex. His sexual escapades are seemingly endless. Marianne's faithfulness has it's limits and when she meets and beds the handsome Philip she must make a wait for the man she married to return to her or start her life anew with someone else.
The passions of the heart and body come together in an explicit, searing tale of love and lust and a woman ready to bloom emotionally and sexually.
Featuring Michel Lemoine, Francois Cannone & Claudia Costa
Marilyn Chambers Insatiable 3-Pack Year 1980
The Original and still undefeated Queen of Adult cinema in 3 of her most unforgettable classic films! Its a Marilyn Chambers Triple Feature! With some of the hottest stars in adult, John Holmes, Shanna McCullough, and more.
Ahh, the groovy Seventies. INSATIABLE, INSATIABLE 2 and UP 'N COMING.
This is the ULTIMATE Marilyn Chambers collector set. Restored- Remastered- On DVD!
Marilyn Chambers Private Fantasies #1 Year 1983
With considerable pride, Marilyn Chambers, has put these original, never seen before tapes together based on her own personal real-life fantasies, and she has choreographed the action so to capture her innermost sexual feelings Marilyn also provides her own narration with scenes involving her intimate friends. Highlights of this tape include Marilyn Chambers paired with John C. Holmes, and you can watch her deep throat the King. Then she performs in a three girl fantasy set in a bowling alley that must be seen to be believed. Each tape has 4 different fantasies of Superb Sexuality!! Featuring the star selected by critics and filmgoers as the single most sensual performers in Adult Cinema. Now you can be a witness to Marilyn Chambers' Actual
"Private Fantasies. "
Marilyn Chambers Private Fantasies #3 Year 1984
In a continuing effort to reveal sides of Marilyn Chambers never before explored, we take pleasure in presenting the third volume of 'Marilyn Chambers' Private Fantasies.' The on-going saga finds 'The Doctor is In' as Marilyn discovers new uses for the stirrups as she scientifically seduces her gleeful Gyn. 'I'm No Dummy' demonstrates the power of positive thinking as a male mannequin comes to life - in more ways than one. The third fantasy, 'Take A Letter' has a frigid secretary letting her hair down to ultimately give her boss the nympho's version of dictation. Last, and , 'A Newspaper Ad' pits Marilyn and dominatrix Tantala in a bondage story that's guaranteed to be a front page headline. 'Marilyn Chambers' Private Fantasies #3' is a further look into the mind of the irrepressible and insatiable leading lady of the adult cinema.
Marilyn Chambers Private Fantasies #5 Year 1985
'Marilyn Chambers Private Fantasies #5.' It's black leather time in 'Caught In The Act.' Dominatrix Tantala shows Marilyn the "ropes" then gives the camera crew the "bondage business". In 'Police,' Marilyn calls in 2 "cocky" cops to put her fears of a prowler (along with herself) to BED!! Miss Chambers becomes a delicious present at an outrageous 'Bachelor Party.' Proving that she's everything she's cracked up to be, Marilyn (and eventually the bride!) get down and party-hearty with the young groom and his horny friends. Needless to say, everyone gets sent to the ceremony with a bang! And finally in 'Play My Song', Richard Pacheco stars as a disc jockey who gets his flute played by a talented, new throat. Guess whose?!
Marilyn Chambers Private Fantasies #6 Year 1987
The Marilyn fantasy continues with 3 more Hot scenes-"Boy Scouts" has Marilyn remembering what it was like to sell cookies door-to-door and the boys who help her earn more "MERIT" badges. In "Gardener" a strapping black gardener gets down & dirty when Marilyn introduces the stiff stud and lets him have a wild and EROTIC field day!
And finally in "Picnic" a party turns into a delicious sexual picnic when Marilyn is joined by friends for an orgy of debauchery that just goes to show all-guests who "COME" for dinner are a lot of fun!!
With Andre Bolla & Lacey Luv.
Marilyn Chambers Private Fantasies 1-3 - 3 Pack With considerable pride, Marilyn Chambers, the all time #1 Box-Office Star, has put these original, never seen before tapes together based on her own personal real-life fantasies, and she has choreographed the action so as to realistically capture her innermost sexual feelings Marilyn also provides her own narration with scenes involving her intimate friends. Highlights of this tape include Marilyn Chambers paired with John C. Holmes, and you can watch her Deep throat the 13 1/2" King. Then she performs in a 3- girl fantasy, set in a bowling alley, that must be seen to be believed.
Each tape has 4 different fantasies of Superb Sexuality!! Featuring the star selected by critics and filmgoers as the single most sensual performers in Adult Cinema. Now you can be a witness to Marilyn Chambers' Private Fantasies.
Part Two: the second edition of Marilyn Chambers' Private Fantasies, featuring the delicious Ms. Chambers indulging in her most wicked and wanton desires. In the first fantasy, 'Young Boy,' Marilyn fulfills her lifelong dream of seducing a young innocent high school student. In 'Moving Day,' Marilyn recounts a most memorable fantasy involving 2 hardworking moving men. In 'Scarlett Chambers', Marilyn plays a southern belle who's more than just a little fascinated with her slave's physique.
Finally, in 'Abduction', she takes on 3 low life degenerates, and meets up with Tantala, a bizarre and frightening dominatrix. Four of the most shockingly erotic fantasies ever filmed are yours for the taking in 'Marilyn Chambers' Private Fantasies #2'.
Part 3:In a continuing effort to reveal sides of Marilyn Chambers never before explored, we take pleasure in presenting the third volume of 'Marilyn Chambers' Private Fantasies.' The on-going sin-suous saga finds 'The Doctor is In' as Ms. Chambers discovers new uses for the stirrups as she scientifically seduces her gleeful gynecologist. 'I'm No Dummy' demonstrates the power of positive thinking as a male mannequin comes to life - in more ways than one. The third fantasy, 'Take A Letter' has a frigid secretary letting her hair down to ultimately give her boss the nymphomaniac's version of dictation. Last, and certainly not least, 'A Newspaper Ad' pits Marilyn and electrifying dominatrix Tantala in a bondage story that's guaranteed to be a front page headline.
'Marilyn Chambers' Private Fantasies #3' is a further look into the mind of the irrepressible and insatiable leading lady of the adult cinema.
Marilyn Chambers Private Fantasies 4-6 - 3 Pack A Marilyn Chambers Triple Feature. Private fantasies 4,5,and 6. Where the action only gets HOTTER. Featuring such blazing 1970's & 80's stars as Honey Wilder, Lacey Luv,Amy Rogers and so many more we lost count. This Triple feature is chock full o' sexy scenes, hand picked by Marilyn herself, the queen of 70's Porn. Restored,Remastered,Reborn on DVD!
Melanie's Hot Line An obscene telephone call leads a young couple into a world of bizarre sex sparked by the mysterious voices on the other end of the line. A cyclone of indecent lust and perversion follows as we watch one deviant call the next, each with an increasingly lurid exhibition in which pain, pleasure and lasciviousness tell the mind warping story of the San Francisco underground sex culture. When they all meet up in the end, all rules are broken.
Memphis Cathouse Blues Year 1982
Sensual superstar Annette Haven is the Lady of the house who has just the trick to satisfy hungering needs. Blonde, brunette or redhead, they're the hottest cathouse crew ever seen. Soft as kittens and playful as wildcats, you'll love the likes of Lisa De Leeuw, Kay Parker, Rhonda Jo Petty and Dorothy LeMay. If you still have strength to handle more, get ready for the steady sighs of Hustler and High Society starlets Danielle and Kimberly.
Merger, The They've got the urge to merge! Corporate titan, Jimmy Vincent has it all: oak paneled office, live-in stripper and control of a global coffee empire. Enter lovely, Alexander Kovoski (Nikita Denise), a wickedly savvy Russian bombshell who trades in fiscal fantasies, carnal currency and boardroom bliss!
Merle Michaels - "Ultra Kinky Blonde" Merle Michaels - "Ultra Kinky Blonde"
AKA: Meryl Michaels, Merril Townshend
Hair: Blonde
Years Active: 1977-1987
Specialty: Cream Pies
Famous Roles: Bon Appetit,Fascination
35mm classics from the golden age of porn.
Miami Spice Year 1986
Those Miami Spice girls sure have a nose for torrid trouble! Agents Amber Lynn & Sheri St. Clair go undercover to bag a big-time drug dealer-what to do- Porno Pool Party!! For the women who deliver twice the vice... it's just part of a day's work!
Miami Spice 2 Year 1986
Is gorgeous Greta a good cop gone BAD?! Two passionate policewomen are hot on her trail to find out. Working for Sonny, a powerful sleaze-bag crimelord, greta is subject to the wild sexual amusements of Sexpot & her sin=sisters.
A big budget sextacular, Miami Spice 2 delivers twice the vice... at any price!
Miami Vice Girls Year 1985
Cricket and Juggs are the hottest undercover narcs who ever snorted a coke trail! They've been on a dope stakeout for two weeks trying to trap "Mr. Big" who operates out of an apartment loaded with consenting adults.
In apartment 4A we have an artist who spends more time on the sheets then on the canvas. His wife doesn't know that he has a mistress and vice-versa!
He never seems to sell any paintings and yet, he services both these beauties in style. Could he be Mr. Big?
And what about the couple in 3D? She is a nympho working her way through the Fifth Precinct and her old man who keeps returning with packages wrapped in plain brown paper. Definite suspects!
Poor Juggs and Cricket, they are so hot from watching all the action across the alley, that they can't keep their hands off each other. But Wait!!!
There's heavy action in apartment 5C...The notorious "Neal Scallopini" arrives with two gorgeous broads and the stuff!
Cricket and Juggs make their move. In a surprise climax, Juggs and Cricket get their man AND their woman AND the stuff!
Midwest Hotties Wild Party Girls is back an better than ever! join us on this outrageous romp through the middle America as our cameras capture the sexiest girls the Heartland has to offer. As always, these girls are not paid models or actresses.... In fact, they're the girl next door!
It's Wild Party Girls: Midwest Hotties here for you!
Milfology There’s no substitute for experience.
Tired of sexless teenyboppers who don’t know how to fuck? Want a real woman? Want a woman who knows what she wants, what she needs and how to get it? Well, here’s six of ‘em! All wet and ready for you. They’re like fine wine…aged to sexual perfection. It’s MILFOLOGY! Starring: Darryl Hanah, Linda Roberts, Vanessa Vadal, Monique De Moan, Kelly Leigh & introducing DeLaRosa.
Milk Maid, The Year 1975
Satisfying the 'Lactation Nation' two jugs at a time!
This is a gritty 70's exploitation flick for sure. A lonely woman narrates this story about a most memorable day in her life. It starts out as a neighbor, Debra, whose husband is away, comes to visit the bored housewife. Tantalizing Debra seduces the housewife in an erotic scene of lust and passion.
Shortly afterward, Sandy & her boyfriend Rick unveil a terrible dilemma. It seems that he just can’t become aroused and admits that he craves a little lactation action – which fuels the Milk Maid’s passions.
Mistaken Identity Mistaken Identity
She's not who you think she is....
A stranded motorist becomes a porn superstar when her car breaks-down near an adult film set.
Mistress Vol. 02, The Year 1990
Format: DVD DS-SL
Audio: English: Dolby Digital 2.0
Video: Standard: 1.33:1
Region: All
If you enjoyed the original "The Mistress" are going to love "The Mistress 2". This lady is yours and she'll do anything for much so, that she's back for more!
Mistress, The Karen Richards (Kelly Nichols) works in an architectural firm. Her boss, Carl Reese (Eric Edwards), wants her to move into the position of public relations. She accepts the job, knowing she may be called upon to perform some important sexual favors to close a deal. Carl invites her along on a business trip with an important associate. This is the beginning of a much more intimate relationship for them. Karen becomes disillusioned with the whole affair, knowing that she in the second woman in Carl's life. She then decides to take a leave of absence to embark on a new approach to her life.
Year 1982
Format: DVD DS-SL
Audio: English: Dolby Digital 2.0
Video: Standard: 1.33:1
Region: All
Modeling Studio Year: 1984
California boasts the world’s largest population of beautiful would be stars and top models. They’re all waiting for the break that will catapult them to the top. Some will make it. Most won't. But everyday scores of beautiful girls turn up at the studios to audition.
In most cases, in order to succeed they must get past at least one major hurdle – the auditioning couches. And there are a lot of couches in the studio network. There are also a lot of girls who are willing to lay on them.
THE MODELING STUDIO - Where it all happens!
Starring the world’s greatest looking nymphets, including the incomparable Ginger Lynn, Roxanne Rolland and sensational newcomer Laura Lee (Heather Wayne).
More Reel People # 2 Year 1985
The Sensational Follow-Up Classic!After being interviewed about their fantasies and sexuality, the men and women who comprise the Reel People actually have sex on camera with an experience porn star (except for one man who just isn’t into it).
Mary, a very attractive 21 year-old, captures our hearts in a steamy segment with Rocky Hayne. Then there’s Shawn, a dancer who fantasizes about getting it on with Joanna Storm and Kelly Nichols and gets to have both at the same time. And of course, John Leslie is more than able to handle 23 year-old saleswoman Mickey. There are plenty more such segments, all crisply filmed and edited.
To the director’s credit, the scenes are mercifully short, with a nice balance of talk and sex. We always wonder whether the real people in these kind of tapes are actually real people. But I’ll take Spinelli’s word, and highly recommend this interesting film.
More Than A Handful Year 1985
Bigger is definitely BETTER!!If you’ve ever wondered why big busts are our natural fetish, one look at Candy Samples in action will clue you in. She’s just one of the glamorous cleavage queens sharing the spotlight with some of the best hung studs in adult films today in this totally explicit, continuous action collection of top-heavy, meat stuffed viginettes.
Also appearing in this series about bosomy adult stars, their erotic art are the enormous appetites are: Lotta Topp (Miss 58" DDD) sweet and sticky Honey Wilder, sizzling Cyndee Summers and more!
And here to serve their endless needs are a stable of real hardcore stallions picked for size, staying power and strength. There has never been a hotter series for the hard-action, big bust connoisseur.
Format: DVD DS-SL
Audio: English: Dolby Digital 2.0
Video: Standard: 1.33:1
Region: All
Morning After, The Year 1977
Stars: Sammy Cole, Jean Parker, Cathy Neilman, Lois Ester, Richard Zont, David Marcus, Dandy Thomas, Linda Shall After a night of lovemaking, will you still be there THE MORNING AFTER?
A question all women ask when contemplating the act of love with a stranger. This film seeks to expand on this question delving into the sexual relationship between women and men.
Mouth Watering Year 1986
"AAAA" -- Adult Video News
Thomas Paine gets down to basics as "Mouthwatering" fills your senses with the most beautiful array of sexual forays you have ever seen. A totally delightful, delicious romp through fantasies to torrid love scenes, the effects of which will leave you licking your lips. There’s enough hot action here to tempt anyone’s palate and leave your mouth watering.
Moving In There goes the neighborhood!When the next door neighbors are MOVING IN, "There goes the neighborhood!" Only Alex de Renzy can bring adult comedy to the screen with such nasty animalistic passion. An outrageous interracial couple (Lili Marlene and F.M. Bradley) introduce themselves into the normal lives of Chuck and Sonia Rollins (Ron Jeremy and Stacey Donovan) and infect them with the spirit of proper modern suburbia swinging. Ron fills in for Lili’s tired dildo and Field Marshall Bradley finds a way to take more than just a bath with Stacey, climaxing into the hottest scene Stacey Donovan has ever filmed. The black stud then shows the more than willing blonde Lili the true meaning of a back door visit. Lili then shows how to turn a stuffy meeting into a no-holes barred, four way orgy. A gift-wrapped Nina Hartley provides the wildest ride imaginable when Jake (Bradley) surprises his buddy Chuck. Just about that time Sonia and Chuck realize how their new found friends of the flesh have opened the raunchy horizons of their sex lives. Alex deRenzy, the true master of spicy, sizzling sex-drenched cinema, climaxes the proceedings with a surprise twist ending that will leave you gasping "There goes the neighborhood!"
Mr. Peepers Nastiest - Vol. 01 Year 2000
Starring: Karen Kastle, Leann Lamar, Kristina, Devon Shire, Roni Raye, Chandra Sweet, Sonoma, Crystal, Josalyn, Melissa, Delilah and more!
A name that conjures up visions of beautiful, young amateur sluts being poked and prodded in every orifice imaginable - and then being drenched in gallons of cum - by depraved ( and occasionally, demented ) studs with video cameras - all trying their very best to get America off!
This volume features 10 of the nastiest scenes from the Peeper's archives.
Mr. Peepers Nastiest - Vol. 04 Featuring: Inga, Wendy I Wana, Natasha, Andrea, Carrie, Stacy Nicoles, and Patti MR. PEEPERSA name that conjures up visions of beautiful, young amateur sluts being poked and prodded in every orifice imaginable - and then being drenched in gallons of cum - by depraved (and occasionally demented) studs with video cameras - all trying their very best to get America off!
This volume features 10 of the nastiest scenes from the Peepers archives.
Mr. Peepers Nastiest - Vol. 05 Starring: Taylor Wayne, Flame, Christy, Kathy, Tina, Teresa, Jodi, Suzy and a host of Stamina Studs MR. PEEPERSis at it again, debauching a myriad of sexy sirens like the sultry, big breasted, beauty, Taylor Wayne.
Join Mr. Peepers and his friends in a anal rimming party to end all parties!
Mrs. Smith's Erotic Holiday Year 1983
Bored with their humdrum sex life, a couple go on a carnal cruise over the high seas to put an erotic kick back into their sinking libido. As the boat navigates the waves, the sex mistress (Becky Savage), whose job it is to titillate and amaze, navigates her way through every couples’ stateroom and leaves a tidal wave of lust in her wake. During the seven day cruise, each stateroom competes against each other for the most inventive sexual encounters.
Pipe yourself aboard to a luxury of ocean scenery and a bounty of beauties and rock the boat - in and out of port!
My Party Doll A true classic!Ron Jeremy stars as a video clerk whose wildest dreams come true when a blow up doll cums to life!
My Surrender - Candida Royalle's Give in to the thrill of new love.April Hunter is surrounded by tender passions of the couples who come to her to be filmed as they act out their private fantasies. But, because she is fearful of the pain and disappointment love can bring, her own life is devoid of any real intimacy. Until Robert Landon enters her worl . . .
Determined to break through her wall of fear, Robert sets out to weaken April's resistance and bring this exotic flower to bloom.
Will April surrender her fears to the past? Will she surrender to the thrill of new love? Will you dare to surrender your inhibitions as these couples do theirs?
In 1984 Candida Royalle went from being an adult film star to creating the internationally acclaimed Femme line of erotic movies from a woman's perspective. She has since lectured worldwide on her work, and is also the first adult film-maker to have been invited into membership by the American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors and Therapists. She has appeared on most major TV talk shows and has been written up in everything from the New York Times to New Woman.
Mysteria Year 1995
Director: Charles Rothstein
Super Sexsational
HOUSTON - The Nitro GirlPrivate Dick, Peter Cabot, has just cashed a large check from his recent escapade, and is contemplating his next move, when the sexiest woman he has ever seen enters his office.
Regine (P.J. Sparxx) wants him to find Mysteria (HOUSTON). She won't say why, but the pay is too good to turn down. Cabot follows a trail through the sleazy underground of Los Angeles by night; from porno film sets to seedy bars, and finally a run-down motel.
A blistering sexual encounter with HOUSTON and her companion, Susie (Dallas D'Amour) leaves him weak and vulnerable to the slam-bang conclusion that almost costs him his life.
Join him on his venture to meet "MYSTERIA.
Naked Came The Stranger The Henry Paris Collection
Sizzling sex, stunning cinematography, and Radley Metzger’s trademark humor make Naked Came The Stranger an undisputed classic from the Golden Age of Erotic Filmmaking. Set in swinging 1970’s New York, the film follows the sexual exploits of radio host Gillian Blake (Darby Lloyd Rains) as she sets out to even the score with her philandering husband, Billy (Levi Richards). Highlights include a lavish costume party, the Rudolph Valentino Tango, a hilarious twist on S&M, and a very memorable double-decker bus ride down Madison Avenue with Marvin (Alan Marlow). A timeless classic! 83 Minutes Full Length Feature Trailer Slideshow
Nasty Nurses Year 1983
Follow the Doctor's orders-stay in bed and get plenty of SEX!!
From a young Motocross driver to a sexy male movie star-from interns & orderlies to candy stripers & MORE- all enjoy a healthy dose of sexual relief in a variety of clinical settings. Just the prescription you need…make the rounds with the world’s hottest, x-rated nurses.
For those who fantasize about "Angels in White" this is just what the DR. ordered!
Naughty Nights Volume 1 When the sun goes down, things really heat up on the Wild Party Girls Summer Madness Tour 2!
Get ready for even more of the craziest, sexiest, all-amateur action you've ever seen!
As always, these fresh young girls are revved up and waiting to get naked for you!
And remember, these incredibly hot co-eds are never paid models or actresses. In fact, they're the girls next door!
Naughty Nights Volume 2 Get Ready! Because Naughty Nights are here again!
And the Wild Party Girls are sexier and more out of control than ever in this exremely uncensored second installment: Naughty Nights Volume 2.
And as always, these wild young co-eds are never paid models or actresses. In fact, they're the girls next door!
Naughty Nights Volume 3 Get Ready! Because the Naughty Nights just keep on coming!
And so do the uninhibited coeds who love to bare it all and get completely wild in this outrageous third instalment: Naughty Nights Volume 3.
And remember, these Wild party Girls are never paid models or actresses. In fact, they're the girls next door!
Neighborhood Nymphos - Vol. 01 Year 1996
Starring: Sunset Pearl, Axel, Carla, Billie, Chea, Mary B., Britt, Lorraine Day and Samantha Your
2 Full Hours
Never Enough Year 1983
Here's to all the girls who don't know how to say "...ENOUGH!"
A journalist working with an economics magazine that has fallen on hard times, decides to boost sales by doing an article about an award ceremony to honor the best female writer of an erotic novel. His research takes him into the intimate lives of three of the contestants, and he is delighted to find that their sensual abilities extend further than just writing about it. He is willingly seduced by all three and has the exhausting but erotic job of comparing their amorous appetite in his report. His girlfriend has been secretly observing all of this, and is decidedly jealous... However, she has a plan to surprise him. It all comes to a head at the awards banquet, when, in a shocking surprise, an amateur wins first prize, a writer who just happens to be his girlfriend who has written a book about his exploits!
Starring: Lisa DeLeeuw, Maria Pieffer, Ursula, Christian Grouard, Mark Wyandi, Danielle Guego
Never Sleep Alone The sizzling saga of a wide open marriage.
What happens when the pursuit of hedonistic sensuality blazes out of control? Find out when you experience the intimate indiscretions of Dan (John Leslie) and Lisa (Tina Marie)... a married couple who take sex to the limit and love to disaster in NEVER SLEEP ALONE. From the forbidden Carnality of notorious underground sex clubs to New York's most private penthouses, Dan and Lisa taste every insatiable pleasure and torrid sex act ever conceived. Along with the sex superstars Honey Wilder, Joanna Storm and Joey Silvera, every second of this arousing piece of erotica burns with nonstop sex. Soon you'll discover what happens when you NEVER SLEEP ALONE... for some people, it's always an easy rule to follow!
Starring: Tina Marie, Honey Wilder, Joanna Storm
Never So Deep Year 1982
Hustler's Highest Rating!
Screw's Highest Rating!
Ginger Trueheart, a very private eye (that luscious Penthouse girl Loni Sanders) finds herself ever so deep. in Gerard Damiano's newest sex comedy.
On one call, magazine mogul Hugh Heffer sends Ginger on a sex-sizzling search through San Francisco's infamous Tenderloin District. It seems that Mr. Heffer is looking for a missing enchantress who is 'the best in the world.
New Devil In Miss Jones, The Year 2005
The New Devil In Miss Jones - Starring Jenna Jameson
"5 A's........The Perfect Film" --AVN Magazine
"Savanna's sex is scalding... A true erotic masterpiece" --AVN Magazine
"Hot.. Edgy... Timeless" --AVN Magazine
25 Years Later, The Devil Gets Her Due!
Paul Thomas reimagines adult cinema's greatest masterpiece in a brand new DMJ that Adult Video News is heralding a milestone! In it, Savanna Samson (Miss Jones) is a virgin suicide who begs Jenna Jameson (The Devil) to grant her just a little more time on Earth before her descent into hell. Jenna obliges... but only if Miss Jones totally and completely surrenders herself to the sins of the flesh!
Starring: Jenna Jameson, Savanna Samson, Georgina Spelvin, Alec Metro, Bob Rotten, Brooke Alexander, Dick Smothers Jr., Damien Childs, Jeremy Steele, Kris Slater, Mario Rossi, Nick Manning, Rachel Rotten, Sophia, Vicky Vette,
Special Collector's Edition 3-Disc Set Includes:
"The New Devil In Miss Jones" DVD - Shot in Multi-Angle format!
The Original 1972 VCX Film "The Devil in Miss Jones" on DVD
Outtakes and scenes not included in the movie
Audio Commentary by: Jenna Jameson, Savanna Samson, Georgina Spelvin and PaulThomas.
Includes Spanish, French, German, and Italian language tracks.
And many more extras!
New Swedish Erotica Vol. 073 Featuring Tracey Adams!
Featuring the following scenes: Love Train, Paris Fantasy, What an invitation, 2 for the Artist, Photo Threesome, Black Mistress, Limo Driver, Pool Play, Sex in Da City, Play Girl Fucks Buisnessman, Dominating Clown
New Swedish Erotica Vol. 074 Starring Erica Boyer!
Featuring the following scenes: Personal Training, Bedroom Sex, Love Bug, Straight Shots, Leaders, Follower & Toy, Stick Out, Stick It In, Pilot in Command, First Time, 2 Blondes & a Guy, Diamonds Makes Me Met
New Swedish Erotica Vol. 075 Featuring Nina Hartley!
Featuring the following scenes: More to Take Off, Fantasizing at Work, Making the Deal, Big Balls, From Head to Toes, Ladies Room, Fuck Inspector, ForePlay, Payphone Booth Lovers
New Swedish Erotica Vol. 076 Featuring Ona Zee!
Featuring the following scenes: Show of Appreciation, Sex Slaves, Let's Just Fuck, Sexrobics, Let Me Scrub You Down, Luxury Lovers, Out In Nature, Fucking Good
New Swedish Erotica Vol. 077 Featuring Porsche Lynn!
Featuring the following scenes: Dreaming, Dominating Woman, Bedroom Play, Lady In Red, Leather Lovers, Hard Games, The Girls With The Band, Pleasure Airline, Desperate Women, Shake the Wealth
New Swedish Erotica Vol. 078 Featuring Seka!
Featuring the following scenes: Sex With A Lady, Piece Of Cake, Work Harder, Let's Stay In, Seka's Tale, Reflections, Summer Heat, Garters & Cock, Huge Cock In Me, Double Cum
New Swedish Erotica Vol. 079 Featuring Tori Welles!
Featuring the following scenes: Unfaithful Husband, Fucking 2 Bikers, My All Time Favorite, Kitchen Fight, The Morning After, Little Experience, Thanks...
New Swedish Erotica Vol. 080 Featuring Amber Lynn!
Featuring the following scenes: Maid Sex, Play WIth Me, Lady In Red, Enjoy The Fun, Screwing the Secretary, Best Friend, Celebrating, Living Room Pleasure, Body Butter
New Swedish Erotica Vol. 081 Featuring Ginger Lynn!
Featuring the following scenes: Republican VS. Democrats, Body Massage, Dirty Work, Sex Lesson, First Time, In Shape Sex, In The Mood, Spank Me, Make Me Please, Two for One, I Like to Watch Me Cum, Party Time
New Swedish Erotica Vol. 082 Featuring Angel Kelly!
Featuring the following scenes: Blow the Mansion, Quick Work, Woman Examination, Screwing the Major, Pleasant Visit, Black & White, Fantasy Garden, Make Me Come
New Swedish Erotica Vol. 083 Featuring Sharon Mitchell!
Featuring the following scenes: Pleasure Cruise, Confessions, Seduction, Let's Do It Again, Good Lovin', Take it Off, The Controller, What are you doing?, What I Want, Feel It Good
New Swedish Erotica Vol. 084 Featuring Taija Rae!
Featuring the following scenes: Easy Access, Plenty to Go Around, Party Ditchers, The Mockers, Sex on Camera, Tribe Sex, Perfect Lover, Ridin' A Cowboy, Give & Take, My Best Friends
New Swedish Erotica Vol. 085 Featuring Tami Monroe!
Featuring the following scenes: America The Great, My Sexy Game, Country & Lovin', Teaching the VIrgin, Little Experience, My Friend - The Caveman, Big Breasts, Do As I Taught You,
New Swedish Erotica Vol. 086 Featuring Ashlyn Gere!
Featuring the following scenes: Cheaters Drinkers, Waiting For You, Steam Shower, Dreams Paradise, Ass For Cash, Reflections, Suck It
New Swedish Erotica Vol. 087 Featuring Debi Diamond!
Featuring the following scenes: #7 Girl-Girl Love, Single Foreplay, Fuck Your Way Up, Cheer Me Up, My Detective, Hot Chicks, Fuck The Shipper
New Swedish Erotica Vol. 088 Featuring Vanessa Del Rio!
Featuring the following scenes: House Of Pleasure, Looking For Sex, DP Latin, Miss Caliente, Private Teacher, Paid Off Sex, I Can't Wait
New Swedish Erotica Vol. 089 Featuring Hyapatia Lee!
Featuring the following scenes: Magic Fingers, Too Hot, Perfect Gentleman, Love Cabin, Tasty, Passion in Theater, Flaming Hot, My First Time
New Swedish Erotica Vol. 090 Featuring Barbara Dare!
Featuring the following scenes: Bedroom Passion, Glamour Whores, Naughty Girls, Eat My Cum, Sex For Money, Girls, Girls, Girls, Confessions, Backyard Fever, Fuck Stage, Animal Style, Cheerleader Sluts, Good Lovin'
New Swedish Erotica Vol. 091 Featuring Shauna Grant!
Featuring the following scenes: Captured In The Middle East, Sex Kitchen, Night of Romance, Wedding Night, Perfect Body, Love Me Hard, Great Time, The Difference
New Swedish Erotica Vol. 092 Featuring Zara White!
Featuring the following scenes: Sex Over Bathtub, Prostitute Nurse, Touch Me, Make Love To Me, Love Symphony, Erotic Bar, Bar Tender
New Swedish Erotica Vol. 093 Featuring Viper!
Featuring the following scenes: Shipwreck, Anal Participants, Cock-Tails, Assassins, More, More, More, Honey Moon, So Fly, A Big Surprise, Around the World
New Swedish Erotica Vol. 094 Featuring Tiffany Storm!
Featuring the following scenes: Let Me Lick You Up & Down, Captured, James Bond, In My Wet Dreams, Good Morning, Bad Girl, Free Dessert
New Swedish Erotica Vol. 095 Featuring Janey Robbins!
Featuring the following scenes" Don't Think, Just Act, Explicit Sex Acts, Keep It In Da Family, Go Deep, Count Down, My Lil' Princess, Hotel Whores, In Search of a Good Ass, Voyeur, A Perfect Night
New Swedish Erotica Vol. 096 Featuring Nikki Charm!
Featuring the following scenes: Country Girl Reject, Dean Scam, Cheerleader Spies, My Hero, Summer Camp Girl
New Swedish Erotica Vol. 097 Featuring Kristara Barrington!
Featuring the following scenes: Exposure Train, Pull Into Port, Shall We?, Intimate Content, Let's play a Better Game, Sucking In The Kitchen, Silent Man, Jaccuzzi Floozy, Secretary Sluts
New Swedish Erotica Vol. 098 Featuring Elle Rio!
Featuring the following scenes" Classy Whore, I Do Who I Want, Whore House, Ready For You, Looking For A New Experience, Fucking At Midnight, Greedy Women
New Swedish Erotica Vol. 099 Featuring Krista Lane!
Featuring the following scenes: Betrayal, Let Me Show You How It's Done, I Want In, Special Services, Threesome with A Rookie, Good Service, Straight To The Point, Wet Love Making, Making Gym, Curing The Sick
New Swedish Erotica Vol. 100 Featuring Tami White (as Ariel Knight)!
Featuring the following scenes: Nine Tenths Of The Law, Discretion Is My Forte, That's What We're Here For, The Agency, Candy Orgy, Radio Station, Helpless to Resist, Something Good, Sweet Blonde
New Swedish Erotica Vol. 101 Featuring Jeannie Pepper!
Featuring the following scenes: Audition, Dirty Punishment, Failed Mission, Fuck To Freedom, Your Own Mark Anthony, Big Party, Waiting For A Boy, Just a Good Fuck
New Swedish Erotica Vol. 102 Featuring Little Oral Annie!
Featuring the following scenes: A Little Fun, Leading Man, Fixing the Projector, Rest of the House, Strictly Ladies Business, Home Sweet Home, Waiting For A Boy, Just A Good Fuck
New Swedish Erotica Vol. 103 Featuring Rachel Ryan!
Featuring the following scenes: In Charge, Depressed Princess, #8 Elevator, Persuasive, Threesomes, Relax Baby, Garden Lust, One More Time
New Swedish Erotica Vol. 104 Featuring Keisha!
Featuring the following scenes: Don't Hurt Me, Light Your Fire, Best Good Morning Of All, The Switch Off, Prom Night, Romantic Night, Fucking In The Road, Night After Night
New Swedish Erotica Vol. 105 Featuring Blondie!
Featuring the following scenes: The Great Outdoors, Cat Got Your Tongue, Unison, Cherry Picking, Happily Ever After, Private Teacher, A Work Out, Oil Massage, Too Hot
New Swedish Erotica Vol. 106 Featuring Aja!
Featuring the following scenes: The First Night, Toying Around, All Night Long, Hang Around, Make Me Cum, Big Trouble, Good Job, Give Me More
New Swedish Erotica Vol. 107 Featuring Jeanna Fine!
Featuring the following scenes: We Are Ready, Subconscious Fantasy, Rubber First, Mesmerize, Catting Around, Sock It, Lick It, To Us, A Big Surprise, Special Guest
New Swedish Erotica Vol. 108 Featuring Barbii!
Featuring the following scenes: Bartending, New Beginnings, Feel The Power, Goodnight Henry, It's Time To Play, Lap Dance, Sharing the Fun, Girls, Girls, Girls, Like A Dream
New Swedish Erotica Vol. 109 Featuring Olinka!
Featuring the following scenes: A LIttle Show, Obedience, All Yours, Bath Time, Mountain Hideaway, Love Potion, Snow Wood, Orgy Time, Perfect Gentlemen
New Swedish Erotica Vol. 110 Featuring Candie Evans!
Featuring the following scenes: Self Motivation, Afternoon Delight, Simon Says, Release Therapy, A Night to Remember, Perfect Body, Swingers
New Swedish Erotica Vol. 111 Featuring Buffy Davis!
Featuring the following scenes: Party Time, Make Me Wet, Blondes Do It Better, Double Pleasure, Fuck My Ass, Home Sweet Home, Summer Time, I Love Black Men
New Swedish Erotica Vol. 112 Featuring K.C. Williams!
Featuring the following scenes: A Little Massage, Sorprise, Ladies Bathroom, Fuck Me Please, Let's Go Play, Thanks For Coming
New Swedish Erotica Vol. 113 Featuring Alicia Monet!
Featuring the following scenes: Reconcilation, The Truth, First Time, Happy Birthday, Little Slave, Hot Line, Sexy Merchandise, Permanent Vacation, Two For One
New Swedish Erotica Vol. 114 Featuring Sharon Kane!
Featuring the following scenes: Good Idea, Spa Of Pleasure, Total Control, My Sweet Secretary, Faster Sex, Blondes Do It Better, Rooter, Girls Girls Girls
New Swedish Erotica Vol. 115 Featuring Candy Samples!
Featuring the following scenes: Premonition, Bedtime Story, Round Two, Wakeup Call, Remembering Old Times
New Swedish Erotica Vol. 116 Featuring Brittany!
Featuring the following scenes: Throbbin Hood, First Time, Daddy's Little Girl, Erotica Hospital, Pornocchio, Secretary Sluts, I Love You
New Swedish Erotica Vol. 117 Featuring Victoria Paris!
Featuring the following scenes: In The Garage, No More Work, Natural Tits, Secretary Sluts, Sexy Contract, Rated XXX, T.V. Show, My Kind Of Women, Black Experience
New Swedish Erotica Vol. 118 Featuring Trinity Loren!
Featuring the following scenes: Big Breast, Double Pleasure, Just Relax, Magic Fingers, Medicine for Sex, Relax Baby, New Secretary, Home Service, New Experience
New Swedish Erotica Vol. 119 Featuring Madison!
Featuring the following scenes: Beautiful Tits, Screaming In The Day, Sex In The Bar, Sexy Lingerie, Shower Pleasure, Strip Tease, I Can't Wait, Wild Night
New Swedish Erotica Vol. 120 Featuring Nikki Knights!
Featuring the following scenes: Double Blowjobs, Exellent Job, Good Vibrations, Ladies Room, Unexpected Visits, Sweet Candy, History Of Passion, Hot Nurses, Lap Dancers
New Swedish Erotica Vol. 121 Featuring Christy Canyon!
Featuring the following scenes: Bastard, Erotic Call, Full Attention, Home Sweet Home, Just Watching, Summer Fun, Erotic Call, Hard Work, Big Booms, Squeeze My Tits
New Swedish Erotica Vol. 122 Featuring Megan Leigh!
Featuring the following scenes: Dirty Pictures, Fun In The Sun, Happy Birthday, Jane Bond, Mystery Man, Relax Baby, Garden Lust, One More Time
New Swedish Erotica Vol. 123 Featuring Laurel Canyon!
Featuring the following scenes: Hypnotize, Ms Detective, Lights, Camera, Action, Girls Of The City, A Big Orgy, Cheating Husbands, Sex Medicine
New Swedish Erotica Vol. 124 Featuring Ron Jeremy!
Featuring the following scenes: The Interview, Sex For Tickets, Eager to Please, Dangerous Games, Handy Man, Lust Letter, TV Inspiration, Dinner Date
New Swedish Erotica Vol. 125 Featuring Bunny Bleu!
Featuring the following scenes: Hairy Man, Jacuzzi Of Love, I Can't Wait Mr, A Perfect Body, My Little Girls, Home Sweet Home, Lick it Quick, The Bait, Free Delivery
New Swedish Erotica Vol. 126 Featuring Eva Allen!
Featuring the following scenes: A Perfect Night, Cheers To Us, The Dressmaker, Paradise Lost, Screams & Moans, Only Teach Me, The Secret
New Swedish Erotica Vol. 127 Featuring Patricia Kennedy!
Featuring the following scenes: Sex Sandwich, Sweet Pussycat, Great Idea, Special Service, Wash My Back, I Love The Redhead, A Day To Enjoy
New Swedish Erotica Vol. 128 Featuring Tom Byron!
Featuring the following scenes: The Spy, Home Alone, A Perfect Day, Wishing & Watching, Fixing the Holes, Desires, Make Me Cum
New Swedish Erotica Vol. 129 Featuring Samantha Strong!
Featuring the following scenes: Sweet Dreams, Extreme Ladies, Danielle's Favorite, I Like To Watch, Too Many Ladies, Now It's my Turn, For Pleasure Only
New Swedish Erotica Vol. 130 Featuring Sandra Scream!
Featuring the following scenes: Big Trouble, Sexy Bodies, Nympho Nurses, Blondes Do It Better, Fun At Home, Biggest & Best
New Swedish Erotica Vol. 131 Featuring Peter North!
Featuring the following scenes: Fighting In Oil, Artist Retreat, Working Under the Table, Two College Girls, Love Behind Bars, Fun Under The Sun, Primary Function, My Fantasy
New Swedish Erotica Vol. 132 Featuring Sahara!
Featuring the following scenes
Nice Lips, Erotic Pictures, Kiss My Nipples, Big Mistake, Wild Wild Girl, Deep Clean Skin Wash, Home Sweet Home
Newcomers, The Year 1984
From Boredom to Bliss to Sexual Style...When Fred keeps getting a busy signal instead of his girlfriend Lori, he decides to check on her. Sure enough, she's cheating - with another woman! While Fred samples the competition, Lori storms downstairs and gives her daughter's boyfriend a music lesson on top of the piano. Then her daughter arrives home but has to wait her turn. Frustrated and dripping at the top of the stairs, she grabs Fred and gets him to hose down her nubile flames. These insatiable lovers continue to probe each other's fantasies and in the end, the girls find their men are good to the last drop!
Night Of The Chameleon Change is Good... Devon has a problem. Every time he cums, he's a changed man - same on the inside, different on the outside, and hornier than ever! Lucky for him, his gorgeous shrink has the cure for this sex-chameleon: girls, girls, girls.
Night Prowlers Year 1985
When it Gets Dark...
More than the Sun Goes Down.The stars come out at night – and the performers in the kinky tale are no exception! A very teasing tell-all of who beds who under the blanket of night!
Night Trips Year 1989
Director: Andrew Blake
Starring: Porsche Lynn, Randy Spears, Jamie Summers, Victoria Paris, Ray Victory, Peter North, Tanya DeVries, Marc DeBruin
It's midnight and Tori Welles can't sleep. Her relentless, subconscious fantasies are driving her to the brink of a complete sexual breakdown. But with the help of a high tech Mindscan Imager, two dedicated scientists plan to turn her night trips into reality.
Night Trips 2 Year 1990
Night Trips 2: One Step Beyond Erotica
has entered a new dimension of unequaled fantasy. In the second edition of this ground-breaking smash, sensational Paula Price is our explorer into the uncharted subconscious of lust. The Mindscan Foundation electronically monitors her swollen libido for dreams of such awesome sexual power...they may take your breath away.
NightLife An Erotic Look at the business of pleasure..."Nightlife is a sexual montage, a celluloid peep-show with a dazzling line-up of beauties" -- Hustler
"The latest from the Lewis Brothers boasts three of the best assets in the Business: Bridgette Monet, Loni Sanders, and Dorothy LeMay watching any one of these supersirens in action can take you halfway to heaven. All three girls in one flick gets you through the gate" --Velvet Talks
"Sensuous Bridgette Monet outdoes herself in this exotic, erotic tour-de-force of San Francisco's garis North Beach, where sex grew up" --Adams Film World
It's 8 P.M. ... The weather is hot, but Joanna is hotter she slips into something special and out the door into the glow of the neon street. Once she walked the streets, and now the desperate passion on the strip draws her back the "Night Life"
Nina Hartley Non Stop For the millions who have a heart on for the fabulous Hartley girl, Caballero Classis presents her NON-STOP! What you'll see us Nina in her outrageous variety - trading licks with her girlfriends, getting her kicks with boyfriends, and opening wide to the toys that come her way! All in a 90 minute marathon of feverish action that will leave you limp and satisfied!
Nina's Advanced Guide: To Sex Toys It's Toy Time! Come play with Nina! Sex Superstar Nina Hartley opens her toybox and invites you to participate in this delicious and demonstrative video.
Nina's Guide: To Better Cunnilingus "It's Erotic! It's Arousing! It's Educational!" Nina Hartley teaches you everything you need to know about orally pleasing a woman in this revolutionary how-to video. In graphic detail, Nina explains and demonstrates various cunnilingus techniques, gives her own personal insights on arousing your partner, and shares her years of sexual experience.
Nina's Guide: To Better Fellatio Expand Your Fellatio Ability! Nina teaches you everything you need to know about orally pleasing a man in this how-to video. In graphic detail, Nina explains and demonstrates various fellatio techniques, gives her own personal insights on arousing your partner, and shares her years of sexual experience.
Nina's Guide: To Couples Sexploration "Fantastic Foreplay! Staying Power!" First lady of Adult Entertainment, Nina Hartley, shares her sexiest secrets for couples! Follow her tantalizing tips to keep the lust alive in long-term relationships - and to keep "monogamy" from meaning "monotony."
Nina's Guide: To Erotic Bondage Join your host Nina Hartley™ and her sexy guests as you "learn the ropes" - Nina's and special guest Carmen Luvana begin by teaching you the key rules of safe play, and see Nina take veteran hunk Randy Spears on a wildly erotic bondage play session!
Up next, Tommy Gunn takes charge with a hot, ready and willing Carmen, where they demonstrate delicious positions of restraint and submission.
Watch, learn and enjoy your new world of erotic possibilities!
Nina's Guide: To Erotic Massage Join the legendary Nina Hartley™ on this erotic adventure into couples massage.
You will learn how to relax (and arouse!) your partner for increased intimacy.
Watch Nina demonstrate the hottest massage techniques and offer helpful hints on using oils, setting the mood and more!
Nina's Guide: To Making Love To Men The Key to Pleasing Yourself is Pleasing Your Man! Nina is your tour guide through this steamy instructional video. Nina teraches you first-hand how to fulfill a man's deepest sexual desires. Her expertise is sure to empower you to keep your man excited with your lovemaking techniques. Nina gives step-by-step instructions that will have you surprising and satisfying him for years to come!
Nina's Guide: To Multiple Orgasms Join Nina as she demonstrates the torrid techniques and forbidden satisfactions of pursuing the elusive multiple orgasm. Friends Nicole Sherridan, Voodoo, Aria and Layla-Jade will help take you to the peak of previously unknown pleasures - again and again!
Nina's Guide: To Private Dancing Your way to great sex! Show your lover your best moves! Nina will teach you how in this sexy, feel-good guide to erotic dancing for your partner - no experience or special skills required. See Nina and friends show you step-by-step their own sensual, easy stretching exercises and sexy moves. Discover the importance of body acceptance as real men and women strip, dance and surprise their partners with new found make their explicit sex even more exciting!
Nina's Guide: To Seduction Improve Anyone's Sex Life! Nina shares a lifetime of erotic knowledge with you in this sexy hands-on guide to seducing your partner. See Nina show you step-by-step her own sensual dance moves and easy, effective methods of erotic foreplay for the ultimate lovemaking experience.
Nina's Guide: To Sensual Domination 1 How to Dominate a Man! A must have introduction into the domination of a male lover by a trusted partner. Through erotic demonstrations and explanations of "sex play," power exchange fantasies and terms such as B/D and S/M, Nina shows-and-tells like never before!
Nina's Guide: To Sensual Domination 2 How to Dominate a Woman! With part II of her domination series, Nina explores both the pleasures and challenges of sensually dominating a female partner. Includes erotic demonstrations and no-holds-barred explanations to bring the techniques of domination into your bedroom.
Nina's Guide: To Sensual Submission #2 - How To Submit to a WOMAN Triple-X legend Nina Hartley® knows turnabout is fair play! Here she provides plenty of pointers on submitting to the "fairer sex" through erotic demonstrations and helpful question-and-answer sessions. See Nina take control of a wet and willing Dru Berrymore before Joey Ray gives in to Flick Shagwell's dominant side. You won't want to miss this delicious lesson in obedience! Enjoy!
Adult superstar Nina Hartley® presents The Art of Surrender!
Nina's Guide: To Sex Toys You're Never too Old to Play! Armed with a variety of scintillating sex toys and three hot couples who are eager to try sometthing new, Nina teaches (and tries out!) the joys of man-made sex. See first-hand the arousing use of vibrators, dildos, penis sleeves and more as Nina guides viewers through the pleasureable paces of solo and couples' sex with some exciting accessories.
Nina's Guide: To Younger Women Older Men Times have changed, but some things remain the same: OLDER MEN LOVE YOUNGER WOMEN! Watch as these experienced men make their lady lovers moan in a tango of tender sex sessions and good times. Today's woman realizes there are many advantages to being with an older man - see the complete satisfaction realized!
Nookie Ranch Year 1996
Director: Horny Henry
Give me a home where the buffalo roam and where Missy and her horny friends get down and dirty!
Missy owns a ranch where more than just the deer and the antelope play. Her ranch is a place where people come to live out their sexual fantasies and you get to watch all the hot action!
Forget about the city...Saddle up for the ride of your life.
We're going to NOOKIE RANCH
North Bound In Your Mouth Every scene is packed with hardcore fucking by the king of the gallon load. Watch Peter North stretch out pussies and asses, then finish off with a huge cumshot!
Northwest Pecker Trek - Vol. 02 Director: Rodney Moore
Featuring: Shadow, Morgan, Lynx, Natasha, Destiny, Wednesday, Pearl, Vladimir, Pearl
In RodneyVision
5 Titilating Episodes shot in the beautiful Northwest where the girls like to keep hot!
Northwest Pecker Trek - Vol. 04 Year 2004
Director: Rodney Moore
Featuring: Shadow Morgan, Lynx, Natasha, Destiny, Wednesday, Pearl, Vladimir, Rob, Dudley Dingle, Rodney Moore
Evergreen, ever horny! 5 hot vignettes full of horny, hot sluts getting laid and flayed!
Northwest Pecker Trek - Vol. 05 Year02/1995
Director: Rodney Moore
Featuring: Mandy, Vanessa, Sundae Brunch, Natasha, Lynx Dyan, Raven and more
The "King Of Cream" brings you the hottest tail from the fridgid north where the girls will do anything to keep their tushes warm!
Northwest Pecker Trek - Vol. 06 Director: Rodney Moore
Featuring: Nadia, Shadow, Morgan, Nauty Dred, Catherine Kelly, Lyne Dyan, Sabrina and more!
Volume 6 Of Rodney Moore's Sex-filled Northwest Pecker Trek Series Featuring The Hottest Babes Of The Northwest.
Episodes On This Volume
Nostalgia Blue Year 1982
An attractive young couple, Nan and Mark, have nothing to do one afternoon, so they go through an old trunk that Nan found in the attic. The trunk contains some very old film, so they take a look - and another look!! The old film is a series of rare, classic 8mm stag films (blown up to 35mm and tinted blue, in the theatrical version).
The films are very funny, and presented with appropriate comments from Nan and Mark, who watch along with the audience. Some of the films are from the 30s, some from the 40s; a few will be remembered fondly from college stags, but many are from private collections, not seen since their initial distribution. The action switches from Nan and Mark, who are becoming very aroused by the films, to the films themselves.
Finally, the young couple can wait no more, and they climb the stairs to the bedroom, where they will act out a stag film of their own.
Not The Bradys XXX Marcia, Marcia, Marcia! The #1 Blockbuster Sequel!!!Marcia has a big crush on pop idol Danny Jones but things turn sticky when TeenPop Magazine reports she sent him her dirty panties in the mail. Grounded and fearing her life is ruined, Danny comes to her rescue as wild blowjobs, slippery pussy licking & crazy fucking make this a hilarious XXX spoof of the 1970s classic TV show!
8 Sex Scenes!
5 Behind The Scenes Sections
5 Hours of Footage
Nothing But Head "The Greatest Blow Jobs Ever Filmed"
Welcome to the ultimate collection of Golden Age blow Jobs! These are the hottest stars in porn history showing how it’s done. Each scene featuring an introduction by the gorgeous Renee Perez, who not only describes details of the scene, but instructions both men and women on how to be a great lover. Her lessons on deep throating should exist in every girlfriend’s library. Either alone or with your girl, Nothing But Head is a must see!
Featuring Scenes from the following films: Eruption, Sweet Throat, French Teen, Vista Valley P.T.A., Pussycat Ranch, Call Girl, Personal Services, Samantha & The Deep Throat Girls, Private Moments, Pleasure Palace, Suzie Superstar
Additional Instruction by Penthouse Centerfold Renee Perez
Nothing Like Nurse Nookie - Vol. 02 Year 1996
Starring: Heaven, Laura Palmer, Sage Hughes, Scarlet Malibu, Serena, Stacy King, Vanessa
With: Rodney Moore, Riny Red, Wolf Savage
Dr. Rodney's sexual antics have caught up with him. Tall, blonde Ms. Palmer from the medical board has called him in for an inquisiton.
She finds him in need of a reprimand and proceeds to give him a spanking.... which turns wilder by the second.
If you're looking for lots of Rodney Blasts, a couple of Goo Gushers and/or lots of great jerking off material, NURSE NOOKIE 2 has a great deal in store for you!
Nothing Like Nurse Nookie - Vol. 05 Year 1996
Starring: Catherine Kelly, Daniella, Darian Laquoix, Renee, Rhoda
With: Rodney Moore, Wolf Savage
Uh, uh!
Rodney's playing doctor again...and you can bet he's going to be prescribing plenty of anal sex and facial cum shots for all his patients.
Can even the nurses be safe from his maleprobe?
Nothing To Hide Year 1981
Format: DVD SS-SL
Audio: English: Dolby Digital 2.0
Video: Standard: 1.33:1
Region: All
Nothing To Hide stars erotic film award winners, John Leslie and Richard Pacheco, two of the most forceful personalities in X-rated motion pictures. Chelsea Manchester is introduced as Karen, the naive and innocently appealing girlfriend of Lenny, while Erica Boyer portrays Karienda. There's also award-winning actresses Holly McCall, Raven Turner and sultry newcomer Misty Regan. A motion picture event you won't want to miss!
Nothing To Hide Winner of 9 Erotica Awards including Best Picture"Highest Rating"– Hustler"Picture of the Year"– Adam Film World and AFAA"Best Adult Picture of the Year"– Bruce Williamson, Playboy
Nothing To Hide stars legend John Leslie and his sidekick Richard Pacheco, Leslie the promiscuous ladies man who can never sleep in one bed too long, Pacheco the dim witted romantic waiting for the girl of his dreams.
Directed by Anthony Spinelli, one of the most illustrious directors of his day Nothing To Hide carries a big budget, phenomenal acting and first class sex scenes with stars including Erica Boyer, Holly McCall and Misty Regan.
Nothing to Hide is classic porn in its purest form. All natural women, fully developed plot, believable characters and spectacular sex scenes make Nothing To Hide a must see.
Nudist Colony Vacation Year 1996
Wish You Were Here! Why not take your annual vacation at this exotic "ANAL NUDIST COLONY". A true sensual paradise where all of your erotic fantasies can cum true.
Join the insatiable Sindee Coxx, Crystal Gold and friends as they share their holiday in this beautiful tropical setting.
For more information on Nymphetamine click here
The new series from Award-Winning Director Michael Ninn
Starring: Jana Cova, Jana Jordan, Karlie Montana, Georgia Jones, Faye Reagan, Jennifer Dark, Celeste Star, Alyssa Reece, Charlie Laine, Heather Carolin
Nymphetamine - Solamente A WOMAN'S BEAUTY CAN BE ADDICTIVE
For more information on Nymphetamine Solamente click here
The new series from Award-Winning Director Michael Ninn
What does a centerfold do when she has a little time to herself? Find out in Nymphetamine Solamente, a sexually charged second installment!
Starring: Jana Cova, Jana Jordan, Karlie Montana, Georgia Jones, Faye Reagan, Jennifer Dark, Celeste Star, Alyssa Reece, Charlie Laine, Heather Carolin
Nymphetamine 2 Imagine you’re in some of Vegas’ finest high roller suites overlooking the sexiest city in the world. Now try and imagine that you are joined by nine world-class beauties that love being watched as they tease you, then join in a sapphic safari that culminates with their pussies being pleased by the loving caresses of their hands, lips, tongues and toys. Imagine the pleasured gasps as they orgasm, their eyes revealing the look of satisfaction only another woman can give them.
There is no need to imagine anything, because Nymphetamine 2, the second volume in Michael Ninn’s incredible new all-girl series is just that, a dream come true! The incredible beauty of Michael Ninn’s rich locations and dramatic cgi effects, coupled with the incredible exotic beauty of these women, will please even the most jaded connoisseur of the feminine mystique! Just one look at this cast and you will know that perfection was sought... and achieved:
Jenna Haze – adult performer of the year
Cassidey – former Vivid contract star, Penthouse model
Renee Perez – Penthouse centerfold model, feature dancer, former contract star
Georgia Jones – classic beauty, model, the camera loves her
Jayme Langford – Hustler and Penthouse model
Carli Banks – magazine model – Penthouse, Club, Hustler, Strip Las Vegas, Barely Legal
Nikki Rhodes – "Porn allows me to live my fantasies and explore sex"
Zoe Britton – feature dancer and Strip Las Vegas cover girl
Veronica Ricci – Hustler and Club magazine model
Nymphetamine 3 A Woman's beauty can be addictive.
Starring:Monique Alexander, Tori Black, Jenna Haze, Renee Perez, AJ Bailey, Capri Anderson, Samantha Ryan, Melissa Jacobs, Madeline Marie
Nymphetamine 4 The Cure is the Addiction!
Michael Ninn's All Girl Series continues with Nymphetamine 4.
Starring: Capri Anderson - Charlie Sheens' Mistress!, Tori Black, Nikki Kane, Lux Kassidy, Eden Adams, Missy Stone, Kylee Reece, Mia Linaa, Stephanie Cane, Dylan Riley
Nympho Lesbians Year 1989
These gals can't keep their fingers or tongues off of each other! A sensational ode to all-girl erotica featuring the statuesque Porsche Lynn, the nasty Sharon Mitchell and a cavalcade of captivating rug munchers with an insatiable appetite for desire.
Oasis Prepare yourself for a journey into a cinematically beautiful adventure with the Sexiest Desert Goddesses, as they take you to new heights of sensual erotica, from Sunrise to Sunset.
Object Of Desire Year 1979
Foxy French tart Monique du Pre stars in this tantalizing blast form the past, playing a youthfully naïve beauty who comes under a sensual spell when she’s introduced to the far-out pleasures of the flesh. Shot on location in France, the lush sexvid takes us into the back alleys and bawdy bordellos of Paris, where Monique finds herself stuck as the story begins. She soon finds a place at a secluded brothel that caters to the unique whims of their wealthy clientele. Monique gets washed away on a sensual sea of lust as she is welcomed into the realm of pure carnal bliss and adventure. This is a wildly passionate focused sex film that delves head first into the deep waters of out-there sexual expression. An exquisitely photographed, stunningly erotic opus that never fails to startle and arouse.
Juliet Anderson role-plays the part of a lonely housewife who’s husband is away on business, and a friend of her husband stops by to talk. After a call from her husband, she gets emotional and her husbands friend tries to console her.
Mai Lin has a sexy escapade out in the forest while one of her "co-workers" watches from behind some trees.
Odyssey Year 1977
"Graphic, Strong, Sweaty Action" Adam Film World
Gerard Damiano’s masterpiece has framed each erotic sexual act so as to entice the most prudish taste. Terri Hall & Susan McBain are caught up in a world of multi-abstract erotica – experiencing a world of extreme wanton pleasure – which includes bondage, lesbianism, voyeurism and masked sexual orgies. A true classic indeed.
Oh Those Nurses "Tomorrow marks the fourth anniversary of the battle of Hamburg. Your commanding General has arranged a very special treat for his troops. Tomorrow I have arranged for the nurses at the school of nursing to spend the day with us.
Every last man, woman and child who walks the earth of this good old USA owes us. And tomorrow several grateful girls are coming over to pay us back a little bit.
I want you to uphold the dignity and valor the forty first platoon! And when the time comes, I want you to raise to the occasion and CHARGE INTO THE GAP!"
        -General Wastemail
Starring:Lysa Thatcher, Ron Jeremy, Merle Michaels, Jack Teague, Diana May, Bobbie Burns, Suzzanna Ash, Lori Palmer, R Bolla, David Morris, Jerry Butler, Bjorn Torvait, Mike Feline
Directed by C. C. Williams
Olinka Goddess Of Love Europe’s Reigning Queen of Erotica!Olinka she’s the reigning Sex Goddess of Europe. A cool, icy beauty with a fire-hot sex appeal that knows no bounds, she bears an uncanny resemblance to one of the silver screen’s greatest blonde bombshells. Join this provocative woman-child as she travels across the globe, in search of erotic adventures. High in the Alps, you can count on Olinka to start an avalanche of amorous sexual encounters. And in sunny Spain, she raises her skirts…but not for dancing! But it’s only the beginning of this voluptuous creature’s journeys. Relax as we lovingly re-live the hottest scenes from her greatest movies.
On The Loose Monique is back and looking for action! Monique returns home and finds things have changed for the better! The women are hotter, the men are harder and Monique is ready to try them all. She samples slick slots and thick shafts and asks for seconds!
On White Satin Year 1980
The Sexiest things happen ON WHITE SATIN
The sexiest things happen when the team that brought you "Screwples", "11" and Annette Haven as "The Blonde", turn their cameras onto the goings on under a soft, sexy white satin sheet. From the honeymoon couple to the wild fraternity toga party, "On White Satin" proves it’s the best bet for a picture that will have great legs, sexy arms and beautiful thighs.
The sexiest things happen with Seka, erotic cinema’s reigning superstar, in the soft satin embrace of her lovers. Also starring Lisa DeLeeuw, winner of the Adult Film Association of America award. Plus the exciting discover of Tami Thomas, who with seven other ladies prove the sexiest things happen ON WHITE SATIN.
Once Upon A Secretary Year: 1983
UPTOWN – NEW YORK – An extremely gorgeous secretary gets humped by her horny boss…
DOWNTOWN – NEW YORK – A porn actress types tomorrow’s scenes for an overly sincere director
Neither girl is happy with life as it is….until the idea of changing places occurs to them. "Once Upon a Secretary" is a delightful story – taking us behind the scenes of a porno set and then whisking us away to the hustle and bustle of a big city where the boss of the office gets away with everything!
Superb performances all around.
One In A Million Year 1993
A Two Hour Smattering Of Smut
One In A Million? Hardley....She takes dozens of lovers!
Only The Best Of Barbara Dare Year 1990
"Barbara Dare is the last in a short line of women who legitimately deserve the title of 'Classic Superstar'. Since her first major film appearance in Lilith Unleashed, Barbara Dare has taken the industry by storm with sexual intensity that reminds viewers of the 'Golden Age' of adult films" - Jim Holliday, Author & Adult Film Historian.
Only The Best Of Men's And Women's Fantasies Watch some of the greatest actors and actresses in some of the greatest classic scenes to have ever graced the X-rated silver screen. From Amber Lynn and Jesie St. James to Eric Edwards, Ron Jeremy and many more. ONLY THE BEST OF MEN’S AND WOMEN’S FANTASIES features a non-stop parade of beauty, lust and perversion. Rarely before has such an outstanding collection of timeless scenes been collected on one disc. This is a must have for every classic fan and a must see for anyone new to the genre. No matter what your fantasy, this movie has it. Don’t let it pass you by.
Narrated by Bill Margold & Kimberly Carson
Only The Best Of Oral Year 1988
Only The Best Of Oral is a collection of over 25 beautiful, mouth-watering adult superstars with an insatiable appetite for oral sex. Whether it's foreplay, during-play or after-play, these twosomes, threesomes and foursomes love to serve it up hot and juicy.
Only The Best Of's a film with taste!
Only The Best Of Women With Women Year 1988
If you love women, you'll love this collection of the hottest lesbian lust ever assembled! The all-star action starts when 6 ft. blonde amazon, Channel hoists the petite Toy over her shoulder and carries her to bed for a wild 3-way that includes Shanna McCullough. Narrated by Kimberly Carson & Sharon Kane. Starring: Candy Samples, Kay Parker, Christy Canyon, Amber Lynn, Joanna Storm & more!
Only The Best Vol. 01 Year 1986
The ONLY authorized, authentic and accurate series of classic sex scenes from Jim Holliday’s definitive book on X-Rated films…"ONLY THE BEST". These scenes were taken from the section of the book titles "THE 111 MOST MEMORABLE SEX SCENES EVER FILMED"
They represent the finest examples of all types and styles of superior erotic filmmaking, and include the hottest male/female couplings, the hottest female masturbation and the hottest lesbian scenes of all time. In addition, Jim Holiday, regarded as the leading expert in the adult industry, provides commentary and reviews every aspect of the film – THE ENTIRE FILM. This will help you identify the people and films from which the scenes were take. ONLY THE BEST is just that – the best sex scenes of all-time finally together on one very hot DVD!
Only The Best Vol. 02 - Even Better Year 1989
The second volume of Jim Holliday's 'Only The Best' series. There's something for everyone and more genuine eroticism than any shot on video production. You will see classic and unforgettable encounters between men and women, scorching lesbian lust and incredible 3-ways!
Only The Best Vol. 03 - Then 'Til Now Year 1990
Only The Best 3 - Then 'Til Now is a visual mini-history of explicit adult entertainment. From the best known stag film with Candy Barr to the hottest stag with an unknown legend - all the way to a mind-boggling scene shot specifically for this film. Something for everyone, designed for maximum viewer enjoyment. From the '40s to the '90s, with emphasis on The Golden Age and all-time recent winners, the scenes are drenchingly explicit...That's why they are Only The Best!
Opening Of Misty Beethoven The Henry Paris Collection
The Opening of Misty Beethoven is one of the most expensive, glamourous and exciting adult features ever made. Dr. Love (Jamie Gillis) bets sidekick Geraldine Rich (Jacqueline Beaudant) that he can transform Misty Beethoven (Constance Money) from a lowly street walker into a hand-picked symbol of sexual perfection, the Goldenrod Girl. Transporting viewers from New York to Rome to Paris and Back, Metzger’s Masterpiece follows Misty as she brings three men to orgasm simultaneously, seduces an impotent art dealer (Casey Donovan) and pulls off a climatic three-way with layman (Ras Kean) and his assistant, Barbara (Gloria Leonard) – A delightfully “perilous Journey” that features the first “Pegging” scene ever captured on film. In the end, Metger adds a final twist to the Pygmalion theme as Misty turns the tables on her mentor.
85 Minutes
Full Length Feature
Oral Assets Starring the Latin Queen of Porn, Vanessa del Rio!
Oriental Babysitter Year 1976
One of Linda Wong’s best early roles is that of the Oriental Babysitter, a sizzling sexual tour-de-force that highlights Linda in a variety of lusty scenarios & situations.
Oriental Blue Year 1975
Girls with girls, girls with boys, some unexpected action, a few 3 ways & Kidnapping and white slavery at its most erotic wow- is it hot in here? Over 10 scenes of scorching nastiness!
Oriental Hawaii Year 1982
A Tidal Wave Of Sensuality!
Welcome to a tropical paradise where you can get laid in more ways than one with the beauties of oriental Hawaii on the prowl.
Oriental Kitten Year 1975
The adventures of a very naughty and mischievous Oriental nymph and the sexual adventures she encounters-including a romp with the legendary woodsman John Holmes.
Oriental Teen Cherries Saucy Singapore snatch – delivers intense hot Asian humping!
Scenes include: Boy/Girl, Boy/Boy/Girl, anal & double penetration – filmed by Europe’s hottest director!
Part of VCX's European Diamond Collection
Oversexed Year: 1986
She's your hottest dream come True!
Two militant extraterrestrials on an advance scouting mission land on Earth. Coming to New York, they are immediately discovered by Doctor Louise Terov, who has been fitted with an IUDDA (Inter-Uterine Device for the Detection of Aliens). To combat this threat from space, Louise enlists the aid of her friend, Doctor Millicent Harvey.
Millicent is also fitted with the device, which keeps the wearer in constant state of sexual agitation while near Aliens. Since they live directly above the aliens they are monitoring, they are ready for any and all passing males, or even each other!
When the Aliens, Dart Laidher and Princess Orgasma discover they are being monitored, they strike back by getting even closer to the women and finally having sex with them. Louise and Millicent are overwhelmed by the sexual prowess of Dart.
Once Dart and Princess Orgasma learn the secret of the monitoring device they prepare to leave for their own galaxy with the new found military secret. Louise distracts them with a sexual adventure while Millicent locates and destroys the alien space vehicle, thus keeping the extraterrestrials earthbound to the sexual pleasure of all.
Pam & Tommy Lee - Hardcore & Uncensored Year 1997 Starring:Pamela Lee Anderson & Tommy Lee THE MOST CONTROVERSIAL TAPEEVER MADE! ONLY LEGAL VERSION The X-rated files: The hugely overexposed Tommy and Pamela Anderson Lee have settled...
It's open season once again on the Internet for Lee-gazing!
The notorious honeymoon video of Tommy and Pamela Lee!
Pandora's Mirror Year 1981
Pandora goes to an antique-furniture store and discovers a remarkable mirror. The owner won't sell it; he claims it's possessed. But she insists, and the owner allows her to 'borrow' it for a few days. When she gets home, she stares into the mirror and discovers that it shows her sexual episodes that took place throughout the ages.
This elegant, high-class entertainment presents a variety of costumes, sex-dramas and some wonderfully kinky action!!
Panty Raid Year: 1984
The best things about panties is taking them off.
Shot on location in Hawaii, this searing sexvid romp features some of the 80s' hottest stars at the top of their lascivious game. Ginger Lynn and Stacey Donovan play a couple of local lovelies who find themselves drawn to a pair of vacation brothers. They lead the guys on a fun-filled moped ride through the pineapple fields, then lead them into temptation with some steamy Sapphic sizzle. Eventually the guys meet up with another swarthy stud who's got a bevy of beauties of his own. They all get together for some feverish fireside cookouts and amorous adventures at sea. Filled with gorgeous young women, white-hot action and eye-popping scenery, this is one vacation that you won't ever want to end!
Parted Lips Parted Lips are a sign of Sex!
Natasha, the wicked Baroness, and her three henchmen comb the entire city in an effort to find Princess Tanya of Balukovia. When Tanya flees to the home of her friend, Jane Linden, the Baronpess and her thugs follow her and break into the apartment. Princess Tanya escapes, but her friend Jane is captured! She has become the Hostage and Sexual Focus of the gang, Jane finds that she is strangely attracted to the tallest of the Baroness' henchmen, one Count Nicolai. The count and Janie become well acquainted with each other.
When the Baroness finally captures Princes Tanya, Jane discovers why they wanted her so badly. The Princess has transcendental sexual powers. Between the special powers of the Princess and Count Nicolai's physical attributes Jane decides she has found sexual partners for a long time.
Meanwhile, the Baroness and her consort, Count Igor, plot and plan a counter revolution in their motherland, Will they Succeed?
Starring:Supercovergirl Siobhan Hunter, Vana Paymore, Annette Heinz, Michael Knight
Pasionate Love Double Penetration in every scene and 2 DOUBLE ANAL Penetrations!
The sex acts in this film are performed by actors/actresses under supervised conditions & should not be attemted by non professionals.
Cast: Audrey Hollander, Alicia Angel, Liv Wylder, Staci Thorn
Pastries Year 1979
Pastries is a comedy-farce, coupled with explicit sexual experiences designed for erotic excitement and pleasure. It is one of the biggest orgasmistic films ever made. At the last count there were over 50 of them. Pastries is a motion picture with a cast of very beautiful people, all free of sexual inhibitions. They let it hang "up," as well as "out."
Pastries is Ushi Digart at her very best. Ushi puts on everyone. Reality becomes fantasy and...fantasy becomes reality as one explicit sexual scene follows another.
Patrons Of Pleasure Gorgeous European models, more beautiful than Aphrodite, sexually forage with jet-setters on the Italian Riviera.
Volcanic sex erupts every moment on the film.
Part of VCX's European Diamond Collection
Peepers' Deep inside the lustiest ladies everywhere is a lewd desire to be seen in the most intimate coupling imaginable .. here’s looking at you!
You can see the darndest things through a telescope; they’re great for bird-watching, the race track and astronomy, but where they really come in handy is for up-close investigations of the endless intimate sexual liaisons that take place behind locked doors – but open windows!
Why, with one of those to look through, you’ll be brought right into the action. It’s so real and so close you’ll feel that you could reach out and touch that slipping and sliding ecstasy, but be careful; this long distance loving can turn into an erotic obsession. And when a sexual obsession gets out of hand, anything can happen.
PEEPERS is a scorchingly sensual fable of a young virile man who falls in love with an incredibly beautiful woman whose face and body are the very essence of sexual perfection. The only trouble is that the only time he is able to see her is when he’s looking at her through his telescope. Every time he leaves the telescope and goes to where he thinks he’ll find her, she’s not there; she’s vanished!
It seems the only way he’ll ever be able to meet this fabulous mystery woman – and have a chance to sample the tantalizing pleasures of her massive perfectly formed breasts and mouthwateringly voluptuous thighs with their hidden promise of orgasmic delights – is through his telescope.
But how long can this go on? When, if ever, will she see him and open herself up to the full extent of his burning need?
Wait... what’s that she’s got? It looks like a telescope? And it looks like she’s pointing it at!!!
Peeping Tom Year 1986
Peeping. It’s the secret pastime that everyone has and no one will admit to. It’s making William Burke lose touch with reality and he loves it, so much so, that every occasion, from press conferences to a dinner in his honor, turns into private sexual experiences. His conscience only makes things harder, urging him to indulge. Burke ends up almost getting caught when he watches Nina Hartley & Buck Adams in one arousing encounter!
Don’t miss what happens when Burke discovers his ultimate fantasy in a hospital room mirror.
Penetration Addicts Penetration Addicts
Scorching ANALS
Starring:Hillary Scott, Jane Michaels, Kelli Tyler, Lita Lynn, Nadia Styles
People Year 1979
From the man who brought you DEEP THROAT!
"Shot with all the gloss of a Hollywood Production. People conveys intelligence and a sense of reality rare to porn." - Frank Fortunato HUSTLER MAGAZINE
Perfect Partners Matt (played by Joey Silvera) and John (played by Jon Martin) are brothers and want to share almost everything, even their wives (Amber Lynn and Sheri St. Claire)! That's why they pay a visit to sizzling sex-shrink Dr. Jean (Tamara Longley), who agrees to turn their conservative wives into insatiable love buckets!
Dr. Jean’s project takes the shape of a sex contest between the wives to see who is the sexiest! The good doctor even gets involved.
It doesn’t take the boys long to figure out they’ve had the Perfect Partners from the beginning!
Perfect Strangers Stolen glances, knowing nods, a reflection in the window.... You never know where you'll find your perfect stranger! Explore the fantasy versus the reality of circumstantial attraction, and the intense build-up of heat and desire as this lust grows day after day. You never know where you'll find you...
Personal Services Have you ever answered one of those provocative "personal" ads in your favorite sex newspaper? For instance, how about this one: "The Queen of Sex will wager any and all comers to a round-the-clock orgy of sex and fun"
Well, Ronnie Glib responded to this one and he was glad he did! But he doesn't realize that there is one slight catch to the proposition: whoever cries "uncle" first, must pay the "queen" five dollars a minute! He accepts the challenge, but he finally admits that he is drained dry and has to pay up.
He goes to a local bar where he meets with a sailor, B.C. Hazzard (played by John Holmes). Together, they plot to beat the Queen of Sex at her own game.
We discover that the secret to her stamina - she's really a "pair of queens," portrayed by the fabulous sex twins, Claire & Connie Krumpet. Triumphantly, Glib and Hazzard uncover the plot, drain the girls dry and collect their dough.
Perverted Point of View 2, A Diabolic has Conducted a survery and the results are unanimous.
Chicks Dig:
1. Ass to Mouth
2. Ball Snot Blasts
3. Ass Dipped Pork
4. Sperm Burping
5. Blowing Strangers
Diabolic Video, providing what Chicks Dig. All shot from A Perverted Point OF View
Starring: Catalina, August, Kiana, Marie Silva, Sunrise Adams, Meriesa, Sierra, Taren Hayes
2 Hours 20 Minutes Long!
Pet Of The Month Year 1978
Pet of the Month, Mariwin Roberts, is featured in this Hawaiian adventure. As she recounts for the office girls her recent adventure, the audience is treated to a visual & sexual tour-de-force. From hang gliding above the tropical cliffs to lovemaking on the lovely sands, beautiful Hawaii is seen in an entirely new light. This pet proves to be the hottest thing to Hawaii since volcanoes. Aloha!
Elaine Twackle
Jody Steele
Geri Daffron
Phone Sex Fantasies Gloria Leonard brings you Phone Sex Fantasies
For a good time, there's only one number to call... Gloria Leonard's Phone Sex Fantasies! This hotline makes everyone's fantasies come true. Magazine Centerfolds come to life, a frustrated housewife finds relief in the form of her TV repairman, a virgin has his condition rectified, and more!
Physical Attraction A naughty little gem - Shauna McCollough is simply irresistible" - Adam Film World
Playing a prostitute, Shanna McCullough doesn't like her work, which is presented in a very non-erotic manner: it's just a job. Her real passion is for running. She meets track coach David Cannon, who eventually recruits her for his team and the Olympic trials.
Her vie for Olympic gold is complete with a cast of horny players, athletes, trainers and supporters of the team! After her training is finished, Shauna becomes a world-class sexual athlete going for the gold & more!
Pink Clam Year 1986
Director: Francis Healey
Nancy and Paula own a house in Brooklyn. When the girls are visited by Nancy's cousin Antonia, the delicate balance of the household is thrown into a new and unsettling sexual fervor!
Antonia starts by brazenly having sex with the delivery boy, and then aggressively bringing Paula into bed with her. Paula is smitten with guilt, and she is so ashamed that she confesses to Nancy about her wild experience making love to Antonia...
The whirlwind continues when a stud named Bob drops by to visit. The girls all want him and they all have him!
When Antonia realizes she has worn out her welcome, she packs her bags and leaves for home...
Pink Lagoon, The Year 1984
Once you enter it. Your in Paradise!
The sexy cast of 'Surrender in Paradise' is back in this sassy and scintillating island sequel. Shot on some of Hawaii's most breathtaking beaches, 'The Pink Lagoon' brings viewers plenty of surf, sand and sensual sex. The gals (Ginger Lynn, Ashley Britton, Lois Ayres, Raven, Roxanne Rollan) from the original return to the secluded island, flush with the good news that shipwrecked convict Jerry Butler has been pardoned. He's happy to hear it - but even happier to again be getting visitors on his lonely atoll. A series of zany plot twists and white-hot sexual encounters keep things at a full boil, as Jerry and the girls find themselves in all sorts of compromising positions. 'The Pink Lagoon' is the perfect vacation destination for fast-paced fun and white-hot erotic action.
Title available as VHS ONLY!
Pizza Girls - Hot & Saucy Year 1978
See "Hustler" centerfold Desiree Cousteau in action!!
Hot & Saucy Pizza Girls – We Deliver!!!
This rates as a comic look at the fast food business and rates one of Bob Chinn best films ever. John Holmes operates a pizza delivery service that adds very special toppings provided by the delivery girls - Desiree, Candida, Chris and Laurien. But Paul Thomas and the fried chicken people enlist the aid of the infamous San Francisco Night Chicken to drive the pizza operation out of business. The sex scenes are exceptionally ludicrous in this very entertaining classic adult movie.
Plato's Retreat West Director: Cindy Lou Sutter
Year 1983
Starring: Sandy Sunshine, Too Tall Teresa, Millie Moon, Desire Elms, Big Tits Malloy
With: Mike Ranger and Gene Miller
Check-in and Leave All Your Reservations at the Door!
For those of us who did not get to experience all the excitement of the "anything-goes" sexual excesses known as the 1970's, this one's for you!
Fellow teenage roller-skater, Sandy Sunshine, as she ditches her night job on Hollywood Blvd. Southern California's wildest sex club is calling out to the horny lass, and Sandy is more than ready to take the obscene call.
Plato's Retreat West is a huge house of orgies, Sandy is lured into each of them. From the locker-room to the showers, to the stairs, to the skating rink dance floor, she goes all night! 'The sex is wild, the orgies are unusual, the breasts are natural, the script is campy, the acting is so bad, you'll cry form laughing. Most of all, you will wish that you could visit this hot bed of sin!
Playgirls Of Munich Year 1979
Directed by Navred Reef and showcasing Roger Caine and Zebedy Colt, the Laurel and Hardy of adult films, play two fun loving tourists stranded in Germany dead broke. In this madcap comedy, they are assisted in more ways than one by the gorgeous frauleins of Munich.
Playing With Fire Year 1983
In PLAYING WITH FIRE, the subject is step-kids. See what happens when Catherine marries stud Danny and their teenage kids get obsessed with wicked thoughts of incest!
Kirdy Stevens really pulls out all the stops and all erotic hell breaks loose!!
PLAYING WITH FIRE really sizzles-a total sexy rollercoaster of steam-heated sex!
Please Don't Stop Petulant Pearl (Amber Lynn) is a gold-digging tramp if there ever was one! While hitchhiking, she meets an unattractive type who’s going to visit her rich sister Lynn (Sheri St. Claire) for the first time since childhood. Well, Pearl smells a boner bonus and trades places with her companion. It’s going to be a weekend of delicious and hot deception that will have you screaming PLEASE DON'T STOP.
Pleasure Motel PLEASURE MOTEL spies on a seedy highway stop- over where a variety of nefarious individuals, including a disillusioned lesbian and a gambling junkie spend the night, all with one urge in common. They all want a good hardcore fuck. See these downtrodden deviants endure their lives while craving the next filthy fuck. Starring the gorgeously notorious Tina Russell, this classic 70’s film is a unique snapshot of not just the day to day life of a salacious motel, but a seductive glimpse into the early days of porn.
Pleasure Palace In one of his greatest roles, icon Eric Edwards plays an ex-cop turned opportunist criminal. With the help of his friend, played by R Bolla, Edwards takes over a struggling massage parlor intending to turn it into a money maker. An avalanche of money, prostitution and sex follows.
The always seductively gorgeous Serena is at her best playing the sexiest, horniest and top money making girl at the brothel, but when business gets nasty rival pimps go on the attack. A complicated web of deceit and deception unravels into a shocking end!
Pleasure Seekers, The Year: 1985
Heather Wayne and Herschel Savage are a randy suburban couple who have become curious about swinging. They’ve just met a likely candidate in Kristara Barrington, who drops by their place after the happy couple finishes a rousing romp upstairs.
Before they know what’s hit them, they’re also caught up in the partner-swapping mayhem! These folks not only seek pleasure, they find it – in more ways than one!
A sexy and ultimately satisfying romp between the sheets of these ‘80’s stars who need no coaxing to get them in the mood. Fans of both the sultry Kristara Barrington and hottie Heather Wayne won’t be disappointed either.
Pleasure Spot Year 1986
Pleasure Spot is the story of a woman who never knew what she was not getting out of sex until a wacky clit transplant operation gave her a whole new attitude!
Do you have an organ to donate? Sexy farce!
Pony Girls Year 1981
Candida Royalle is the only well-known performer in this blue movie oddity. Even though this film has a disjointed travelogue feel - the sex filmed showcases all the earmarks of authentic classic erotica - especially featuring this early footage of the nubile Ms. Royalle at the ranch.
Director:Katrina Lee
Featuring: Anne Beatty, Bonnie Mulford, Carole Tong, Diane Baxter, Maureen Kelly, Shirley White, Susan Critz, Chad Tipton, Jim Stampler, Lou Hanton, Mike Thornton, Steve Brown, Tom Cannon
Porked When you need it bad...
You gotta get... Porked!Follow the hilarious sexual antics of cult leader Sunnumu Guru as he tries to bed some of his lovely followers. Several things get in the way of his carnal pleasures. The first being his vow of celibacy, the second being his two painfully beautiful High Priestessess who are determined to keep the Guru pure.
One day the Guru has a visitor, a mysterious young lady who is selling an exotic perfume that turns on anyone who smells it! Armed with his powerful sexual stimulant Sunnumum Guru decides to have some fun with a few of his gorgeous followers. He even goes as far as having both of his hot looking High Priesessess! The Guru never had it so good!
Porn Valley There's Wild & Then There's OUT-FUCKING-CONTROL! Do you really think you can handle the women of Porn Valley?
These are the XXX Stars of PORN VALLEY!They talk the talk, walk the walk and live the life!
Cast: Otto Bauer, Katja Kassin, Audrey Hollander, Tony T., Rick Masters, Taryn Thomas, Alec Knight, Daisy, Alex Sanders, Keeani Lei
Portrait Of An Affair Year 1988
Here is a love story like no other. Filmed in a lavish way (reminiscent of those high budget night-time evening soaps) it boadly reveals a sexual liaison between four passionate people.
The wife: a famous writer for magazines, who find mental and physcial gratification from her artistic lesbian girlfriend.
The husband: a man who appeases his sexual appetite with his wife in a most brutish way, which repells and yet excites her deeply.
The wife's lover: Her insatiable desire for sexual variety drives her to his door, begging him to fulfill her deepest desires.
Sensitive. Sensual. Unforgettable. Unmistakingly, Anthony Spinelli's POTRAIT OF AN AFFAIR.
Portrait Of Seduction Year 1976
Director: Anthony Spinelli
Starring: Vicky Lyon, Monique Cardin, Rita Stone, Jon Martin
A young, horny and gifted-in-many-ways man plans a career as an artist. He gets his homework done with the assistance of some of the most beautiful models ever seen. Each night is an orgy of new sexual pleasures, a deeply satisfying erotic ballgame that throbs deep into the night. The passion is often so intense that other members of his studio join the action!
Postgraduate, The The postgraduate course in sexual love
"-- the more one knows about sex, the richer, more satisfying and more stable his - or her - sex life is likely to become." Dr. Alfred Kinsey
Starring: John Dugan III, Bert Lewison, Babs Lewison, Darwin Burke, Randi Sablon, Danny Sillman, Fran Carston
Power Of Love It Will Turn You On! Long-time lovers Taylor and Evan are young, horny and totally out of sync! While Taylor gets off with her gal pal's tongue, Evan heads to the "Love Foundation" for a refresher course on lovemaking. Nurse Ava and the director are great with mouth, muff and hands-on counseling with all their male patients. But Evan soon discovers that such outrageous orgasms come with a very high price.
Power Of Nicole, The "Fans of the sexy & sultry Nicole Black won't be disappointed here - she steams up the screen"--Cinema X Magazine
Nicole dominates her men with the mysterious and tantalizing strength of a powerful woman! She dances above one lover...She makes another plead for her! She forces yet another to his knees and he becomes a slave to share with her friend! She controls and manipulates two frustrated men who willingly obey her! Nicole has the power to make a man beg and plead. When she lets you have her, you get all that you need!
Practice Makes Perfect PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE!If practice makes perfect, these luscious ladies are flawless. Their motto of "If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again," has never been more true! They don’t ever want to stop perfecting the old in ‘n out...
Precious Gems Filmed on location in the beautiful Hawaiian IslandsThe hot action gets off to a furious pace when Randy West checks into his condo to find the maid (Nina DePonca) cleaning up. He helps her make the bed while she makes him. Meanwhile Robert Bullock waits outside the room, hoping to get his bed made, too.
Ray Victory leaves a wild beach party with Brandi Wine to find a secluded spot on the beach and bury her luscious body with his in the sand.
It’s a sizzling lesbian scene when the hot Lynn LeMay and the fiery Samantha Strong get acquainted while Randy West bangs Bionca on the rocks overlooking the pounding surf.
Lynn Le May brings a surfer home (Blake Palmer). She waxes his board and gets the ride of her life.
Robert Bullock gets more than lucky with Samantha Strong and has a Hawaiian experience he’ll never forget.
Prescription For Lust Year 1995
Director: Charles Rothstein
Featuring: Nikki Arizona and Dalls O'Amour
- RX -Take as often as possible...Anally!Faced with the closing of their hospital, five sultry sexy nurses use their brains and bodies to insure that no patient leaves unsatisfied.
From their unique approach to servicing sperm donors, to the seduction of the state hospital inspector, these five angels of mercy in white, turn the medical establishment on it's (r)ear!
Primary Pleasures Year 1987
This is a story about 80’s politicians. These local members of the city council have sex lives that are more demanding than public office.
First we see Mr. Norris (a councilman) with Susan Warren (a political hopeful). They meet in his cozy love nest in the boroughs of Queens. He sucks on her and she returns the favor. The councilman takes her missionary and then finishes the scene, taking her from behind and exploding on her ass.
Then we meet Francisco, he and Susan try out the love nest in a very hot scene. Susan rifles his face like there’s no tomorrow and Francisco manages to lick her ass a few times as well. Susan rides him hard and he creams all over her.
The janitor from the building then shows another political candidate the love nest. Her name is Miss Geraldine Taylor and she is a hottie!! The janitor is seduced by her and her uncontrollable sexual appetite. This is a raw scene of unbridled passion, complete with all the dirty talk like "suck my clit!" Susan then Confronts the janitor about him fucking and sucking Miss Taylor, Susan tells him that she will call the police. She says that if doesn’t lick her pussy then he will go to jail for 99 years!! The threat obviously works, because they have hardcore intercourse.
We then find Miss Taylor and Francisco involved in the grand finale, a serious scene of sucking, licking, fingering and fucking!! They perform a very intense 69 with Francisco’s inserting his finger into her ass. As a bonus, he then rams her doggie style and ends up massing her buttocks with his hot man lotion.
Starring: Alexa Parks, Carlos Valentino, Eric Dylan, Rocky Dilorenzo, Tanya Foxx
Prisoner Of Paradise Year 1980
Prisoner of Paradise is part of a new breed of adult films of the 80’s that offers a solid story line and superior production values along with the sizzling sex.
Holmes portrays a shipwrecked World War II sailor who comes to the rescue of two American nurses held in the clutches of a twisted Nazi and his three female assistants.
Breathtaking locations scenery and lush cinematography makes this and ideal choice for couples and the crossover audiences in today’s increasingly sophisticated video market.
Jayne Paygan is credted as Nikki Anderson in this movie.
Private Teacher Year 1983
Private Teacher - Starring Kay Parker
Sometimes, all you need is a little "private instruction" to make the GRADE!
Jimmy is a horny high school guy who spends all of his time spying on his kinky neighbors with a telescope. Worried, his Aunt hires a sexy private teacher to help bring him out of his shell. She discovers Tom possesses a LARGE member. After a few private lessons, Jimmy gets a firm grip on his own sexuality. And so do the girls next door!
Prized Possession Year 1978
A series of highly sexual events unfold in this gritty tale told through the eyes of a man who recollects his most intimate thoughts.
The erotica presented shifts from fantasy scenarios to unbridled, steamy sex between people whose carnal chemistry is unbound. Of a worth note is the beautiful cinema legend Samantha Fox who literally sears the sheets in her foray into fiery fornication with Bobby Astyr.
All in all - a good mix of episodic sex showcasing some very intense people.
Promises And Lies Year 1997
SEXSATIONAL HOUSTONA Magical night that neither can forget leads Julianne and Matt to a fateful reunion ten years after.
A lot has happened in each of their lives but they are determined to rekindle the flames of passion that blazed ever so briefly a decade past.
Pulp Friction What do a Crime Boss, a couple of Gangsters and a girl named Lucy have in common? Well the Gangsters are supposed to collect on some bad debts from these hot girls that owe them but keep giving them sex instead.
... Oh well
And, when one of the Gangsters assigned to watch the Crime Boss's Girlfriend, Lucy, gets a little too close - there's even bigger trouble.
Puppeteer "She Likes to Keep 'Em Dancing on a String!"She controls a town full of her puppets. She even made herself a "perfect puppet-man." Too Perfect...? Her perfect man escapes to a torrid affair in the city. But, at last, his strings draw him to return to his Puppeteer.
Purely Physical Year 1982
Kathy Harrington (Laura Lazare) is a junior at Bristol State University pursuing a degree in journalism. She applies for and gets a job as a night clerk in a motel to earn extra money and gather material for her writing. Through Kathy's wandering eyes, the audience can explore the physical pleasures of those who pass through the motel doors. At times even Kathy is tempted to succumb to a moment of heated passion but her strict Ohio upbringing will not allow her to respond. And so the stage is set for PURELY PHYSICAL, a film that captures people overpowered by the feeling of a sudden wanting, an out-of-the-way motel and the press of time that makes love so intense.
Pussy Fest Of The Northwest - Vol. 01 Year 2004
Starring: Jana, Lucie May, Sandy Lue, Lynx Dyan, Ava Day, Samantha, with Vladimir and Rodney Moore "The King Of Cream" RODNEY MOORE PRESENTS
Trolls and Trollops
Four Sex-Stuffed Vignettes!
Trapped In Tracks - Pecker meets Anus
Follow The Leader - 2 Hot Chicks Exposing Their Butts and Boobs all over town before devouring each other!
The Troll & The Trollop - Vlad Teaches Lynx Dyan to talk dirty in German than humps her standing up till she screams out in ecstasy! Very Hot
Samantha Goes Down - Samantha's hairy pussy gets creamed by Rodney
Pussy Fest Of The Northwest - Vol. 03 Year2001
Starring: Jasmine, Winter, Sabrina, Dani, Wednesday, Francesca, Rodney Moore
 RODNEY MOORE PRESENTS Lollipop Tarts Jasmine Picking Berries uncovers Rodney's Boner! Winter and Sabrina expose themselves in the park. , Dani enjoys sucking on her lollipop, but Rodney convinces her that his dick is much sweeter.
Hairy Wednesday is working out when she spots Tom pumpin' iron and decides she needs a little pumpin'., Fresh from Italy, Francesca barely understands Rodney's pick-up lines, but still manages to end up bare ass naked in his bed.
Pussy Fest Of The Northwest - Vol. 05 Year 1996
Starring: Analisa, Cassandra O, Janice, Jasmine Johnson, Julianne, Nadia Nice, Natasha Rodney Moore Presents
Wet and Clear - Nadia and Rodney are relaxing in a rooftop Jacuzzi overlooking the Seattle skyline. He gets her into the bathroom for a f**king and sucking. The finale is a rare "clear as water" Rodneyblast!, Dirty Laundry - Jasmine shows Rodney how to work his new washing machine. To test it, he strips off his clothes.... He offers to wash her clothes too., New Lesbian - Analise, the girl who loves anal sex, flies all the way to Seattle to have her first girl/girl suckfest. Phone Loan - Janice needs to make a phone call so Rodney hands her his cellular. He takes her home and she borrows his penis, which she shyly sucks...., Nasty Natasha - She's back! Nasty Natasha returns to give Rodney one of her patented blowjobs., Rodney Does It - Rodney goes all the way with super, naturally busty Julianne!
Pussycat Ranch There’s something dirty going on at...The rough life of the western cowboy was dirty in more ways than one. And how better to ease the pains and problems of a round up than at the whoopin’est, hootin’est, whorein’est cathouse in the west – Pussycat Ranch! That’s right, an entire layout of voluptuous vixens eager to please their men in every imaginable way. And when the star pussycat of them all, Sweet Polly, gets a-hold of Billy The Kid, well, yo’ll just have to watch it to find out! From haystack to four-poster, at PUSSYCAT RANCH the action never quits!
Raunchy Realtors Raunchy Realtors
5 sexy realtors take you inside their hot properties!
Shot in High Definition
Sold! We can sell yours!
Starring: Anita Blue, Crissy Cums, Joelean, Moni, Savannah Stern
Rebecca Exposed Year2004
Rebecca Wild is EXPOSED in this five hour feature-she boffs like there is no tomorrow. 100% HARDCORE!
Rebecca's Raunch-A-Rama Rebecca Bardoux is a veritable feast of depravity. So fee free to indulge!
Reflections Year 1977
A bizarre mirror of inner desires..."Smooth and sophisticated. Annette Haven works some mischief and is gorgeous" --Bruce Williamson / Playboy
The twisted passions of uncontrolled teenage lust... Reflect the fantasies of youth!
Bob is pleased, excited by the arrival of this full and ripened beauty. His first encounter with Joan at the drive-in leaves him with such sexual needs that he is forced, once again to go to Connie for satisfaction. "That bitch, that closed-legged bitch! Hell, a little hand job wouldn't have hurt her," Bob moans to Connie while she is doing to him what has excited her for fourteen years. "I’ll make her eat words, and me too."
Joan is willing but unable to forget the childhood experiences she had with Bob & Connie. "Oh, I know what would happen if I undressed in front of you. You both would just laugh at my naked body, and send me out of the room as you used to do. I would then look through the keyhole and see Connie do all those nasty things to you... I even saw her put your thing in her mouth one time. I hated both of you then; but that's in the past. I would never put one of those things in my mouth - at least not yours".
It's the hatred that has brought Joan back to destroy her cousins, and she does it with professional ease. Not only does she have one, but both Bob & Connie watch helplessly as the innocent cousin picks and chooses from the various friends attending her welcome home party. Joan finally had her revenge, and her cousins...and her friends.
Resurrection Of Eve Year 1973
Hot, hotter, hottest ... Marilyn is the industry's most sensually arousing star who plays a young bride whose husband introduces her to a world of sex clubs and orgies. He loses her when Johnny Keyes big cock f**ks her into reaching orgasmic pleasure.
Mitchell Brothers has discontinued VHS, no more to be ever produced, limited quantities left.
Revenge On A Motorcycle Mama When a sexy motorcycle gang member is accused of ratting out her boyfriend to the cops, the gang seeks revenge in a most brutal way. They beat her with fists, chains and cocks. The other girls join in by holding her down, slapping her around and assisting their men in the torture of the squealer.
This is not your everyday porn. REVENGE ON A MOTORCYCLE MAMA is rough, hardcore and at times vicious. This is the kind of movie film makers would never dare make today. This rare classic is one of a kind and will blow your mind away. Ruthless foreplay, extreme fucking and humiliating facials make REVENGE ON A MOTORCYCLE MAMA an immortal porn that was there when it all began. Watch it at your own risk.
Starring: Vici Wade, Jo Barry, Orita De Chadwick, Celo Bruce, Robert Pace
Directed by : Basil Stark
Ribald Tales of Canterbury In days of old when knights were bold, and lusty ladies were bawdy...
You’ll find this tale of Canterbury is Definitely Naughty!"One of the best porn films of the past few years…" - Penthouse highest ratings
Hyapatia Lee is your hostess in the most erotic version of Geoffrey Chaucer’s 12th century classic you’ll ever see! The sets are fabulous, the costumes are sensational, and the sex is hotter than HOT! Join in the lusty merriment as a group of pilgrims recounts one ribald tale after another on their way to Canterbury. First there’s the classic "Miller’s Tale", where a miserly miller cheats two students (Jon Martin & Peter North) until the Miller’s wife (Stevie Taylor) and daughter (Buffy Davis) repay the boys with a piston-pumping daisy chain. Playing a gypsy, Hyapatia has a sizzling girl-girl encounter with the Wife of Bath (Colleen Brennan), while later she inflames the crystal balls on two gypsy studs! There are many many more RIBALD TALES OF CANTERBURY. And as our lusty travelers reach their final destination, the romantic air of their journey lingers on to become a reality!
Rich And The Bitch, The Beautiful street walkers and their erotic patrons join forces in unbridled lust.
Scenes include: Boy/Girl, Girl/Girl/Boy, Boy/Boy/Girl, anal and double penetration – filmed by Europe’s hottest director!
Part of VCX's European Diamond Collection
Right Tool For The Job Year 1988
Two wives decide to loosen up a friend (Siobhan Hunter) who has been rather lonely. They call a salesman (Ron Jeremy) of sensual pleasures who shows up with a suitcase full of surprises! The girls want to buy the whole package and this film gets hot as they begin playing with the new toys!
Siobhan really gets wild as her best friend's husband fills all her holes, finally glazing her ass with a heaping portion of man juice! After this the girls go really crazy and role-play their wildest fantasies!
Rock Hard Featuring the "Sexelettes"Adonna (Taija Rae), lead singer for the Sexelettes, an all-girl, heavy metal band, has a lot going for her in this steamy backstage saga of the music industry.
Helping Adonna get her hard rocks off along the way are: Fornicating Phil (Jerry Butler), the group's manager;, Sinfully Seductive Cindi Looper (Nina Hartley), one of Adonna's backup singers, who does much more with her luscious mouth than just sing;, Ultra Box (Patti Cakes), another slutty Sexelette whose name says it all;, Billy D.J. (Billy Dee), who's prepared to do a lot for the girls...provided they do a lot for him first;, Joan Dominatrix (Lili Marlene), a booking agent that no club owner dares to refuse; ... plus enough miscellaneous promoters, studio execs and program directors to give Adonna's leading stud all the stiff competition necessary to make a story so sex-saturated that it could only have been based on the Hollywood music scene.
Rockin' With Seka She loves, men, she loves women, she loves herself, she loves to fuck!! See why she gets our votes as the nastiest of the nasty!
Rodney Blasters - Vol. 02 It's the Rodney Blast ... and they're lining up to have their pretty faces and tits covered in it!
Rodney Blasters - Vol. 07 Year 1997
2 Creamy Hours
Rough and Ready #1 Triple ANAL Penetration - 5 guys on 1 whore! Double Vaginal Penetration - Double ANAL Penetration. ANAL in every scene! Oral Cum Swapping and more! Cast:
Georgia X
Vanessa Lane
Annie Cruz
Otto Bauer
Alex Sanders
Brooke Haven
Bad Bob
Rick Masters
Audrey Hollander
Rough and Ready #2 Anal in Every Scene! Two 2 on 1s! Double Pens! Oral Cumshots! Girl on Girl Anal! These Pussies Like it ROUGH!
Audrey Hollander
Sierra Amber
Rough and Ready #3 We're going Rough up their Asses! Two 2 on 1's featureing Double Pens! Anal in Every Scene!
Audrey Hollander
Alicia Angel
Sophia Ferrari
Brandi Lyons
Cindy Sterling
Rough and Ready #4 Anal in every Scene and featuring DOUBLE ANAL PENETRATION. Amazing Anal Sex!
Featuring AVN Performer of the Year Audrey Hollander and Tory Lane.
Audrey Hollander
Tory Lane
Aurora Snow
Missy Monroe
Marie Luv
Roxy Rider Is In Control Year 1996
Director: Cool Daddy
The Voluptuous
Roxy RiderThe Voluptuous, Redhead Roxy Rider Rides Em' All!
Rub Down Year 1985
They’ll rub you the right way!!!
Bixby is a lecherous employer who fires Gail because she refuses to give in to his sexual advances. Her two co-workers, Patty and Suzy quit in protest and the three decide to become full-time self-employed entrepreneurs in the "world’s oldest profession."
"If you’ve got to let somebody squeeze the goods," says Gail, "You might as well get paid for it!"
The enterprise is an outstanding success and their "9 to 5" world is crowded with lust filled men and couples looking to add spice to their lives.
One day old Bixby catches their ad in the paper and phones for an appointment. Recognizing his voice, the girls plan a just revenge!
Russian Roulette Year 1995
THE ULTIMATE GAMBLEA jet set smuggler whose beauty is out-paced only by her daring...
           AND THE LAW....
All using sex and whatever means are available to them to obtain unbridled power and riches!
Sailing Into Ecstasy Year 1985
Ariel needs more sexual gratification. As hard as her husband Paul tries, she still fantasizes shocking and exciting climaxes with her friends Blanche and Weaver, as well as group sex with all of Blanche’s friends. After living out her fantasies in some of the hottest scenes ever, Ariel finds the secret to her fulfillment and goes on to experience wild and satisfying sex all the time.
Sally's Palace Of Delight Sally is a seductively erotic madam who maintains a high end stable of sexy, hungry men with extreme prowess. With eager pussies, upscale women in need of a hardcore fucking, seek out her services and the cocks Sally provides. From a smack talking model to a lesbian whose mother wants her to learn the pleasure of a man, Sally attracts customers from across the sexual spectrum, all seeking the same desire; intense sexual satisfaction. All agree that SALLY’S PALACE OF DELIGHT delivers on its promise. Starring: Shell, Celeste, Marie Lapuda, Britt Reed, Dick Pole, Dora Doright, Peter Klein, Mike T. Lawn, Mimi Morgan
Directed by Roger Harts
Samantha & The Deep Throat Girls Don't be misled by the title. This dark & probing story, shot entirely in a lavish 13th century European castle, awakens the sexual desires that have lingered in the minds of every red-blooded man for centuries.
In the tradition of "The Story of O", Ariel (Alicia Monet) has placed herself entirely in the hands of sexual expert Samantha (played by gorgeous newcomer Crystal Evans) and her staff of assistants. Together, they try to teach Ariel every trick in the book designed to please her lover.
This bizarre sexual odyssey is for the more sophisticated viewer of erotica. It is an incredible performance that is sure to teach us all a new trick or two!
Saturday Night Special SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIAL loads a rabid six shot with sex, greed, depravity, violence and betrayal.
The hypnotic nymphette Georgette Jennings stars in her only film appearance. Erotica Awards Best Actor, Jamie Gillis drives the story with his nasty attitude, unforgiving sadism and unforgettable performance as an armed robber trapped in the broken pieces of his sins.
SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIAL is porn noir unique for it's time and unheard of today. This isn’t the kind of movie for the gentle minds.
SATURDAY NIGHT SPECIAL was filmed at a time when shooting pornography was illegal. Many of the actors in this film remain anonymous.
Scent Of Heather, A Year 1980
A Scent of Heather's story line traces the sexual awakening of Heather , a tasty young virgin who leaves her convent to join an arranged marriage with Frederick , a gardener's son. Much of this awakening is induced by Heather's lecherous Aunt Phyllis , who tells Heather about some, if not all, of the mysteries of lust. However the newlyweds are soon told that they are in fact brother and sister and therefore cannot consummate their union, which leads to all sorts of bizarre perversions and debauchery with a host of horny supporting characters.
Screw Video Magazine Vol. 1 For the first time ever, Screw Magazine is available on DVD.
Newlyweds – The wedding night.
Interview with tantalizing, titillating Kay Parker.
Enjoy hot outtakes from the classics
Zanniest X-rated sketches
Meet exotic Angela, "Miss Pineapple 1985" Al Goldstein is a crude, unapologetic pervert who created the notorious magazine Screw in 1968 and went on to host a cable access show that offered unique insight into the professional world of pornography during the tumultuous transition from film to video. It was in this setting that Screw Video Magazine was born. In addition to the phenomenally sexy collection of X-rated goodies, Al gives us an incredible interview with the gorgeously sophisticated Kay Parker that is a truly remarkable artifact that all Kay fans will adore. Screw Video Magazine contains an exceptional collection of scenes put together by the nefarious porn craver, Al Goldstein.
Second Coming Of Eva "Penthouse Magazine cover girl, Brigitte Maier, is even more beautiful on screen." – Benny Moore
"…glows with class and top-notch photography." – Hustlers 1984 Erotic Film Guide
"…Brigiette Maier, a stunning redhead with a body to match" – 1984 Adam Film World GuideFrom the master of the erotic, Mac Ahlbert, the man that brought you "I A Woman", comes his first totally explicit film, "The Second Coming of Eva".
Eva, played by Brigitte Maier, is a sexually inhibited young girl, eager to shed her shyness. She is enrolled by her sister in an elegant finishing school, which to Eva’s delight turns out to be a school for sex! Eva learns that for all her previous schooling, she has missed perhaps the most important course of all – intercourse! Even the stuffy regents are shocked to learn what is really being taught, but through the wiles of the now-knowledgeable students, find themselves, delighted by their sexual ministrations, and finally all participate in one last great big beautiful orgy!
Secret Of My Sex-cess, The Year 1988
He started out with a few strikes against him, but one thing he did have going for him was hanging right between his legs - almost down to his knees! He was also smart. Smart enough to know that most of his superiors at work had wives & girlfriends whose carnal needs & desires gave him the chance to work some his 'magic'! The ladies loved him for it - again & again. All the other guys snickered that he’d gone as far in the company as he could, but what they didn’t know was the boss’s wife had just invited him for tea on the yacht…
Seduction Of Cindy, The The swing scene comes alive as glorious Seka and her sexy pals Vanessa Del Rio, Samantha Fox, Serena, Sharon Mitchell and the beguiling Veronica Hart guide us through classic scenes of frenzied fornication and unrelenting erotica!
Seka "The Platinum Princess" Seka "The Platinum Princess"
AKA: Sweet Alice
Years Active: 1978-1993
Measurements: 39-23-34
Hair: Blonde
Height 5'10"
Attributes: Loves Double Penetration, Cum Swapping
35mm classics from the golden age of porn.
Seka's Erotic Love Stories "Seka is breathtaking in this feature - you can't get enough of her" -- Adult X Review
Join Seka as she unveils her most personal and sordid tales of lust, erotic passion and sheer sexual tease in this panoramic tale of desire!
Seka's Fantasies Seka's personal fantasies...can you handle it?Year 1982
What more could you ask of the premiere adult movie star of the 80's? That she hasn't given you before in her long and lusty career? You asked her for fantasies, but you had be prepared, for when Seka tells you her secret desires, She goes all the Way!
Senator's Daughter Year 1978
John Holmes and Leslie Bovee, star in this unabashed look at what really goes on in the underbelly of Washington, the world of the double agent.
John portrays a famous motion picture lover whose career is "cut short" by an accident that deprives him of his "money maker". A team of government surgeons, create a bionic replacement for the missing tool, and John agrees to become a secret agent. His mission is to track down Leslie, The Senator's Daughter, who has been kidnapped.
Features Linda West & Monique Little.
Senator's Daughter, The A look at what really goes on in Washington!
"6 ½ million dollar man John Holmes was born with a bionic…." -- Hustler Magazine"Bovee is a sultry dish who can warm up to a heated love match at the drop of a zipper" -– Hustlers 1984 Erotic Film Guide
The two biggest superstars in erotic films, John Holmes and Leslie Bovee, star in this unabashed look at what really goes on in the underbelly of Washington, the world of the double agent.
John portrays a famous motion picture lover whose career is "cut short" by an accident that deprives him of his "money maker". A team of government surgeons create a bionic replacement for his missing tool and John agrees to become a secret agent. His mission is to track down Leslie, The Senator’s Daughter, who has been kidnapped.
Sensations Year 1975
In Amsterdam, a young woman is shown the liberated European approach to sex - in pairs, in groups, in parties. Brigitte Maier plays a young lady thats discovers some very exotic folks when she embarks on an English ferry boat to meet her boyfriend. One of the great orgy scenes of all times.
This film caused quite the stir at the Cannes Film Festival in 1975!
Sensuous Vixens Tina Russell (X Rated Critics Organization Hall of Fame Member) leads us through the tumultuously sexy New York City searching for modeling opportunities. After a series of long days and no results, she takes an offer to model in some "artistic photographs."
When she arrives, she quickly learns what art means in the shady underworld of Manhattan. Tina quickly moves from tame, softcore photography to hardcore fuck films, embracing her pornographic urges while feeding her lust for the camera.
SENSUOUS VIXENS is the classic tale of a good girl releasing the nympho beast in side while exploring her own sexual urges. Filmed on location in 1970s New York City, SENSUOUS VIXENS is a landmark piece of work that all XXX connoisseurs must see.
Starring: Tina Russell, Harry Reems, Linda Van Imp, Barbara Smith, Charles Caldwell
Directed by: Freddie Williams
Seven Minutes In Heaven Year 1987
Irene McCall and Glenda Smith are house mates in midtown Manhattan. They are visited by Heaven Leninen during her layover while waiting for a ship to Finland. Heaven is rather square and uninterested in the everyday sexual activities of Irene and Glenda.
Glenda is bothered by Heaven’s seeming invulnerability to sexual temptation. While Irene is engaged in one of her sexual adventures, Glenda goads Heaven into making a pass at her.
Then Heaven brings in Larry Thorn, one of Heaven’s old lovers, Glenda becomes very jealous, because Larry is many cuts above the men who frequent the beds of Irene and Glenda. Glenda becomes obsessed with the idea of having Larry sexually.
Glenda attacks what she knows is Heaven’s chink in her armor. She gets Heaven into bed with Irene and her, and arrange for Larry to come and witness the scene. Irene, however, is the one who takes Larry to bed. So it shouldn’t be a total loss, Glenda brings Heaven to witness the scene.
Heaven is completely disoriented and she begins to take men to bed without discrimination. Then Glenda takes Larry to bed.
When Heaven is scheduled to leave by boat, Glenda and Irene give her a sendoff party that finds Larry in bed with the three girls. For the first time Larry has intercourse with Heaven. When Heaven leaves the bed to make her boat, Glenda and Irene are thunderstruck. Larry leaves with her for her trip across the sea.
Sex Across America 7: Los Angeles The wildest sexual odyssey ever captured on video continues! Adam & Eve took Luc Wylder, Alexandra Silk and some of their horniest friends and put them into a sex camper to find where the wildest sex is. The 7th stop is our home city of Los Angeles. Tinseltown's wettest and wildest parties include sucking, saddling, and stroking all night long.
Sex Games Year 1983
The Ultimate Computer Fantasy
Peter's interest in home computers is far from being impersonal. By tapping ito the Private Network of a local computer dating service, he is able to screen and fulfill the wildest X-rated fantasies of its sexiest members. Watch him program his computer to satisfy a pool of local talent. This is hardcore software!
Sex Slaves Of Satan While mainstream porn concentrated on pushing the boundaries of acceptable film making, a select few broke all the rules to make some of the most controversial and nefarious films ever made. Hand picked from the vault at VCX, these are the most extreme scenes in the history of XXX. Close the curtains, lock the doors and indulge the sinister desires you’re supposed to repress. Criminal penetration is just an appetizer for these sluts, as Satan takes them on a long hellish road of abuse, submission and sex.
Sex Slaves Of Satan 2 Satan is back and he’s hungry for more!
Satan is back and he’s hungry for more. There is no forgiveness for the chosen beauties he forces into submission. They fight, they claw, they spit, they shriek and through their pain Satan finds pleasure and in this tortured pleasure he feeds his craving for flesh. These are the SEX SLAVES OF SATAN.
Scenes from: Angel Above, Devil Below, Easy, Call Girl, Saturday Night Special, Bacchanale, Two At Once, Joy of Fooling Around, Visions of Clair, Vista Valley P.T.A.
Sex Styles Of The Rich & Famous The adult video you’ve all been waiting for is here! Yes it’s SEXSTYLES OF THE RICH AND FAMOUS with your jet-setting host, Robin. Follow Robin as he trots the globe to visit with all the beautiful people and finds out what real goes on in the boardrooms and bedrooms of the rich and famous. Check out June in a hot workout with Sly, see Joan and Klaus, Clint and Bianca. Her Royal Priness and a most famous Super-Hero.
See it all…..again and again…..after all, it is SEX STYLES OF THE RICH AND FAMOUS! The smash hit that everybody’s talking about.
Starring: Ashley Welles, George Payne, Joey Santini, Melissa Melendez, Michael Knight, Rocking Robin, Siobahn Hunter, Directed by J Angel Martine
Sex The Hard Way An action-packed story of fast women, easy money and all the decadent thrills the gambling world is famous for. A high roller (Peter North) owes repeated successes at the track and gaming tables to his infallible head for figures, especially the soft girlish kind! This is amply proven by his sensuous wife (Penny Morgan) who doesn’t nag when he stays out late, but gets her own licks in with her sexy girlfriend (Tiffany Blake) instead. And Jennifer Noxt, who gets it on to the pounding of thoroughbred horses, as well as Keli Richards, who also falls prey to the gamblers seductive charms.
Some think he’s playing the odds; you’ll see he’s playing the broads, for all the hard-hitting power pumpage their young bodies can take!
Sex Therapy Ward Year March 8, 1995
LBO is back with more sex obsessed nurses and raunchy doctors. This time they are adding a super stud rock star and a nympho movie legend to the nest. These two celebrities are checking into the hospital for rest and relaxation...but the staff at Mercy Hospital put a different interpretation on that idea. Their concept of fun and games is sex, sex and more sex! The newly admitted star quickly gets with the program just as the rock star's girl friend enters the picture.
She just knows those lusty nurses are taking more than her boy friend's temperature.
Throw in a horny orderly and the entire ward is fast approaching medical meltdown!
Sex Wish BEYOND HARDCOREFilmed in 1976, SEX WISH was born from the same violence ridden urban decay that spawned legendary characters like Dirty Harry and Paul Kersey... Harry Reems plays Kenneth Bradshaw, just a regular hard working guy, until he comes home one night to find his beloved fiancé (C.J. Laing) violated, abused and murdered.
A psychopath is on the loose in New York City... raping, torturing and killing attractive young women. Bradshaw becomes intent on revenge. Searching the dirty streets for the monster who destroyed his life... getting closer with each new dead body to the final showdown... and the unforgettable, shocking ending that changed the face of porn forever.
Sex World Year 1977
Sex World is definitely for adults!
"Fantasy Island meets Sci-Fi sex surrogacy"
...Welcome to Sex World; the chartered bus that is waiting for you at International Airport has brought you to this hidden retreat where you are free to indulge in your wildest fantasies. Sex World provides the stimulus, the partners, the time and the atmosphere to explore any and all areas of sexual gratification, free from hang-ups and outmoded attitudes of our present Victorian society. As you can see, our lucky guests enjoy themselves, each other & our incomparable facilities for an entire week of unabated physical fulfillment!
Sex World 2069 An erotic drama of sex and exploration.
The year is 2069, a time when the population's craving for sex is intense. But, if they can afford it, they can vacation to Sex World, a theme park for adults, where all of their most carnal fantasies will come true. After Sex World scientists study what turns a guest on, beautiful droids obey and serve every demand, no matter how kinky, sexy, or dirty they may be. Welcome to the future of sex. Welcome to SEX WORLD
Click here to see a free hardcore trailer and photos from Sex World.
Starring:Alexa Nicole, Ashli Orion, Briana Blair, Coco Velvett, Kimberly Kane, Tara Lynn Fox, Zoe Voss, Brian Street Team, Chad Alva, Marcus London, Ryan McLane, Rocco Reed, Seth Gamble
Directed by:Lee Roy Meyers
Sexaholics Year 1986
Mrs. Seville is a sex therapist who has a strong hold over her latest therapy group...filled with patients who are "sexaholics." The group proves very challenging, as two of them sneak off for a "quickie" even before the first session begins.
As each member of the group relates his or her experiences, everyone gets turned on. As Ms. Seville counsels each alone in her office, total sexual chaos takes place outside. By the time she has talked to each patient, she has lost much of her willpower-until she finally succumbs to one of the girls she is treating.
The sessions ends with the therapist turned patient...confessing to the whole group her inability to cope with unbridled sex. Naked, the group then clusters about her...!
Winning performances by 3 of the bustiest beauties of the day – Keisha, Jeanette Littledove and the nasty Trinity Loren.
Sexpionage Sexpionage
Ambassador C.A. Puckett is in Moscow with her most trusted Marine Guards on a top-secret mission. The Reds have sent their elite agents, Boris Kroonik and Sonya Malinkova to uncover the plans of Ms. Puckett. Boris and Sonya know that they cannot fail in this mission, or it will be Siberia for both of them. They devise a plan to bug the Ambassador’s office by sneaking through the Embassy security with disguises. Once inside the Embassy, the Reds waste no time trying to get friendly with the American Marine guards in order to be able to place the listening bugs. Sonya is determined to seduce the big, hunky, stud-like Sergeant in charge, while Boris uses his charms on the female Marine guards. The cold war gets pretty hot as the Reds try every trick in the book to get the secret information they want!
Sexpot Sexpot
In the Old Days, royalty had food-tasters.
Now, Brittany Morgan has cock-tasters
Starring: Britt Morgan, Charlene Cody, Tasha Voux, Ron Jeremy, Damien Cashmere, Michael Mann
Sexual Customs Of Scandinavia Tina Russell in "Sexual Customs of Scandinavia"
A Sex education film encompassing the entire Kama sutra. Wall-to-Wall sex in an exciting "How To" format.
Fresh Young Beaver
Sexual Power From a land far away and a time long ago comes the legend of The Golden Mask, whose wearer is granted the ultimate power… Sexual Power.
Tex, a lonesome cowboy from Texas, inherits a villa in France... along with a bevy of beauties who live there as well. First, he’s greeted by Charlotte, who welcomes him in a way he never dreamed of. Later that night, he’s visited in his bedroom by a shapely vision wearing a bizarre golden mask. She wastes no time in showing him her unique talents.
Trying to re-discover the ‘Girl in the Golden Mask’, Tex enlists the aid of some new friends, and they interview all the women there in an attempt to find her. Meanwhile, Tex develops a relationship with the fresh and innocent Pauline, who takes special interest in him and in his quest to find the girl.
Sexual Pursuit Year: 1985
Classic 1980’s fare, this lighthearted tale involves a bored married couple, Tiffany Blake and Rick Savage, who are experiencing new sexual circumstances involving friends that come to town. Long time acquaintances, Summer Rose and Dino Alexander have relocated to California after residing on the east coast for far too long.
To celebrate their return, Tiffany and Rick host a dinner party. Table conversation revolves around one of Tiffany and Rick’s friends and his new career in porn. The action soon shifts to an upstairs bedroom, where the couples watch one of the tapes and before too long the evening turns into a sensual experience in partner swapping.
The next night, after experiencing pangs of regret, the couples cling tightly to their partners. The day after, Rick and Dino do lunch at a sushi bar that is in reality a front for prostitution where Asian beauties Dallas Miko and Kristara Barrington are hookers. The hookers waste no time in doing the fellows for lunch in a whirling free-for-all! With their new found comfort with swapping, that night, the guys have a torrid replay with their wives.
Sexy Nurses On And Off Duty Year 1990
On or off duty, these sexy nurses make sure you are sexually healthy!
There is boffing going on in bed, out of bed, in the stables, out of the stables. Heck, there is boffing going on everywhere!
Sexy Slumber Party Just when you think you've seen it all... Wild Party Girls brings you the HOTTEST young coeds baring it all for each other and for you!!
You will be amazed to see what these sexy girls do when they're up past their bedtime and the Wild Party Girls cameras are rolling.
Get ready for a Sexy Slumber Party you won't soon forget.
Shacking Up Year 1985
Pam Graham (Rachel Ashley) has a reunion with her two hot, sensual classmates, Arden Hall and Jean Perkins (Karen Summer & Gina Carrera). When the three are reunited, Jean announces the return of another friend, the sexually mysterious Candice Fields (Amber Lynn). The girls are flushed with excitement at the thought of Candace's return. She had inspired many of the erotic intimacies they shared in college. After Candice arrives, her sensuality and energy quickly enrapture the hot young girls. They abandon themselves to each other and their men in a torrid, frenzied climax.
Shades Of Sex 2 "9 Scenes!2 Hours!" Volume 2 continues with more horny nymphettes coupled in unbridled inter-racial passion. From Venezuelan waterfalls to an interracial wake-up call to some hot girl-girl toy action, a little bit of everything is here.
Shared With Strangers A sexual experience you must see to believe!Joie-De-Vive! The joy of life – and living. When the French coined the term, it could have been this newlywed couple they were talking about. Discover what happens when the two young newlyweds embark on a versatile sexcapade into the free swinging lifestyles of another couple, who prefer their sex…Shared With Strangers.
Watch as this young couple find a new meaning in the term ‘breakfast in bed’. They start out their honeymoon with Ann, a gourmet cook, fixing up a special breakfast for hubby John. He finishes every bite and is left begging for more.
Before we know it, this scandalous couple find themselves embellished in a circle of friends that introduce them to so many forbidden pleasures, that John is faced with how to get Ann interested in these outrageous activities. Well, as soon as John’s newlywed bride gets a taste of things to ‘come’, she lets him know that they will be eating out a lot more often. Starring: Barbara Sellers, France Lowery, Debra Jones, Dominique St. Clair, Sheri Aveline, Sophie Duflot Directed by Patrick Aubin
Sharon Mitchell Non Stop Sharon Mitchell, one of all time legends of adult film, is presented to you here in non-stop action! Pure Sharon, no more, no less. Guys, girls, everyone gets some loving in this Miss Mitchell epic! A must see for any fan of this incredibly sexy and talented star!
Shauna Grant - The Early Years Year 1988
The tragic life of rising adult superstar Shauna Grant was cut far too short as this stellar collection indicates. Appearing in a superb array of scenes, interviews and clips from some of her best XXX performances – Shauna gives us a glimpse into this superstar in the making! An intimate portrait of this sexually blossoming lady is showcased in scenes with Richard Pacheco, Eric Edwards and more – attesting to her timeless beauty as well as her undeniable classic appeal.
She Male Cinema Video Stars Year2001
Starring the Most beautiful Men in the World!
The Hottest & Most Well Hung She-Males on the Planet.Slamming Studs & Straight Men alike.
Featuring Sophia, Angel, & Ashley.
Sheila's Payoff Year 1977
Proving that the chase can be the real prize.
One of the earliest blue movies featuring some superb acting from all involved and a crime plot that will make you remember "Reservoir Dogs" but adds some emotional interest.
The various situations are all well paced as is the sexual payoff that Sheila encounters - with quite a bevy of horny friends along for the ride. Of special note are some early screen appearances of now legendary woodsmen - Paul Thomas & Don Fernando. A good mix of decadence!
Mimi Morgan's boyfriend is killed by the mob. To pay off his debt she is forced into prostitution. She must now work to get her-REVENGE!
Sheila's Payoff will be HUGE!
She-Male Butt Party Sunshine Films Presents Brazillian She-Male Production "Butt Party" Starring Hot, Beautiful, South American She-Males With Big Tits and Big Cocks F*cking and Sucking Everyone They Can Get Their Hands On!
She-Male Hardons - Basic Sex Sunshine Films Presents She-Male Hardons Basic Sex Starring Karen Stone with Monique, Carla, Isabela, Barbara, Alesssandra and more. Brazillian She-Male! You are in for a surprise when she uncrosses her legs... The Hottest, Hung She-Males in The Hottest Sex Action From Around The World. Chicks With Dicks...Well Hung He-shes Ready To Fuck And Suck! All Sexes - Male or Female! gay, bj, she, male, she-male, he-she, heshes,trannys, fe-male, Trans, chicks with dicks, chick dick
She-Male Hardons - The Last Single Party Sunshine Films Presents She Male Hardons - The Last Sinale Party Starring Lydia, Bruna, Shakila and more. Brazillian She-Male! The Hottest, Hung She-Males in The Hottest Sex Action From Around The World. Chicks With Dicks...Well Hung He-shes Ready To Fuck And Suck! All Sexes - Male or Female!
She-Male Hardons Samba Sex & Sledge Hammer Dbl. Video Sunshine Films Presents She-Male Hardons Double Video "Samba Sex" and "Sledge Hammer". Brazillian She-Male! The Hottest, Hung She-Males in The Hottest Sex Action From Around The World. Chicks With Dicks...Well Hung He-shes Ready To Fuck And Suck! All Sexes - Male or Female!
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She-Males Dbl. Feature: Scandals & 12" It's Too Much Sunshine Films Presents She-Males Hardons - Scandals Starring Cristina, Milena, Juliana and more! The Hottest, Hung She-Males in The Hottest Sex Action From Around The World. Chicks With Dicks...Well Hung He-shes Ready To Fuck And Suck! All Sexes - Male or Female!
She-Males Dbl. Feature: She-Males In Uniform & She-Male Hookers Sunshine Films presents She-Males In Uniform And She-Male Hookers double feature. Starring Ana Paula, Bruna, Juliana, Cristina and More! Brazillian she-male! The hottest, hung she-males in the hottest sex action from around the world. Chicks with dicks!
She-Males Hard-Ons!- Perfect Body Year2001
Brazilian She-Males doing the nasty together-Featuring Mirella,Cindy,Monica,Cybelle, & Sabrina.
Sin Of Lust Year 1975
Come along on a sinful sexual adventure as Vanessa teaches men, women, and couples the art of f**king and sucking!
Skin Deep - Sweet Dreams Suzan 2 Disc Set Rhonda Jo Petty Collectors Classic DVD Edition
Double Feature
Title One: Skin Deep
Director: Randall Hayes
Year 1982
Rhonda Jo stars in a behind the scenes look into the life of a porn star when the cameras aren't rolling.
From a wild pool party attended by real-life "Miss World Burlesque", to showing an eager, young ingenue a few tricks of the trade, Petty displays the goods that made her one of the most popular smut-queens of her time.
Title Two - Sweet Dreams Susan
Director: Leoni Valentino
Year 1979
The classic film that spawned a whole genre.
Ms. Petty stars as the original sexually repressed patient seeing a psychiatrist who taps into her kinky erotic dreams.
Through his unique "therapy" sessions she becomes a confident, aggressive, sexual dynamo!
2 Full Length Features On 1 DVD!
A MUST HAVE for any Rhonda Jo Fan!
Skin On Skin Year 1980
The film opens with the wild fantasy of beautiful Sherry Stevens who is expertly seduced and taken by a TV repairman. The hot, wet action continues in a wild romp through high-rise buildings, to affluent homes and winding up at a modeling agency where world famous German actress and model, Eva Hausmann, in her first explicit X-rated film, gets all the poking she can stand!
Skintight As Tight as it Gets! Kathy loves art. Kathy loves bodies. Ahh...Painting bodies, now she has an art that the canvas likes. With each stroke her brush kindles flames of desire and ignites the burning passions within!
Sky Pies Year: 1985
Fly the "Friendly Skies" is more than sufficient in describing this delightfully sexy 1985 film offering. The film was actually filmed on a real 747 jet aircraft, and features a crew of amorous pilots and sumptuous stewardesses who are ready and willing to initiate their passengers into the fabled "Mile High Club"!
From Ticket Agents getting it on under the counter to Airport Security Guard, Tom Byron pre-screening two lovelies before flight, the sex gets even hotter when the plane takes of into the wild blue yonder! The stunning Gina Carrera and shapely Raven go out of their way to please everyone on the passenger list, while passengers Marc Wallice and the deliciously endowed Nicole West waste no time in joining the club with a scorching coupling that steams up the compartment portals! Inevitably, the entire airplane explodes in a free-wheeling mass cluster-fuck!
You know this is no ordinary airline…welcome to Sky Pies – for the trip of your life!
Slammin' Spring Break It's March Mayhem again! The greatest month of the year, when co-eds from all over the country descend upon a few special spots with only one mission: To get completely wild!
Get ready for spring break craziness like you've never seen before in this non-stop romp through all of your favorite spring break locations.
And don't forget these sexy co-eds are never paid models or actresses. In Fact, they're the girl next door!
Sleepy Head Year 1973
A woman's subconscious sexual desires are released in this seething film starring Georgina Spelvin. There are two sisters, one breaking free of a parochial upbringing, the other, on the threshold of a terrifying, yet revealing sexual experience. Georgina, freed of her inhibitions by the attention of many friends, is in fear of the upcoming visit of her prudish sister. With the help of her sex partners, she develops a plan to release her sister of her inhibitions. This scene of sexual fulfillment is a torrid orgy unmatched by anything you've seen before. This movie combines some of the most erotic sex scenes ever produced, with the deepest sexual fantasies. The combined performance of Georgina Spelvin and Tina Russel is not to be missed!
Slippery When Wet Year 1976
A slice of sensual pie from director Eric Anderson.
There is no lack of plot in this potboiler about college chums reuniting to discover the latent and unrealized passion that was always there.
The film is a virtual who's who guide to some of the underappreciated but always erotic New York performers of the 70's.
Annie Sprinkle plays an offbeat artist, Crystal Sync, (billed here as Christa Anderson) has a field day as a hedonist with a shitkicker southern drawl and the scene with a salami sausage is one you will never forget.
Sonny does Elvis impressions, and all of them become victims of Crystal Synk's strange sexual orchestration control. Ultimately, C.J. and Hope resolve their problems with an assist from Annie.
This is one of those rare films that keeps piling people on people, scene after scene, and yet never loses the erotic edge.
Sluts In Toyland - Vol. 04 Year 1996
of all-girl nastiness!Nothing but sluts, slits, toys, tongues and tush, tush, tush!
Sneaky She-Males Year2002
This full length video features Allison, Jamie, & Felecia- converting straight men into penis loving popular she-male pornstars!
So You Think You Can FUCK The scenes that spawned legendsEvery gorgeous porn star has a beginning, a time they were fresh to the world, when their eyes glistened naivete and their flesh felt new, soft and smooth. This unique collection features the most ravishing vintage actresses performing in their earliest appearances. Before they became legends, they were young beauties looking for fast fame and a quick dollar. These lust fueled vixens thought they could fuck. Here are the scenes that proved them right. Featuring Scenes from: A Formal Faucett, Dear Fanny, Debbie Does 'Em All Vol. 1, Dr. Ginger - Pretty As You Feel, Here Comes the Bride, High School Bunnies, Inside Desiree Cousteau, Naked Afternoon, Panty Raid, Private Moments, That's Erotic
Soaking Wet Year 1985
Three sexy business school graduates want to start a new magazine, "Soaking Wet". They use their persuasive sexual powers to convince a local banker to lend them the money they need. They get their loan but must stop back once a week to pay the "interest" on the loan. When they get the money, they get a new car and rent a beautiful house in Beverly Hills. They then seduce the three printers, two male models, a writer, and the world's best photographer in a hot scene with Ron Jeremy. Will they get their magazine published and on sale?
Society Affairs Year 1982
This film marked the return of porn legend Harry Reems after an eight-year hiatus from adult films, and Harry comes back with a characteristic bang. Playing two roles - a crass, lascivious crook and a polite, boring rich guy Harry also puts in double time when he discovers in the middle of a caper house full of really horny women. Turning in an amazing olympic-caliber sexual performance, the incredible Mr. Reems first thoroughly boffs each gorgeous young woman in succession, and then in a torrid clustering.
Great acting and blistering sex abound in this killer return for Harry Reems, which also features Veronica Hart in a pair of mind-blowing fornication scenes.
Soft Places Year 1975
Returning from the funeral of her very wealthy and prominent husband, the widow, accompanied by her family attorney, discusses the unusual will her husband has left. In order to inherit the full benefits of this "spoken will" it is required that the widow experience every known sexual activity. Through these outrageous activities, possibly her frigidity will fade, and a truly loving woman will be unleashed. The experiment works! In one sexually explicit act after another, the widow wins the inheritance and her complete sexual freedom!
Solamente 2 A Woman's beauty can be addictive.
Starring: Jenna Haze, Tori Black, Cassidey, AJ Bailey, Renee Perez, Monique Alexander, Carli Banks, Georgia Jones, Samantha Ryan, Nikki Rhodes
Solamente 4 The Cure is the Addiction!
Michael Ninn's All Girl Series continues with Solamente 4.
Starring: Capri Anderson - Charlie Sheens' Mistress!, Tori Black, Nikki Kane, Lux Kassidy, Eden Adams, Missy Stone, Kylee Reece, Mia Linaa, Stephanie Cane, Dylan Riley
Soldiers In Heat Soldiers in boot camp add a potpourri of hot sex to their training. When a young soldier’s passionate girlfriend is smuggled into camp, it culminates into a volcanic orgy.
Scenes include: anal, boy/girl, younger men with older women & rimming – filmed by Europe’s hottest director! Part of VCX's European Diamond Collection
Sometime Sweet Susan The erotic edge of obsessionShe was two women, trapped in one body. Is she really sweet Susan, a loving, passionate spirit… or is she Sara, an aggressive, gluttonous tramp who capacity for sexual fulfillment is totally insatiable? Winner of the Best Picture Award by the Adult Film Association, SOMETIME SWEET SUSAN is a five star classic of the X-rated cinema. Portraying Susan’s doctor, Harry Reems is at the height of his erotic career. And in the title role, gorgeous Shawn Harris absolutely sizzle as the sensuously split personality. With top notch production values in all departments, this is a film you can’t afford to be without.
Sore Throat Year 1986
Starring Christy Canyon and Heather Wayne in this Oral Escapade!
A truly goofy story serves up a series of scintillating sexual encounters in the salaciously satisfying treat. Legendary porn stud Paul Thomas stars as a man who can’t seem to keep his spirits up enough to please his long-deprived wife. It seems that his mother once caught him having sex with the maid, and ever since he hasn’t been able to keep his energies from drooping in the clinch. When his wife’s father finds out about his daughters lack of sexual fun, he gives Thomas an ultimatum. He has three days to have sex with his wife, or else – well, it’s hard to tell what the repercussions might be. With this silly premise on hand, Thomas sets out to track down the maid and have sex with her. Somehow this promises to make him all better. Whatever the dubious merits of this notion, it does provide the framework for some truly scorching encounters. Best of these is the climatic clinch between Thomas and lovely Nicole West. Nicole’s one of the tastiest young women to ever appear in porn, and she really gives it her all in the hair-raising finale. A youthful Christy Canyon and Summer Rose are among those who also lend their prodigious talents to this first-rate production.
Sorority Pink Year 1994
Welcome to Upsilon Sigma at Lost River College, the hottest sorority on the hippest campus in California. It's a place where a naive girl can get a quick education in pledging oneself to love and lust. Of course, with big sisters like Megan Leigh, Britt Morgan, Porsche Lynn & Nina Hartley, there's always a helping hand around!
Features Jim Holliday & Jill Kelly reviewing ALL the sex scenes.
Sorority Pink Pledge YourselfAn All-Star Cast of 15
The most beautiful girls in the country all went to California’s Upsilon Sigma sorority where they can trade in their naïve, small town manners for a life of spontaneous lust, partying and debauchery. Tom Byron leads the fraternity in girls scored and teachers screwed, but always prefer the new girls.
The cast is lead by legends Nina Hartley, Trinity Loren and Joey Silvera with sultry girl on girl scenes that include Britt Morgan, Porsche Lynn and Barbara Dare. Shot in 1989, Sorority Pink embodies the classic porn feature with its story, characters and sensational sex scene. Sorority Pink is a must have for every serious classic connoisseur.
Sorority Pink 2 - The Initiation Year 1990
Upsilon Sigma at Lost River College is still the hottest sorority on any California campus! Except Hell Week keeps getting more extreme, more heated, more pleasure than punishment. The final scene is the ultimate rite of passage: the first 12 girl daisy chain in adult entertainment history! Jim Holliday and Jill Kelly review all sex scenes.
Sorority Schoolgirls Volume 1 The Ultimate Rush
Get ready for the forbidden video you were never meant to see!
See what these wild young co-eds will do to get into the sexiest sorority on campus
The Clothes come off as the competition heats up. And of course the Wild Party Girls cameramen are there to record all the sexy action in "Sorority Schoolgirls: The Ultimate Rush".
Sorority Schoolgirls Volume 2 The Ultimate Rush
Get ready, because Wild Party Girls is at it again with even more of the forbidden video you were never meant to see!
Watch these wild co-eds battle it out for entrance into the sexiest sorority on campus.
You won't believe how the competition stiffens when the girls perform private initiaion rituals for the WPG cameras! See it all in "Sorority Schoolgirls: The Ultimate Rush, Volume 2".
Soul & Salsa Year 1994
Adam & Co. brings you a gourmet feast for men who like to sweat while they eat. The finest Black & Latino men are brought to you on a platter - warmed and ready to go!!
Featuring Gene Lamar, Cesar Blanco, Randy Cochran & Robert Arias.
Sounds Of Sex She can hear you coming a mile away!Tantala Ray is one very hot lady. Not only is she a talented actress but she's got an explosive sexual chemistry which incites her co-stars to new heights of wild passion. No Questions about it! Sounds of Sex is an absolute must see, setting sizzling new standards for erotic motion pictures.
Tantala plays Ms. Hunnicut, a beautiful divorcee with a kinky hobby using sophisticated electronic equipment, she can listen and record people in passion across the canyons from her hill top home. These sounds of sex are like music to her ears as she plays the tantalizing tapes and subsequently gets involved with the people on them. First there's Tim-the boy next door-who does more than mow the lawn. Then we get a hot listening look at Tim's mom and her luscious girlfriend-followed by beautiful realtor anxious to open her escrow on a handsome client. Finally Mrs. Hunnicut savors the talents of her trained houseboy which climaxes in one of the steamiest orgies ever recorded, and there's more, you can bet these hills are alive-and it's not with the sound of music!
Southern Charms, Mike South's Year 1998
Starring: Annie, Jill Austin, Paulina, Gianna & Angel Mike South
Southern Charms delivers everything you have come to expect from me...fresh faces, real female orgasms and hot sex! Most of the girls here you will not find anywhere else, they don't want to be porn stars, they do it for fun.
In this volume, you'll see Jill Austin from Anderson, SC., Gianna from Nashville, TN, Angel who is another Hoosier honey from IN. Annie, who is six feet tall, add in the beautiful Paulina, and I believe you have the best amateur DVD so far this year!
My signature is your assurance of quality.
Southern Girls Get Ready! Get Real Ready! Watch these hot and uninhibited Mid-Western Southern Girls bare it all!
As always, all wild Party Girls are not paid model or actresses... in fact, they're the girl next door!
Wild Party Girls: America's Hotties here for you!
Spazm - Point Blank - Vol. 1 Year 1996
OUT OF CONTROLUncontrolled sex from Henri Pachard. You can't have too much anal.
Special appearance by
Spazm - Rapid Fire - Vol. 2 Year 1996
Featuring: Racquel Lace and YonniRAPID FIRESEXUAL DEBAUCHERY
Spermbusters Year 1985
Ever wonder how to break into the adult industry?
Ginger Lynn stars in this ode to homemade videos as the director with the sizzle. She and her sultry girlfriends give us erotic action from beginning to end with an astonishing array of scenarios!
Piston pumping action and orgies galore highlight this freewheelin' frenzy of pulsating passions!
Spreading Joy Year 1985
Santa comes more than once a year in this horny holiday spoof!
Santa's mischievous elves are very frisky this Christmas Eve - as their usual route is sidetracked with sexual delights and holiday humping!
Michael Morrison stars as Santa with the naughty Susan Hart providing holiday hard-ons as Mrs. Claus. The sexy elves get in on the Christmas cheer with everyone's balls getting more than merely decked!
A ribald and robust romp...
Spring Break Blow-Out Get ready! Get real ready! See America's hottest, craziest and most uninhibited co-eds bare it all at "Spring Break" from South Padre Island, Texas to Daytona Beach, Florida - our cameras capture all the wild action!
These are not paid models or actresses in fact they're the girl next door.
Watch out for future releases with America's hotties!
They're beautiful and ready to party.
And they're here, just for you.
Spring Break Reloaded Volume 1 Don't miss a second of theHOTTEST SPRING BREAK VIDEO EVER!
Go "On The Road" with WILD PARTY GIRLS as we search for the most innocent, hottest and wildest college coeds experiencing all the joys of Spring Break for the first time!
Get ready for Real Girls doing really Naughy things!
Spring Break Reloaded Volume 2 It's time to hit the beach again for even more wild action!
Go "On The Road" with WILD PARTY GIRLS as we search for the most innocent, hottest and wildest college coeds experiencing all the joys of Spring Break for the first time!
Get ready for Real Girls doing really Naughty things!
Spring Break Reloaded Volume 3 It's nonstop action in the sexiest WILD PARTY GIRLS video yet!
Go "On The Road" with WILD PARTY GIRLS as we search for the most innocent, hottest and wildest college coeds experiencing all the joys of Spring Break for the first time!
Get ready for Real Girls doing really Naughty things!
Stacey's Hot Rod Eric Edwards owns one of the fastest hotrods in town, but without a driver he’s stuck. Raysheena Mercado, a gorgeous woman with an attraction to cock and cars alike, steps in to take not just Eric Edwards and Tom Byron, but the speedster hotrod as well.
Fast cars, gorgeous girls and hardcore fucking is what this hotrod film is all about. So pull those belts tight and get that hard cock ready, 'cause this race explodes with intense action from start to finish.
Starring: Raysheena Mercado, Eric Edwards, Tom Byron, Shawn Michelle, Susan Wallace, Theresa Jones, Amy Copeland
Star Fuckers From the notorious VCX library comes the greatest Star Fuckers in porn history. John Holmes, Ron Jeremy, Amber Lynn, Seka and Desiree Cousteau are just a few of the legendary icons that helped catapult porn from filthy back alley theaters into the public mainstream where it has become the ultimate form of 21st century entertainment. These are the scenes that made them famous. These are the scenes that laid the foundation for the XXX empire we know today. These are the greatest scenes of all time.
Star Of The Orient Year 1980
A young Japanese girl emigrates to the United States to seek work as a photographer. After a frustrating attempt to make a living as a legitimate photographer, a friend suggests she contact a certain individual who handles erotic photographs and movies. In the process, she meets another female photographer with similar needs, and the two pool their talents as well as their emotions. Work and sexual desires intermingle as these two shutterbugs embark on an erotic path with the most beautiful and willing young people who enjoy performing for the camera.
Star Virgin Year 1979
Kari Klark in one of her most provocative roles to date. This new-found beauty explodes across the screen along with seven lusty lovelies from the pages of Hustler and Chic, as they indulge their desires with universal delight and eroticism.
Stiff Competition Stiff Competition is a higher than average production and has a daffy sense of humor. Step aside Ginger Lynn, Jenna Carrera is the queen of Sex! This incredibly sexy movie is an absolute high, sure to knock your socks off! This is a must see for oral sex lovers!
Starring: Bridgette Monet, Jenna Carrera, Cyndee Summers, Patti Wright, John Leslie, Kevin James, Herschel Savage, Dave Cannon, Ron Jeremy, Paul Thomas, with special guest star Kitten Natividad
Stormy Year 1980
Starring John Holmes as the sophisticated, red-blooded, wheeling and dealing head of the slickest, high-class, high-priced call girls in San Francisco. Stormy rips open the love-for-sale racket with unflinching realism. And when you see the fabulous beauties employed by Big John, you'll understand why his fees are so
Strangers When We Mate Year 1973
A very obscure 1970's California XXX flick about a large gathering of people (all strangers to each other) brought together by a hippie loon at a big ranch-chic house as an experiment in free lovemaking. All are given "a mild aphrodisiac" and swap off with each other in any combination that strikes their drug-addled fancy in the home's many groovy rooms.
Stray Cats Year 1984
Mara and June, two high school classmates who haven't seen each other in years, meet early one morning, while jogging. They go to Mara's apartment and find out that June is married to Mara's old lover, Wilson, of whom she still has fond and erotic memories. What follows is an endless array of sexual pleasures by both girls, together as well as on their own. In the end they decide that Mara, June, and Wilson should live together so they can both have the man they want and also each other. They are DOWN & DIRTY!!
Street She-Males Sunshine Films Presents Street She-Males. Starring Danny. Double your pleasure-Half Man/Half Woman. A she-male celebration of the flesh. The most beautiful she-males ever seen! The body of a woman...the libido of a man. More than a woman...a wild cat that has a dick for a pussy. Asses in the air, erect big cocks, and a desire for sin like no one else. She-males are a man's libiod in a woman's appearance...Super Hot! Wild she-males fucking in the wild, in nasty, hot orgies. No holes barred. They're men that like it up the ass in awesome she-male daisy chains. The Hottest, Hung She-Males in The Hottest Sex Action From Around The World. Chicks With Dicks...Well Hung He-shes Ready To Fuck And Suck! All Sexes - Male or Female!
Stripped - A Confessional In this video confessional, five couples enter into therapy to discuss their innermost secrets, divulging troubled relationships, twisted fantasies and sensual dreams, transporting the viewer into their personal and private lives. Each partner confesses their untold delights without reservation and through the camera lens, we are their confessional box. We are the voyeurs that hold their deepest, darkest desires private and in our confidence, as they unfold their dreams one after another, and we are eyewitness to it all. Honest, candid and without hesitation, the couples confront each other’s hidden fears, marital problems and sexual frustrations. Starring: Raven Alexis, Kiara Diane, Jennifer Dark, Ashley Roberts, Dia Zerva, Mr. Pete, Joey Brass, Allen W., Justin R.
Stripped - A Confessional 2 Welcome to the confessions of
gorgeous sex addicted models.
Hear from their mouths lusts, cravings and desires as well as their profoundly lascivious lives. They think about sex all day and night. When they’re not thinking about it, they’re doing it. This is a unique look into the secret sex lives of the beautiful women you see but cannot have. Catch these honest revelations and learn more about women than all your previous years combined. This is the insight you have been waiting for! Whatever you do, don’t miss it!
Sugar Britches Year 1981
"Sugar Britches" is a classic study in experimental classic erotica as several vignettes are strewn together, creating a menagerie of sexual situations.
We have everything from hot & sexy schoolgirl lust, to sheer voyeurism and some steamy wet shower masturbation sequences.
Add to that a very sexy exotic lesbian encounter as well as a scintillating threesome. This is truly a horny hodgepodge that delivers! Not to be left out is the appearance of one of classic adult entertainment's most dynamic and breathtaking beauties - Leslie Bovee who doesn't disappoint!
One of the lost classic films for sure...
Summer Camp Girls Year 1983
A little rich girl is sent off to summer camp by her Mafioso daddy to hide her from the real world. Little does he know that at Camp Quim, sex wins out over arts and crafts every time. Shauna Grant is stunning as the virginal youngster who finds true lust behind closed cabin doors. A steamy, sweaty video filled with some truly gorgeous bodies and authentically hot sexual action.
Summer Lovers The days are longer, the nights are shorter, and love is in the air. The passion that these lovers bring is as hot as the burning sun. There is nothing like the rush of a steamy uninhibited summer romance.
Summer Madness Tour Volume 1 Get ready because Wild Party Girls is about to bring you the craziest and most uninhibited women who love to party and bare it all. These women are not models or paid actresses, in fact, they're the girl next door.
It's the all new Wild Party Girls' summer madness tour hosted by hip hop star Mystikal.
From the boats to the clubs, our first stop on the tour, Lake Havasu has the most outrageous amateur footage ever seen. Look out for future releases and other stops on the tour. It's pure insanity when the wild party girls come your home.
Summer Madness Tour Volume 2 Get ready because Wild Party Girls is about to bring you the craziest and most uninhibited women who love to party and bare it all. These women are not models or paid actresses, in fact they're the girl next door.
It's all the new Wild Party Girls' summer madness tour. From the clubs to the beaches, our second stop on the tour, has the most outrageous amateur footage ever seen.
Look out for future releases and other stops on the tour. It's pure insanity when the wild party girls come to your home!
Summer Madness Tour Volume 3 Get ready because Wild Party Girls is about to bring you the craziest and most uninhibited women who love to party and bare it all. These women are not models or paid actresses, in fact, they're the girl next door.
It's the all new Wild Party Girls' summer madness tour. From the clubs to the beaches, our third stop on the tour, has the most outrageous amateur footage ever seen.
Look out for future releases and other stops on the tour. It's pure insaninty when the wild party girls come to your home!
Summer Of '72 Feel The Heat in the Summer of '72!Young, hard manhood, aching to discover himself. Ripe, hungry Feminity,jaded with ordinary lust and eager to devour his innocence. In the Summer of '72, passions are unleashed, bodies are entwined while erotic fantasies shatter reality.
Summer Of Laura Year 1975
The sensual saga of radiant summer lust
Along a lonely beach on a summer colony off the Long Island coast, a man walks slowly, reliving a summer when he was 19 - The Summer Of Laura. Richie, (David Hunter), has a friend on the island, Gene (Eric Edwards), who is gregarious and mischievous. Like the more sensitive Richie, he too was 19. During that summer of awakening he loses his youthful desires and develops his manhood. On the way to the movies, Richie literally bumps into Laura, (introducing Marcia Moon), an older woman who lives nearby. She asks him if he’ll help her with some chores the following day.
He is totally flustered, but agrees. Richie goes to her house and after knocking on the door, and getting no response, enters. On the floor he finds a crumpled telegram which reads, "Your husband, Bob Hayes, has been killed in action." Laura appears, lonely and vulnerable. She moves toward him in a gesture of human contact. They slowly begin to dance.
"That summer we lost 5 Frisbees, saved a girl from a silly snake, saw our first skin flick, and I lost my Laura." The sea rises and the past is over.
Supercharger SUPERCHARGER is the hard hitting, fast driving fuckfest full of speed and sex. SUPERCHARGER breaks the rigid boundaries of the time with it's forced sex, fast cars and uninhibited orgies. From the first frame the film sucks you in and doesn’t spit you out until you’ve been slammed with blistering driving and breakneck fucking.
Whether you’re a hardcore porn lover or just need a fix of fast cars, devilish fucking and unique film making, SUPERCHARGER is a film you need to watch to believe.
Supermodels Do L. A. Year 1986
They Tempt...
They Tease...
They Tantalize!The most seductive models in America compete for superstardom in Los Angeles. Thrill to the non-stop explicit action in the hottest competition of the year!
Superstars Of Porn Vol. 01 Year 1970-1989
When these people engage in the serious business of getting their rocks off together, you had better believe they accomplish their goal in the raunchiest possible way, and that means
everyone ends up soaked!!
Classic porn stars at their finest.
Superstars Of Porn Vol. 02 Year 1985
A huge, all-star cast was assembled for Superstars Of Porn - Vol. 2, the ultimate DVD showcase for the hottest performers in adult films. Every featured actor & actress is a top name in the constant pursuit of adult pleasure. Here are the most glamorous and uninhibited actresses of that era, displaying their enormous talents, as only love goddesses can. Add to that the most aggressive studs ever to unzip and let their power rip for all to see. All of the erotic variations are explored in this non-stop action circus of lust!!
Superstars Of Porno Vol. 1 No one gets it on like the pros. Let stunners like Kay Parker and Nina Hartley show you how in this all-hard, all-wet, all-star, X-rated revue. Because when it comes to getting weenies up and squirting, a hotter collection of true porno sluts has never been crammed into one action series before.
When these superstars engage in the serious business of getting their rocks off together, you’d better believe they accomplish their goal in the raunchiest way possible, and that everyone ends up soaked. That’s what being a porno superstar is all about: making a sticky mess, then getting someone else to lap it up.
Superstars Of Porno Vol. 2 No one gets it on like the pros. Stunners featuring Amber Lynn and Christy Canyon show you what fucking gorgeous beauties is all about. These are most talented sluts of all time.
When it comes to hardening dicks, a sexier collection of hardcore porno sluts has never starred in one movie. Don’t let this one get away!
Surfside Sex Year 1985
The summer heat sizzles in this Malibu moment under the sexy sun when a group of uninhibited orgasm groupies converge on a beach house.
The action switches from the lofty bedrooms to the beach front jacuzzi to the ultimate private tanning suite!
A sex-filled romp along the glistening golden coastline sparkles with summer sin!
Surrender In Paradise Year 1984
Surrender in Paradise -- A throbbing adventure . . .
A ship sinks in the south seas . . . The survivors make it to a remote, uncharted island. Just one man . . . but, so ho many gorgeous girls.
A lovely story of beautiful girls (Ginger Lynn, Crystal Holland, Rene Tiffany, Lois Ayres, Stacy Donovan, Diva) stranded on a desert island – and how they succumb to Arthur (Jerry Butler), an escaped convict. Filmed entirely on location in the South Seas on an island many have called the most lush on the planet. Once again David I. Frazer and Svetlana have brought to the adult cinema screen more gorgeous, fresh young faces and bodies. The action is hot, heavy and sweltering. "Surrender In Paradise" is a throbbing adventure.
Find out what happens in the sequel "The Pink Lagoon".
Suzanne's Grand Affair Year 1990
Starring: Actresses Cindy Labare, Dusty, Kimberly Kane, Renee Morgan Renee Summers, Sukoya, Suzanne St. Lorraine
Format: DVD DS-SL
Audio: English: Dolby Digital 2.0
Video: Standard: 1.33:1
Region: All
The hot and exotic Suzanne St. Lorraine stars in Suzanne’s Grand Affair!!...and when she has an affair, it's no-holds-barred! Settle back and watch her Grand Affair and you'll see why sexy lingerie will get you everything!!
Suzie Superstar Year 1984
Winner of 3 Erotica Awards!
Suzie Mitchell (Played by Shauna Grant) is SUZIE SUPERSTAR, a hot sexy rock singer at the top of the charts. Her shrewd manager Z.W. has Suzie locked into an airtight contract that makes her his financial property as well as his sexual possession. Through a series of discoveries about his personal tastes, she devises a scheme to gain revenge on Z.W. that will free her from her contract forever.
Suzie Superstar Winner of 4 Erotica Awards!Hustlers Highest Rating!!!
Adam Film World’s Best Picture of the Year.
Shauna Grant's tragically short career was marked by several legendary films, most notably Suzie Superstar in which she plays a sexy rock singer at the top of the charts. Her overbearing manager played by John Leslie sparks and adventure filled with sex, betrayal, money and love.
With Incredible appearances by Ron Jeremy, Joey Silvera and Sharon Mitchell. Suzie Superstar remains one of the greatest classic features of all time not just for it’s superior film making and gorgeous sex scenes, but also for its story, acting and je ne sais quoi. This is classic XXX at its very best.
Suzie Superstar Vol. 02 - The Search Continues Year 1987
Suzie Superstar - the Search Continues...First Shauna Grant, then Ginger Lynn and now the hot newcomer Alicia Monet! Sharon Kane, who not only writes but also sings the songs in this movie, has a manly get together with the bitchy club owner. John Leslie again appears as Z.W. McCain. We see him remember meeting and loving Suzie Superstar II Ginger Lynn. Z.W. has lost it and has become a crazed rock mogul to be sustained by his new friend the rock promoter, Joe "Mon-Five", who brings him the sexy and talented Alexa Parks to satisfy his needs. Suzie watches her husband with Nina Hartley, throws him out, and then gets even in the Suzie Superstar way! The beat goes on.
Suzie Superstar Vol. 03 Year 1989
She came to Hollywood like so many girls: beautiful, ripe, voluptuous, oversexed and willing to do anything to become a star. And like so many before her, she knew that she might have to use her fabulous body to get into that inner circle of international stardom. She was right. Fortunately, for Suzie, she loved every lurid moment of the wildest, wickedest, kinkiest sex with the most turned on people. So get ready for an opening night spectacular; we'll show you every blatantly erotic moment!
Swedish Erotica Vol. 01 Year 1970-2000
Classic re-edited, re-mastered Swedish Erotica Series features hot nasty sex from the hottest porn stars of the era. Featuring Sheri St. Claire, Lois Ayers, and Bunny Bleu getting down, dirty, and nasty. Sex as hot as it gets!!
Swedish Erotica Vol. 02 Year 1970-2000
Swedish Erotica Series Vol. 2 is chock full of hot, sloppy sex with plenty of bush and sucking!! Nasty wet '80's sex! Four hours of hot re-mastered sex with the best stars.
Swedish Erotica Vol. 04 Year 1970-2000
Swedish Erotica Series was an original 8mm series featuring the hottest porn stars of the era.Re-edited and re-mastered into four hours of solid raunch-20 cum-soaked scenes with over 50 X-rated superstars. Featuring Little Oral Annie, Christy Canyon, Juliet Anderson and many more!! Hot sizzling sex!
Swedish Erotica Vol. 05 Year 1970-2000
Swedish Erotica Series Vol.5 features Desiree Cousteau, Tom Byron, & Nina Hartley doing the nasty with vigor and gusto. Hot sexy screwing at its finest.
Swedish Erotica Vol. 06 Year 1970-1999
Swedish Erotica Vol. 6 is a walk down memory lane- PORN Lane- featuring Mauvais Denoir, John Holmes, Juliet Anderson, & Herschel Savage pulling out all the sexy stops to get off, on, over, AND through tits, pussy, cock, and the 70's.
Swedish Erotica Vol. 07 Year:1970-2000
Swedish Erotica Series Vol. 7 is loaded with hot dripping wet bush and black sistas. Four full hours re-edited and re-mastered for your pleasure. Features Nikki Charm and plenty of licking, sucking, and muff munching! SEXY COOL!
Swedish Erotica Vol. 08 Year 1970-1999
Swedish Erotica Vol. 8 features more hot cum-soaked scenes with the hottest porn stars ever. This volume features Angel Kelly, Linda Wong, Seka, & John Holmes. Porn at its hottest & finest was made by the Swedish Series.
Hot slutty porn!
Swedish Erotica Vol. 09 Year 1970-90's
Swedish Erotica Series Vol 9 is chock full of hot,sloppy sex with plenty of bush and sucking!! Nasty wet '80's sex! Four hours of hot re-mastered sex with the best stars.
Features Lisa De Leeuw & Herschel Savage.
Swedish Erotica Vol. 10 Year 1970-2000
Swedish Erotica Series Vol. 10 is some of the raunchiest, classic erotica made. This volume features Annette Haven, John Leslie, Bambi, and Taija Rae doing the nasty with gusto and there is lots of hairy bush in this volume.
Swedish Erotica Vol. 11 Year 1970-1999
Swedish Erotica Vol. 11 is an original 8mm tape that has been re-edited & re-mastered to feature hot f**king, sucking, & blow jobs from stars from the past. Features Tami Monroe, Mona Page, & Leena boffing their way through four hours of splooge.
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Swedish Erotica Vol. 12 Year 1970-2000
Swedish Erotica Series Vol. 12 offers scintillating classic erotica with hot boffing with Tori Welles, Peter North, and more. This series offers the finest four hours of re-edited, remastered original raunchy erotica. Volcanic!
Swedish Erotica Vol. 14 Year 1970-1999
Swedish Erotica Vol. 14 features Tess Newhart & Valentino. This re-edited, re-mastered video includes ass banging, clit licking & muff munching at its best. Hot classic sex!
Swedish Erotica Vol. 15 Year 1970-1999
Swedish Erotica Vol. 15 is a four hour compilation of the hottest, sexiest porn ever made. Caballero has put together full bush, no bush, big tits, small tits, white chicks, & black chicks to bring you unbridled f**king,sucking, & wildness!
Featuring Sophia Ferrari & Nina Hartley.
Swedish Erotica Vol. 16 Year 1970-1999
Swedish Erotica Vol.16 is full of the original raunchy, hot classic porn you expect from the series. Fully re-edited & re-mastered, it features Joie Wilde, Dawn Devon, & Alicia Rio doing the wild & nasty. Full 4 hours of classic porn-sizzles!
Swedish Erotica Vol. 17 Year 1970-1999
Swedish Erotica Vol.17 is full of the hot, raunchy porn of the early days. 20 cum-soaked scenes with over 50 hot raunchy, sexy stars who suck & f**k their way through. Featuring Tanja Devries, Candi Cash, & Blondie. A must for true collectors!
Swedish Erotica Vol. 18 Year 1970-1999
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Swedish Erotica Vol. 19 Year 1970-1999
Swedish Erotica Series is a re-edited, re-mastered 4 hour compilation tape of the hottest erotica put out for Caballero. Vol. 19 features Rosemarie, Ginger Lynn, & Ashlyn Gere going full force on cocks-big & Bigger!!
Swedish Erotica Vol. 20 Year 1970-2000
Swedish Erotica Series Vol. 20 features Victoria Paris, Amber Lynn, Ron Jeremy & More!! Four full hours of re-mastered, re-edited raunchy classic erotica.
Swedish Erotica Vol. 21 Year2000
Swedish Erotica is the most successful film & video series of all time. 20 Cum-soaked scenes featuring Ariel Knight, Victoria Paris & Rachel Ryan. HOT!!
Swedish Erotica Vol. 22 Year 1980-2000
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Swedish Erotica Vol. 23 Year 1980-2000
Swedish Erotica Vol. 23 features the lovieliest from the 80's & 90's! Hot & sexy featuring Ona Zee, Bionca, & Tiffany Mynx. These ladies show that they know how to do porn-even if it is not "classic". Complete with muff-munching, blow jobs, & a DP scene porn is still hot & nasty!
Swedish Erotica Vol. 24 Year 1970-2000
Swedish Erotica Series featuring the hottest porn stars of the era. Over 4 hours and 20 cum-soaked scenes Vol. 24 brings us Hyapatia Lee, Sharon Mitchell, Blondie, Tom Byron, and more for hot sex & lust. Sizzles!!
Swedish Sorority Girls The All Day Display Girls, the All Night Play Girls.Shot on film by legendary directory John Christopher and digitally remastered by the VCX restoration lab, Swedish Sorority Girls lives up to it's title. Colleen Anderson stars as a swinging Swedish sex beast whose cousin from America is visiting. Along with her group of friends, she shows her cousin how the Swedes party and how friendly their beds are. From hardcore loving to massive orgies, she experiences it all and loves every second of it. Also starring the gorgeous Samantha Fox, Swedish Sorority Girls are the all day display girls and the all night play girls. Don’t let them get away.
Sweet Alice Year 1983
"A Tender, touching saga of love and lust...quite simply one of the best scripts ever written." --Velvet Magazine
Sweet Alice is no longer ...sweet!
"Sweet Alice" combines the magic formula of a bittersweet love story, top notch acting, high production values and a lush musical score.
A lovable cowboy (Kevin James) arrives in Hollywood in search of his runaway wife (Seka). He’s aided by a beautiful but no-nonsense detective (Honey Wilder) who finds out that the wife has become an X-rated film star.
Their quest leads them to some of the biggest box office names in adult films and into the midst of a climatic X-rated film shoot where Alice is center stage in a revealing orgy. Sweet Alice is no longer sweet.
Sweet As Honey Year 2000
Dan and Lisa are very hospitable folks. Their newest houseguest is a Swedish exchange student --a beauty named Ingrid--who is about to attend one of their infamous "Welcome to america" parties.
Ingrid is about to find out that she is the main dish in Dan and Lisa's sexual smorgasbord.
Sweet Cheeks Year 1980
"A real fun movie"
"Good story and entertaining cast" --Adam Film World
John Holmes, Rhonda Jo and Becky Savage star in this new erotic adventure.
Magnificently filmed in Carmel, Montery, Pismo Beach, and Marina Del Rey, California, the cast takes us through breathtaking scenes of skydiving, car racing, motorcycling and snowmobiling. Regina (Becky Savage) only has three more months to live, and she sets out to experience every sexual fantasy she has smoldering in her hot and willing body. These include a wild orgy on a 55 foot yacht, winning a double prize in the pit at the auto races and a very sensual lesbian encounter. Our star Johnny Holmes changes from macho to slave and back again before our eyes.
Sweet Secrets "A hauntingly sexual and voyeuristic escape" -- Simon Solomon / Gent Magazine "Authentic, erotic and genuine" -- Jerry R. / Cinema X Magazine
Sweet Secrets Everybody has them....
The sweetest secrets unfold in this obscure erotic tale as several couples reveal layers of unbridled sexual fantasies. You'll witness sensual emotions and dark, decadent fantasies divulged from the very first frame. With a virtually unknown cast, Sweet Secrets allows us to peek into the hidden desires of everyday people.
Sweet Sexteen Volume 1 "Raw & completely uncensored footage of some of the hottest new faces on the adult screen" - Cheri Magazine
"Glorious Sex!" -- Village Voice
"Unsung heroines of vice! A terrific foray on filming people who really enjoyed their craft" -- L.A. X Press
Unbelievably raw, amateur talent showcases this raunchy series as naughty hotties get it on with Jesse Adams, Michael Morrison, Mike Ranger, Don Fernando, Herschel Savage, Dan T. Mann, Johnny Hardon & more. Sweet Sexteen Volume 1 displays a goldmine of authentic, amorous auditions and first time performances from some of the classic women of the golden age of erotica.
Sweet Sexteen Volume 2 "Untapped talent & amorous auditions yield frame after frame of intense action" -- Cinema X Magazine
"Raw and filmed the way classic amateur footage should be shot!" -- Eros Magazine
"These chicks give it their all in an era that knows no shame. Superb!" -- Screw
"This is some naughty stuff - filled with tasty new faces" -- Huslter
Starring a cast of unbelievably hot, undiscovered classic female adult starlets who pair up with Jesse Adams, Michael Morrison, Mike Ranger, Don Fernando, Herschel Savage, Dan T. Mann, Johnny Hardon and more. Sweet Sexteen Volume 2 displays a goldmine of authentic, amorous auditions and first time performances from some of the classic women on the blue screen, who dazzle us in this second volume of classic raunch!
Sweet Sexteen Volume 3 "These naughtiest of nymphs really turn up the heat here!" -- Velvet Magazine
"Laura Lazare sizzles and gets hot and definitetly bothered" -- Adult Video News
"A terrific peek into the world of sexy first timers" -- Bob Rafelson / Erotic Video Guide
Starring Laura Lazare with Jesse Adams, Michael Morrison, Mike Ranger, Don Fernando, Herschel Savage, Dan T. Mann, Johnny Hardon & more. Sweet Sexteen Volume 3 showcases a goldmine of authentic, amorous auditions and first time performances from some of the classic women of the blue screen. Laura Lazare and others dazzle us with this third volume of classic raunch!
Sweet Spread She can melt in your mouth
Sonya Norman and Jeff Lear contentedly share an apartment and a mutual passion for each other. Everything is going great for them, they both have happy careers and a happy love life.
Meredith Worth, an old friend, drops in on Sonya one day. Sonya is not overjoyed to see her old pal. You see, Merry shared an apartment with Sonya's sister Bernice, and Bernice stole Sonya's lover away. To this day, Sonya is still upset about the whole affair. Now the girls are broke and without a place to stay. Reluctantly, Sonya agrees to let them crash at her place while she is on vacation with Jeff.
Bernice and Merry arrive with their things just as Sonya and Jeff are leaving. Bernice makes her interest in Jeff known with several shy seductive glances.
Having the apartment all to themselves, the girls want (and need) some hot action. They call the phone company and report a faulty line, then they ring the butcher and ask for some meat to be sent up. When the delivery boy shows up, they see that his meat should be pure filet mignon. They give him a tip that he won't forget. The phone man is next on their list with a connection that is loud and clear!!
When Sonya and Jeff return, they are greeted by the sounds of lust. Merry is giving the phone man a second helping of her love box. Sonya is shocked and gets herself a drink. Bernice see's the chance and makes her play for Jeff, whisking him off to the bedroom for a quickie.
Sonya is completely shattered as Bernice and Merry take their leave of the apartment, with Jeff in tow! Sonya finds herself alone in the apartment with the phone man. She takes the phone man to bed and discovers that he delivers very good service indeed!
Sweet Surrender Year 1982
"A Must-See for fans of the sultry Samantha Fox
With his book on sexual con-men finally completed, York Madison seeks a publisher to make his fortune. When the publisher turns out to be a woman, he is apprehensive knowing that the subject matter might prove to be distasteful to her. However, he is elated as she seems to show great interest in his work. He happily relates the contents of his book, which essentially explores sexual exploitation of women by men. The publisher throws herself at Mr. Madison right in her office. A wild and wet scene follows and the hope of success is not the only thing that is rising on York Madison. We won't tell you what happens at the climax, but let's just say that Mr. Madison is back pounding the pavement in search of a new publisher.
Sweet Taste Of Honey Year 1977
"A well-acted lushly produced erotic film feature – directed in France by Max Pecas"
A stunning young heiress checks into one of Europe's most romantic resorts with suicide on her mind. Her lover Jack has been unfaithful to her and she is seeking relief from her depression.
Her room is separated from a honeymoon couple next door by the thinnest of walls, and their boisterous romps rekindle her own sexual desires.
As the groom is overcome with temptation and the innkeeper is in hot pursuit of her, a series of sexual encounters takes place which cures all the young woman's woes. A Sweet Taste of Honey is a lushly produced well acted erotic feature film. A high-quality film in every stage of the development of the erotic European film, from early 1960’s risqué art-houses erotica to stronger late 1960’s and 1970’s soft core films among the best we’ve ever seen.
Sweet Throat The greatest cocksucker of the Golden Age... Sweet ThroatForget that over rated Linda Lovelace chick... Beth Anna is the true Deep Throat!
Beyond being the most breathtaking brunette of porn’s Golden Era, Beth Anna has one talent that far exceeds her rivals. Beth Anna knows how to suck cock.
She loves, craves and devours cock like a desert thirsty refugee searching for that one last droplet of water. Beth Anna’s throat isn’t just deep, it’s a velvet heaven of infinite, carnivorous lust. Watch her feed with ravenous lavidity on every dick that comes her way...
Sweetheart Year 1993
Sweetheart is a story of abuse and submission. A love triangle twisted by outsiders results in the subjugation of all parties involved.
Mabel is a wealthy housewife. When her cheating husband leaves her one morning to go to 'work', her house is invaded by two robbers. Seeing more than what they came for, the robbers subject Mabel to one sexual abuse after another. When Mabel's lover Jack arrives, he too is sucked into a trap to the amusement of the robbers.
While the robbers are indulging themselves, Mabel's husband returns with his mistress. They discover what is going on and try to talk the robbers into getting rid of Mabel for them. The robbers, not wanting to miss an opportunity, take full advantage of the situaltion in a sexual revenge never seen on the screen.
Swinging In The Rain Year 1997
What A Glorious Feeling!NEWS FLASH 1927
Hollywood, California
The Horny Brothers have just released the first adult "talkie" entitled "The Jazz Swinger"!
Now, in order to compete in the dirty movie biz, ParaMounds Dirty Pictures will have their top director Cecil B. DeBalls turrn his next blue movie into an ALL SINGING, ALL DANCING, ALL SCREWING, sexual extravaganza!
It will star the studio's hottest silent movie sex team, Gina Lamont and Don Lockwood, now to be heard as well as seen!
It can't miss...or can it?
"Swinging In The Rain" is a musical sex movie about the making of a musical sex movie! Every memmber of the cast sings as well as screws!
SHOT ON "BETACAM" in Hollywood, California
Swinging Sorority Ever wonder what really goes on in a college sorority house overflowing with the most beautiful, most high spirited and most available young women who ever graced a campus anywhere? Well, we can’t guarantee that SWINGING SORORITY will show you the way it actually is, but it will definitely be everything you ever fantasized it would be.
Meet Mary Beth, blonde, gorgeous and incredibly naïve, and Chris, a stunner with a passion for mind-boggling go-go dancing at the local campus hangout. And then there are Norma, Karen, Randy and "4-Eyes", the bookworm who turns into the most enticing butterfly of them all. Swinging Sorority is a joyful, sex-filled, uninhibited romp combining beauty, sensuality and fun into one unforgettable bombshell of a film!
Sylvia Year 1978
7 faces, 7 appetites, 7 times the action... in the body of one woman.
Sylvia is a racy, action packed, fast moving, in-depth study about severely berated human behavior. Not since "Three Faces of Eve" has a film attempted to so clearly define a true history of multiple personalities. Sylvia D'Constant (Joanna Bell) is seemingly a quiet, reserved, saintly person living on a quiet, reserved well-manicured street in upper-middle class suburbia. From the opening of this film, the viewer becomes involved in the gamut of intrigue, twists, turns, and always the unexpected as we experience Sylvia.
Taboo - The Mothers Edition From award winning hall of fame director, Kirdy Stevens, came the highly acclaimed best selling adult series of all-time, Taboo. From the golden age of porn, captured in 35mm, this classic series of films paved the way for an entire genre today. Shocking, even by today's standards, Taboo takes us into an incestuous world of mothers seducing their sons, brothers and sisters sneaking around together, and fathers who give in to their daughter’s endless lust that is both thematic and erotic. Now for the first time ever, we have produced a special collection showcasing the Mothers of the Taboo series. Starring, Kay Parker, the queen mother of Honey Wilder, the quintessential Cougar. Colleen Brennen, the sexy redheaded all American mom you want to bang. Also included are two juicy bonus scenes, starring these incredibly sexy MILFs in hot three ways that burn up the screen!
Taboo 02 Year 1982
Taboo 2 - The Story Continues! Starring Kay Parker
The sequel to the original Taboo, filmed in 1982 and directed by Kirdy Stevens features the luscious Kay Parker. This sizzling sequel of forbidden sex will turn you on and thrill you just as much as the classic Taboo did!
The story of seduction and Incest continues from the Scott family to the McBrides, where mother and son, brother and sister, father and daughter enter the perverse world of incestuous pleasures. Barbara Scott (Kay Parker), still luscious, is now living with the voluptuous Gina. She lusts for absent son Paul until a chance meeting with his friend, Junior McBride. Then throbbing with desire, she succumbs to the boy who reminds her of her own son. From there, Junior seduces his mother and his sister (Dorothy LeMay). After this chain of sexual dominoes, crowned by an orgy including a wet and dripping daisy chain of unbridled lust, Sherry seduces her own father. Taboo II brings you an all star cast plus a bevy of new and beautiful nymphets.
Taboo 03 Year 1984
Taboo 3 - The Saga Continues starring Kay Parker
Barbara Scott (Kay Parker), distraught and yearning for her son Paul, turns to her younger son, Jimmy. Jimmy discovers his mother's affair with his older brother Paul, and slowly his love for his mother turns to lust. Barbara, jealous of Jimmy's girlfriend, begins the deliberate seduction of her youngest son. His lithe, muscular body inflames her with passions she knows she should suppress. At the same time, Joyce McBride, Barbara's best friend and confidant, is enjoying carnal gratification with her own son, Bryan.
Taboo III takes us into the forbidden world of a mother's sinful lust for her handsome son. It delves deeper into the depths of raw passion than any other film.
Taboo 04 Year 1985
Taboo 4 - The Younger Generation Starring Kay Parker
Taboo IV, a tale of decadent passion and unequaled lust, is the erotic story of a straight-laced, affluent family, the Lodges. The deliberate seduction of all the Lodge family unravels before your eyes, as they are sucked into a vortex of perversion and incestuous depravity.
Taboo IV is the motion picture of the decade, and will arouse and unleash your wildest fantasies. Stars both Kay Parker and Ginger Lynn.
Taboo 05 Year 1987
Taboo 5 - The Secret Starring Amber Lynn
Voluptuous Colleen Brennan plays Mary. Split-personality of a Madonna by day and a seductress by night, she drives her son wild with illicit desires. Jamie Gillis returns as Dr. Lodge. His incestuous love affair with his daughter Robin in Taboo IV is over, as his other daughter's love affair is just beginning. He fills the void in his heart for his daughter with the beautiful and voracious Amber Lynn in her most stunning performance. Her body exudes sheer sexual essence as she loves, lies and defiles herself for her sadistic enjoyment of his misery. Karen Summer is Naomi, daughter of Dr. Lodge and new wife to a hot, up-and-coming director who has to put his womanizing ways away for his new bride, but can he?
Kirdy Stevens masterfully penetrates the decadent world of incestuous secrets as no other adult film can.
Taboo 07 Year 1989
Enter the world of Whitestone, a place located somewhere between the wild and the innocent sides of human sensuality. Here students are encouraged to explore and develop their awakening talents in a free and open environment. Here too, their emotions run rampant, free of society's inhibitions. Within the walls of Whitestone all things are possible, that beyond are strictly...
Taboo 08 Year 1990
Dalton Leash has been forced to leave his home and the people he loves. A victim of family disgrace and shame, he wanders aimlessly. A chance for redemption comes his way when his half-brother from Australia offers him a job looking after an upscale girls' riding academy. The job carries a small hitch - her name is Sunny. The protection of his beautiful niece has also been entrusted to him. Haunted by his past, and caught up in a tornado of rodeo riders, sexy rich girls, rival land barons, and his own conflicting emotions for Sunny, Dalton struggles through the storm.
What could be Taboo here?
Taboo 09 Year 1991
The incredible Taboo story comes full circle with both Jamie Gillis and Kay Parker reprising their original roles. Their separate worlds which began ten years ago now collide and threaten to explode with a force that could lay bare the special secrets they've so carefully guarded. Alex De Renzy directs this landmark presentation whose cast includes most of the top adult stars working today.
Taboo 11 Year 1994
Taboo 11 - Starring Kay Parker
Dr. Manners continues to treat the deviant behavior of his clients.
5 Stars, for exploding lust in a potpourri of anal, DP, and a 12" black dildo anal penetration
Taboo 12 Year 1994
Our heroine has come to the US from France, curious about the American sexual mores. She ventures into a sex club and winds up going home with a mysterious suitor, only to find herself ensconced in a vast sumptuous mansion where she envisions great sex and a fabulous place to live. The sex is more WICKED than anyone could have ever imagined - a little too wicked even for her casual European sensibilities. She is rescued by a housekeeper who turns out to be as wicked as her man. Fred J. Lincoln takes you into the far reaches of erotica to come up with perhaps the most Taboo of Taboos. Taboo 12 - there's nothing like it on this or any continent.
Taboo 13 Year 1994
Director: Fred J. Lincoln
Starring: Nicole London, Barbara Doll, Dominique Bouche, Pamela Dee
Julia had a problem with Uncle Bob for some time. A problem relationship, to be exact. Though only an uncle by marriage, Julia is uncomfortable. But not Bob. He's already looking at his niece, Tisha. Explore the unspeakable in the thirteenth installment of the hit, Taboo. Oh ... and keep it in the family.
Taboo 14 Year 1995
Some Taboos are born from the darkest core of our societal fears. Acts unspeakable, unthinkable, and yet unimaginably erotic in their wanton nature. TABOO 14 depicts such acts at their most graphic, presenting them with all their raw and unrestrained animal aggression. Indulge your animal nature. Engage in the fourteenth Taboo: Kissing Cousins.
Taboo 15 Year 1995
Doctor Max is a dedicated psychiatrist, counseling patients with troubled family histories. Through re-enactment therapy, his clients rethink their most traumatic sexual experiences. The doctor is quite successful in relieving their sense of guilt, but it's his assistant and a very special dominatrix who must reactivate their sexuality. They soon discover that the good doctor suffers from a malady far worse than his patients'. But to discuss it here would be
Taboo 16 Year 1996
Shyla Foxxx plays the domineering wife who succeeds in driving her husband, John Decker, to a pitiful life as a bum on the skids. Shyla takes great pleasure from humiliating John, a behavior which has been brought on by her terrible incestuous experiences as a child. John tries to understand, and through some sexual healing of his own, all may be well in Fred J. Lincoln's latest walk through the dark eros of Taboo.
Taboo 17 Year 1997
How to make a perfect dish - just add plastic wrap, blindfolds, rubber cuffs, ropes, and a raging nympho! Join the sultry Misty Rain as she continues to push the envelope in the raunchy Taboo tradition. It's no. 17 and Misty plays a cat burglar with a bag full of tricks.
Taboo 18 Year 1998
This is the twisted tale of the dark side. A man's wife is dead. A mysterious woman, the beautiful Missy, pays her respects and unveils the secret identity of the dead woman to her husband. Stories unfold, of their unforgettable first meeting and those extraordinary red high heeled shoes. Meet the whole circus of sex freaks that the dearly departed play with. Public humiliation spankings, blow up dolls coming alive and dog dish pussy washing are all part of the show.
Taboo 19 Year 1998
Camille Cambria owns a nudist resort. With lots of money in the bank, the only thing she needs to make her life complete is a child. Waiting for her current lover, Joe, to impregnate her may take forever, so she turns to other men to aid in the conception. Joe operates the nudist resort, and stands to own half of it - if he can just get Camille pregnant. Or, maybe he can get her to adopt his daughter, "Sweetie" from another union. A beautiful young woman who is certainly no child, Sweetie is plotting with her girlfriend to take over half of the resort - without Joe. Without her knowledge, Sweetie's girlfriend is plotting to double-cross her with the help of a secret boyfriend. It's a story of need, greed, deception and all things that are normally Taboo.
Taboo 2001 Year 2001
She was born in a time when erotic thoughts were outlawed. She was to protect others from their own sensuality. But suddenly, mysteriously, dark yearning began to creep into her mind. Desires, passions, emotions she had never felt before overwhelmed her mind. But would she, could she, risk her life to explore them?
Taboo 21 There's gonna be a hot time in the old town tonight!
It's summer in Mississippi during the roaring twenties and temperatures are running hot. Take a young black man seeking revenge, mix with a crooked sheriff, country girls feeling the heat of sexual desire and a passel of local good ol'boys who don't stand for any "mixin' of the races" and you've got a sure fire recipe for disaster.
Starring:, Lauren Phoenix, Jennifer Luv, Sharon Wild, Bella Starr, Ron Jeremy, Barrett Blade, Stephen St. Croix, Tyler Knight
Taboo 22 Welcome to the world where desire is forbidden and sex itself becomes the ultimate Taboo. Julia (Ava Rose) uses sex to liberate the masses and usher in a new era of sexual freedom. Total abandon leads to a bounty of pleasure.... but is it too much? Take an erotic journey into the darkest of fantasies. Taboo 22... the future is now... revealed by director DCypher
Starring:Ava Rose, Jay Ashley, August, Carli Banks, Van Damage, Jim Enright, Brooke Haven, Charlie Laine, Faith Leon, Rick Masters, Jeff McCain, Neveah, Herschel Savage, Nicole Sheridan, Celeste Starr, Justin Syder
Taboo American Style 1 Year 1985
Lauded by critics as the finest film of the year, Taboo American Style is the four-part saga of a young woman's sexual awakening, and the power she attains with it.
In part 1, Nina gets her first taste of passion with her best friend's boyfriend. Her new found desires turn her middle-class family upside-down. Taboo American Style is the typical American family, right?!
Taboo American Style 2 Year 1985
Lauded by critics as the finest film of the year, Taboo American Style is the four-part saga of a young woman's sexual awakening, and the power she attains with it.
In part 2, Nina's new found sexuality prompts her to take on her mother's secret lover, which in turn creates more than a little tension around the house.
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Taboo American Style 3 Year 1985
Lauded by critics as the finest film of the year, Taboo American Style is the four-part saga of a young woman's sexual awakening, and the power she attains with it.
In part 3, Nina continues her campaign of unabashed seduction, taking on all comers. But such sexual feats are not enough for Nina, and it isn't long before she sets her sights on Hollywood ... Are there Taboos to be found there?
Taboo American Style Series DVD Sequels - Buy 4 and save, check out the Taboo DVD 4 Pack!
Taboo American Style 4 Year 1985
Lauded by critics as the finest film of the year, Taboo American Style is the four-part saga of a young woman's sexual awakening, and the power she attains with it.
Naughty Nina Sutherland continues her quick rise to fame and fortune, leaving her broken and sexually exhausted family in ruins. She's set her sights on show biz and pity the fool who stands in her way! First, she makes sure her acting competition, Felitia Barrie, is caught in the act on the casting couch. Then, to snatch a leading role, she meets Sid Holtzman, a perverse agent who likes to watch his wife make it with young studs. When Nina arranges this sultry scenario, she finally lands a spot in the big-time.
Everything runs smoothly for our new starlet, until cranky critic D.D. Dorfman wages a one-man war against Nina on national TV. Nina can't take criticism, so she gives our doubting Dorfman a private performance and, needless to say, his reaction is "thumbs up!" Nobody can stop Nina now!
Take Me Down When two horny studs tire of the singles ads in the local newspaper they turn to the obituary page and decide to offer solace to a few grieving widows. Little do they know that in France, women think ‘letting go’ is wrong and that the only things left are food and sex. What follows is a raunchy romp through the bedrooms and parlors of France with our two young studs doing everything they can to cheer up these lovely young and newly single women. Whipped cream cakes with surprise fillings… personalized telegrams… even a new 'pet' when a young woman loses man’s best friend. You’ll be teased, tickled and titillated watching these eager bachelors going to any extreme to satisfy themselves.
Starring: Serena, Lois Sloane, Renee Dubois, Rose Heller, Bill Brown, Steve Rado
Take Off Year 1978
Time: the present. At a lavish party thrown by an unknown host, a young lady, Linda, meets a handsome Texan and tries to discover who and where the mystery host is. Exploring the house, they happen upon a room that unexpectedly turns into a projection room. The film that the two guests watch is a very old "stag reel" of a very old man seducing a middle-aged woman. Later beside the pool Linda meets the mysterious host, Darrin Blue. Through a series of flashbacks Darrin explains that the old man in the film is in fact, Darrin Blue. "Take Off" is a delightful update of the Oscar Wilde idea of a man who never ages; but in this case, his image on an 8mm film ages instead. But "Take Off" is also quite literally, a take off on the movies of the 1930’s, 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. Darrin Blue in those time periods actually becomes some of our favorite characters from movies we all remember.
One of the greatest adult films of all time. Superlative on every level, Armand Weston made a stunning visual treat that looks as fresh today as it did 30 years ago. The film is plot heavy, starting in the 1920s and following the hero's escapades decade by decade through the 1970's. Starring Georgina Spelvin, Annette Haven & Leslie Bovee.
Taking Of Christina, The Year 1975
The Taking Of Christina is based on a true story. A short time before her wedding day, a young woman is kidnapped. As the days pass, she convinces her captors that she really cares for them. When they finally grant her freedom, she shows them that revenge, not friendship, is what she really has in mind! The Taking Of Christina is a provocative, erotic look at one of today's most important issues.
(Advisory: this movie contains scenes of violence and murder)
Taoist Sexuality Your Erotic Journey Begins Here! Five couples channel their erotic energies and return to the core forms of nature to demonstrate the ancient eastern philosophy of sexual taoism. This exploration focuses on enhancing the sexual experience through a series of breathing and stretching exercises. Taoism is for those who want to achieve new heights of sexual intimacy. We encourage you to try this at home...
Taste Of Candy, A Year 1985
Starring Candy Samples!
Poor Mrs. Tulley! Old Mr. Tulley has gone and left her with a raging sexual appetite. What’s a poor oversexed widow to do? Her niece, Myla, knows exactly how to handle the situation. More is added to the mix when friend Jennifer turns Myla and Candy on to the personal ads, today’s answer to the ‘Dating Game’. Candy places an ad and gets back dozens of replies. One of them is from Blake Darlington. The dashing Blake has had it all ways with the help of his two lustful friends, but he’s still hungry for what Candy claims she has to offer via her ad. So, he bites the bait and turns Candy’s head in his direction with his charming manner...all nine inches of it!
This story has everything, and it’s all topped off with lots of sweet, delicious Candy!
Taste Of Cherry, A Year 1985
Tracy, Debbie and Ginger are eager to find out what adult sex is all about. Debbie and Ginger take their turns at exploring this new erotic world. However, poor Ginger has been having the roughest time of all. The only man for her just happens to be her biology professor, Mr. Abrams.
To complicate matters, Mr. Abrams is very much married to the sexy Patti, so luckily for all concerned, Patti comes up with a solution that will satisfy all three of them.
Taste Of Seka, A A Taste Of Seka with a cast of passionate players
What more can be said about the Platinum Princess of Porn? For her millions of devoted fans, every adjective has been used to describe her delectable breasts, her magnificent body, and her fiery brand of sexuality. In a business where performers come and go, Seka has proven to be the all-time champion of erotica. Passionate and yet always aloof, she is a unique combination of Greta Garbo and Marilyn Monroe. Maybe that's her secret... a class act combined with pure sex. Join her now... the lady is waiting!
Taxi Girls Year 1979
"In her first starring role, in Taxi Girls, Nancy (Suiter) paired with such studs as John Holmes, Jamie Gillis and Jack Wrangler. Her ability to match such a meaty lineup stroke for stroke, as well as to convincingly act the role of a woman who was a housewife, a cab-driving hooker and a stand-up nightclub comedienne seemed to herald the advent of a major new erotic film star." -Genesis Magazine
A sexy hooker comes up with an idea for a unique taxi service that would facilitate her promiscuous vocation and make some money at the same time. The gals lavish their lusty attentions on a car dealer to get the price down and soon they have a fleet of cabs combing the streets - and a sexy new business venture.
A blockbuster feature film from the golden age of adult entertainment!
Taxi Girls (Arrow) Year 1979
Tired of the nightly hassles of walking the streets, a sexy hooker comes up with an idea for a unique taxi service that would facilitate her promiscuous vocation and make some money at the same time. She convinces her friends to join in this business venture and using their considerable skills, they soon have an entire fleet of erotic cabs. However, the plot thickens when an angry group of rival male cabbies decide to take over. Of course, the Taxi Girls seek revenge - with results that will leave you sweating! Action packed, high energy and totally hot!
Tease Me with Your Toys Year2003
All men enjoy women playing with sex toys just before we hammer their holes with our cocks. Each little filthy nymph will drive you crazy with dirty talk as she sticks toys in her wet spots. They all take it hard and nasty. Each amazing sexual performance ends with a big gooey load on a beautiful cock-hungry face!
Featuring Allure Eden, Lainey Baron, Kaylynn, & Jules Van Saint.
Teen Angel Angel by day... Whore by night"An absolutely stunning display of blatantly and subtly erotic activities... my highest rating!"William Dover – X CUE magazine
TEEN ANGEL is the shocking expose of the marriage and the breakup of a nihilistic young stud and his teenage bride. After their wedding night, the husband begins a series of sordid affairs with his new wife’s nubile girlfriends... On discovering his deceit, the beautiful young bride tries to satisfy his penchant for perversion by trying every conceivable sex act for him. In a surprise twist they learn the high price of their degradation. Set in swinging 70’s San Francisco, TEEN ANGEL ranks as a golden age classic.
Teen Prep School In an effort to save her school from financial ruin, the school Mistress turns to her sexy all-female prep school, to the delight of her young voracious prodigies – in to a brothel for the local studs.
Scenes include: Boy/Boy/Girl, Boy/Girl, anal & double penetration – filmed by Europe’s hottest director!
Part of VCX's European Diamond Collection
Teenage Cheerleaders Sex Education never had it so good as one adventuresome cheerleader keeps the entire basketball team in good spirits, on and off the court.
Teenage Cowgirls A young and hung John Holmes in TEENAGE COWGIRLS100% Classic!
Vintage scenes from the golden age!
Teenage Cowgirls is a really fast moving, beautiful photographed and well edited film that won immediate praise. It has an excellent cast, a good script and a delightful soundtrack. A real-shoot ‘em up, porno western, with a High-Noon style shootout, at the end.
A great flick!
Teenage Cruisers Year 1977
The first X-rated rock 'n roll movie ever made. "Teenage Cruisers" transcends three decades, taking the viewer on an erotic tour through the 50's, 60's and 70's. It is an interesting, highly arousing and extremely funny adventure. A group of high school kids out cruising the main street of their town, come upon a series of sexual scams, including a breasty bake-off and a live donkey show.
Meanwhile, a beautiful young nut named Babsy Beaudine escapes from a mental asylum and kidnaps a bewildered professor named Flinch. At the same time, a man is gobbled up in a pool, a guy named Johnny comes (literally) home to his love (super star Serena) and an on-the-skin reporter goes bonkers.
Teenage Deviate Year 1975
Annie Sprinkle "Showers The Silver Screen With Love" in this erotic, creative, sexual extravaganza. Annie performs her own "special" surprise fantasy for your pleasure. Prowling the New York City streets, after running away from home, Annie falls into the clutches of her cousin's devious, abusive boyfriend. Under the guise of "helping" her, he subjects her to sexual experiences never before imagined by this innocent girl. Trying to resolve her many conflicts she relates her past deviate sexual behavior to her doctor. Her past as well as her present perversions are brought to life in this incomparable sexual marathon. 1970's Nikki Hilton featured-she was only in 3 movies with Teenage Deviate and Through The Looking Glass being her filmography.
Teenage Fantasies Year 1972
Rene Bond stars in this classic film about the fantasies of today’s youth. She captures the art of seduction in every erotic detail and her manipulations with the male form earned her the title ‘The Queen Of Porn.’ Although being both extremely beautiful and talented, Rene is only one of the highlights of the film.
The movie is one of the greatest collections of erotic scenes ever filmed, leaving virtually nothing to the imagination. After several teens are asked about their most explicit dreams and desires, they are allowed to experience them. Filled with many sweet, innocent lovelies, the adventures of the ‘now’ generation is definitely for the young at heart.
Teenage Madam Year 1976
Teenage Madam - A Tale of Prescribed Sexual Therapy
Madam Rose arranges for a psychologist to interview her girls as they flash back to their first sexual encounters. What follows are vignettes featuring the orally gifted Desiree West and Bonnie Holiday as well as a riveting scene with John Holmes. "Madam" is one of those films from a by-gone era where the heat that was delivered onscreen was never scripted, enhanced nor modified.
Real Sex in the classic era of quality adult entertainment.
Teenage Nurses Capri Cinema Grindhouse Classic
Teenage Nurses This is a wild and wacky sex comedy the likes of which you’ve never seen before. When Dr. Canute is appointed Director of Veterans Hospital, he decides that what the boys that came back from Vietnam need is not Bob Hope to entertain them, but they need girls...nurses...Teenage Nurses! In this classic the Vets are being occupied by a wide variety of odd entertainers. There is lots of nasty sex between the patients and nurses!
Temp, The While you were out:
Sophia Called... Blowjob @ 3:00 p.m.!
Sophia runs a tight temp agency! When the competition gets stiff, so do her clients... her horny staff is always ready, willing and able to please! And with Sophia's employees, the customer ALWAYS cums first!
she read my mind!
so professional
so understanding...
legs, legs, legs
she could take a memo!
fun to be with!
a real insider!
Texas Girls Get ready because Wild Party Girls is about to bring you the craziest and most uninhibited women who love to party and bare it all. These women are not models or paid actresses, in fact they're the girl next door.
It's the all new Wild Party Girls summer madness tour. From the clubs to the beaches, our Texas top on the tour has the most outrageious amateur footage ever seen.
Look out for future releases and other stops on the tour. It's pure insanity when the wild party girls come to your home!
Texas Heat Get Ready! Wild Party Girls are on the loose again! This time, we go deep down south to the great state of Texas, where the weather's hot, and the girls are even hotter!
Remember, these girls are not paid models or actresses. In Fact, they're the girls next door!
Join us for this toally uncensored completely outrageous look at the best the Lonestar State has to offer. Watch the inhibitions fade and the clothes come off in the Texas Heat...
Thank God It's Friday Year2003
Here's a raunchy flick about a bar named Friday's. It opens with a scorching scene with performer of the year nominee Barrett Blade. Check out newcummer Eva Angelina. She's an all natural 18-year-old that performs like a seasoned pro. This is her first scene for Cherry Boxxx (but not the last!). Summer Sweet and Alexus Malone round out the cast. Here's conclusive proof that if you catch a girl at the right time in a bar, one night stands do have happy and nasty endings!
That's Erotic Year 1979
That’s Erotic is erotic – and more!
Imagine a potpourri of unbridled sex scenes as enacted by a who’s who of erotic film stars; the legendary men and women who have brought prurience to the glimmering heights of eroticism! That’s Erotic stars a galaxy of X-rated talent never before gathered together in one motion picture. More than just a motion picture, That’s Erotic is a whirlwind journey through the fabulous world of sexuality.
The Good, The Bad & The Horny Year 1985
A new lesson on Playing "Cowboys & Indians" …where the quivers mean more than a bag of arrows.
. . . Meanwhile back on the ranch . . .
The game of "Cowboys and Indians" takes on a new meaning when the cowpokes (guys) take on the Indians (girls) in a sexy free-for-all to find out if those "ol’ six shooters" are really better than a quiver full of arrows.
In reality, Steve runs a dude ranch in the mountains and, after teaching Suzie the finer points of "horsing around" he challenges this rich little Beverly Hills "brat" and her friends to a game of "search and enjoy"
The cowboys are up to the challenge, but the Indians princesses "head ‘em off at the pass." In the woods, this raiding party would have made Custers Last Stand . . . his last lay.
Think Pink She-Males Featuring the most beautiful men in the worldIf you don’t think about it… you would never know the difference!
Shot on location in Rio De Janero, Brazil
Man on Man on Man Sex
Beautiful Buts
Swinging She Males
Awesome and Extreme Outdoor
Starring: Alexa, Felicia, Sabrina
This Is Your Sex Life This is a video unlike any other. Boldly, it presents the true, torrid account of one woman’s private sex life. Nothing is left unrevealed. Starting from a video camera’s intrusion into a woman’s home, it flashes back to her first sexual experience; in the backs of cars and encounters with her classmates. We then see the woman as a student working her way through collage as a hooker in Las Vegas. The memories keep entering the picture, and we see her in throes of kinky leather sex, mud wrestling, locker room gang bangs, and every type of deviant situation. So, what we are seeing is real life sex as seldom seen on film or video. It’s an experience you will never forget.
This Stud's For You Hustler's highest rating
"Sensational - this is a fabulous XXX first-rate filthy film indeed" -- Erotic X Magazine
"Dazzling!" -- Video View
Over 17 of the greatest XXX classic adult stars in one romp of a movie!
This sensational XXX feature highlights the all-time greatest classic stars through the eyes of two film editors, whose expertise and erotic insight knows no bounds! You will be captivated from the very first frame! Featuring Seka, Paul Thomas, John Leslie, John C. Holmes, Bunny Bleu, Cara Lott, Peter North & many more!
Three Cheers For B.J.U. Four sex hungry whore wannabes in need of cash go to Madam Lovewhip for a crash course in pleasuring men. Each comes with a sexual hang up that prevents them from earning their true potential; one girl has a bad temper, another chick gags on cocks, one falls asleep right after sex and another is an uncontrollable nymphomaniac perpetually unsatisfied.
Madam Lovewhip uses a variety of orgasmic techniques from sucking clits, watching porn and deep-throating dildos until the final exam comes in the form of a balls deep hardcore orgy with the Madam’s most distinguished johns who test the girls fresh new skills while ravaging their all natural bodies.
Three Faces Of Angel The Good, The Bad, and The Beautiful.Imagine Cindy’s surprise at receiving a letter from her longtime friend Angel after many years of silence. As Cindy reads the letter, Angel’s old photos ignite memories that take Cindy, and us, on a sexual adventure into the world of Angel and her friends.
Each scene profiles a side of Angel you may have never seen. Stewardess, skier and wealthy socialite are some of the roles in which you’ll see Angel at her very best. In other words, sex, sex and more sex!
Throat - A Cautionary Tale 5 A’s (AVN’s Highest Rating)"Adult Filmmaking at it’s best" – AVN"… Folks who crave compelling drama with their hardcore sex need look no further. This is adult feature filmmaking at its best." - Jared Rutter
"A Dark ‘porn noir’ from award-winning director Paul Thomas, THROAT is both swiftly paced and engrossing…It plays like a mainstream movie. But it’s the star, Sasha Grey, who brings it to life."
A beautiful young woman is found dead in a field amidst shards of broken glass. Who was she? Why did she Die? Who Killed her? We move back in time to her life as a young student, waiting tables, unable to make ends meet. She takes a job in a peep show where she learns, to her great amazement, that the seat of her sexuality is in her throat. Suddenly her sex life, always a pretense of pleasure, changes dramatically.
But where she sees pleasure, her boyfriend sees profit…and pushes "The Girl With The Golden Throat" up the ladder of success, from peep show to private clients to featuring in a major club called The Zone.
Tired of being used, she snaps…and attempts to bite the off the cock of the biggest porn star in history…leading to her own tragic demise. And of course, during the autopsy, the corner and his assistant find something in her throat they’ve never seen in any throat before: a clitoris…a tiny bit of flesh that made and unmade the life of a lovely young girl.
Throbbing Threesomes Year 1996
Starring: Nadia, Kymberly Kyle, Stacy King, ¸aboo, Sweet 'n Lo, Jessie Lang
With: Wolf Savage, Kyle Stone, Rodney Moore
4 Super nasty throbbing threesomes featuring semen-slurping and swallowing, asshole licking, butt f**king and double penetrations...shot in the raunchiest mode of Rodnievision.
Thunder Pussy Year 1998 Kryptic Entertainment - a GREG STEEL Feature
THE REIGN BEGINS: All hell, or should we say SEX, breaks loose in this behind-the-scenes looks at the making of Director Greg Steel's new feature.
Greg made the error of not casting his usual lead Starlet, Julie Rage. Julie is not pleased, and vows to F**K with the cast and crew.
Armed with camera, follow her as she raises hell! In perhaps their final performances Asia, Syndee and Julie get down and dirty one last time!
It's Gonna Be A Long, Wet Night...
Thunderbuns Year 1976
A wild, sensuous romp with your favorite adult movie stars. The exciting Jennifer Welles, fascinating Linda Wong. Gorgeous Annette Haven and the fabulous identical twins (Brooke and Taylor Young) provide you with provocative action that you could only find in one film.
"Thunderbuns" is truly a tempest in B-cup and there is a turn-on with virtually every turn of the film.
Tight and Tender Sometimes there’s only one way to say it... Take a ride down easy street and discover the most tight and tender real estate laides you’d ever want to meet. Sandy (Gina Carrera) takes on a hunky tennis player for some throbbing lobbing action in the kitchen while her girlfriends Starr and Tamara do some high pressure dickering with some eager "Nookie-Loos" in the bedroom. One after another, these girls give every carnal client a tour of the house they’ll never forget. So get a taste of these gals’ X-rated sales pitch. Without a doubt, they’ve got the hottest escrows in town.
Tight Delight Year 1985
Director: L. Roman
Two best friends borrow an apartment in New York for a hot vacation with old playmantes. The couples meet to share lust, desire and passionate memories in a non-stop sexual romp. Watch them melt together in an explosive encounter that everyone enjoys!
Tigresses & Other Man-Eaters Year 1980
Tigresses begins with Samantha Fox, who introduces each of the tales between slurps of a hefty erection she's devouring, and which she calls "a lovely piece of flesh". She is one attractive lady, and the tight close-ups of her deep throating are about the hottest of the entire movie. The first episode concerns Holly, a physical fitness freak, (Rikki O'Neal) and the two hot studs who spice up her life. The second sequence revolves around manhunter Jill Monroe, who prowls the waterfront and picks up"able bodied seamen" and takes them home for Sunday Brunch. The third selection features the fabulous Sloan Twins as lesbian lovers involved in the hottest menage-a-trois ever filmed. The lucky third party in the orgy is a well hung black dude who possesses a tongue that proves to be as willing and able to satisfy as his huge tool!
Time To Love Year 1973
A Classic Film Directed by Harold Kovner in 1973.
Titillation Year 1982
In search of the perfect "2"- An aging game hunter goes after a new sport - searching for the largest pair of big, beautiful breasts in the world! Titillation is an erotic romp through the most plunging necklines ever seen. Gorgeous, voluptuous and built, these girls are proportioned to please!
A collector's classic, starring the incredible Kitten Natividad in her most un-supporting role!
Tomatoes Year 1970
Genuine 1960's X-Rated Nostalgia - Released by Popular Demand!
Meet Stanley Jones.
He's the now legendary lead character in this classic underground X-rated film, produced in the late '60. For those who forgot, this story unfolds as Stanley lands a job as a hapless rent collector for Mr. Watson. Warned by Watson about those collectors who failed before him, Stanley sets out on a path doomed to failure. At each door he's seduced by another tenant bent on satisfying her insatiable lust!
An enormously popular film in its heyday, many X-rated film collectors have sought this classic. VCX is happy to produce Tomatoes for those who want to take a nostalgic trip back in time!
Tongue Twisters Year 1986
A series of vignettes which has as its theme people in need of sexual help, this feature is remarkable both for the wiltingly hot sex it yields and for the variety of action it offers. First, Jose Duval has nothing to do , so places a random phone call. He hooks up with Rachel Ashley and it turns out to be the best connection he ever made. Then George Payne is a mild-mannered, incredibly repressed guy who is in serious need of some loosening up. He gets the help he needs in the form of the renowned sexual dynamo Honey Wilder. Later, Jerry Butler has a crushing case of the blues after a breakup with his steady girl. He calls up Candy and she turns out to be just the sweet treat he needed.
Too Hot To Touch A light hearted comedy that takes place at a ski resort where Kay Parker and Lynx Cannon play promiscuous nurses at the medical center and Jamie Gillis is the pussy hungry ski pro who runs the lodge.
Too Hot To Touch features a few of the greatest actors and actresses ever to fuck on film. The rare and gorgeous Angel is at her best, as is Kay Parker. But it is Lynx Cannon who steals the show not only with her spectacular body, but with some of the best acting classic porn has to offer. Her scene with Jamie GIllis is perhaps one of the best performances in either actor's career.
Tootsies & Footsies, Rodney Moore's Year 1994
Starring: Alex Dane, Candy, Crystal Clear, Justine, Missy Knight
With: Randy Moore, Guy DeSilva, Trent Westwood
Lots of Leg and Foot Action!4 NASTY FACIALS!!!Rodney loves foot and leg wear (and the nasty young ladies who wear them). Whether they're "F**K ME" pumps, sexy stockings, or naughty heels, you can bet that after proper worship of their feet, these young ladies will have their pussies and asses stuffed by Rodney and his cohorts.
--And, of course, the obligatory "RODNEY BLAST, all over their faces!
Touch Me In The Morning It’s the best part of waking up! Release the passion!Year 1981
"Touch Me In The Morning" brings you a story of lovers caught in the torrid passion of their sometimes unusual fantasies. Rarely will you see a film of this nature and a gather of beautiful ladies such as Veronica Hart, steamy Lisa DeLeeuw, New York’s foxy Sharon Mitchel. Also starring Nicole Noir and Becky Savage. Once in a great while an erotic film comes along that is both warm and passionate… soft and sensual… tempting and yet touching, "Touch Me in the Morning" is that kind of film.
Tower Of Power The most cunning make it to the topFred Kingsley (R Bolla) is board chairman of the vast Kingsley Industries. He rules from his executive tower over a staff motivated by money and sex. As the movie opens, Hugh Casey (John Leslie) is making love to his wife Linda (an absolute Angel). At the same time Mr. Kingsley’s voluptuous secretary, Annette (Melanie Scott) is calling a special board meeting to try and uncover who is giving out company secrets. To relieve some of the corporate tension, Mr. Kingsley’s secretary services her boss before the meeting.
At the board meeting, we meet more of the 'Peyton Place' cast of characters led by beautiful, major stockholder and opponent of Kingsley, Desiree Wilson (Annette Haven). She plays with Hugh Casey under the table while Kingsley asks why executive George Thompson (Harry Reems) is absent? In an exotic hotel room with a professional call girl, played by the star of Trinity Brown, Sharon Kelly (aka Colleen Brennan), we find Thompson.
Desiree gets her sex kicks from Gabe (Hershel Savage), who is also Fred Kingsley’s wife, Stella’s (Janey Robbins) sister and love partner.
In order to get her husband promoted, Linda (Angel) has a torrid love affair with Fred Kingsley who even had enough strength left to service his wife, Stella
Will Fred find the real traitor...and does he have enough stockholder votes to control the board of directors??? See TOWER OF POWER FOR THE ANSWERS!!!
Training Day Year
Stars: Victoria Givens , Mason Storm , Kai Wu , Layla Evans , Steve Z , Nick Taylor
New talent wanting to get established in the adult film industry must first pass Victoria's Training Day. Each scene starts off with an interview where they are asked about their skills and how they think they’ll do as a performer. Then cums the audition....
Trashi Year 1981
How would you create the perfect woman?
In this hilarious spoof the perfect women is Lisa De Leeuw, who has all the best parts of woman kind. This sexually erotic comedy is packed with sweet, slick sexual action of the most bizarre kind, including a mad scientist, and horny lusty robots created to perform only one function.
Besides super sex star, Lisa De Leeuw, this tasty tale also stars the ever incredible Serena, Dorothy Lamay, Nicole Noir, Sharon Mitchell, Loni Sanders and San Francisco's World Famous, Carol Doda, in her first film appearance!
So.. if you're still searching for the perfect female, stop right here, because Trashi will give you everything you've dreamed of!
Tribute To The King-Vol. 1 Year 1979
The Absolute Finest On Screen Film Appearances of John C. Holmes.
Selected exclusively from the most extensive library of adult erotica.
John Holmes was the undisputed king. John C. Holmes’ life was filled with mystery, contradiction, rumor and incredible tall tales. But when he was on the screen he commanded a presence that no other performer ever matched. Adult Video News aptly described him as "The Perfect King for the Perfect Kingdom"
"The King" appeared in over 2,500 adult films and made love to over 15,000 women in his lifetime.
"A Tribute to the King" showcases Holmes most famous screen conquests from the VCX library of films. This collection is a "must have" for any serious collector. "The King" is gone, but porn lovers can now own an important piece of history and relive his best moments.
Tribute To The King-Vol. 2 Year 1979
The absolute finest on screen film appearances of John C. Holmes.
Selected exclusively from the most extensive library of adult erotica.
Featuring scenes from these classics:
Little French Maid, Sweet Cheeks, Pizza Girls, Prisoner of Paradise, Summertime Blue, Sweet Alice, Teenage Madam, Around The World, That's Erotic
Tribute To The King-Vol. 3 Year 1979
The absolute finest on screen film appearances of John C. Holmes.
Selected exclusively from the most extensive library of adult erotica.
Starring John Holmes, Ginger Lynn and a bevy of classic performers
Featuring scenes from these classics:
Summertime Blue, Teenage Madam, Little French Maid, Tropic of Passion, California Gigolo, Pizza Girls, Teenage Cruisers, The Raincoat Crowd
Trick or Treat Get Ready! Because Wild Party Girls is about to blow your mind again with this outrageously uncensored video.
Introducing Trick or Treat, an all out romp through the Midwest to uncover treat after sexy treat.
And once again, these sizzling young co-eds are never paid models or actresses. In fact, they're the girls next door!
Tricks Of The Trade Practice Makes PerfectErotic Filmmaker Jim Cooper (John Leslie) knows his job! Whether it’s making a sex-crazed porn starlet purr with some lusty off-camera coaching, or directing a dildo scene with a blonde bombshell, Cooper is the leading expert on the Tricks Of The Trade. But, when a horny housewife wants to break into the biz, this master of the blue cinema has to his work cut out for him! Fortunately, Beth is a quick study! After an awesome sex-scene lesson from bodaciuosly endowed Sandy, Beth is ready for anything! An orgy rehearsal with three stiff studs proves beth has what it takes to be a passion professional… and how!!
Triple Threat #2 - All Revved Up ss, Pussy and Mouth... Every Hole Filled!
Audrey Hollander Double & Triple Penetration!
Audrey Hollander
Marie Luv
Mia Bragg
Triple Threat #3 - Obsessive Behavior 5 guys on 1 whore! Double Vaginal Penetrations Double ANAL Penetrations. ANAL in every scene! Oral Cum Swapping and more!
Otto Bauer
Steven French
Layla Lei
Audrey Hollander
Penny Flame
Rick Masters
Tyla Wynn
Missy Monroe
Alec Knigh
Bad Bob
Alex Sanders
Adam Wood
Triple Threat #4 - Ass Attack Audrey can and will do DOUBLE ANAL with anything, anytime and any place. Double Anal Pentration! Every Ass Gets Attacked!
Otto Bauer
Audrey Hollander
Triple Threat #5 Giant Anal Toys and Double Pen! Every Pussy, Ass and mouth gets FILLED with DICK.
Barbara Summers
Audrey Hollander
Anna Nova
Flower Tucci
Triple Threat #6 Ass Pounding Sex in Every Scene! Featuring Double Anal Penetration.
AVN Performer of the Year Audrey Hollander!
Sophie Dee
Cindy Sterling
Aaralyn Barra
Haley Scott
Audrey Hollander
Tropical Nights Year 1988
The beauty of the islands, the scent of suntan oil, the breeze of the morning surf, or the hint of a rainbow as the sun breaks through the mist contain elements of the most powerful aphrodisiac known to man - sex. It doesn't hurt also to have Ginger and her island bunnies (Crystal Breeze,Diva,Stacy Donovan,Raven,Renee Tiffany) hopping atop rigid pole after pole of pure pleasure in paradise.
True Crimes Of Passion Janey Robbins is known as one of the most sexually aggressive and decadently desirable women to his the porn scene in the 80’s. Here she stars as detective B.J. Fondel, who tries to solve a tantalizing trio of sex-related crimes. The first case involves a woman, married to a preacher but living a second life as a dominatrix with her own personal sex slave. In the next case Janey’s searching for a transsexual killer who turns out to be her best friend’s new maid. In her final foray, Janey gets so worked up that she needs to be serviced by both of the guys she’s trying to track down! In the end, Janey uses her voluptuous figure to round up all the carnal criminals in this amorous adventure tale.
Two At Once TWO AT ONCE is a must see for classic porn lovers... and all those who crave magnificent women... don’t let this one pass you by!
TWO AT ONCE follows the carnal odyssey of Francois as he travels the French countryside. First encountering a pair of insatiable teens horny for cock and sin... with a searing ménage setting the stage for the entire journey. Shortly thereafter, he rescues the stunning Brigitte Lahaie from her maniacal sex master. Once safe from his grasp, she immediately succumbs to Francois. Brigitte’s captivating beauty could easily land her on the catwalks of Paris. Her rabid performance puts her squarely in the pantheon of all time luscious porn sirens. The debaucherous romp continues, as Francois encounters two by two the most gorgeous vixens of Europe...
Starring: Brigitte LaHaie, Kathy Stewart, Karine Stephan, Karen Allen, Lucile Doll, Brigitte Verbecq, Richard Allan, Guy Rooyer Directed by Burt Tranbaree
Two Way Mirror For those who like to watch!Used as a rendezvous for illicit lovemaking, two Paris apartments have a devilishly deceptive TWO-WAY MIRROR installed between the bedrooms. Let's take a peek at what goes on when a married couple inherits a key to each separate love nest...without each others knowledge. What you see is what you get in this passionate saga of lusting spouses that's worth looking into! First, frisky Francois gets the itch from the pitch of a well-hung door-to-door salesman...then she almost overheats the phone in a steamy solo-session with an obscene phone caller...and finally this luscious libertine gets to intimately experience the sensuous secrets of her buxom, beautiful neighbor. On the other side of the coin (or mirror in this case), Francois' hubby is steaming up the glass with just as many volatile and varied sexual experiences. Ultimately, this carnal couple gets the picture on what's going on...but so what! Now they can double their voyeuristic viewing pleasure...and keep an eye on each other at the same time!
Ultimate Classic Collection - Debbie & Devil The first installment of VCX's "Ultimate Classic Collection" is a blockbuster!
Featuring the two greatest classic titles from the golden age of porn: "Debbie Does Dallas" and "The Devil In Miss Jones", this specially packaged two-disc collector's boxed set is just loaded with ures, including over 20 minutes of classic theatrical trailers per disc and Spanish audio tracks on both features!
Digitally re-mastered & restored. Previously deleted footage included!
Disc 1 Debbie Does Dallas
Director: Jim Clark
Starring: Bambi Woods, Arcadia Lake, Misty Winter, Robyn Byrd, Pat Allure, Paula Head and R. Bolla
Year 1978
Debbie and her young cheerleader friends, portrayed by the fresh new faces on the X-rated screen, are faced with a dilemma: Debbie's vibrant sensuality has earned her a coveted place with the Texas Cowgirl Cheerleaders. A trip to Dallas is expensive however, and college students don't often have that kind of money. As the action moves to the showers, a plan is formed....
The eight dazzling cheerleaders will all go to Dallas and to afford it, they have formed Team Services, an organization dedicated to serving their clients with total satisfaction....for a price. Profits roll in, but it is Debbie who really saves the day.
The part of Debbie is played by newcomer Bambi Woods, and THIS movie went on to become THE most memorable adult classic ever filmed!
One of the all-time best sellers on video. A classic combining a fantasy setting with some very intense and graphic sex action" -Adam Film World's Directory of Adult Films
Disc 2 The Devil In Miss Jones
Starring: Georgina Spelvin, Harry Reems, Erica Havens
Director: Gerard Damiano
Year 1972
Spelvin seems perfectly cast as Damiano's Jones, a prim, plain-looking, gap-toothed spinster, who's quickly transformed into a horny little tramp just begging for more and more! The devil, dressed in a black polo shirt, is a cheerful, understanding character, not unlike the dean of some small liberal arts college. Somewhat more diabolical is Harry Reems' Teacher, with his leering eyes and bejeweled fingers. The sordid escapades of this curious threesome have spawned five major sequels.
This story of a frustrated spinster who is put in touch with her inner sexual depravity - now appears as a seminal movie in the dusty annals of classic erotica.
One of the greatest adult films ever made and a lesson in erotic storytelling.
"One of the ALL-TIME Erotic Masterpieces" - Hustler
XRCO Hall of Fame Inductee
Ultimate Desires European high society turns their unbridled passion loose in the ultimate of all brothels filled with unrelenting volcanic sex – this is a must see!
Part of VCX's European Diamond Collection
Ultimate Lover Year 1986
Finding their male partners to be less than perfect, two girls design a sexually superior man in the form of an android who can more than satisfy every woman's desire. But they made him just a little too perfect; unleashing a Frankenstein monster of sexual frenzy on the world. Well plotted with red-hot sex scenes and outstanding acting. Ultimate Lover is the ultimate sex film.
Ultimate Sensations Year 1997
Sex Therapy!
Stimulating Situations...
A Sex Video For The Mind As Well As The Genitals!
of Unbridled Lust!
Ultimate Thrill, The Do you like your sex hot, sticky and totally oral? Then drop your pants for THE ULTIMATE THRILL!!! First Gina Carrera tongues a rock-hard dick to new heights of spurting ecstasy. Then, Tom Byron and Bunny Bleu blow more than bubbles in the tub in an erotic eat-out orgy. Next Steve Drake showers with two sizzling sex-strumpets. This awesome cocksman pokes, strokes and soaks the girls with a generous cream rinse! Later, Taija Rae gives Tracey Adams a luscious lezzie licking. And what oral film would complete without Little Oral Annie? Two lucky studs get a taste of Annie’s legendary skills. Plus there’s many more mouth-watering encounters in this mega-suck-action spectacular.
Undressed Rehearsal Before the show goes on, the clothes must come off!
Untamed Passions THE RICH ARE ALWAYS RESTLESSArrogant Alexis Madison, is being kept in luxurious style. Yet the pampered ex-call girl is restless. She longs to dominate those who adore her, as she did before becoming Philip’s household bitch-goddess. When Alexis displays her desire to control, Philip welcomes this pleasant surprise. Aroused by exercising her power, after holding it in check for far too long, Alexis decides to give her aggressive sexuality full reign, in a number of deliciously devious ways. She begins by convincing the maid to seduce Philip’s son, and makes sure of Elise’s devotion by first making love to the servant girl herself. But when Philip’s son arrives home with a pretty young rival in tow, Alexis realizes Donnie isn’t the type to squander on chambermaids. A super-charged cat and mouse game then unfolds, as the fabulously feminine Alexis attempts to trap and tame her lovers' hunky son, with multi-orgasmic results!
Up 'n Coming Year 1982
It's the story of rising country singer Cassie Harland (Marilyn) who lands a job as the opening act of a tour headed by superstar Althea Anderson (Lisa). Unlike any other adult film, Up N' Coming explores the world of country music and the movers and manipulators who pull all the strings. From Nashville to the world renowned Palomino Club in Los Angeles, Cassie struggles for recognition and stardom while dealing with jealous Althea's drug and alcohol problems. The highlight of the film is legendary John Holmes teaming with Marilyn, Herschel, Richard and Lili in one of the absolute hottest, most explosive sex scenes ever filmed. Marilyn dazzles viewers with a sexual friction that bursts through the screen, and Up N' Coming continues that tradition. Up 'n' Coming is the story of a fading country western diva, whose star is being eclipsed by her multi-talented opening act. Hot!
Presented for the first time on DVD with lost hard-core footage!!
Vanessa & Friends The Latin queen of porn
Vanessa Del Rio - Legends of Porn 10 Pack Vanessa Del Rio - Legends of Porn 10 PackGet all 10 titles for just $74.95, if you purchased them all individually $169.50! A 44% savings!Package includes the following titles: Filthy Rich, The, Libido Loco, Ah Caramba, Oral Assets, Vanessa & Friends, Lips, Coed Fever, Sin Of Lust, Aphrodesias Diary, Women in Love
Vanessa Del Rio "The Latin Lover" The Girls of Yesteryear
Classic Porn from the 70's and 80's
Vanessa Del Rio "The Latin Lover"
AKA: Violet Reason, Ursula Pasarel
Born: NYC, March 31, 1952
Sign: Aires
Ethnicity: Latin
Measurements: 42-34-32
Attributes: Huge Tits, Hot Anal
Best Role: Tigresses
Vanessa Del Rio Collection 1 Attention Vanessa Del Rio Fans - check out VCA's 3 DVD Box Set!
You'll get three great Vanessa titles for one great price of only $19.95!
Save 50% versus buying the same titles individually!
Box Set Includes 3 DVDs: Beyond Desire - This VCA Classic will once again take you beyond lust, beyond love and beyond your ultimate fantasies, Dr. Lust - Are you ready for some sexual healing? Vanessa Del Rio Stars as Dr. Lust, a frisky physician who believes that copulation is the only cure, Deep Inside Vanessa Del Rio - The notorious Dark Brothers Flick goes where we all dream of going, Deep Inside Vanessa Del Rio
Vanessa Del Rio, Alexis Greco, Barbara Dare, Erica Boyer, Jerry Butler, John Leslie, Kerry Fox, Kristara Barrington, Little Oral Annie, Lois Ayres, Seka, Tom Byron, Angel Kelly, Billy Dee, Gina Carrera, Joey Silvera, Keli Richards, Krista Lane, Lili Marlene, Liz Randall, Melissa Melendez, Steve Powers VCA, "More Fuck for you Buck!"
Veronica's Diary Veronica Hart is by far one of the most gorgeous brunettes of the golden age. She had an incredible chemistry with the camera and her onscreen sexual antics were one step below "ultra kink". She had an uncanny appetite for cock and she is known for taking her studly counterpart (Ron Jeremy, Jerry Butler, Paul Thomas) with incredible passion. Veronica's sexual acts cover the full gamete, from an orgy to anal to a threesome, she even engulf in some hard lesbian activity with her cohort Candida Royalle. Not only was she a "sexual dynamo", but she also was a truly gifted actress and that is why Veronica Hart is one of our all time favorites. In this DVD, we feature 10 full length scenes from our vast collection of rare, vintage footage from our VXP vault. The scenes for this DVD were compiled from some of our all-time best sellers featuring Veronica Hart like "Roommates", "A Scent of Heather", "Delicious", "Wanda Whips Wallstreet", and "A Girl's Best Friend". This is a must have for any serious collector of golden age, vintage material. Keep your eyes out for a second volume in the future!!!
Very Best Of Annette Haven Breathtaking Annette Haven was one of the first superstars of erotica, with a career dating back to when the features were shot on film and not videotape.
A stunning beauty - Annette brought supreme class and an air of forbidden sexuality to her performances, many thought to be the very best ever filmed.
This collection features scenes from "The Blonde, Reflections, Spirit Of Seventy Sex, Sex World, Deep Rub, Thunderbuns, F..., The Raincoat Crowd, Soft Places" and "High School Memories".
All Gems Indeed!
Very Best Of Desiree Cousteau Year 2006
Rarely in the annals of porn moviedom has a single pair of tits inspired so many to jack their loads. Desiree Cousteau possessed those perfect tits and an always smiling, gorgeous face to jack those loads onto. Her innocent demeanor was betrayed by her lusty appetite for sex, and the best cocksmen of the day, including John Holmes and Paul Thomas were no match for her incredible, delectable body.
A perfect ass complimented her legendary breasts, and along with her supermodel-good-looks, combined to achieve one of our all-time favorite golden era pornstars. With the introduction of it's "Pornstar Collection" series, VCX has brought to you an incredible collection of "The Very Best Of..." all your favorite ladies from the golden age of adult films, including Kay Parker, Seka, Dorothy LeMay, Serena, Annette Haven and Kristara Barrington.
Complete your collection today!
Very Best Of Dorothy LeMay Celebrate the ultimate collection of porn's premier prick pounder!
Dorothy LeMay was a very hot little strumpet in her day, with a gorgeous mane of red hair, a tight little body & big wide innocent eyes. She made her debut in hardcore in the late 70's and, in the beginning, she was mostly cast in supporting roles. Judging by her early appearances, it would have seemed to be a safe bet to claim she would never attain top tier status in the world of hardcore. But that all changed when Taboo & Taboo 2 were released. These performances pushed her over the top and, from that moment on, she was often cast in lead parts which helped her to attain that top status among porn starlets.
In 1981, she was cast in the lead for one of the most popular and strangest hardcore flicks ever, "Night Dreams". Her tour de force performance earned her Best Actress honors from the XRCO & AVN. A good mix of supporting and lead parts followed in succession for the rest of her career in front of the carnal cameras. Celebrate with us as we unveil her greatest sex scenes from our filthy titles at VCX in this stellar release.
Included are scenes from A Formal Faucett, Blue Heat, Fantasy, Tropic Of Desire, Small Town Girls, and High School Memories - All superb classics indeed!
Very Best Of Serena One of the true adult superstars of the Golden Age, pouty lipped Serena burst onto the scene in the 70's with a sexual ferocity and dynamic erotic charisma. Becoming one of the most sought after performers in the biz, Serena parlayed her nasty looks and staggering sexual charms onto the pages of many men's magazines, as well as in a flurry of the most important XXX films of the day.
With over 100 films spanning her 10 year career - Serena continues to ignite many a libido to this day - especially after viewing this searing collection of highlights from her films in the VCX library. One can see why Serena is listed as many a fan and performer favorite long after her exit from the blue screen...
Very Sexy Ballet It doesn’t get any dirtier!Lonely Val (Valentina) is a beautiful ballerina searching for the ultimate physical thrill and erotic orgasm. Watching Laura (Porsche Lynn) and charismatic Ballet Master Mario (John Stagliano) make love in a deserted exercise room fills Val with a lustful longing that nothing can quench! Her horny surfer boyfriend and a piston-pumping physical trainer (Scott Irish) try to satisfy her, but fail. Even a hot dance party that turns into a steamy, lust-ridden orgy doesn’t make the grade. Finally her fantasy fulfillment comes true when she spends an evening with Maria. It’s an erotic encounter you won’t soon forget when these partners in passion get on the dance floor.
Victoria's Secret Desires Year 1983
"Victoria’s Secret Desires" - Lust has no special time
Victoria’s desires are secret, but they are stunning, erotic and can be shared by all who enter her secret world in "Victoria’s Secret Desires" - a breathtaking, pulse-pounding feature that will surely satisfy!
Violation Of Claudia Year 1977
Director: Billy Bagg
Watch Claudia as she is violated over and over!
Note: Some of the hottest Stars of the time are featured. A must watch!
Virgin And The Lover, The Eric Edwards stars in this psychologically driven tale of a man trapped inside his own sexual fantasy world. It seems that he has only ever fallen for one woman, a woman who died in a tragic car crash years before. Now, Eric lives with a mannequin that he's dressed up in her old clothes and has vivid dreams about the dummy coming to life and trysting with him. This is early porn at its most complex and ambitious, taking a long, hard look at modern relationships even while serving up a series of white-hot sex scenes. They don't make 'em like this anymore -- artsy, moody and scorchingly erotic - featuring the breathtaking Jennifer Welles.
Virgin Cheeks There’s nothing like opening up virgin territory for the ultimate sex experience…There’s nothing like a plunge into the virgin territory of anal sex for the ultimate experience. Keli Richards, Erica Boyer and Roxanne Rolland are the "Can-Do" coeds who get down to basics for their sorority back-door initiation. It’s A plus action all the way for these straight "A" coeds.
Virgin Dreams Year 1976
"Virgin Dreams’ stands out as one of Jean Jennings hottest performances ever"
Jean Jennings was one of the most gorgeous early porn starlets, a youthful stunner who left the scene after only a few features. ‘Virgin Dreams’ stands out as one of her hottest performances ever, a torrid and moody tale of a young woman’s sexual awakening. Jean plays a gal who keeps having vivid carnal dreams, wild visions of utter debauchery that she can’t reconcile with her virginal ways. Her concerned parents try and find help for her, but keep letting their own libidos get in the way! In the end, Jean’s fantasies come to life in scintillating finale.
The line between truth and fiction blurs as Jean becomes a creature of pure sensual satisfaction, her Virgin Dreams giving way to sexual reality – thanks to Wade Nichols.
Virgin Snow - Vanessa Del Rio's A sexually explicit search of a woman (Laura Hunt) to find the one man, that perfect union, that will give her the always near, and yet elusive moment of total orgasm. From the busting city to the swinging ski resorts she fills her lust, accompanied by a sexually animalistic Jean Jennings (of Defiance) and the super exotic Hope Stockton and Vanessa Del Rio. A true 1977 classic!!
Visions Year 1978
Experimental erotica is rare in today's porn, but back in the day, shooting on film was incredibly experimental. This is what makes Chuck Vincent's film 'Visions so unique. This original motion picture employs no dialogue; instead it paints it's story through a series of surrealistic sexual sequences that are tender, intimate and sizzling.
Visions Of Clair A film in the style of "Emmanuelle", but with a raw passion of "The Story of O". Clair has a powerful, almost supernatural attraction to those about her. Living alone in her stately mansion, she attracts the most fascinating men and women to her estate, where seemingly bound to her and her aberrant desires, they eagerly give themselves sexually to her and to each other. Is it her magnetic attraction due to her phenomenal beauty? The sexual aura that surrounds her? Or to a valuable yet mysterious necklace always around her neck? See how ordinary people become extraordinary sexual participants in her games of eroticism…to a climax that is blinding in its sexual intensity.
Visions Of Jeannie This well crafted sex-vid is a tale of the super-natural that features some super tail. Tracey Adams plays a spacey clairvoyant who uses her Ouija board in wonderful, wanger-warming ways, including magically assuming the sexual personality of Summer Rose for a spunk spattered encounter with Jay Sterling, then topping herself when – simply by lifting her skirt and wiggling her snatch – she brings Tamara Longley back from the dead for a final out-of-this-world orgy. You don’t need a crystal ball to see that Jeannie’s Visions will delight your dick.
Vista Valley P.T.A. It’s sin in the suburbsJesie St. James is the next in a long line of teachers to take on a troubled class of high schoolers in a small town with a beautiful suburban exterior that hides an underbelly of dysfunctional relationships, sexual deviancy and profound rebellion.
Knowing that the last two teachers in her position were taken advantage of, Ms. Martin implements her strong personality in a bold attempt to bring order to the town. Despite her noble efforts, Ms. Martin finds herself in a twisted web of sin, seduction and sex.
VISTA VALLEY P.T.A. stars one of the greatest ensemble casts ever compiled. Directed by the legendary Anthony Spinelli, shot on film and digitally remastered, this is a true masterpiece that remains a hallmark of its day.
Vixxen Are You Strong Enough to Resist? When Chris Cannon decides he's going to be a famous writer, he moves from Podunk Junction, Ohio out to Hollywood. There he meets Jezebelle Bond. They inspire each other, and help each other to realize whats important in life.
V-The Hot One Year 1977
Starring the stunning Annette Haven as V, the film follows her transition from housewife, to a successful young attorney, to high-priced call girl, to cheap street whore extraordinaire. From the penthouses, the Mercedes, the minks and the sparkling dinner parties, the dingy skid row hotel rooms, V and her companions lead us through every facet of sensual perversion. You'll follow her from her home, to a penthouse filled with 12 couples engaged in an elaborate orgy, to a stylish brothel for discreet millionaires, and finally to a cheap hotel where anything with anybody goes.
Wadds Of Johnny Classic climaxes & sensational cinematic copulations from the King!
Starring in over 2500 feature films and thousands upon thousands of 8mm loops in his 20 year career, John Holmes will always be recognized as the undisputed King Of Porn. An accomplished actor and a favorite with adult film fans, John Holmes was and is the quintessential male porn star. Join us as we present some of his greatest classic scenes from our library in this nasty release.
Wanda Whips Wall Street Year 1981
Wanda Whips Wall Street is the first adult motion picture to probe and expose the sexy and exciting world of big money. Wanda, played by the lovely Veronica Hart, sets out to gain complete financial domination of a major securities firm. She uses methods both illegal and immoral in her quest for more and more of the corporation’s stock. When the Chairman of the Board realizes what is happening, a private detective, played by Jamie Gillis, is brought in to bring Wanda to her knees. This hot drama of confrontation twists and turns through yachts, beaches and country homes with a large cast of terrific looking people. This is the hottest film about stocks and bonds you’re ever likely to see!
Wanda Whips Wall Street When Wanda Talks Everybody Listens!Before the Wolf of Wall Street – there was Wanda!Larry Revene, one of the best adult film cinematographers of all time, took to the director’s chair for this wild and wonderful tale of sexual intrigue and economic espionage. Legendary superstar Veronica Hart gives one of her funniest and hottest performances as the scheming small town financial wizard who treks to New York to work her magic at one of the top investment firms in the city. Teaming with her girl Friday Janie (Tish Ambrose), Wanda sleeps her way through the company stock holders, using blackmail to absorb their shares. Corporate investigator Lou Perrini (Jamie Gillis) and his assistant Ed (Ron Jeremy) set out to uncover the culprits behind this corporate crime spree. Featuring apperances by adult film legends, Samantha Fox, George Payne, Sharon Mitchell, Ron Hudd and cult favorite Sondra Hillman, this is sophisticated sex comedy at its fines.
Weekend Cowgirls Year 1983
Weekend Cowgirls is about Debbie Truelove-the hottest teenage starlet-going on a wild motorcycle trip, looking for former schoolmates. She finds them on a ranch and she & her playmates have a frolicking good time amongst the horses, ducks, & cows. Later Debbie visits a rock star's mansion to party and finds it is the local celeb hang-out. A full day of Sexual Excursion-Real Wild, Wild West!! Hot and Sexy!!
Weekend Fantasy Year 1980
Weekend Fantasy explores the erotic inner recesses of the minds of four men and four women. Because it is fantasy, there are no boundaries, no rules, no limitations. Anything goes. Here is a truly incredible experience, only possible in the imagination, and presented in a way that will make you feel that it might have been born out of your own hidden consciousness. With enough symbolism to fully satisfy any Fellini fan, and enough far out eroticism to boggle anyone's mind, Weekend Fantasy is a film that will delight, mystify, arouse, and stay with you long after its stunning finale.
Weekend Roulette Year 1973
The odds are very favorable!A slice of the suburban sexual life of a young, married newlywed couple highlights this all-night party. Several scenarios are played out here as partners are swapped out, couples dive into erotic waters yet untested - and the games get more heated by the stroke!
Starring a cast of horny and completely new faces in the world of erotica!
Welcome Stranger Year 1973
It's the neighborly thing to do...
Part of this neighborhood's welcoming committee is to make the new occupants feel cozy in their new homes - whatever it takes.
"Welcome Stranger" is a saucy take on that premise with a handful of new, fresh faces onscreen, anchored by XXX stud Rick Cassidy.
The sex is raw, the action is real and the players are authentic in this ode to a new kind of kinky homeowner's association!
Wet Lady Year 1980
From a deserted New England beach, we watch a woman in a dripping wet dress & long wet hair emerge from the depths of the ocean, the personification of our every fantasy – prepared to fulfill her each and every desire of eroticism and lust. The Wet Lady, an image of beauty and sophistication, demands to fulfill her needs with every man she sees. This mystical lady is only seen by those she desires, and elusively evades all others. This ability allows her to explore a variety of sexual escapades. In event after event she devours the all consuming lust, until at last satisfied, she returns to the beach – leaving several insatiable lovers wondering.
Wet N Wild Get Ready! Because Wild Party Girls is taking it to the next level.
Introducing Wet N' Wild, the most unbelievable, uncut and uncensored WPG video yet.
The WPG Cameras are on the prowl... and they catch plenty of naughty amateur action inside the clubs and out as these hot young co-eds get Wet N' Wild.
And remember, these amazingly sexy girls are never paid models or actresses. In fact, they're the girl next door!
Wet, Wild & Wicked Year 1984
A virtual romp through the sex-soaked escapades of several summer lovers in and out of the cabana!
Whatever Turns You On If it feels good, do it!It’s all here! Everything and anything you ever wanted to see happens in WHATEVER TURNS YOU ON. Herschel Savage & Frank James hang out at a topless bar and recount one torrid tale after another. Frank recalls a wild encounter with a sexy surf freak (Nina Hartley) that’s one wild ride. Kowabunga baby! Then, Herschel Tells about the time he picked up a rich tart (Penny Morgan) who could only make love on the hood of a Bentley (no doubt he got her motor purring!). Plus you’ll get to see a three-way fantasy, a hot girl-girl scene, and even Little Oral Annie shows up as a surprise guest star! Who could ask for anything more!
White Dick, Latina Pussy The crusade continues!Follow the Great White Dick as he explores the Central American jungles for the hottest Latina pussies in the world. Watch him devour the young, innocent natives with his monstrous cock as they bask in the wealth of his Caucasian cum. They fuck for money. They fuck for visas. They fuck because they are 100% pure Latina nymphos and nothing gets them off harder than a huge white cock.
White Fire Year 1980
Vanessa Manchester has always been a swinger. One man was never enough, not until she met Tim at a swinging orgiastic party at her country retreat. In the midst of sexual excitement they discover each other, and the bliss of a one on one relationship. She becomes a fanatic on fidelity with only one restriction: marriage is not for her. The shock of her life comes when she finds Tim in bed with her secretary, and she returns to her cottage in Maine to be alone and appraise her life, troubled doubt about her lover. The next morning she tries frantically to leave, but the car has broken down and she is snowbound by a storm. Being isolated, her mind begins playing tricks on her.
After a complete mental collapse, the paintings in the house become alive in an erotic kaleidoscope as she fantasizes an alter ego that is all things to all men, White Fire consumes her and all those around her. The next morning Tim has come to the cabin, and she believes he is just a fantasy. He convinces her of the truth; nothing has happened with her secretary. A nervous breakdown was imminent, but now with love and help she can recover and they can be happy together. They stroll out into the snow, and Tim plans to take her back into town when the inexplicable happens, leading to this story's shocking climax!
White Man Can Hump A collection of the hottest footage ever seen, from one of the most popular icons in the adult industry today, Tom Byron.
Wicked Whispers Can you keep a secret?
Wild Dallas Honey Year 1982
When a ramrodding rodeo star Randy West is released from prison his fantasies are filled with an explosive Texas-Size homecoming celebration with his luscious lady Honey Wilder. But when this lusty longhorn finds out his Wild Dallas Honey has hitched her wagon (and that's not all) to a wealthy businessman, sparks fly and the couple splits - Only to start an outrageous sexual saga!
Wild Oats Get ready for the greatest natural aphrodisiac you’ve ever tried……You’ve never been this ‘UP’ for action before, and neither have the hot-pantsed chicks who can’t get enough of these guys and their Wild… Wild Oats!
You’re invited to the medial offices of the legendary Dr. Jay, renowned proponent of the potent aphrodisiacal properties associated with the ingestion of WILD OATS. Watch him as he proves, over and over again, how sensually arousing this experience can be on his frustratingly, undersexed patients. Suddenly their frigid and flaccid bodies awaken to the sexual joys of intimate, erotic content, and they are freed to explore every pleasurable whim their now stimulated libido can imagine.
Here’s what the experts say about the heightened sexual stimulation and enjoyment associated with Wild Oats… 'Wild Oats'...(A dynamic sexual stimulant) has been sold in heath food and adult stores worldwide, and its current advertising campaign has been seen in New Reality, Colony Cable TV, CNN, ESPN, Hustler, Genesis, L.A. Herald Examiner, NBC’s Entertainment Tonight, and over 100 sources including the Geraldo Rivera Show! The Institute for the Advanced Study of Human Sexuality finds:
Enhances sexual desire, performance and satisfaction., …Creates a natural feeling of well-being that relieves frigidity and is a stimulant to women., …People tested by the institute confirm "It works, I’ve been feeling my ‘Wild Oats’!"
Wild Things Vol. 02 Year 1986
Joanna Storm unleashes her emotions with the water delivery man, then Joey Silvera is interviewed by blonde budding reporter, Nikki Charm, who gets the story of her life.
Superstar Amber Lynn and Dick (15 1/2") Rambone recreate the Bonnie and Clyde era as it has never been filmed before! Wild Things 2 is the kind of supremely hot sex film that other directors only dream about making!!
Wine Me, Dine Me, 69 Me You couldn't ask for a more celebrated cast of adult performers than what this show offers! Join Seka, Annette Haven, Anna Ventura, Serena and the alluring Pia Snow in a fabled foray into frenzied fornification and fast-paced frolics!
Wish You Were Here Year 1985
Lonely ladies satisfy those urgent urges when their men aren’t around. These are faithful ladies so they rely on their own nimble digits or the sapphic powers of their girlfriends to satisfy them.Rhonda Jo Petty is blazing in her solo performance. Taija Rae and Susan Hart combine to help each other through some time away from their men, and produce one of the all-time hottest girl-girl scenes in the process.
An erotic jewel.
With Love...Annette Soft, loving hands caress long, sensuous legs as they seductively remove sheer stockings revealing a creamy, white skin that seems almost too perfect. Your eyes trace upwards, undressing as they go, pausing to absorb each wonderfully molded curve. Then, upward again toward the flowing auburn hair as it falls upon soft shoulders & finally to those loving eyes that tell you it’s alright to touch.
In a world where stars come & go & adjectives are all too easily applied, there is one star who remains the lady…Annette Haven. She is perhaps the queen of erotic motion pictures & the winner of numerous Adult Film Association of America awards. Join her in a few of the many special moments she’s brought to the world of adult entertainment & linger over the sensuously erotic Annette Haven.
Woman In Pink, The Sexy Christy Canyon is "The Woman In Pink" from the opening pink dress floating upward, like the famous Marilyn Monroe scene, until this delightful tease-dance continues as background for the closing credits at the end. In this movie, Christy is married to Tom Byron, a successful, young office worker who is about to have a birthday. Tom should have been happy with his marital status, but is restlesss, and his buddies urge him to add a little spice, have a fling. The plot revolves about what happens in Tom's life. The highlight of this film is Christy Canyon and Tom Byron's first love scene together - a pairing that would repeat itself many more times throughout the years. A superb and nasty little film with superstars Jessica Wylde, Heather Wayne and Stacey Donovan also in fine form!
Women At Play It’s a brand new ball game, and these rules are made to be broken!Welcome to the playpen. These frisky ladies want you to come out and play, and if you don’t well, then they’re just gonna have to play with themselves. But they don’t mind. It’s a brand new ball game, and these rules are made to be broken!
Women Without Men Women Without Men
Women without men can have lots of fun with each other. Luscious Amber Lynn, Karen Summer, Gina Carrera and Crystal Breeze show you just how much fun. Follow their exploits as they find new sexual ways to indulge their inner fantasies. A hot tub, underwater jets, high-class vibrators and other toys add to the girls fun and satisfy their desires. Women without men, alone but never lonely, and always doing what they do best! It’s an all girl extravaganza!
Women Without Men II An all-girl romp with the girls of yester-year. These beauties have no problem getting down and dirty. This is a fine example of an early Lesbian Flic!!!
Working It Out She’s making her way… By Working it OUT!Sensuously, a red finger nailed hand glides over the curve of the thigh, reaching down to slowly lift a leg warmer over see-through black mesh tights. Straightening up, she then pulls up a skin tight leotard, stretching to cover her upper body, seeming to ding to the flesh with each well ndowed curve. She’s ready. She’s Joanna Storm, the hottest new star in erotic films and she’s WORKING IT OUT…
Can a lady turn a useless broken down gym into a thriving new business? You bet she can. Especially with a little help from her friends. They’re bringing you the Body Works, and with these bodies you’ll be WORKING IT OUT like nobody ever has. Exercise becomes Sexercise with sizzling Danielle and newcomers Faustie and Paula di S. And of course, there’s Joanna! Your body may never recover from this workout. But then who’d want to?
X-Cessive Behavior #1 Double Pens with 2 Double Pens! Triple Penetration and ANAL in every scene! 5 Tales of compulsive out of fucking control behavior!!
AVN Performer of the Year - Audrey Hollander
Cast: Nicki Hunter, Audrey Hollander, Julie Knight, Nikki Nievez, Ashley Brooks
X-Cessive Behavior #2 Viewer Beware: "Seriously Demented Sexual Behavior Inside!" Insane Hardcore Ass Pummeling! Double Pentration! And Adult's Raunchiest Sluts! Otto Bauer Anal isn't just an act... IT'S A WAY OF LIFE!
Audrey Hollander - AVN's 2006 Performer of the year!
Cast: Adriana Nicole, Jauna Oso, Kaiya Lynn, Taryn Thomas, Audrey Hollander
X-Rated Cartoons 7 Raunchy XXX Adult Cartoons
See the Classic Fables in a totally nasty version!
1. Wonder Witch
2. Twice For The Price Of Once
3. Sumission of Sleeping Beauty
4. Sperm Of An Idea
5. Three Tales On A Head
6. Over The Bounding
7. Wet Snow White
VCX presents a ribald look at some of the nastiest XXX animated classic cartoons ever! Full Color, full action featuring seven erotic raunchy renditions of skewed fables brought to light in a totally hardcore setting!
if dirty cartoons are your bag, sit back and enjoy these classic carnal cartoons..
Saturday morning never looked like this...
X-TV X-TV … Too Hot For Cable!There’s no steamier station than X-TV. It will turn you on and keep you lusting for more! First PJ Sparxx and Rocco touch each other with the ultimate in sexual sensations. Blonde bombshell Melanie Moore gives Tom Byron a pulsating workout. But Tianna Taylor teases and pleases until she drains her man. And sizzling Sonya takes it deep inside her love nest! For hottest erotica on the airwaves, stay tuned to X-TV!
XXX Pin-Ups Details: XXX Pin-Ups - Double Penetration, Double Oral and Anal Sex!
Starring: Vanessa Lane, Nyomi Zen, Amber Rayne, Tonya Hardin, Audrey Hollander
You Make Me ...Wet Love and jealousy make strange bedfellows. The fur flies and the juices run rampant when Maude and Tracy combine their fleshly pleasures in strange, unusual, and exciting ways - but that doesn't stop them from venting their lustful desires with other girls and guys. The sensual flames burn brightly, exploding into an all out conflagration when the two girls get together with a mutual boyfriend to experience the ultimate fulfillment.
Young & Hung Watch some of the youngest chicks take on the king of all cocks!
Watch these young hotties swallow as much cock as their petite mouths can handle!
Young & Innocent Year 1982
Youth has its advantages
Joan, Lisa and Wendy are three lovely young girls on the verge of blossoming into beautiful young women. They arrive at Camp Red Duck expecting a summer of recreation and relaxation under the warm country sun. However, the sun that shines on Camp Red Duck is warmer than warm - it's hot!
The girls can't believe what they see in the infirmary. Mr. and Mrs. Wasserman, the camp owners, must be practicing some rather unusual first aid techniques.
Following the example of the Wassermans, the girls set out on a quest to quell the strange new cravings that are awakening within their young, tender loins. After a stay at Camp Red Duck, the girls may leave young... but they don't leave innocent!
If sexy, nubile young women in wet panties is your fantasy – this Summer take is for you!
Young Like It Hot, The Year 1983
She Takes You To The Boiling Point!
Hold the phone for exotic erotic pleasure... When the sexy operators of the Ocean Valley Telephone Company are in danger of losing their jobs to a computer, they all decide to give their customers a more personal touch!
Young Love Year 1970
A lascivious look at lust & libidos on the loose...
It's the late 1960's or early 1970's where guys and gals enjoy fantastic, uninhibited sex together. Exchanging partners creates no jealousy. From the groupies to the guys in the band - this free-for-all generation of Young Love gets it on. A superb look at the sexual experimentation of the times.
Young Nympho She leaves a trail of men, all satisfied beyond belief!Paula and Chris have been married already for a few years. Although they love each other very much they both need extramarital affairs and the torrid sexual sensations obtainable through Arlette, a mysterious lady in charge of a high class private swinger club. Insatiable Paula induces her husband’s secretary, carrier, a gorgeous teenage girl, to submit to an erotic ritual with several men and with Chris. Paula watches behind a two-way mirror enjoying an orgy with the sexiest girls in the business. Will the marriage last?
Young Starlets, The Year 1976
Featuring: Barbara Cole, Carolyn Sand, Cynthia Crites, Maggie Pearson, Mary McMurphy, Susan Deasy
With: Dave Carson, Joe Savage, Mark Golden, Mike Epps, Tom Hall
Fresh, young faces are what it's all about for a young girl in search of stardom and sometimes that means doing what ever it takes!
Young Students Year 1977
Grading on the Curves
This is a tale about a female doctor who runs a girl's school called Kent Manor. The girls are so horny that they can't wait to unzip any available male - including the school gardener, the new psychology professor, the laundry man and other assorted desirable targets.
With a cast of fresh, SEXY NEW faces, along with screen veteran Linda Wong - "Young Students" makes continued education so very inviting indeed!
Young, Wild & Wonderful Year 1980
A classic presentation indeed. As the bus empties the students for their field trip to the Museum of Natural History, little does the tour guide suspect that the students are there for more than just another tour. First, during the lecture films, the coeds drift into dreams of the most erotic fantasies one can imagine. After the films, they release the emotion of their fantasies in the most erotic and uncommon ways. One slips off to the curator’s office for a little acquisition. Another finds the anthropologist to see what bones can be identified. Even the head teacher isn’t immune. As the bus departs, everyone admits it was quite an education.